"Hi mom" Sutton says turning around from the window were she had just been watching her twin sister

"everything is going perfectly just as we planned Sutton" replied Rebecca giving her daughter a devilish grin which Sutton returned. "what were you looking at" Rebecca questions edging closer to the window

"oh...nothing" Sutton says standing in front of Rebecca quickly to block her way

Rebecca moves Sutton to the side and looks out of the window she instantly notices her other daughter and turns back around to Sutton "you know you have to tell her right that's part of the plan

"i know" Sutton replies clearly not impressed

"but..." Rebecca adds

"but she takes everything from me ! Ethan, Madds, Thayer" Sutton replies angrily

"i'm just as much hers as i am yours Sutton, i told you i want both of you and now that Alec's out of the way there's nothing stopping us".

The two were interrupted by a knock on the door Sutton jumped not expecting anyone to bother them then quickly moved out of sight of the door as Rebecca headed to answer it. She opened it to see none other than the girl herself "Emma perfect timing"

" really ? wait..i mean did you just call me ?" the girl stutters

Rebecca jumps in "Emma yes, yes I did come in" Rebecca encourages the young girl into the room; Emma is deep in thinking how Rebecca could know who she was allows herself to be pulled in. She was soon pulled from her thoughts when she came face to face with her twin

"hey sis" Sutton said casually

"sutton? Wh...what's going on...er how does she know?"

"well Emma she is our mother" Sutton replied.

Emma collapses back on to the bed in shock "our mother?" she says partly to herself and to Sutton trying to let it sink in but also wanting to be reassured that what she just heard was right.

"yeh" Sutton replies

"oh...oh my god...how?"

"Surely i don't have to explain that ted...affair...rebecca"

"yeh ok thanks Sutton, Emma" Rebecca cuts in.

Emma remains where she is sat "oh my god oh my god" she says beginning to lose emotional control. Rebecca kneels down in front of her she takes her daughters hands into hers trying to reassure her; but this makes emma shake with emotion tears begin to stream down her face, Rebecca gently wipes them away. Emma looks up at her she cannot believe it this was her actual mother.

"this is a lot to take in maybe i should let you and your sister talk" Rebecca suggests, all emma can do is nod she's lost for words "you come and see me when you're ready ok" another nod from emma, Rebecca hugs her before getting up

"where are you going?" Sutton suddenly pipes up

"i'll be at char's" Rebecca replies "she needs time" she says referring to emma. Rebecca hugs Sutton before turning to leave

"what about me?" Sutton says

"you need to help her" Rebecca replies again referring to emma; she turns back around and leaves the twins alone.