Just over a week later the twins had grown close spending the most part of the days together. They had decided not to tell Sutton's family about Emma for a little while what with the whole Kristen and ted situation.

Sutton had continued staying over at the Rybeck home for the first few night's but then decided she should go home; she felt she should probably be there with everything going on with her mum and dad.

Everything was still the same on that note Ted would come by most days but Kristen would ask laurel or Sutton to tell him she didn't want to speak to him. Sutton wondered if she ever would. Her mum had put on an act saying she was fine trying to carry on as normal but Sutton could see she was hiding the pain she was going through. That must have been where she had learnt to put on a brave front.

Sutton needed to think of a way to get her mum to talk to her dad this wasn't right.

It was late afternoon when she decided to go and see Emma. Emma had texted her half an hour ago.

Hey everything ok? x x x

She probably wondered where I was, I would have usually been over there by 11am latest.

Fine, coming over now =) x x x

Sutton locked her phone and put it in her bag before getting in her car and driving.

When Sutton got to the Rybeck house she walked into the kitchen to see Thayer making drinks.

"Hey" she said

"Hey you want one" Thayer questioned.


"There in there" Thayer said nodding to the games room.

Sutton smiled and headed into the room to see Emma and madds playing just dance. Sutton put down her bag a picked up the spare remote she walked over and stood beside the two other girls "hey" she said before shaking the remote and joining in with dancing to LMFAO- party rock anthem.

"I won!" Madds shouted as the final song finished.

They had danced out 4-5 songs one after another.

The other two sank back into the sofa exhausted.

"Sore losers" madds said laughing. She sat down beside them.

"Hey I wasn't even here through the full thing, it's not fair" Sutton said.

"Oh you want a rematch" madds asked

"NO! That thing is a total workout I'm shattered"

"Agreed I'm wiped out" Emma added

Madds shook her head and lay back on the sofa.

Thayer walked in the room with a tray of drinks and snacks

"Hmm perfect timing you're a star" Sutton said sitting back up.

The four of them sat down enjoying the drinks and snacks whilst chatting. After a while they decided to watch a movie.

"Ok who's going to pick" madds asked

"Not you cause we will end up watching another dancing movie" Thayer said

"Not you because I'm not going to watch another movie where somebody gets beat up" Madds shot back.

Meanwhile Emma and Sutton had been looking at the stack of DVDs

"Ok guys we've chose one" Sutton said holding up the grudge and grinning.

"Great" Madds sighed "now I'm going to have nightmares"

Sutton giggled as she put the DVD into the player. Emma had got up too shut the curtains and turn down the lights. The four of them huddled on the sofa with cushions and a soft throw.

Over an hour later the credits where running. Sutton checked her phone for the time 7pm.

"I got to go guys" she said getting up she hugged Madds and Thayer and Emma followed her out of the room. She was almost at the door when she turned around to say her goodbye's to Emma.

"Can't you stay tonight?" Emma asked

"You know I want too but I need to go home" Sutton replied wrapping her arms round Emma.

Emma returned the hug "so now you're leaving me all by myself and I'm going to have nightmares" Emma pulled back so Sutton could see the silly sad face she was pulling.

Sutton giggled. "Emma..." She started


"Umm...you know you can come with me right"


"I mean it. Ok you said it was because you didn't want to tell anybody yet because you didn't want to put any more stress on Kristen with all that was going on with her and ted but the situation hasn't changed maybe this would help"

"Help no I don't think so"

"Yes think about it. This will give Kristen something else to think about; she might even want to talk to Ted about all of it. She'll want answers just like us it's a win win situation.

Emma took in what Sutton was saying. She was right and there wasn't really any way out of this. Not that she necessarily wanted to get out of it she just didn't want things to go wrong. She looked up to see Sutton "what if..." she started before looking down again.

Sutton knew that Emma would be worried about what was going to happen. She put her hand on Emma's shoulders "everything is going to be fine"

"How do you know that?" Emma questioned "how do you know that your family are just going to accept me. What if they don't want me; what if they throw me out on the streets. What then?" she said beginning to panic.

"I know that because I know them. They would never do that; a part of me is a part of them" Sutton replied.

Emma nodded.

"So you'll come?"

Emma nodded again.

15 minutes later Sutton was just pulling into her driveway. It had been a quiet drive just the radio playing quietly whilst Emma sat beside her silent. She must have been in her own world because she didn't batter and eye lid when Sutton got out of the car and closed her door. She went round to Emma's side and opened the door for her "you ready".

Emma jumped at the sound of the voice; she looked up and plastered a smile on her face to cover up her nervousness.

Sutton could see that Emma was nervous. Truth was she felt sick with her own nerves; but she wasn't going to show it, she didn't want to give Emma any doubts. "Don't worry I told you it's going to be fine. Come on" Sutton said offering Emma her hand to get her out of the car.

Emma took it as the two girls then proceeded to the front door of the mercer home.