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Chapter 18

Tanya's POV

"Go on, my Queen, tell her the whole saga." Leah pats my thigh to go ahead. I grab her hand and place it back on my stomach so that her arms are still around me. Bella's eyes just widen in surprise and look between me and my puppy a few times. Oh, the poor confused human.

"Right then ladies, buckle your seat belts coz we're in for a crazy ride!"

Leah snorts at my theatrics but doesn't say anything else.

Bella looks like she's about to have a heart attack. Right, I'll stop messing about and get down to business.

"Isabella, I know I introduced myself to you yesterday but let me give you a full introduction. I am Tanya Denali, leader of the Denali coven. Coven of Vampires. At your service."

Bella blinks up at me with owl like eyes.

"V-vampires? You're a vampire?" Bella stands up abruptly and starts to laugh. A full-on hysterical laugh that seems to come right from the depths of her belly. "I'm on the verge of having a complete and utter breakdown and y-you two are pulling my leg? That's horrible!"

Bella starts pacing again with a glare on her face.

"Bella. Sit. The. Heck. Down." I've not heard Leah use her alpha tone yet, but my god has it resonated deep down to my very core. Fuck me.


Down vampire, down.

I unnecessarily clear my throat and shuffle in Leah's lap feeling the tell-tale signs of arousal starting to appear between my thighs. Concentrate Tanya!

Bella immediately sits down but carries on glaring.

"I'm afraid I'm not lying, whatever you think are mythical creatures of the night well chances are they actually exist. Leah over here," I run my fingers up and down my puppy's strong forearms which causes her to tighten her arms around me, "she's a shape-shifter, who takes on the form of a wolf."

"I'm not a werewolf Bells, I don't change during the full moon only, I can shift whenever I want."

I think my Puppy was highly offended by Bella's presumption. I smirk to myself and kiss my Mate's cheek.

"She didn't know baby, no need to get huffy." I turn back to Bella. "So yeah, Leah here is a shape-shifter but she's also the Alpha of her pack. Sexy right? Anyway, I'm a vampire but I only drink animal blood. I used to be a human drinker but I'm all about that veggie life now. Does wonders for my eyes."

I wink at Bella and her glare turns into a blush. I'm guessing that's her signature.

"I think you both are insane. There's no such thing as vampires and shape-shifters. This must be a dream. All a bad dream."

Bella lays back and closes her eyes, covering them with her arm. I can hear her muttering things to herself about nightmares and crazy people.

I sigh loudly causing Bella to move her arm and turn her head towards me and Leah. I grab a palm sized rock from nearby and squeeze it in my hands. It instantly turns to dust and I open my palm and blow the remnants off my hand off to the side. Bella's eyes widen instantly.

"Holy shit! You weren't kidding!" Her voice shows her bewilderment.

"Nope Bells, Tan's not lying to you, I can shift if you want me to prove it to you again but I'd rather not move right now coz I'm too comfy with this beautiful lady in my arms." Leah nuzzles my neck causing me to giggle.

"Gross." Bella scrunches up her nose and looks at with disgust on her face. "You guys are too cute, it's making me sick."

I squeeze my mate's hand in appreciation. "No, Isabella, what's making you sick… is Rosalie."

"R-rosalie? What do you mean?" Bella asks with a frown.

"Two years ago, I was hunting and mid hunt I started to get these flashes before my eyes, it was like I was witnessing the future, past and present all at once. It was mesmerising. In those moments, I was scared as this had never happened to me before. Many vampires have unique abilities for example controlling people's emotions, some can hear thoughts, that kind of thing. I don't possess any special abilities besides from having succubus blood running through my veins so becoming a psychic even momentarily made me halt in my hunt."

"Succubus blood? So Succubi are real too?" Bella interrupts with a cute intrigued look on her face.

"I'll tell you all about that later, we are going to be sisters-in-law after all, so we'll have lots of stories to share. Anyway, back to the story, during those flashbacks and flash-forwards, one thing that I saw was that you and Rosalie… are mated. Rosalie is a vamp just like me as are the rest of the Cullen clan, veggies also by the way, human drinkers have red eyes. The thing is… Rosalie believes that she became a vampire because of an… incident that happened years ago that left her at deaths door. She believes that Carlisle found her bleeding out and saved her by turning her into a vampire."

Bella is no longer laying on her back but sitting up ram rod straight fulling hanging on my every word. I guess anything that has the word Rosalie in it will fully capture her attention. I mentally chuckle to myself. Rose would love the attention, if she just allowed herself to.

"What incident Tan?" Bella asks quietly, like she's afraid of what the story might be.

"It's…not a pleasant tale Bella. I shouldn't be the one to tell you it. What I can tell you is that they are false memories. They never happened. The memories were planted in Rosalie's mind. To keep her away."

"Away?" Bella probes.

"Rosalie isn't just any old vampire Bella, she's royalty. She's essentially a vampire princess. She just doesn't remember that she is."

"Wait wait wait, Rosalie is a vampire, a vampire princess to be exact and I am her… mate?!" Bella points to herself, "Me? This thing here, as in myself?"

Bella has got up and started to pace again only this time her skin has started to glisten with sweat.

Does Bella have a fever?

I look over at my love and Leah looks back at me, raising a brow as if to say I don't know what's happening either.

Bella continues to talk and pace. "So, all the dreams I was having of Rosalie before I even knew she existed… it's because she's my mate? I mean I-I feel things for her, since the moment I saw her but… But she hates me! You haven't seen the way she ignores me, the few times that we've spoken she spoke to me like I was dirt!"

"So, you know what a mate is?" I ask her.

"Well yeah, it's like some animals, right? They have one person they're meant to be with for the rest of their life?"

"Huh, you're smarter than you look dude." Leah says while smirking at Bella.

"Shut up."

Bella's usually pale skin seemed to be slowly flushing red like she was indeed feverish, the sweat more prominent on her skin.

"Bella? You ok?" Leah asks her sister tentatively.

Bella whirls round, "Why are you telling me all of this?" Bella gestures wildly towards me and Leah. "There's something more to this, isn't there?"

I nod. "I do apologise for hitting you with all of this Bella. You see, the Vampires are in something called the Aching Era. We have two vampire leaders who are at war with each other, the worst war of it's kind. It has been named the Dark war and it has caused a lot of chaos and heartache; it has been going on for over 800 years now and it will only get worse. I have seen visions of the future. If things don't change, Bella, vampires are not the only thing that will perish. The whole world would be in turmoil. The only way the vampires can be at peace is if the lost princess is brought back to her real family. Her father is the real Vampire Ruler. She's the only one who can put this all to rest. However, you are the catalyst for that Isabella. Only you can make Rosalie remember who she is. You're the key. Love heals and all that bullshit." Leah smacks my leg. "Jazz Baby, I meant jazz."

Bella runs her hands through her hair and breathes out heavily. "I'm supposed to help bring her back? This is way too much. I can't do this. Vampires, Vampire wars, mates, all of it, it's way too much. I'm barely able to make it through high school at this point! And why is it so hot? I feel like I'm a lobster in a pot of boiling water."

"You kind of look like one too at the moment, honey." I tell her.

Leah shuffles me off her lap gently and runs over to Bella. "Hey, hey Bells? Breathe for me." She wraps her arms around Bella and holds her protectively. Bella's breathing had started to get erratic. "I know it sounds like it's crazy but we're in this with you Dude. We'll help you every step of the way Bella. I promise. That's an Alpha promise by the way. It's worth like a shit ton of promises."

"I-I can't do this Lee! I think you have both forgotten what I am. I'm a human. I can't compete with supernaturals like you, Tan and the rest. And anyway, Rosalie has Emmett. You haven't seen Emmett, he's perfect for her."

Just as Bella says this with tears in her eyes, the air around us begins to stir slowly. It's very slow at first, suddenly it picks up pace, faster and faster, until all the leaves in the trees, the grass blades, flowers, literally everything around us is aggressively blown to and fro. The air around us to seems to split in two until a bright white light, like the spark that happens when burning pure magnesium, seems to crack open the air and a figure walks out from the light.

Leah shifts quickly, her clothes tearing in the process, and pushes me back until she is standing slightly in front of me, I push Bella even further behind and crouch in front of her.

What the fuck is that?!

Bella's POV

One moment Leah is comforting me with a hug and the next minute she's a giant wolf again and a mysterious figure seems to have appeared out of thin air.

The instant my eyes land on the figure, that pain that I was feeling in my back during the night seems to come back tenfold, my spine feels like it's about to split into two. The anguish of it makes me scream out and fall to my knees.

"Arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I bang my fists on the ground trying to block out the pain, sweat is dripping off my body like an open tap, my spine feels like it's shifting, moving and cracking, like it's accommodating for something.

Just when I start to see black spots in front of my eyes, and I can feel myself about to drift off into unconsciousness, I hear a huge whooooooooooooooooosh and the pain magically stops. I don't feel boiling hot anymore and the sweat seems to have evaporated from my body like I'd been patted down by a magical towel.

I stay on the ground on all fours, panting and clutching at the dirt. My back… feels heavy. Like I'm wearing a backpack full of books.

"Hello little ones."

The mysterious figure speaks, and I swear everything around us comes to a standstill. She has a sweet voice, like honey being dropped into milk. Comforting. I look up from the ground and the mysterious figure isn't so mysterious anymore. The blinding light has gone and standing in its presence is a woman. A stunning woman. She has long flowing black hair, as dark as the night. She's tall, tall as Leah but her face… her face seems to be glowing like the moon. She has an inky black dress on that seems to be made just for her as it moves elegantly as she does when she moves. Her face… her face looks so familiar, she looks young but not so young at the same time. As though her face is not defined by time. She can only be described as ageless. Everything about her is… soothing. Like the comfort of being in a warm armchair when there's a thunderstorm outside. It's motherly.

Tanya hisses out at the woman and speaks with a low growl. "Who are you?"

"I am Nyx, Goddess of the night… Isabella's mother." She says the last part tentatively, like she's unsure if she should say it aloud.

I start spluttering at that. You know what? I may just have a heart attack today. Because this day is getting weirder and weirder and I don't think my heart or brain can take these surprises.

I manage to get up from the floor but the weight on my back feels strange. I reach behind me and I can feel velvety softness. I move hands back like they had been burnt. Whatttttt theeeee hellllllll is that on my back!?

The thing on my back spreads and the sound causes both Leah and Tanya to whip their heads around so quickly that I felt like their heads may just roll off onto the ground. Two sets of wide eyes stare back at me. I clench my eyes shut. Afraid to look.

"Tan, Lee, what the fuck is on my back?"

"Erm Bella," Tan says incredulously, "honey, you have wings. Giant ass wings sprouting from your back."

I let out a scream and try to turn around to look at these wings but all I end up doing is spinning around in a circle, like a dog chasing it's tail. If I hadn't been so freaked out by what's going on I may have laughed at myself. But as I spin, the air around me starts to whirl and the force of it pushes Tanya and Leah away from me.

"Lee! Help me dude! I have wings! Why do I have wings!?"

"I can help you fill in all the gaps little one, all I need is for the three of you to calm down and listen." This so called Nyx motions for me to stop spinning. My mother? I have a mother already, two actually, to be precise. Renee and Sue. Sure, just throw me another one because obviously my life doesn't sound crazy enough today does it? Nooooooooooooooo, let's just keep the crazy coming because I haven't had my full iota yet. Dose me up.

Leah is still in her wolf form and unable to speak so Tan takes the lead.

"How do we know you're telling the truth? That you are Nyx, Goddess of the night?"

Nyx waves her hand which causes the sun to start setting in an instant. The grey sky fades and warming shades of orange and pink invade it for a brief moment. If you had blinked you would have missed it, and suddenly nightfall sets upon us. The stars are the brightest they have ever been in Forks and the moon… the moon seems to light up from the inside out rather than borrowing it's light from the sun. It was breath-taking.

She waves her hand again and a cluster of stars seem to be in the palm of her hand, she spins the cluster around a few times before blowing it back into the night sky and the brightness of day comes back again.

Tanya gasps loudly and drops her protective stance. She bows deeply to the figure before us.

"It is an honour, Goddess."

"You can rise my dear Tanya, I apologise for dropping in just like this but this moment has been a long time coming. Leah, daughter, please can you shift back, do not be afraid of your modesty before me, I shall weave you some clothing out of the sky whilst you shift."

Leah starts to shift before us and as she does Nyx flicks her right wrist. The sky seems to fall down to the earth in tendrils at the command and covers Leah in a tank top and shorts that look like they are made out of the same silky soft material as the dress covering the Goddess.

"Erm…" Leah clumsily bows before Nyx, causing her to chuckle.

I furrow my brow at Nyx too shocked to bow or curtsey. Is that what you're supposed to do in front of a Goddess? Would Rosalie like it if I bowed to her?

A dopey grin appears on my face thinking about My Goddess. Heh mates! Take that Emmett!

Thinking about Rosalie makes me momentarily forget where I am or that I've somehow sprouted wings until I hear Tanya ask shyly.

"Your Magnificence, I don't mean to be rude, but why are you here? A-and you said you're Bella's mother?"

Nyx smiles sadly at me. "My sweet child, I have much to tell you and much to ask forgiveness for, will you all sit with me a while so that I can tell you everything?"

I nod dumbly. Nyx waves her hand again and small tree stumps appear in a semi-circle around us.

"Please, Young Ones, take a seat. We may be here longer than you anticipate."

I gingerly sit down, mindful of the blooming feathers that seem to be ruffling on my back. I'm still too scared to look at them. Leah and Tanya seem to be joined at the hip because rather than sitting on the stump, Tanya decides that Leah's lap would be much more comfortable. Gross. She strokes the material across Leah's shoulders and gives my sister a flirty smile. Double gross.

Tanya's choice of seat makes Nyx laugh her celestial laugh again however it seems to have a tint of sadness coated to it.

"Ah, to be young and in love."

"You said you have things to tell us?" Leah asks with a blush coating her copper cheeks. Shame dude, your turn to be embarrassed. It's not just me.

"How can you be my mother? I already have a mom. And I'm a human. Y-you're a Diety." I ask incredulously.

Leah snorts. "Human? Not anymore bud. Have you seen your back? You've got black wings that are popping out quite hugely back there, it looks like the edges of the feathers have been dipped in gold too. Looks cool. I dunno if you know this but your clothes are kinda ruined and your top is sagging quite low… I can see your bra."

I let out a yelp and grab my top closer to my chest.

"Oh fuc-fudge, please please can you tell me, us, what's going on because I'm about to have another panic attack."

Nyx lets out a heavy sigh. "I shall tell you everything, if you have any questions while I'm speaking little ones, please don't be afraid to ask. I want to keep no secrets from you, not anymore."

All three of us nod our heads in unison, we must look like those nodding dog toys in cars.

"You see my Child," Nyx turns to me, "Years ago in the days when vampires were only 300 years old on this Earth, they could summon deities and ask for wishes. There were three rulers of the vampires back then King Royceus and King Aros and… Queen Sybella."

"Sybella? But she was an advisor to the rulers wasn't she? The oracle? We were taught that she was the one who entered into the state of Sanguinis Libidinem after the loss of her mate and exposed herself to humans and hence it led to her death?" Tanya speaks out confused.

"No!" Nyx detests in anger. "No," she says much more gently this time, "history has been doctored by the false King. Sybella was the only female ruler of the Vampires. She was an oracle, that is true, being able to prophesise was her gift, I will tell you more about her in a moment." Nyx gets a faraway look in her eyes and she is no longer looking at us but off into the distance as though she is back in the time that she is reminiscing about.

"The Kings had found out that I could be called upon should they wish it, as I am their ruling deity. Vampires were created by my blood and the blood of my siblings. But that's a story for another day. If the vampires prayed for something then I, Goddess of the night, could have it be granted. As the vampire rulers called upon me and I entered this realm…I-I saw her."

"Saw who, Your Eminence?" Leah questions with child-like wonder in her eyes.

"Sybella." The name falls like a prayer from Nyx's lips.

"The moment I saw her, I fell in love. She was stunning, her hair… like rich cocoa beans that flew down her back, her skin was milky, not a single blemish upon that heart shaped face and her eyes… they were the deepest brown, not the red accustomed to human-drinkers now, but she had her human eyes. And those eyes had captivated me."

As Nyx talks about Sybella a faint glow seems to fall all around her, like a halo. She was physically lighting up, just by talking of her love.

"I wanted to spend time with my love, so I set tasks for the Kings to fulfil, to show me that they were worthy of me approving their wishes. In actuality, I could have granted their wishes there and then but that would have meant returning back to the realm of the deities and I wasn't ready to leave Sybella just yet."

From the corner of my eye, I see Leah wrap her arms tighter around Tanya and I feel an ache in my chest. A pang hits me and I know it's because I'm missing her.

"I manage to spend some glorious years here on Earth with Sybella, we were immensely happy but of course I couldn't shirk my responsibilities for too long and Hermes, messenger of the Gods, appeared one day with a message that I needed to come back to the other realm. I kissed Sybella goodbye whilst she slept, too cowardly to see the pain in her eyes as I left. I silently vowed that I would be back. Hoping that she would have heard me as she dreamt."

Silent tears start to slowly fall down the Goddess's eyes. A sight that shocks all three of us. I can feel myself start to lean forward, ready to wipe her eyes as this feeling of a familial bond seems to take a hold of my heart. I stop myself just before I can make contact with her.

She smiles over at me sadly and carries on with her story.

"It is one of my biggest regrets, leaving her without telling her. Time is much much slower in the other realm and I didn't realise how much time had passed in this realm. During my time away, Sybella waited for me for months but eventually the wait got to her and she thought I had left her permanently. She thought since I am a deity and she is an 'evolved human', she was just a tryst for me. There are many stories of my siblings and their numerous affairs but most of them are fabricated. Faithfulness is a thing us deities also believe in." She smiles wearily at Tanya and Leah before a frown overcomes her face again.

"No one knew about me and Sybella, I didn't want any harm coming to her whilst she was still able to…perish, people could use her to get to me and I didn't want that to happen. What Sybella never knew was that whilst I was in the other realm, I was finding a way for us to be together…forever."

More tears start to fall from her eyes as we are still thoroughly enraptured by her presence.

"Sybella reached a state of insanity, propelled by the 'loss' of her mate. She spouted prophecy after prophecy day in and day out. She refused to feed at first until it became a frenzy. During my time away neither I or Sybella had realised that our love had borne us a child. She was pregnant and she gave birth to a child. Our child. You, Isabella."

My body goes icy cold hearing this, my eyes wide and I am stunned into silence. Nyx continues whilst reaching for my hand. I take her hand into mine without even registering what I'm doing.

"News spread about Sybella's torment and I asked my sister, Bellona, you may have heard of her as the Goddess of War, to visit my love and tell her that I will be there soon but I just had to finish my duties in this realm for the moment but it… was too late."

Nyx hangs her head and speaks softly, the tears evident in her voice.

"Sybella had reached the stage of the Sanguinis Libidinem trance causing her to delve deeper into insanity to the extent where she exposed herself to humans. The vampire code of life explicitly states that vampires must remain hidden from humans. There was no other choice and she was sentenced to death. My sister, Bellona, was there during the execution of Sybella, and she heard Sybella's last prophecy, vampires know the prophecy well:

Whose blood that sings,

Take under your wings.

Whose love that is yearned,

Has much to be learned.

Whose ancient lines,

Send tingles down spines.

Whose blood that sings,

Shall kneel to the King.

Whose blood that sings

It is time to begin."

Tanya gasps, "that's the initiation recital!"

"It is indeed, young one. In actual fact it is a prophecy that will help end the Dark war. Before reaching the trance, Sybella had our child in secret… your creator Tanya, Sasha, helped Sybella give birth in secret. Sasha took care of the child but after hearing this prophecy about the War, Bellona found Sasha and took the child with her and word spreads that Bellona had sired a child on Earth. With Sasha. Hence Tanya, it is why you thought Isabella was a child of Bellona."

Tanya speaks reverently, "I saw Bellona carrying the child when I was getting flashbacks, it was an assumption that the child was hers, I apologise for my mistake. I see why Sasha tried making a vampire child"

Nyx pats Tanya's knee in a comforting manner. "There is no need to apologise, you were not shown everything, you have done superbly well so far, Dear child. And yes, your creator became obsessed with having a supernatural child, however she did not go about it the right way."

The usually confident and cocky Tanya actually smiles shyly and hides her face in Leah's neck.

"I heard how the vampire population cried for Sybella, she was loved amongst her people and out of gratitude I granted both of the remaining vampire ruler's prayers without hearing what they were. I couldn't be angry with them for killing my Sybella, she had broken the only strict rule amongst vampires, she had been dealt the same punishment as vampires who had done the same in the past. After granting their prayers, I left this realm and left it to be dealt with by the other deities, my heart was broken and I couldn't bear to visit it again."

Nyx takes my hand again.

"For the first few months of your life you were raised by your Aunt Bellona, hence your name is in honour of your mother, Sybella and your Aunt Bellona. You were in the realm of the Deities so you aged much much slower. I couldn't raise you adequately as I was spiralling at the loss of your mother." Nyx hangs her head in shame. "Please forgive me my child."

I nod quietly and she gives me a small smile.

"After a while I grew courage and visited Earth once again, in hopes to meet with the vampire rulers, to see how their granted prayers were keeping them and as I was making my way I overheard a conversation between some of the royal guards about an upheaval that was about to happen and how he had planned for Sybella to die anyway so that there would only be two left and he could overcome the last ruler to become the sole ruler of the vampires."

Nyx lets go of my hand and balls hers into fists on her lap. Flames flickering in her eyes from the magnitude of her anger.

"Furious, I rushed back to the other realm. Your uncle Eros, God of love, along with your aunt Bellona, heard me rush back, they could see and hear the destruction I was causing whilst in pain and I broke down and told them all that I had heard. They were of course, equally as furious and vowed to help me exact revenge on those who had wronged Sybella. They made a plan and went on a quest of their own to find a way to right these wrongs. As Deities we don't usually interfere with such matters, but this involved my love. Love is the most sacred of all things sacred.

A fond smile takes over Nxy's heavenly face.

"Eros and Bellona finally came back to me and told me that they had travelled to see the Moirai or The Fates as they are now called. They explained that my child, you Isabella, will be mated to the child of the real ruler of the vampires. It will be Isabella's mate who will unlock all of Isabella's powers as Bella also has Sybella's blood in her veins and Isabella would be the one to release Rosalie of the chains that are binding her mind. They stated that Rosalie would eventually end up in a small town called Forks but not until much much later. I had no choice but to put my baby into a deep sleep. Guarded in the realm of Deities until it was time for her to awaken."

I can feel an impending headache approaching from all these revelations and I rub my temples.

"But I've been human all this time, Charlie and Renee are my parents, they've raised me. Not once did they tell me that I wasn't theirs."

Nyx kneels in front of me, removes my hands from my temples and holds them in hers.

"My sweet child," she brushes some of my hair back, "no matter how many times I apologise to you, it will never be enough. I am sorry for the pain I have caused you."

She leans over and kisses my forehead.

"Upon the guidance of the Moirai, I kept you asleep until your sister by bond," She looks over at Leah who grins and shrugs in response, "turned the age of 2. I knew that Leah would be an Alpha shifter one day, her supernaturalism comes under my jurisdiction. I knew she would be able to help you on this journey. Eros can see bonds and he saw that your father would eventually be with Leah's mother. It was at this stage that we decided that you would be placed with Renee and Charlie. In 1995, I placed you on the steps of the home belonging to Charlie and Renee Swan. Being a Deity, we are not all knowing, each has their own part to play, I cannot wave a magic wand and have justice be brought about. I was hoping that when this moment in time played itself out, I'd await fate and ask if you would be willing to fulfil your mother's prophecy? It is a colossal ask and you have every right to say no."

I furrow my brow at my… mother. "I have a choice? I actually get a say if I want to continue down this path? If I say no, what happens?"

Nyx squeezes my hands gently, "If you say no my child, you will carry on living as a human. You will get to do and be whatever you want and live in ignorant bliss of the supernatural world, the fates will let fate be."

"…And if I say yes?"

"If you say yes, you will have the support and love of all of your family, and you will live like the child of Goddess and a Vampire Queen."

"How old am I actually?" I ask in a whisper.

"Around 790, give or take a few years. But remember Bella time is different in the other realm, you slept for most of those years, in this realm you are still shy of 18 years old."

Oh my god, I'm a fossil.