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Chapter 9

Where we left off…

"Penny, would you be opposed to…showering with me? In order to conserve water, of course."

Penny nodded with a smile. "Of course. Must conserve water," she said following him into the bathroom knowing full well that once they were in that shower, they were likely going to waste more of it showering together than alone. And she entered the bathroom with a knowing smile on her face.

As Sheldon prepared the shower spray to the correct temperature, Penny watched him in awe. He had surprised her in so many ways lately but what had just happened between them, after all this time of fantasizing about it…well, she was virtually speechless. She so wanted to do that, and so much more, again.

"It's ready, Penny," Sheldon said, suddenly shy again. Penny smiled as she stepped into the shower, followed closely by a nervous Sheldon. "I don't really know the protocol for showing with another person…"

"How about we wash each other – you do me first?"

"Very well," he replied, his hand shaking as he reached for the body wash. The thought of finally being able to really touch her – all over – sent him into sexual overdrive. He felt his penis harden and blushed in embarrassment.

Penny smiled. "No worries honey. It's natural. If you didn't get hard being in the shower with me I would worry. And since this is so new to you, it's actually very expected. But I just want us to have a good time. Okay?"

Sheldon nodded silently as he poured some body wash into his hand and then hesitated where to place his hands to start. Penny, sensing his hesitance, grabbed his wrists and put them on her breasts, her nipples already hard and puckered.

"On my," Sheldon said in a deep sexy whisper. "You'd think after my having had my fingers inside you that this sort of thing wouldn't…surprise me. I was so wrong."

Penny smiled again. She watched his face as he moved his hands over her slippery breasts. His expression was of pure joy and she felt her heart leap in her chest. He tried to pull at her nipples only to have his fingers slip away and he sighed. "That is so wrong."

Penny giggled this time. "Don't worry, honey…there will be plenty more times when you can play with my nipples."

His reply surprised her. "Promise?" He looked into her eyes and she knew he was actually being serious.

"I promise," she sighed as the sensations his hands were causing as they moved around her breasts and over her nipples. "I so promise."

After several more minutes, Penny suddenly realized that he hadn't moved away from her breasts. This made her laugh aloud. His hands stopped. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, sweetie…but you know…there is more to me that needs washing than just my breasts?"

Sheldon blushed deeply. "S…sorry," he said sheepishly with a small smirk. "They are simply…fascinating."

"So, you're a breast man, then huh?"

"I am now," he agreed before moving his hands down to her stomach. He proceeded to clean over her hips, down her legs to her cute little feet and then back again – but never did her touch between her legs. Penny groaned in frustrating and Sheldon smiled, loving that he had some control over the big ol' five, Penny. "Please turn around."

She turned around, offering her backside and Sheldon washed over her shoulders, down her back and without hesitation, over the perfect globes of her ass. He spent several extra minutes on her ass, toying with the tattoo that she believed meant "soup" on her right buttock.

"Becoming an ass man too, now?" she teased.

"No, I believe I am still a breast man, as you say…but I do love your ass." Sheldon stood up and allowed the water to wash down her back and remove the soap. "However, it appears that this isn't one single part of you that I don't like, Penny. I simply like some parts more than others."

And with that, Sheldon grabbed some more body wash and turning her around to face him, he slipped his palm down between her legs and caressed her.

Penny's breath caught in her throat and she gasped, then let out a deep throaty groan as Sheldon's dexterous fingers washed her already slick folds before he plugged two deep inside her. They both moaned at that and he momentarily faltered in his stance. Wrapping her arms around his middle, her arms underneath his armpits, she helped hold him up while his fingers continued their assault.

"Oh Sheldon…honey…you make me so hot!" she whispered in his ear with another groan.

"And you Penny make me, as they say, hard as a rock."

Reaching down, Penny grasped his rock hard penis and stroked it in time to his pulsing fingers. Sheldon's hips involuntarily thrust up so she slid up and down between her slick fingers.

"Oh…I'm gonna come again Sheldon!"

Penny momentarily forgot to stroke Sheldon as the waves of her orgasm took over. Sheldon was actually grateful, wanting to concentrate on her pleasure more than his. As she shuddered over him, her moans echoing off the tiles of the shower, Sheldon said something so very un-Sheldon-like. "Yes, Penny, come on my fingers. Let me feel you come again."

Penny let loose a curse and came – hard. She squeezed his fingers tightly and Sheldon groaned loudly. He believed that to be the single most physical sensation he'd ever felt and he wanted to feel it all the time. Her pleasure – it thrilled him deeply that he was the cause.

They clung to each other, the water pouring over their bodies and Penny finally came down from her orgasm. Sheldon chuckled as she finally felt her legs were strong enough to support her weight. "What?" she asked him.

"I believe that our 'excuse' for showing together to conserve water was for naught. However, you will never hear me utter a complaint at the results."

Penny giggled and wrapped her hands up behind his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. The second her lips touched his and her tongue entered his mouth, Sheldon was overcome with a sense of Déjà vu. He pulled away.

"What? What's that matter?"

"I just realized that my comment earlier was in error. We have kissed before. Under the mistletoe at Christmas."

"Yes, we did. I'd forgotten that for a minute after you rocked my world in the bedroom."

"Yes, but my point is that I forgot about that kiss. How is that possible? How could I have simply forgotten that amazing kiss?"


"Yes, Penny…it was, in my mind, what started this entire endeavor to…perhaps be with you. In every way. It made me realize…"

"What, Sheldon? Made you realize, what?"

"That there was 'something' between us. Surely that kind of kiss doesn't just happen between any two people."

Penny shook her head. "No, you're right, sweetie. A kiss like that…well that was special. Because there were and are feelings between us. I know that you've never been a big believer in feelings and all that, but you did feel something, didn't you?"

"Yes. It was both surprising and frightening. But for my first kiss, despite having nothing to compare it to, it was amazing. I simply can't believe that I forgot about it earlier."

Penny smiled. "Maybe you were slightly 'off' yourself having just given me a mind blowing orgasm. And then again a few minutes ago. It certainly makes my mind go to mush."

While the idea that he mind would lose anything simply by experiencing intense pleasure scared him, now that he's felt the things he's felt, Sheldon wasn't about to worry if a momentary lapse of firing neurons in his brain bother him. "Perhaps," he willingly agreed.

Penny pulled him down for another kiss and Sheldon allowed his mind to go to the only place it should at this point – Penny's mouth invading his. He kissed her back – passionately and their moans vibrated through the bathroom.

Penny reluctantly pulled back and said, "My turn."

Sheldon watched her expectedly as she grabbed the body wash and proceeded to wash over Sheldon's tall but lean body. He wasn't overly muscular but he did have some definition. She ignored his hardening cock as washing everywhere on his body, enjoying the occasional sigh or moan from his lips. When at last she was done washing his legs and feet, Penny remained kneeling in the tub and told Sheldon to turn around.

He gasped in wonder when he realized that in doing so, her face was level with his erection and he watched as it twitched in anticipation. Even if Sheldon Cooper didn't know what was going to happen next, his penis sure as Hell did.

Her words suddenly echoed in his mind: "Yeah, uh…you know…you actually inside me, having sex. Or me taking you in my mouth."

"Good Lord," he said again when he finally realized Penny's intensions.

Penny reached up and grasped him, her fingers barely going around his girth. "You've pleasured me to orgasm twice now, honey. It's my turn to give you some of your own pleasure."

"But…but P…Penny…I received p..pleasure from…ah…your orgasms…oh!" Sheldon stumbled through his words as Penny stroked him and let out a big gasp "OH!" when she took him into her mouth.

Her mouth. Good gracious but her mouth felt so good. So right. It was wet, warm and oh…that thing she is doing with her tongue.

Sheldon believed that if Heaven did exist, he was there right at this moment. He looked down again to see Penny's beautiful green eyes staring up at him as she licked the underside of his cock, over the head to taste his pre-cum. "Good Lord!" he exclaimed again and Penny giggled, the vibrations of her giggle tickling Sheldon.

Having never experienced such a thing, Sheldon was both mesmerized and crazed with the sensations he felt coursing through his body at Penny's ministrations. His hands reached down and caressed her head through her hair but he didn't force himself deeper into her. He'd heard such things from his friends but would never do that to Penny without her permission, no matter how good he thought it might feel.

Penny moaned around his mouth, surprising Sheldon that she too was enjoying giving him pleasure and for a brief moment, Sheldon recognized that she was his perfect partner in everything.

When Penny leaned further down and licked his balls, Sheldon gasped and his hips shook violently. "Oh Penny…I…I'm…"

Penny smiled up at him. "Let go, honey. It's okay. Come for me." She then put him back insider her mouth and took him as deep as she could. She felt him swell and knew this was it.

"Oh Penny!" Sheldon shouted loudly as he let go, flooding her mouth. Penny gulped as much as she could to swallow it and when at last he was spent, she gently licked him clean before standing up in front of him.

"You okay, sweetie?" Sheldon was resting his back against the shower wall, his eyes closed and his mouth open. "Sheldon?"

He finally opened his eyes and looked at her, his expression filled with lust, but also love. "Yes, I'm fine. More than find, Penny. Thank you. That was…what's that expression you use?"

"Holy crap on a cracker?"

Sheldon smiled. "Yes, that's it. That was definitely a 'holy crap on a cracker' moment."

He took her in his arms and kissed the top of her head. "And the most pleasurably thing I have ever experienced. If that event was that good, I can only imagine what coitus…er sex would feel like. I have been so wrong in my thinking. So wrong."

Penny smiled at his revelation. "Well, Sheldon, while sex and what we just did are very pleasurable, doing those things with someone you really care about – well that's really what makes it the best. Too many of my lovers never cared about pleasuring me. They were selfish. You're not. At least not about this." She offered him a weak smile and a wink.

Sheldon returned her smile. "Yes, I suppose you're correct."

They stood silently hugging for several minutes before Sheldon finally spoke again. "I believe we are done showering now."

"Yes," Penny said, reaching down to turn off the water before stepping out and grabbing a towel. "Ah Sheldon…where…where do we go from here?"

"I do not have any idea, Penny. This is so very new to me." He toweled off quickly before putting on his PJ bottoms while he watched Penny dress. Then he smiled. "Perhaps we should ask Meemaw. She always knows best."