This takes place right after season two and when Piper wants to go meet the elders with Leo. But instead of seeing them, they end up on a desert island around Panama. How will they survive until her sisters figure out that they are in trouble?

No Paradise

Chapter 1


Piper and Leo orbed onto a sandy beach and after hearing the sound of waves Piper opened her eyes to an unexpected site. She pulled away from him and gave him a curious look, but the look in his eyes was not hopeful as he looked just as confused.

"Leo did they change something?" Piper asks with her hands on her hips. He ran his hand through his hair while looking around.

"No," he replied.

"Leo we don't have time for this, not that I don't like the idea of being on a beach with you but considering how much they don't want us to be together right now, I don't think we should be acting like newlyweds," she said and put her arms around him so he could orb them to the Elders.

"Piper I didn't orb us here," he said and tried to use his power but found he could not.

"Then orb us home," she said and Leo just gave an awkward smile," Leo."

"I can't," he said and Piper picked up a seashell and tossed it up in the air and put out her hands to freeze it, but nothing happened.

"Oh god," she said while her heart was beginning to speed up.

"This doesn't make any sense, how could anyone interrupt my orbing," he said while starting to pace.

"They did," she said and gave an evil eye to the sky, "Ok this is not fun anymore!"

Leo put his hand on her arm," Piper don't," he said as she might make them angrier and that was the last thing they needed at the moment. Piper pulled away from him and was now directing her unsatisfactory reply from them to him.

"Leo I don't know what kind of game they are playing but I am not in the mood," she said and let out a deep sigh.

"Listen I don't know who is responsible, but they would not just drop us off on an island without my powers or yours so we need to assume the worst," he said while looking around.

"Demon but how?" Piper asks while following him down the beach.

"That's my guess so we need to find a way off of here," he replied as he looked at the tree line.

"Leo what are you doing?" she asks getting more frustrated by the minute.

"Trying to figure out where we are."

She rolled her neck," in the middle of nowhere Leo, wait my cell phone," Piper said and reached into her pocket but realize she didn't bring it. "Dammit."

Leo pulled a leaf off one of the trees and it gave him an idea where they were," I think we are near Panama and this is the Panamanian rain forest," he said while looking at the leaf that was only available in that area.

"How do you know that?"

"I trained here before going to war, it was one of many places we trained," he replied and looked at the dense forest.

"Ok how does that help us?"

"I don't know Piper I am just as confused about this as you are," he replied and tossed the leaf down before walking over to the shoreline and try to get his bearings. He could see another island in the distance but clearly uninhabitable. He then looked down the beach on both sides and there were cliff's on either side of them about 20 miles down. He then looked behind him to see if there was a way to get a vantage point. Piper was watching him and he seemed to be in his own world at the moment, which was not helping her nerves or her patients.

"Could you please talk to me," she said and he took her hands into his.

"Honey I need to get to high ground and take a look around, there might be a village or something," he said.

"Ok but we will not be here that long, Prue and Phoebe will probably do the lost witch spell when I don't return soon," she said.

"Probably but we need to be prepared in case they don't," he said and started towards the tree line.

"Why wouldn't they?" she asks while following him.

"I am just saying we need to be prepared," he replied and started up the steep incline. When Piper tried to follow him, he put his hand out to stop her. "Piper stay down there."

"No Leo I am coming with you," she said and tried to climb the steep muddy hill but found that her shoes were not suitable as she was wearing flat ones and he had tenor shoes on.

"Piper its too dangerous, stay put," he said as she slid down and realized he was right. He continued up and she kept her eye on him while biting her lower lip slightly. Leo struggled to get up the hill and had to keep an eye on where he put his hands because some of these trees have thorns coming out of them. He finally reached the top and was breathing heavily as he got a good look around. There was nothing but thick jungle all around him and he has never felt so small as the trees were like skyscrapers overtop his head. He remembered being here over 70 years ago and it has not changed since then, but he also recalled how difficult it was to survive even with the equipment he had. Now they had nothing but the clothes on their back as he could see the coral reef that ran far out from the shoreline and even to the other island that was smaller than the one they were on. He made his way down because he knew Piper was getting nervous.

"Well," she asks once he was down with her.

"Its an island," he replied while brushing himself off.

"Yea I got that Leo, did you see anyone?"

"No, these islands are deserted," he replied and looked at the sun while covering his eyes. "We don't have that much daylight left, so we need to come up with a shelter."

"Why we are not going to be here at night," Piper said as she would not give up on her sisters realizing she's been gone too long.

"Piper unless you want to sleep on the sand, were by the way rats, craps and sand flees are abundant then we need a shelter," he said but instead of her coming to the fact they might be there all night, she walked off and sat on a rock as the small waves crashed into it. He lowered his head as the family trait of stubbornness was rearing its ugly head. "So you're just going to sleep on this rock"?

"Yap," she replied not looking at him.

"That is ridiculous and I need your help, with no knife or machete this is going to be difficult," he said as his patients with her was running thin.

"Don't care I'm not moving," she said.

"Suit yourself and enjoy your night, because the tide will come in and sweep you away," he said and started looking along the beach for anything that would help him make a shelter and get them off the ground. He knew she would come to her senses eventually but he did not have time to waste on it. There were bamboo trees that had a great deal of uses but without something to cut them down with, he had to improvise. He looked for any that have fallen or were damaged enough to break with his body weight. Piper could hear him grunting in the background and the thought of sleeping with rats was enough to get her to help. She walked over to him as he was using another tree to break some bamboo.

"Ok what do you want me to do?" she asks.

"Oh I thought you were not moving," he replied as the stem of bamboo broke.

"Don't be a smart ass, do you want my help or not?"

"Look around the beach for anything we can use to gather fresh water," he replied.

"Sure I will just go to the local supermarket."

"And you told me not to be a smart ass," he said while grabbing another long bamboo stem.

"Fine," she said and started walking down the beach. She stopped when she saw trash that was washed up near the end of the high tide line. There were plastic bottles and sandals along with an assortment of other things. Some of it was recognizable but some was just pieces of something else. She could not believe that this far from civilization there was still trash and she picked up some of the empty water bottles and put them in a bucket she found. There was some blue tarp and part of a prop blade that must have come off an outboard engine. She put it in the bucket as well and headed back to Leo who was still trying to break branches by using trees that were close enough together to give him leverage. "Here," she said and put the bucket down in front of him. His eyes widened when he saw the prop.

"Hay I can use this as an ax," he said and started looking for something that would make a handle. "Where did you find this?"

"Done the beach there is some trash that washed up," she replied.

"Good job honey," he said and kissed her on the cheek.

"Leo we are not Gilligan's Island so don't get to excited," she said as her boyfriend was showing a new side to him.

"I know but we might be able to use that stuff to get us through tonight," he said and started walking down were Piper was earlier. He found an old fishing net and something he could use as a handle. He also found some cordage to tie things up with. To him it was the jackpot and he could not help but smile at his little treasures. Piper was at a loss as her expertise involved fighting demons and cooking.

"You are having way too much fun," she said.

"Piper I am just trying to keep us alive," he said while gathering what he could and started looking for a place to make a shelter. He could see where the high tide came in and found a spot that would keep them from getting wet under some branches.

"Leo are those ants?" Piper asks as she looked at a tree limb that was covered with them.

"Its ok they will go away once we get a fire started," he replied as Piper looked down at the sand and could see more.

"Not all of them, can we find another place?"

"No we don't have time and it will be fine," he replied and started putting some of the bamboo on the ground, right onto the ants.

"Oh that's going to help," she said and Leo exhaled deeply.

"Piper this is going to have to work for right now, maybe you can find something to eat?" he asks as he wanted to get the shelter done and start on the fire.

"I see because I am a woman I should go get the food," she replied with her hands on her hips.

"Do you know how to start a fire or make a shelter?" he asks as he stopped his assembling for a moment and looked at her annoyed.

"Fine," she replied and headed off toward the water.

"Look for coconuts!" he yelled but the odds of finding them on this island are quite slim. He used the prop of the motor and made a makeshift ax out of it and it helped greatly in cutting the bamboo and other branches. He knew they needed to be completely off the ground because scorpions and other creepy crawlies come out at night, but with no time he did the best he could. He used the leafs from the bamboo tree to give them some padding and started making the components he would need to start a fire. It was going to have to be the old-fashioned way as he did not have a lighter on him. Luckily the bamboo would be a great asset in that attempt and made a bow saw by using some string he found with the trash.

"Look for coconuts," Piper mumbled as she saw what looked like a muscle on one of the rocks. It was low tide and she could get easy access to them but without a knife to pry them off, it was a struggle. She used her shirt to hold whatever she could get as the tide was rising in the sun was setting. "This is stupid, my sisters will figure out we are not up there and summon us," she said while walking back and could see Leo sitting on the ground with a piece of wood being held down by his shoes and him using another stick on top of it. There was a string that attached to both ends of the stick to create a saw. He was sweating profusely as she sat next to him.

"I found muscles," she said proudly but he was extremely focused on the wood.

"Come on spark," he said and had to take a break," What Piper?"

"I found food," she replied.

"Good now if I can just get this started, we can eat," he said and began the process once again. Piper put the muscles on a leaf and just kept her mouth closed as he continued. Finally after 45 minutes he was able to get an ember and he gingerly picked up the fire bundle and blew on it. Smoke was rising out of it and then it caught on fire and he put it on the other bundle he had set up.

"You make fire," she said and patted him on the back.

"You find food," he said in a caveman voice and they both smiled a little. 'So how do we cook these?"

"Just toss them on and once they open they are ready to eat," she replied and put them on.

"We need fresh water," he said while putting some more wood on the fire.

"Can't help you there," she said and waited for the muscles to open.

"Do you know who could have done this?" he asks.

"Not a clue but I still think it was them," she replied.

"Why would they do this?"

"Because they like to play games Leo," she replied as the muscles started opening. "Here and be careful their hot."

"Thanks," he said and took it from her on a leaf," What do they taste like?"

Piper put one in her mouth and started to chew the slimy meat, "Like mud and sea water," she replied as she never really liked them.

"That's encouraging," he said and put one in his mouth and forced it down. "Its food."

"So what now?" she asks.

"We wait till morning. I can take first watch while you try to get some sleep," he replied and Piper looked at the bed he made.

"What no mint," she said and laid down on her side but was already beginning to toss and turn," Leo no offense but this is not very comfortable."

"I know but it will work for now."

"Ouch, dam ants see I told you they would not just go away," she said while smacking them off and Leo rolled his eyes.

"We will get off the ground tomorrow," he said.

"We better not be here tomorrow Mr.," she said as the sun was going down and she tried once again to lay down but sleep was not going to happen at least not much of it for both of them.

To be continued…