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Chapter 5

With no food or water

Piper limped behind Leo while using her newly made crotch as they walked down the beach looking for food and checking on the net they put up a few days ago. The heat of the day was on them by showing its ferocity by the waves of steam coming off the sand. Leo's skin was getting red and so was Piper's as the lack of sunscreen made it impossible not to get sunburned.

"You ok Piper?" Leo asks while stopping to check on her.

"Peachy," she replied as she tried to keep the crotch from digging into the sand.

"I think its up here," he said and made his way to the net that they put up.

"Leo be careful."

"I will," he said and used a long stick to poke the sand under the water to make sure nothing would sting him.

"Do we have anything?" Piper asks.

"Just a small fish but it will do," he replied and pulled out a fish that was the size of a mature bluegill.

"For one maybe," Piper said as she looked at the little lunch they would be having.

"I will keep looking but you need to rest, here take my ax and start getting it ready," he said and helps her sit on a rock and gave her the ax.

"Filleting fish with the prop, that is new," she said as she tried to figure out exactly how she was going to do that.

"I bet you there is no chef in the world that has done that."

"For good reason," Piper said with a snort.

Leo bent down and kissed her on the head before heading down the beach to look for something else to eat. He felt nauseous as the sun continued to pound on his skin and his lips were extremely dry. He was no longer sweating and his head was pounding. The rain water they had last night was already gone and the need for food outweighed the need for water at the moment. He knew that they would need to take a trip to the spring at some point, but they also needed to eat. He decided to stop for a moment and sit in the shade to cool down as Piper worked on the fish. He laid down with his knees to his chest while breathing in short staggered of breaths. Leo knew he was getting either heat exhaustion or heat stroke and was in danger of passing out, but Piper was injured and she could not take care of both of them, let alone make the climb for freshwater. He tried desperately to get control of his body but it was a losing battle as he closed his eyes and drifted into an unwanted sleep. Piper did the best she could with the ax to get the fish ready for eating and lost track of time. She looked up to see if Leo was having any luck but when she did not see him, she began to panic and struggle to get up using her crotch. She put the fish meat in a leaf and wrapped it up to keep it fresh and made her way down the beach.

"Leo!" she yelled while scanning the area and when she did not get a reply, her heart skipped many beats until she saw him under a tree on his back. At first she was a little irritated that he was taking a nap after she spent what felt like hours cleaning the fish," Leo what the hell?" she said but he did not move. She got to him and had to keep one leg straight while using the crotch to help her get down into a sitting position. He was pale and his breathing was shallow. "Leo wake up," she said while putting her hand on his forehead. He was cool to the touch witch should not be the case considering it was over 100° at the moment. "Oh god," she said knowing he was having either heat exhaustion or stroke. He needed to cool down and water was a must. "Ok its ok I will get some water, just don't you die on me," she said through her teeth and put the fish down near him while she struggled to get up. She needed to get back to camp and get something to carry water in and then make her way to the spring. After gathering what she needed, Piper made her way to the spring. It was an uphill climb and her leg was still in a lot of pain as she made her way up. "Come on Piper you can do this," she said while using trees to help her assent but made sure to check were she was putting her hands every time. She was extremely dehydrated herself and the headache along with nausea was not making her climb any easier. If she passed out Leo would die and that was something she was not going to let happen. She had to rest several times to keep from falling over as she made her way up. Finally after an hour of climbing she made it to the spring. She filled the water bottle up and then drank to get rehydrated and filled it up again. The climb would be a little easier going down but the pressure on her leg would be worse as she had to keep her balance. It still took her over an hour to get down and another half an hour to make it to Leo. She got to the ground and lifted his head to give him the water in small quantities. She then put some on a piece of cloth she tore from the bottom of her shirt and uses it as a washcloth on his head.

"Come on Leo wake up please," she pleaded while cradling his head on her lap. She rocked him back and forth as her mind was thinking the worst.

"Piper," Leo said in a weak voice.

"Yes I'm here," she said and looked at his eyes as they opened slowly.

"What happened?" he asks.

"You got heat exhaustion I think," she replied and gave him some more water.

"Sorry," he said while taking a drink.

"Its ok just don't scare me like that again and you need to take it easy the rest of the day," she said.

"What about food?" he asks while sitting up slowly as she supported him.

"We have the fish and I can look for some," she replied but Leo started to shake his head," Leo you could still be in trouble with this, so please do what I say ok."

Leo finally gave in mostly because he did not have the energy to argue and after a couple of minutes, she helped him up the best she could and then they went back to camp. She put Leo on the platform and gave him the water to get rehydrated. "Drink it slowly," she said and he nodded. She stayed by him for a few moments before getting the fish ready and hoped it was not bad. She got the fire back up to full strength by using some wood Leo gathered the night before and began to cook it. She has never been so exhausted in her life and all she wanted to do was sleep, but now it was her turn to provide and keep the fire going. She knew they would need more water and would need to make the trip to the spring again. This time she would take a lot of water bottles with her after she ate and before it got dark. Her leg was killing her but she kept her discomfort to a minimum because she did not want to worry Leo. She found some coconuts on the beach after getting some water and that would be their dinner for tonight as the sun was finally going down along with the heat. Leo was feeling better and was sitting up as Piper was putting more wood on the fire.

"Sweetie take a break," he said as he could see the pain in her face every time she moved.

"I won't argue," she said and limped over to the platform and sat down to drink some water.

"We really need to stay hydrated, I am so sorry Piper I should have been more aware of what my body was telling me," he said as he opened up the coconuts.

"That spring needs to move closer," she said and tried to lift her leg up so she could lay back but it was so stiff that Leo had to help her.

"Let me check it," he said and took off the dressing that needed to be changed. After thoroughly looking over he was thankful that it was still not showing signs of infection, but it was red and sore. He used some clean water to keep as bacteria free as possible and we've bandaged after cleaning the cloth he used.

"Thanks," she said while her eyes threatened to close.

"You need to eat before going to bed," he said and gave her some coconut meat.

"Ok," she said and eats it. Leo could not help but laugh a little as she looked like a three-year-old who was trying to eat and sleep at the same time. Once she was done and had some water, he got everything ready for the night even though it was not completely dark yet, they were just too exhausted to do anything else. This night was colder than the others and they both were shivering through most of it until they both could not take the cold any longer.

"Piper we need to use our body heat," he said and started taking off his clothes.

"I knew you would try to get some on a beach sooner or later," Piper said and took off her shirt while leaving on her bra.

"Piper," he said innocently while taking off his pants.

"Holy crap its cold," she said as she wrapped her arms around her self waiting for Leo's warm body to get close.

"Take off your shorts."

"Fine," she said and did what he asks. Now all they had on was there undergarments as Leo laid on top of her and put his arms under her shoulders for support.

"Is that better?" he asks.

"Yes," Piper replied as she felt her body warm up. Leo took his shirt and put it over top of them to help keep in the heat. She could not help but open her legs a little to be more comfortable but that also meant she was in the preferred position for him. He smiled a bit and gave her a kiss on the lips. "See what did I say," she whispered as he started on her neck.

"It would help with heat," he whispered back as he moved his hips a little.

"Only a man would be thinking of this right now," she said but she too was getting aroused at his movement.

"Like you don't want too," he said as her breathing was quickening.

"Dam you," she giggled and ran her hands down his back. She wrapped her legs around his waist and could feel just how ready he was as he pressed against her. The only thing that was stopping him was her panties, but he removed that obstacle without even stopping what his upper half was doing. In any other normal circumstance this was a fantasy of hers but considering they were stranded, hungry and exhausted it was just the heat of the moment that was the driving force. Leo was right it did help produce plenty of body heat but it did not help with their exhaustion. After they were done Leo fell asleep on top of her and was still inside her for the most part as she too let her eyes close and enjoy the warmth she got from him. The morning came quickly and so did the sun as it shined on both of them. Piper could feel Leo's stomach growling on top of her and he was still inside her. She tried to move but her legs were stiff from being in the same position for over four hours and it made moving quietly impossible.

"Ouch," she said while lowering her legs to a flat position and Leo moaned as he felt her move.

"Piper," he whispered and hugged her tightly.

"Leo its morning and I really need to move," she said while getting out from under him. He opened his weary eyes and sat up as Piper was stretching her body in front of him. She completely forgot that her lower half was devoid of clothing and Leo raised his eyebrow.

"See that's the view I should have every morning," he said and she grabbed her clothing quickly. She turned to face him and he too was completely nude.

"You know I've read about this somewhere, I think it was called blue Lagoon and that did not end well," Piper said but her eyes were not looking into his but instead what was between his legs. She bit her lower lip and looked away while getting dressed.

"I was thinking more like Lord of the flies," he said while getting dressed.

"We need some food, is there any water left?" Piper asks.

"Yeah, how is your leg?"

"Fine the pain is gone for the most part," she replied.

"Man I need coffee," he said while blinking repeatedly as he was trying to wake up.

"Ok where the hell are my sisters, maybe they don't like me?" she asks with her hands on her hips.

"Piper that is ridiculous, they love you."

"I rather think that they hate me then something happened to them," Piper said and closed her eyes while folding her arms. Leo walked over to her and held her.

"Do you feel like something happened?" he asks.

"No but that doesn't mean."

"It means that they are fine Piper, just relax and we will get home," he said and kissed her on the head.

Back at the manner Prue was looking through the book when Phoebe came in.

"Tell me you are going to call for Leo?" Phoebe asks.

"I have been, he hasn't replied," Prue answered.

"Oh god," Phoebe said and sat down on the red couch as her mind raced.

"I think we should do the lost witch spell," Prue said.

"Its been over a week, where the hell could they be?" Phoebe asks.

"Lets just do this and we can ask when she is back," Prue said and began to gather the necessary materials to do the spell. Before she could blue and white lights filled the room.

"Who are you?" Phoebe asks as she stood up and got next to her sister.

"Natalie, I am a friend of Leo's," the woman whitelighter replied.

To be continued…