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Ok, no fuckin' way. That stupid trouty mouthed bastard just shoots her?! He just...fuck. Then he wants to take MY best friend and...oh no. That shit ain't gonna fly with me. I'm so pissed off. I mean, first I get hit over the head and then I get tied up and practically gagged? I haven't been gagged by anything since softmore year of high school, and I certainly didn't stand for it then, so I wasn't gonna stand for it now! Fuckin' pricks.

I start to stuggle violently as I watch Rachel get dragged away. My eyes flicker between them and Ryder, who is on the ground. He looks dead. I mean, I don't kow for sure, but he's pretty fuckin' still. I look over and catch Q's eyes. They're red and extremely pissed off. Good. I think i'm gonna need HBIC Quinn right now. Not the i'm-depressing-as-fuck-and-in-love-with-a-garden-gnome Quinn. Alright. Fuck this shit.

I maneouver my hands as best I can to grab at the small knife I carry up the back of my shirt. Please be there, ple-AHA! Bingo dickweeds. Shit is gonna fly when Aunty Snix is free as fuck.

I grab the knife and, casually, cut the binds from my hands. The big hulking skunk faced bastard is looking the other way, thank god. He looks like a cross between a stream of piss and an asshole. Ya. Figure that analogy out.

When my binds are cut free I practically do a fuckin' rainbow unicorn dance in my head. Shit is gonna go down. Once I make sure none of those fuckers are looking my way, I quietly stand up, noticing that Ryder is still awake, but barely lucid. He seems to notice what i'm doing, thank fuck, because he makes a commotion, groaning and shit and the three dumbasses fall for it like big dumb dogs. Aces.

Alright, so there are three of these motherfuckers. All I need to do is kill the one that looks like a cross dressing clown on 'roids. I mean, he looks like the tough one, I suppose. The other two look like Thai hookers that hit the bottle too hard. Like what the hell is that one...fuck, I don't even know.

Ok, so, I figure if I cut Q free, we can tag team this bitch just like in the old days. I mean, it's Quinntana all up in this bitch. So, I quickly and quietly cuts Quinn's binds and she's immediately free and pulling the gag from her mouth. Which is what i'm calling it.

"We have to get Rachel." She whispers, her voice desperate. I nod, knowing she's right. I look over to where Ryder still has the dumbshits distracted and turn to Puck, who looks like a damn murderer with those eyes. I cuts his binds and he instantly gets up, mindful of the idiots. I cut Brittany loose and I hug her immediately, not wanting to let go.

"We...we need to get down to the basement, S." Brittany says, her voice full of panic. I nod, feeling blood start to boil again as I think about my best friend and how much pain she seemed to be in.

My eyes trail over to Quinn and Puck who are freeing Kurt and Finn. I sigh just as a loud shot goes off. I don't even register Kurt's scream as my eyes land on the tiny hole located in Ryder's forehead. I glare at the scene and it breaks my heart as Kurt falls to the floor on his knees. I open my mouth to say something but my eyes land on the familiar asshole blonde that started all this shit in the first place. I growl quietly and I can hear Quinn curse but it's not until I see the thing that's accompanying him do I feel my blood run cold. Oh no.

"Santana." Quinn says my name with such fear in her voice that it makes me dread everything that's about to happen. The fuckin' ugly ass mannequin that comes in behind asshat is actually terrifying. Like, something out of that damn movie with the scary ass bitch clown...what was that called? Shit, Santana, focus.

I jump in front of Brittany as Quinn comes by my side and I watch as Puck and Finn rush the idiots, managing to knock the two with guns down. The big asshole left looks at the three of us and I know that I don't have time for this. Puck and Finn are wrestling with the others, not noticing the two newest additions to the room.

Every moment that we're up here, means that Rachel is down there. Quinn can't go down there, she'd be too fuckin' emotional and shit and I kinda need her bitchy ass up here. I know what has to be done.

I turn to Quinn, communicating with our eyes. Quinn and I have always had this connection in the sense where I could tell what she was thinking, no matter what stupid shit she comes up with. What? Bitch has issues. However, she also knew me better than most. Which is why the two of us together it diabolical.

She looks downright pissed for a moment, her eyes hardening. She glances at the fuckin' plastic bag that's now crawling...fuck me that bitch is awkward looking. How is that even comfortable? I mean...shit. Fuckus...I mean, focus. Anyway, Q looks pissed but after a moment she sighs and then slowly nods. Her eyes turn back to the gigantic asshole who has yet to discover the love child of the Michelin man and a hot air balloon. I huff a sigh and turn to Brittany, who looks at me with an innocence that I fell in love with.

"Britt, I need you to get down to Rachel. I need you to save her." I say, my voice clouded with a pain I didn't know existed. My heart hurts because I have to send someone I love to save someone I love. It should be me. But I can't risk letting these assholes ruin everything. They need to be put down. My eyes shoot to the bulky asshole as he screams and is practically ripped apart by that damn thing. Blood everywhere. I cringe and turn back to Brittany.

"San..." Brittany almost pleads but I shake my head. I put my hands on her face.

"I love you so much, but I need you to do this. I don't want you up here with this thing...they've left Rachel down there, B. Quinn and I need you to do this. I'll make a distraction and I need you to run. Save her." I plead, my eyes straying towards the creature who is making its way to Finn and Puck along with a smirking trout behind it. "Britt, please."

"I love her Britt, you can do this. You're stronger than you know." Quinn cuts in, her voice full of pain. The pain of not knowing how the love of her life is. Brittany has tears in her eyes but nods.

"I'll save her. I love you, Sanny." She says, and I...i'm not like, crying or anything...it's just like a fuckin'...bug got in my eye, okay? Shit..."You too, Q. Please kick their asses." She says, her tone strengthening. I chuckle and nod.

I take a deep breath and turn around to see Puck swing a stick at the creature, which is easily dodges. I sigh deeply, looking over at Q, who nods. I breath in deeply and...

"HEY BUBBLEWRAP! I HAVE SOME BREAKABLES THAT NEED TO BE PROTECTED!" I yell, loudly, running over towards the guys, Quinn close behind me. The gigantic can of marshmellow fluff and frogger look over at Quinn and I as we stand next to the guys. It growls lowly and it's demon eyes stare us down. I watch out the corner of my eye as Brittany makes a break for it, going undetected.

"Ahhh now, now Santana. There's no need for name calling." The guppy mouthed dick face says, his smirk growing. I just wanted to throat fuck him with a damn chainsaw. "We're all friends here."

"What the fuck did you do to Rachel?!" Quinn asks, her tone hard but the concern still there. Dick-mouth laughs.

"What didn't I do to her?" He asks, shrugging his shoulders. I can almost feel Quinn's anger in waves. "It's alright, you don't have to deal with her anymore." He says, and I freeze. No. Rachel's fine.

"I'll fuckin' kill you." Quinn says, her tone calm but the threat great. He just laughs.

"You and what army? These pathetic fools?" He says, nodding over to Finn and Puck who are out of breath and bleeding. "That useless thing over there?" He asks, pointing over to Kurt who is by Ryder's side, laying on him. "You have nothing that can stop me! I'm invincible with my friend here." He laughs loudly, evilly.

"You honestly think that i'm gonna let you tear apart everything, frog lips?" I growl, clenching my fists. "Think again." I growl and before I can think about what's happening, I see Quinn lunge for the bastard and i'm not too far behind.


"Hello?" I yell, looking around the darkness. I can't see anything, nor can I really hear anything. It makes me uneasy. "Is anybody there?!" I yell once again, but get no response.

I start to walk, not sure of where I am, or why I feel so much pain. I remember the last couple of hours. I shouldn't be able to walk. I shouldn't be here, period. Yet here I am, walking around in the darkness, not sure where i'm supposed to go.

"Rachel." I hear her whisper, causing me to whip around. A smile lights my face but quickly drops when nothing is there. I sigh and turn around again. Nothing. I feel the emptiness creeping into my damn soul and it feels as though i'm being crushed from the inside. I close my eyes in pain.

"Well, well, my Jewish American Princess." I open my eyes and whirl around to see Noah, smirking at me.

"Noah?" I question and he raises an eyebrow. He chuckles lowly.

"Wow, babe, you're lookin a little worse for wear." He states, smiling. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. "You know, without you, I would never have known what having a true friend was like." He says, shrugging. "You kinda made me a better person. Made me realize that I can be a badass but still be good."

"Noah, I don't understand what's happening?" I ask, searching his face for answers, but I get nothing.

"Makes a guy realize that there is more to the meal that is life other than girls and sex." He states, looking around for a moment. "Though they're both delicious appetizers." He states, sending a wink before disappearing into thin air. What the fuck...

"Boys got no game." I hear from my left and I whip around, shocked to see someone I thought was dead. "Like, he needs to learn."

"Mercedes?" I ask, feeling my eyes get watery at the sight. She laughs, striking a pose.

"Damn straight girl and you look like hell." She states, raising an eyebrow. I smile.

"What's going on? How are you here?" I ask, staring at my rival with a look of pain. "I...I killed you. " I whisper, blinking away the tears.

"You were the first person I fought with to achieve my dreams. You made me want to push your head in sand like an ostrich but damn girl, you can sing." She says, smirking. "I may have got all jealous about your talent but I knew that you deserved fame and everything else. You were gonna get it all, and I would of done the same, because of what you taught me." She says, her eyes turning soft.


"You taught me to always love myself and fight for what I want." She says, shrugging. She smirks, and backs up into the darkness. I quickly go to follow.

"Mercedes!" I yell, but it was too late. She was gone. I whirl around, tears springing to my eyes as I wonder what the hell is happening.

"Took you long enough to wake up." I turn around and this time the person I see makes me frown. He chuckles. "Not too glad to see me, I suppose."

"What are you doing here? Where...where is here?" I ask, looking at the tall boy in confusion. He chuckles and shrugs.

"I would take a guess and say that we're in limbo." He says, looking around the massive expanse of darkness.

"Finn, I don't understand. What is going on? What's limbo?" I ask, starting to get frustrated, which escalates when he laughs again. He then smiles his stupid dopey smile that reminds me of the days I loved him.

"You know, I used to think that I would never find someone that got me, ya know? Someone who just understood how I felt and knew that I could be better than I was." He states, walking ahead, causing me to follow him. "Then I met you." He says, and I sigh.


"You were annoying and you said wayyyyyy to many words, but I liked you anyways." He says, continuing to walk forward. "You were the first person that made me believe." He finishes, stopping to turn and face me. His eyes hold something I haven't seen since before the outbreak. Sincerity and love. "You were the first person I loved and i'll never forget that." He says, softly.

"Finn, I...I don't know what's going on." I say, helplessly. He simply smiles, and walks off into the darkness, disappearing before I can follow him.

"Fuck, if I had a nickle for everytime you seem to look like shit, i'd be gazillionaire." I hear and I turn to face my best friend. If anyone could tell me what's going on, it would be her.

"San, tell me what the hell is happening. Where are we?" I ask, desperately. Santana snorts.

"Wow desperate suits you, hobbit. I mean, you could wear it with all your short skirts and argyle." She says, smirking. "Oh wait, I burned those." She says, laughing. I sigh.

"Tell me where the fuck we are." I demand and she just laughs.

"You know, I always knew that you'd do something great. Would rather die then ever admit that shit, but I always knew." Santana says, looking around the darkness. Tears made their way down my face. I just didn't understand what was going on.

"San, please. What is happening to me?" I whisper, my voice full of emotion. Santana continues to look around the room, seemingly ignoring me. Just as the others had.

"You're so strong, Rachel." She says, turning to look me in the eyes. The use of my first name shocks me. Her eyes are soft. "You are one of the bravest people i've ever met and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have survived. I would have given up." She admits, shrugging. "You can beat this, if anyone can, it'd be you." She says, tilting her head slightly. "Don't give up." She finishes and backs away, her eyes never leaving mine. I chase after her but she's gone before I reach her.

"Baby girl." My body freezes and I already feel myself hope. I turn around and near sob when I see my daddies. They're smiling. They hold their arms open and I run over to them, practically plowing them over. They hug me tightly and we pull away after a moment. "We love you so much, baby." My daddy, Hiram says.

"I miss you...so much. I-i'm so s-sorry. I wanted...I tried..." I whimper, closing my eyes for a brief moment. My dad, Leroy smiles.

"You did nothing wrong, sweetheart. You are incredible. You are going to succeed in whatever you do. Don't let a couple of people get you down, baby." He says, sending me wink. I choke back a sob.

"You completed our life, Star. Without you in it, we wouldn't have become the family we were meant to be. You gave us your life and trusted us with it. We will always love you. All of you." My daddy says, smiling brightly, yet sadly. "Fight hard, baby girl." He says and they back away, slowly.

"NO!" I yell, watching as they fade away.

I fall to my knees, the tears streaming down my face like a fucking waterfall. I can't stop. I feel so much pain and suffering and I just want to let go. I can't do this anymore. I can't...my chest constricts and I feel something eating away at me. Like I was being stripped of everything. I breath heavily and close my eyes, it was all becoming to much, I couldn't handle it anymore...I...

"Rachel." Her voice cuts through the haze, causing me to open my eyes to see her. Her beautiful smile, golden blonde hair and those brilliant hazel eyes. "I'm here, don't be afraid." I choke on a sob. She falls to her knees and cradles my face. I immediately lean into her touch.

"Quinn." I whisper, sniffling. I'm so happy to see her. "I..."

"I never would of become who I am today if it wasn't for you, Rach." She whispers, stroking a finger along my jaw. "You made realize that I am worth so much more." She chuckles and when I open my eyes, I see hers full of tears. "I love you, Rachel Berry. You can do this."

"I can't!" I cry out, closing my eyes tightly, before opening them. "It's too hard. There's so much pain!" I say, the tears continuing to fall from my eyes.

"You can do anything you, Rachel. You're a superstar in everything you do. Every single person that you come across is better for simply knowing you. We all believe in you." She says, shifting her eyes to the side. I look over and can see my friends. My family. They're all smiling. I turn back to Quinn. "We're here for you and with all of us behind you, you can fight this. Be who we all know you can be." She says, looking into my eyes.

My eyes train on a door that suddenly appears. There is a bright light beneath it. I turn back to Quinn who is smiling softly. She gets up and pulls me up with her.

"I love you, Quinn. Please...I need you. I can't do this without you." I plead, holding onto her hands with my own. She smiles.

"I'll never leave you as long as you'll have me." She whispers, pulling me in for a kiss. Our lips meld together and it feels so right. It's a desperate, yet passionate kiss and it lights me up, just as it always does. We pull away and I glance towards the door.

"Let Quinn be your guide, Rachie." I turn to back to Quinn only to realize that it is Brittany i'm looking at. I furrow my eyebrows. "She's the key. She holds the power to stop all of this. She can stop it all but she can't do it alone. It's your job to protect her." Brittany says says, her voice growing frantic. Quinn...is the key?

"What key, Brittany? How is she...what is she?" I ask, trying to look into the blonde's eyes. She looks around the darkness and then I hear it. A monsterous yell. We both turn our heads to the right. Brittany quickly turns back to me.

"Her love for you can stop everything. She can end it. The pain, the suffering. She can end it." Brittany says, her eyes glancing in the opposite direction. "You can do this, Rachie. I believe in you. Trust your instincts and trust Sanny. Even when you think you shouldn't. She knows what to do." Brittany rushes, not looking at me. I huff a breath just as another monsterous roar, now closer, interupts the brief silence.

"Brittany, what do I do? I can't..." I pause, watching as Brittany's eyes turn back to me.

"You can do anything. You just have to believe you can. Use their weaknesses to your advantage. Find your inner ducky and take what's yours, back." She says, forcefully. Her eyes are hard. Not something i'm used to seeing on the innocent blonde. "Find the lab. Destroy it, Rach and whatever you do..." She pauses, just as this huge monster steps out of the shadows, reveling itself. My eyes widen. "...don't trust it." She states, as the creature practically screams.

"Britt, we need to get out of here." I say, my voice full of concern. She smiles.

"Go Rach. Finish it, mend everything that's been broken. You have to the power to." She whispers, before pushing me towards the door. I scream, as I watch Brittany run towards the creature. I look at the door and then look back into the darkness.

"Rachie? Rach?" I hear a loud voice say. Brittany? I turn around, yet I see nothing. "Wake up!" She yells, and I look towards the door. I practically growl and kick open the door, walking into the bright light. Ironic, I suppose.


I shoot up, taking a gasping breath of air, as my eyes fly open. I look around and see that Brittany is right in front of me, having fallen on her butt at my abruptness. I sigh and look around the basement. What the hell was that? A dream? It was all a dream?

"Rach!" Brittany yells, leaning over to hug me. I wrap my arms around her and realize that i'm untied and I don't feel any pain. "I thought you were dead. You weren't breathing!" She says, and I pull away, looking at the blonde.

"I'm..." I pause, looking down at my leg. It's still got the gaping hole from the bullet, but the blood has stopped and it doesn't hurt. I furrow my eyebrows and flex my hands, feeling some sort of power in them. "...fine."

"We need to help Sanny. She's up there with the others. Rachie, it's bad." Brittany rambles, her eyes full of worry. "This huge white monster was after them."

Brittany helps pull me to my feet and although i'm still covered in blood, i'm completely fine. I feel no pain. I take a breath and can feel...I don't even know. A power. A force in me. After a moment I turn to Brittany.

"A white monster? You mean, like a bone and flesh type monster, right?" I ask, and Brittany shakes her head.

"No, it was fluffy like a marshmellow. It was really mad." I frown at her words. It's evolving. Wonder-fucking-ful. I clench my fists, and I swear my body gets this jolt. Of what, I couldn't tell you. "Your leg?" She questions and I turn to her, a smile on my face. I spot a piece of cement on the ground and pick it up, holding it in my hand as I stare at it.

"I feel fine, Britt." I say, looking up at her. "I feel great." I say, taking a deep breath as a smirk appears on my face. Brittany looks at me in shock.

"Rachie, your eyes are glowing blue!" She says, her voice full of shock. However, it doesn't cause my smirk to fall. In fact, it widens.

"Game on." I growl, as the cement in my hand crushes and turns to dust as I clench around it.

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