"So who's next?" Sly asked the gods

The gods talked amoungst themselves

"Their is'a no more'a people for you to fight'a," Mario said

"So I'm a god then?" Sly asked

"Not quite," Dante said "Now you gotta beat us,"

Just then all the gods jumped down into the arena

"Sly!" Carmelita cried jumping into try and even the odds

Yet she was unable to get into the arena, for the gods put up a force field.

"He must'a do it on his own'a," Mario said

With that the battle began.

Sly's first attacker was Link, who whipped out his sword and sheild

"Prepair to be defeated little racoon!" Link said "I've saved my world over fifteen times! Along with saving Zelda from the great monster Ganon! And..."

"Wait," Sly said "Some guy kidnapped your girlfriend fifteen times?"

"Not exacly," Link said

"You guys have some serious issues you need to work if you let her get captured that many times," Sly said

"Hey, talk that kind of trash at Mario," Link said I'm..."

"What'a you sayin?" Mario said

"Look Mario I was just..." Link began

"You sayin I'a don't take care'a peach well?" Mario said

"Well in all honesy you and your brother do end up having to save her alot to. And you need your bro to help you out, all I need is a fairy," Link said

"You sayin you'a better than me?" Mario said angerly

Soon enough Link and Mario were going at eachother like they were in Super Smash Brothers All over again.

"Okay..." Sly said feeling akward

Raiden zapped Cooper just then

"Yeow!" Sly said getting zapped

"You'll be easier to beat than Dark Kahn," Raiden said

Just then another mysteriuos voice said

"Round 1 fight!"

With than Sly and Raiden battled it out.

This was honestly the first time Sly was ever acted like he was M rated

Raiden blasted Sly with lighting, yet to Sly it felt just like dodging Ms. Ruby's voodoo blasts from his first game. Then Raiden tried tackling him, yet Sly simply jumped over him and whacked him with his cane. Causing Radien to hit the pavement, hard. In fact, the motal kombat fighter made a skidmark on the arena floor, with his face and blood.

"Sly wins," the mysteriuos voice said "Fatality,"

Snake was next to face Cooper

"I'm going to beat you like I beat Liquid Ocelot," Snake said putting up his dukes

As he tried to knock out Sly, yet suprisingly Snake landed little to no blows

"Good thing I had that fight with Penelope when she was the Black Barron," Sly said to himself as he easily doged Snakes attacks

Of course Snake was no pushover though, unless you were to fight him when the virues he had in Metal Gear 4 stared acting up.

"No not now," Snake said feeling ill

Combined with his rapid aging from being a clone of the original Snake, and his virus. Sly was able to beat him easly

So with Snake and Raiden beaten, along with Mario and Link beating eachother to a pulp. Sly now had to face the two strongest of the gaming gods. Dante and Sephiroth.

"Looks like it's finally time for our rematch," Dante said whipping out Ebony and Ivory and shooting

Sly used his slow down time move from Sly 1 to dogde his attackerss bullets with ease

"Just like fighting Mugshot," Sly thought

"You're not the only one who can mess with time," Dante said also usaing a time slowing power from Devil May Cry 3

In the end it felt like watching an episode of dragonball z, random flashes of Dante and Sly battling was all Slys friends could see

After about ten more minutes both Sly and Dante were done messing with time. Both looked exsated. Sly had cuts all over himself, plus his hat had a huge bullet hole in it. While Dante was battered and bruised up. Yet Dante used his demon power do heal himself

Until Sly hit him on the head with his cane, knocking him out

"Hurt...worse...than...last...t..." Dante fell with a thud

Sephiroth looked at Cooper "Now you face me!" he said

Sly charged at Sepheroth and somehow managed to avoid getting sliced in two by his crazy long sword, and whacked him with his cane, then got safely out of dodge

This little game of keep away worked for Sly for a bit, until his opponent statred using his dark magic.

Energy balls and towering infernos erupted all around Cooper, and he was burnt and blasted by the overweling power Sephiroth had

"Is that all?" Sephiroth said seeing Cooper on the ground "Hmph, well I guess..."

"Heh...heh..." Sly said getting up, now using his cane as it was meant to be used, to help him up "I'm not...finished yet..." Sly manged to say

"Hehe," Sephiroth chuckled as he put his sword away. "I haven't had a fight like that since I fought Sora in Kingdome Hearts 2. You got game little racoon."

Just then Sephiroth snapped his fingures and everything returned back to the was it was before Noob brought Sly to them. Along with everyone Sly had fought being back to normal

"You're a gaming god now," Sephiroth

"Sweet," Sly said

Sephiroth snapped his fingures again and Sly and friends were returned home

Back at Carmelitas home

"Sly did you forget to mail the waterbill?" Carmelita said not getting any water in the shower one say

"Don't need to," Sly said using his new god power to make free water come out of the shower head

"Being a god is awesome," Sly said making a chocolate bar apprear in his hand

The end