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Fourth Story: Punishment

Jabra watched him out of the corners of his eyes. He was smiling at Franky, saying something with shining eyes, his shoulders shaking slightly as he laughed about one of the large man's jokes.

Nothing about his outward appearance gave away how depressed Kaku was. Absolutely nothing even hinted at the sadness that lay inside of him, buried deep in Kaku's soul, but Jabra knew it about it. He always knew.

They have never been on good terms, Kaku and him, and they probably never would be but Jabra knew him better than any other. There was always something pulling them together, pushing them together until again and again, their paths had crossed.

At first, they had been in the same kindergarten. Even then, they had always fought but other than that, they didn't really have anything to do with one another.

Then it was the same High School they had visited. The reunion had been quite funny... Jabra had recognised Kaku because of his nose and a thoughtless comment about that had begun a fight that had lasted for the following three years.

Well, and then they had both begun working at Galley-La. Fate had it that Franky saw them as an amazing team and so they got project after project together. Work was work and they were professionals when it came to their job, but once the working hours had ended, they began bitching and nagging at each other just like in the old times.

Franky liked to pull their legs because of that. Especially after Sanji and Zoro had started dating, he would compare the two pairs and told them again and again how they should just kiss and make up already.

Well, admittedly, he wasn't that far off with that. All those fights they had had and a joined past made for two striking similarities between them and the other two.

But not all enemies turned into lovers and even though Jabra didn't really hate Kaku, he couldn't imagine a relationship with him.

And still, it bugged him how Kaku repressed his feelings, feigned to be alright and then probably despaired on his own at night again.

That night, in the very same elevator where Sanji and Zoro's relationship had begun, Jabra couldn't take the fake smiles and empty laughs any more and called Kaku out on it.

"You're such a pathetic fuck," Jabra said as soon as the doors had closed behind them.

Unimpressed, Kaku pressed the button to their floor. "And whatever gave you that expression, dear Jabra?"

Jabra barked a laugh that as always sounded a bit like a howl. "Just your damn eyes, you freak! You look like you're about to burst into tears like a damn chick while watching that annoying movie... What's it called? The one with the ship?"

"Titanic," Kaku replied, rolling his eyes. "Are you really a shipwright?"

"Oh, shut it. You know what I mean," Jabra said. "Well? Want me to hold your hand while you cry over that blondie?"

For a moment, Jabra thought Kaku would just ignore his comments but then the long-nose suddenly slammed his fist on the elevator's stop button, causing them to stop with a sudden jerk.

"Will you shut the fuck up?!" Kaku cried out and surprised Jabra with a hard shove against his chest.

With an 'unf', he slammed against the wall, staring at Kaku with wide eyes. It wasn't like him to react like that. Normally, Kaku spoke calmly and then suddenly beat the shit out of you. But he had never just exploded like that.

"This is none of your business, got it?! Nothing of this matters to you, so just shut up and leave me alone!"

Kaku was breathing heavily as he stared at Jabra with wide eyes, probably just as surprised at his outbreak as Jabra was.

Realising this right away, Jabra grinned. "That's more like it. Didn't know you had it in you... Isn't that nice? Letting your anger out like this?"

Kaku's gaze darkened. "I'm not like you."

"No, you're far more violent," Jabra replied and pushed himself off the wall, rubbing his back while grinning widely. "Gotta say, I kinda liked that."

Involuntarily, a blush appeared on Kaku's cheeks. "A masochist and sadist in one person... I don't want to know what your Friday evenings look like."

"Oh, it's one hell of a party," Jabra returned. "Want to find out?"

From that moment on, they had started a rather weird relationship.

After work, they would go into one of their apartments and either hang out or, if Kaku was up for it, they would start to fight.


"Is that all you've got, you freak?!" Kaku asked after throwing Jabra with a kick to his midriff on the floor. "Come on! Are you really that weak, huh?"

Jabra bared his teeth as he grinned. In these evenings they spent together, Kaku always went through an astonishing transformation. The usually calm guy who could break your bones with a charming smile, became a swearing fighting machine that sent out kick after kick and if one was careless for even a second, he would surely get his skull broken.

And Jabra fucking loved that.

"Weak? I'll show you what weakness means," Jabra said, jumped up and retaliated with a punch.

Kaku dodged it and sent a kick to the side of Jabra's face. Jabra barely managed to catch Kaku's leg and still grinned when his hand began to shake from the force of Kaku's attack.

Jabra whistled appreciatively. "That's quite the strength you've got there. When did you transform from a little school girl to this fine lady, hm?"

Gritting his teeth, Kaku retracted his leg and turned his back to Jabra.

Confused by that, Jabra frowned and relaxed his stance, realising only seconds later that that had been a painful mistake.

After taking a deep breath, Kaku whirled around again, his right foot high in the air and aiming for Jabra's head.

And this time, he met his goal.

Foot connected with skin and Jabra flew across the living room, landed right on Kaku's couch table and crushed it to pieces under his weight.

Kaku grimaced at the sound of breaking wood. "Damn, I loved that one," he said and then walked casually over to the unmoving Jabra.

After crouching down next to him, he looked at his face and noticed with a sick satisfaction that Jabra's nose had been broken. Blood was oozing out of his nostrils and the nose itself was standing in a strange angle.

Jabra groaned as he came to again. His vision clearing slowly, he looked up at Kaku's ceiling and hissed.

"I'll regret this question but... are you alright?" he heard Kaku ask and groaned again.

"Never felt better," he replied, a slight grin playing around his lips. "Fuck, that was one hell of a kick."

Staring at the grinning Jabra, Kaku shook his head. "You're such a sick guy."

"You don't even know the half of it," Jabra replied and looked down at his crotch

Kaku's eyes followed and what he spotted left his mouth standing wide open.

"I might be more of a masochist than I thought," Jabra said as he looked at the impressive bulge in his pants. "Damn, I need a good fuck!"

When he saw Kaku still staring at his crotch, Jabra raised an eyebrow. "You up for that?"

Kaku shook his head violently. "Are you kidding me?! You're bleeding all over my floor."

"Yeah, and it feels fucking great," Jabra said and groaned. "So fucking great."

Blood flowed relentlessly out of his nose, his vision kept blurring and splintered wood dug into his spine but Jabra couldn't help himself as his hand wandered to his pants.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Kaku cried out as Jabra opened his pants and freed his stiff member.

"Shut the fuck up and just watch," Jabra replied. "For the love of-... watch me! Watch me closely, you dumb shit!"

Jabra hissed as his hand slid over burning flesh.

Kaku's eyes were on him... Kaku watched him jerking off, there on his broken table after the best fucking kick, Jabra had ever felt from him.

Slowly, he pressed his thumb over the top of his cock and then began to pump his fist up and down his member. The movements were fast and hard, just as he liked them and Jabra was barely able to breathe as blood blocked his broken nose.

The taste of copper alerted him to the blood reaching his mouth cavity and he grinned as his arousal heightened.

Then he raised his head to look at Kaku, more blood flowing into his mouth because of the movement and stared at his shocked mate while continuing to move his hand.

It was nothing new for Jabra that he liked a bit of pain while having sex but this? This was fucking brilliant! The pain was strong but he had never felt greater pleasure than that.

Kaku watched him while his strokes became faster and it was almost enough to make him come. Almost.

"Touch me," Jabra said to Kaku. "Do it!"

His eyes opening even wider, Kaku held up his hands. "Are you kidding? I still don't even know what's wrong with you, but you're acting like a madman!"

Jabra hissed as he had nearly reached the peak at the sound of Kaku's voice and then groaned when he had missed his goal. "Come on! It won't... it won't take long now. Do it!"

Kaku looked at him and then down at his erection where Jabra's hand had nearly stilled. "I... I don't..."

"Please..." Jabra whispered, his voice more desperate than ever before. Had Kaku even heard him say that word before?

Swallowing, Kaku stared at Jabra's erect cock. It didn't even look that bad... not as disgusting as he had imagined any part of his naked body to be. Slowly, Kaku looked up at Jabra's face. His cheeks were flushed, the eyes unfocused and his breathing became harsher and harsher by the second.

Turning his head back to the already leaking cock, Kaku reached out and touched the head with trembling fingers.

The reaction was instantly. Jabra moaned loudly and pushed up his hips, seeking more of Kaku's touch in his desperation to come.

Shocked by the sudden movement, Kaku jerked back his hand.

"P-Plea-" Jabra's voice was barely a whisper now, so unlike its usual barking sound. To see him like that, to see him that wanton and helpless, pleading so honestly for more of Kaku's touch... that was as exciting as it was scary.

"You really want me to-"

"Do it!" Jabra commanded but his voice still lacked the usual spite. "I- It's painful."

Kaku stared at him. Could he do that? Could he deny such a desperate request? This was Jabra of all people! Yes, they had spent more time together lately but he couldn't suddenly-


And that did it. Kaku closed his fingers around Jabra's burning shaft, waited a bit until Jabra had sucked in a breath, shuddering at the touch, and then Kaku quickly moved his hand up and down.

Jabra cried out and after only a few seconds, he came all over his stomach and Kaku's hand. Kaku cringed slightly at hot semen covering his fingers but he still kept moving his hand until Jabra had ridden out his orgasm.

Slowly, Jabra came down from his high and looked at Kaku with a wolfish grin. "That was damn amazing for such a creep like you."

"Don't expect there to be a second time," Kaku replied with a hard look before he turned around to go to the bathroom.

"Too bad," Jabra said as he rested his head on his arms and looked up at the ceiling. More blood was running down his face and he stretched out his tongue to catch some of the droplets. "I like a good and hard fuck... I would even let you do me. I'm sure we could go all out, you and me."

Kaku looked with disinterest at Jabra as he stood up. "Stop spouting nonsense and go clean up. You're making a mess out of my apartment."

"Does that mean you'll fuck me once I'm done with that?" Jabra grinned as he looked down at Kaku. "You liked this too, didn't you? That package doesn't look that bad either... I'm sure we'll enjoy that."

Kaku turned around to hide the bulge in his pants. "Stupid masochist," he grumbled and finally went to wash his hands.

Jabra looked after him with a gleam inside his eyes. "I should make him angry again... Oh, I can't wait for the punishment!"

Barking out a laugh, Jabra followed Kaku into the bathroom.

End of Story Four

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