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Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting!

Welcome to the world of Pokestuck!

I am Professor Scratch!

I am what people call a Pokemon Professor.

And this right here is a Pokemon!

Our world is widely inhabited by these creatures.

We live alongside these creatures, at times playmates, and at others, workmates.

Sometimes we even come together and challenge others in fierce battles!

Unfortunately we don't yet know everything about Pokemon yet!

That's why I've been researching these creatures, and why I became a Pokemon Professor.

But enough about me, who are you?

John Egbert

Ah! So you're the one moving to Littleroot! Okay!

All right, are you ready?

Your very own adventure is about to unfold!

Take courage, and leap into the world of Pokemon where dreams, adventure, and friendships await!

I'll be expecting you. Come see me in my Pokemon Lab.

Good luck!

A/N: Alrighty, introduction. Short stuff, but HEY! It's just the beginning! We'll have fun times ahead, just get ready! Disclaimer, I don't own either Pokemon or Homestuck, they are creations of Game Freak and Andrew Hussie respectively.