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Katniss was hungry. Cheese buns sounded really good about now. "One more lap, Soldier Everdeen!" Boggs called. She adjusted her bow and arrows before jogging a second time around the track in the Military Training Area of District 13. Cheese buns. Peeta's hands kneading bread. Nope. Must not think about Peeta now! Aaaah! But I'm REALLY HUNGRY.

Just then another soldier passed her. He was running hard. His camaflouge pants were taut around his bulging leg muscles. Nice legs! Katniss licked her lips. She was suddenly hungry for those buns. Tight strong buns under those camouflage pants. She started sweating from more than her workout. Thoughts of Peeta and his baking immediately vaporized.

"Nice work. Soldier Hawthorne!" Boggs called. "Give me 50!" Gale went to the field in the center of the track giving all a nice view of his firm backside as he did 50 perfect military press push ups.

Katniss grinned. Tonight after dinner she would be in a certain compartment getting her fill of those camouflage covered buns.