Disclaimer: Still don't own. If I did, this would be one way the romance drama would have been resolved! Enjoy :)


Gale and Katniss immediately started cracking up at Peeta's horrified expression when he turned on the light and saw them in Gale's bunk obviously busy and naked. They were afraid he would throw up on his brand new chef's uniform, but he merely dropped the baking sheet full of cheese buns and ran screaming down the hall. "You're busted, Gale." Rory said from the top bunk.

"Shut up, Rory." Gale said teasingly. "Grab Catnip and I some of those buns, will you?" As the floor in their compartment was nearly sterile, Katniss didn't protest eating dropped bread off of it. Katniss sighed in pleasure as she bit into the best tasting cheese bun ever. Tonight she could have her buns and eat them too.

The end! :)