Peeta spun the bottle and returned to his seat, still frowning.

And it landed on…


"Oh, great," Rue said, rolling her eyes. "That son of a bi-"

"Rue!" Katniss said hurriedly, shocked.

Finnick raised an eyebrow at the little dark-skinned girl. "So, you don't know how to talk dirty, but you're familiar with that word?"

"It's the 34th century, Finnick," Rue said simply. "Of course I know what son of a bird means."

Everyone were silent for a few moments.

"O-kay," Foxface said finally, choosing to ignore the incorrect curse that Rue used. "Come on, Peeta, ask Marvel what does he choose."

Peeta smiled at Foxface for being so helpful, then turned to look at Marvel, who was sitting across from him. "Truth or Dare?"

Marvel thought about it for a second. "Dare."

"Ooh, what a daring person we got here!" President Snow smiled approvingly.

Peeta looked at Marvel again after choosing his dare. "Imitate any three people in this room, while we," Peeta gestured at the rest of the people in the circle, "Guess who it is you are imitating."

Katniss looked at Peeta, surprised. "That's actually a pretty good dare."

Peeta nodded happily. "I know. I heard Gloss saying something about saying this as a dare to someone when it's his turn, and decided to borrow his idea."

Gloss frowned at him. "You mean, steal me idea."

Peeta rolled his eyes. "Not steal, BORROW. God, do you even know English? Those words don't even sound similar."

Gloss opened his mouth to reply angrily, but Marvel decided to do his dare.

"Electric charge is a property of certain subatomic particles, which gives rise to and interacts with the electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces of nature –"


Beetee looked at Marvel with an unimpressed look. "The amount of important information this imitation was lacking of doesn't surprise me in the slightest."

"Shut up Beetee."

Beetee closed his mouth, annoyed.

Marvel looked at the other people sitting in the circle, choosing carefully.

"I'm gonna eat your brain for lunch!"


Titus smiled predatorily, showing his teeth with a hungry glare in his eyes. He was looking at Glimmer who was sitting right next to him. She immediately moved a bit farther away from him and got closer to a smirking and suddenly very happy and content Caesar Flickerman.

Marvel nodded his head, then smiled when he got the inspiration to his last imitation.

"That is mahogany! MAHOGANY!"

All eyes turned to Effie.

Effie frowned.

"It could be anyone," She stated flatly.

"I am Effie Trinket, and I say that THAT IS MAHOGANY!"

Effie's frown deepened.

"Oh, don't feel bad Effie," Katniss said in a false sympathetic tone. "Without your very helpful lesson, I would've never learned that THAT," Katniss dramatically pointed at a table at the corner of the room, "Is MAHOGANY!"

Effie looked at her for a few moments before smiling. "Thanks, Katniss. You always know what to say to make me feel better."

Marvel got up from his seat on the floor and moved to the empty bottle.

"Hey, Effie sweetie, can you explain to me what makes MAHOGANY! so special?"

"Shut it Gale."

"Yeah, shut it Gale!"

"I'll kick you in a very sensitive place, Mellark."

Marvel decided to ignore the constant bickering behind him, those stupid characters just couldn't get along, and spun the bottle forcefully, because he was oh-so-strong and oh-so-amazing.

The bottle spun and spun and spun and spun.

And it landed on…

Ugh. Sorry for the extremely long wait, I just have no idea what to write about.

Sorry if it sucks and not funny, but I was (still am) really tired when I wrote it, so...


I hope you all have a lovely day, and remember - THAT! *pointing at a table* IS MAHOGANY!

Heehee, gotta love Effie :)