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"Deidara you lazy ass, get up!"

"Hmm…" The blond moaned, turning away from the noise as a pair of beautifully large wings fluttered and wrapped around his body like a blanket.

"For Jashin's sake wake up!" The voice screamed as a hand roughly peeled the Papilio glaucus's* wing to the side.

"Ugh…wha– Hidan?" The butterfly yawned loudly as he opened a beautiful bluebell eye to the Hemicordulia Tau* violently shaking him.

"Hurry and get the fuck up." The zealous dragonfly snapped as he grabbed the blonde's arm and forced him out of his bed.

"What are you doing?" Deidara whined as he felt himself being dragged into the air. Unlike the dragonfly's energetic wings, his large, black stripped yellow wings were flapping limply with only enough strength to keep him hovering.

"That's my line you fucking moron." Hidan snapped. Once he dragged the blond high enough, he let go of his friend and scowled. "What the fuck were you thinking sleeping on a dandelion? Do you have a death wish?" He yelled with his arms crossed over his chest.

"What's the problem with sleeping on a dandelion?" Deidara murmured as he dusted some pollens off his golden yellow kimono. The kimono was decorated with black tiger strips that matched his large wings.

"I told you a thousand times that you got to fucking blend yourself in!"

"I was, un!" The blond countered, his wings beginning to flap faster now that he was fully awake. "How was that not blending in?" Now it was his turn to scowl. The butterfly never appreciated being suddenly ripped off his bed, especially when the sun hasn't even risen.

"Sure you were. In the field of yellow, your black and blue was a dead give-away." The dragonfly snickered.

Deidara on the other hand frowned, unable to find any humour in the dragonfly's words. "Then you tell me where I could–"

"Enough about that, we can talk after we find a safer place." Hidan sighed as he began looking around for any place where they could continue their talk. The blond agreed, knowing that it would be too dangerous staying in the open air where all their enemies could see them.

"Let's go to Itachi's!"

"We went there yesterday." Deidara said with a frown tugging at his lips. "Why don't we go to Kakuzu's place, un?"

"As if a pile of twigs could fucking hide that," Hidan jabbed a finger to the other's sun coloured wings that were shimmering beneath the brightening sky. "Come on blondie. I'm sure Itachi doesn't give a shit."



It was amazing how such a short, simple word could convey so much.

"Oh come on Itachi-chan." Hidan laughed as he jokingly slapped the back of the Scarlet Tiger Moth*. "It's not like it's gonna fucking kill you to have company."

Deidara stayed silent. Unlike the oblivious dragonfly, the butterfly could at least read the atmosphere. Although he knew the raven wouldn't go as far to kick them out, he could tell that their frequent visits were beginning to irritate him. He couldn't blame him. After all, even he would be angry if insects, friends or not, kept barging into his and his lover's nest.

"Itachi, I'm back." A voice called outside the door to the underground tunnel. Itachi glanced up, rising from his seat as he stepped out of the way just in time as the door above began to open. Soft rays of sunlight spilled from the surface, hitting the chair where Itachi had been sitting until a moment ago. Deidara watched as the moth used his beautiful crimson and white polka doted black wings to shield himself from the intense light. The butterfly always found this behaviour of Itachi's strange since the moth was supposed to be like him, an insect of daylight. Whenever Deidara tried to ask for the reason though, he only got a cold shoulder in reply.

A second after the sunlight faded away, the door closed. As darkness took over, the patterned rocks in the walls and ceilings began illuminating in a soft, yellowish light. Sunstones. It was a very common thing which insects used to light their house. No one knows how or why the stone has the ability to glow within the darkness, but since it could be commonly found just about everywhere, no one really cares for the logic behind it.

Hearing the sound of buzzing wings, the butterfly looked up as the large Cicada Killer Wasp* made his way down the tunnel to his home.

"Oh?" The wasp mused when he noticed the guests he has. "Deidara, Hidan, here again?"

"Yo, bluey." Hidan greeted, making fun of the wasp's unnatural skin tone as usual. Deidara smiled at the cicada dangling lifelessly on the wasp's large sword, Samehada.

"Looks like you got yourself a nice catch there, Kisame no danna, un."

"It wasn't that hard." Kisame replied, smiling to reveal his set of sharp, nicely lined teeth. Tossing his breakfast aside, he went over to the shadow and wrapped an arm around his lover. "I'm back." Deidara could hear the wasp murmuring softly as he planted small kisses into the nook of the moth's pale neck.

"Get a room you fuckers." Hidan said teasingly while the blond felt a little out of place standing here.

"This is our room." Kisame corrected flatly, slightly irritated by the interruption. "So why are you two here again?" The wasp planted a last kiss to his mate's pale cheeks before he reluctantly pulled away. His blue skinned hand reached into his pocket and carefully pulled out a leaf-wrapped bundle. He handed it to Itachi who then set it onto the beautifully carved wooden table. After that, he disappeared into the kitchen on the other end of the living room.

"You come here so often, Kakuzu will be jealous." Kisame stated as he set Samehada aside.

"Heh, I would rather spend my fucking time with him than seeing you two make-out." Hidan said before his gaze shifted to Deidara. "It's blondie here who needs help. Kuzu's pile of dead leaves and twigs ain't fit for those Jashin damn wings."

"Of course." Deidara rolled his eyes. "I'm not a Phasmatodea* in case you haven't noticed, un. Besides, I can find a place myself."

"In a field of nothing but fucking dandelions?" Deidara glowered, but was unable to think of a comeback. "Face it blondie, you ain't gonna find a home at this rate. You got lots of admires. Why don't you just choose a nice mate out of them?" Deidara turned to Hidan with a look of horror that said; you can't be serious. Fortunately before his friend could reply, Itachi returned with two mugs in his hands. The moth went over to the package on the table that Kisame had brought for him. He tore a small hole into the leaf as fresh sugary substance gushed out and flooded the inside of the cup. The sweet scent of the honey water flowed into the air, reminding the blond of his empty stomach thanks to a certain Jashinist.

Itachi silently filled the mugs with sweet nectar and held one up for Deidara who gratefully took it. "Thanks, Itachi." He took a seat across from Itachi with Kisame and Hidan soon joining around the table.

"So Deidara." Deidara looked up to the wasp sitting close beside his mate. "Where do you plan on finding a home?"

"Well…" Deidara murmured as he took a sip before setting his cup onto the table. "Somewhere with flowers…"

"No shit." Hidan sighed. "We're asking you where that fucking somewhere is."

"Wherever you chose, you need to hurry." Itachi spoke, lacking emotions in his voice.

"Why? Is a storm coming?"

"The bee colony…" Itachi's voice trailed off as Deidara's eyes widened.

"Bee colony?!" Both he and Hidan shouted at the same time.

"So I take it you two didn't know." Kisame said calmly, almost as though he expected such reaction from the two.

"What do you think?" Hidan snapped as he leaped onto his feet. "I gotta tell Kakuzu 'bout this." With that, the dragonfly swiftly flew away, his transparent wings beating so fast that he sounded almost like those noisy flies. With a slam of the door, he was gone, leaving Deidara alone with the couple.

"The colony…" Deidara hesitated a little, "is it Iwa?"

"No." Itachi replied. "It's Konoha."

"Konoha?" The blond gasped in disbelieve. "Why is such a large colony coming all the way here?"

"Apparently the third was killed. The new ruler, Tsunade, decided to move Konoha to this location since there are better vegetation and fewer predators." Kisame explained. "That's why if you want to find a home, you better find one quick. You know how bees are. If you don't draw out a territory, there won't be any food left."

"If that's the case, then I better start looking." Deidara sighed as he settled the empty mug onto the table. "Thanks for the food." He gave a smile to the couple. With a wave, he flew out of the underground home and was greeted by the warm sunlight.

"But even if I said that…" Deidara mumbled as he glanced around, not sure where he should go. There was no suitable hiding place for him and he wasn't exactly born as a butterfly with natural camouflaging ability.

"This is impossible, un."

Deidara glanced around the field of flowers with another deep sigh. There was no flower suitable for him and even if he does find a flower like that, then what? He can't make nest like Kisame or Kakuzu. He's from the family of Papilionidae for crying out loud. To begin with, his species doesn't make any nest because there was never the need. Though the blond doesn't want to admit it, Hidan was right. For his kin, outlooks have always been their ultimate weapons. All they needed to do was to seduce some stupid insects (regardless of gender) and have their mate take care of everything.

They were creatures with absolutely no dignity, at least, that was how it was in Deidara's mind.

"Argh…why me?" The butterfly stared off into the distance, not that he could see much with those enormous trees blocking his view. "Stupid wings…" Deidara mumbled softly to himself. His face twisted in disgust as he stared at the blue post median area on his dorsal hind wing. It was a beautiful colour, he has to admit, but the blond hated it with a passion. Although his body was born as a male, his wings belonged to the female of his species—the blue patch of colour was the obvious proof.

Thanks to this, it has caused him more problems than not—


…And here comes the main one.

"Hey, Dei-chan!" The Swallowtail Butterfly groaned in misery as he unwillingly turned to the source of the voice. "Dei-chan~" The voice sang cheerfully while Deidara in comparison frowned. He watched with a blank gaze at the Hoverfly* hovering over him.

"Stop calling me that and leave me alone." The blond snapped, nothing but pure annoyance in his voice. He stood from his resting place to fly away when he suddenly found his path blocked.

"Come on, don't be so cold." The fly said with a toothy grin. "How about a date? It's a fine morning."

"Sounds nice but I don't have time for this, un." Deidara tried to fly around him, only to have his way blocked again. Narrowing his eye at the fly, the butterfly sneered. "Move."

"You always have something to do. We never have time to go on a date."

Deidara could feel his blood beginning to boil from just talking to this thick skulled air head. For a bug that looks like a bee, it was a pity how he didn't have the crucial part of the honey making insect.

A brain.

"Look. You're just a stranger. I don't even know you, so what makes you think I'll date you?" Deidara snapped as he turned to fly away but the hoverfly intercepted again. "What now?" Deidara growled, the last thread of his patience snapped. The fly just kept smiling, either too dumb to see his mood or didn't even care.

"Does that mean if we get to know each other Dei-chan'll go on a date with me?"

"NO!" With his point made, the butterfly spun around and flapped his wings as fast as he could to get away from the persistent fly. He flew into the forest, making a couple of sharp turns before darting into a thick bush. He peeked out from between the gaps of two leaves to see the hoverfly flying by in search of him. He sat on a piece of leaf and waited. After making sure the coast was cleared, he dashed out and flew to the opposite direction.

'It's dark here…' Deidara turned to the sky that was shaded by the lush green leaves of the trees. He glanced around nervously. Although he knew that there weren't many birds here, it didn't mean there was none at all. The darkness of the shadow felt chilling to his wings as he flapped quicker. Apparently, he was deeper in the forest than he had thought. Suddenly, a hideous screeching sound of a bird echoed throughout the forest. The blond yelped as he felt his blood go cold. He looked around cautiously. Then, he saw a shimmer of light in the distance behind a tree. Not caring what it was, he quickly flew towards it. When he was pulled into the light, he stared in awe at the large rock lying flatly on the ground with about a dozen of orchids growing out of the cracks and dry soil around it.

"Wow…" Deidara murmured, looking around the trees that surrounded this place before looking to the sunlight beaming down on the flowers. He flew over to one and sniffed at the sweet aroma emitting from it. After looking around to make sure that the place was safe, he sat down on the fluffy pink petal. He smiled happily as he spread his wings to bathe them in the warmth of the light.

"What a nice place…" He murmured to himself as he pulled his knees under his chin. 'Maybe I could stay here…' The butterfly thought to himself, but he just laughed that thought off, knowing that it was only wishful thinking. There was no way he could stay in an open place like this. "I never asked to be a butterfly, un." He murmured, wondering what he did in his previous life to make fate hate him so much.

If only he was born into something else…even turning into a snail would be better than this. At least then he'd be born with a home.

A small breeze caressed his slightly tanned skin as Deidara sighed deeply. He closed his eyes to enjoy the breeze when a painful jab sliced through his side. He screamed from the immense pain as his world was suddenly flipped around. He cried out when his body slammed into the hard surface of the rock below, his right wing twisting painfully at an awkward angle. Managing to open an eye, he realized for the first time that he wasn't alone. There was someone towering over him. Due to the sunlight positioned overhead, he couldn't make out anything but the silhouette.

Then…Deidara's world turned black.

By the time his consciousness returned and his eyes opened, the sun and the clear sky was no longer there. He groaned quietly as he tried to move, but immediately regretted it as throbbing pain stabbed against his side and damaged wing. "Where…?" Deidara murmured as he stared at the sunstones that lit the place. He glanced around the unfamiliar chamber and rubbed his finger against the hard soil ground.

"I'm…beneath the surface?" The blond shook his head as he tried to recall what had happened.

He was sitting on an orchid when…suddenly…something...someone…

"…!" Gasping in realization, the butterfly tried to climb onto his feet which he soon regretted as a sharp pain stabbed against his side. He clutched over where the pain was coming from and glanced down to see dried blood staining his kimono. He frantically looked around the place he was being held in, but the room was completely sealed with only a wooden door that he was sure was locked.


A high pitch scream suddenly came out of nowhere, causing the butterfly's soul to nearly jump out of his body. "What…what was that?" He whispered breathlessly to himself as he slowly turned towards the door. Faint footsteps began echoing down the hall as the blond slowly shifted back. He heard the sound of wood clattering against each other before the lock to the door was turned with a loud click.

Deidara shifted back nervously. Could it be a spider? Then again, that would be impossible. If it was a spider, then he would be wrapped in the arachnid's web rather than being thrown in here. When the heavy looking door swung open, the blond flinched as he saw a pair of feet stepping out of the shadow. When the figure stepped into the dim sunstone light, Deidara felt his breath caught in the back of his throat.

Before him stood the most beautiful insect he has ever seen. From his height, the stranger was probably a head taller than him with short crimson hair gently caressing his pale, porcelain neck. He wore a robe, colours ranging from deep crimson to white. The robe fluttered weightlessly in the air, almost giving out a flowery image. So deep in thought, the butterfly failed to notice the stranger stepping up to him until he felt cool fingers brushing by his cheek. By the time he reacted, he was slammed into the solid wall with a large hand griping tightly over his neck.

When the blond glanced up, he was met with a pair of cold, russet brown eyes.

"You must be stupid, sitting there for so long without realizing someone behind you." The crimson haired insect chuckled as he ran his free hand over the butterfly's broken wing, taking his time examining his catch. Deidara clawed at the hand, trying to break free but failed miserably. The insect was incredibly strong despite his delicate look.

"Wha…" The blond choked "…what are you?"

"Can't you tell?" The creature snorted as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. He suddenly released his grip and the blond hit the solid ground. He coughed heavily as he rubbed his stinging neck while trying to hold a glare against his captor.

"I wouldn't…be asking if I knew…!" He said between coughs and pants.

"You should at least know a mantis when you see one."

"Mantis?" Deidara gasped as he stared at the man. Noticing his gaze the mantis turned and mouthed a sharp what? "Ah…no…" He mumbled softly as he pulled his face out of the filthy ground. "Mantis is…you know…" His eye scanned over the man again. "Muscular…" with no brain "…large…" savage, "…you know," gross "gro–"

"What?" The mantis glared as the blond quickly bit his tongue when he realized what he had almost said.

"Grassy coloured!" The butterfly gasped, ignoring the taste of blood swirling inside his mouth. The mantis seemed to have bought it. Either that or he never cared much for the butterfly's opinion.

"Looks like it's your first time encountering an Orchid Mantis*."

"Orchid mantis?" The blond whispered, letting the words soak into his brain. 'Orchid?' He stared at the way the mantis was dressed. That would explain his beautiful features and that flowery coloured hair. To resemble a flower…Deidara didn't know why, but he felt a sudden wave of jealousy towards his captor.

"Do they…" Deidara stared at that flawless smooth face that normal mantis could never have, "all look like you?"

Noticing the innocent curiosity in the blonde's voice, the mantis narrowed his eyes. "Hn. Strange brat," he murmured in a low voice. To his surprise, the butterfly could actually hear him.

"Who are you calling a brat?" The blond shouted in disapproval. Unfortunately, the mantis didn't take his outburst kindly. The red head grabbed his prisoner by the collar of the other's kimono and pulled him close so their noses were almost touching.

"Don't forget your situation, brat." The predator hissed softly into Deidara's ear with a chilled smile. "You're only preserved food. Be grateful that I've just fed, or I would have wrench your head off." With that said; the mantis shoved the butterfly away and headed for the door.

Deidara lay on the ground, wincing from the pain in his wounds as he glanced up just as the wooden door slammed shut. A click echoed, indicating that it was locked again.

'Just fed?' The blond thought in horror as he remembered back to that sharp scream. He sweated as he began to wonder if he would scream like that when it was his turn to be eaten. When he realized what kind of disturbing thoughts were going through his head, he hastily shook them away. 'I have to get out, un.' Deidara desperately thought as he looked around trying to figure out a way to escape this place in one piece.

Papilio glaucus (Deidara) - A species of swallowtail butterfly. The butterflies are yellow with four black "tiger stripes" on each fore wing. The female of this species differ from the male in having blue postmedian area on the dorsal hind wing.

Hemicordulia Tau (Hidan) - A species of dragonfly in the family Corduliidae.

Scarlet Tiger Moth (Itachi) - A colourful moth belonging to the tiger moth family, Arctiidae. It is one of the few tiger moths with developed mouthparts, allowing it to feed on nectar.

Cicada killer wasp (Kisame) – Is a large digger wasp species. Cicada killers are large, solitary wasps in the family Crabronidae. They are named because they hunt cicadas and provision their nests with them.

Phasmatodea (Kakuzu) – Are an order of insects, whose members are variously known as stick insects, walking sticks, etc. They resemble sticks, giving them natural camouflages which are hard to spot. They can be found all over the world in warmer zones.

Hoverfly – As their name suggests, they are often seen hovering or nectaring at flowers. They resemble stinging wasps or bees, which must give them some protection from predators.

Orchid Mantis (Sasori) – A type of Flower Mantis: A common name given to various species of praying mantis that mimic flowers. Although this species does not live on orchids, it does look remarkably well like a flower or orchid.