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"From all of the fucking stories of the forest, you should know better than to go in there! Do you have any idea what the hell could have happened, ya moron?"

Deidara mentally winced, trying hard not to express his discomfort on his face as Hidan continued to scold him as he had done ever since he barged into Kisame's and Itachi's home with Kakuzu.

"You should know the forest insects live in a completely different world! Those fuckers are dangerous! Just look at these three!" Hidan pointed his fingers rudely at the three other occupants in the room.

"Hidan, that's enough." Itachi finally spoke, giving the string of silk in his hand a tug, and Deidara jumped with a slight whimper from the stinging pain. "I believe you have made your point." The blond watched as Itachi snipped the thread. When the raven gave him a light nod, he slowly pulled his hand from the table and stared at the silk bandage wrapped tightly around his palm.

"Like hell!" Hidan snapped back. "And that fucking mantis! What the hell's with that jackass'–"

"Don't call Danna that!" Deidara suddenly shouted, speaking up for the first time since he had gotten back that night. Almost immediately silence fell over the room. Itachi's hands were frozen in the middle of rolling the extra threads while Hidan was dumbfounded that his best friend actually snapped at him.

The two dominate mates of the dragonfly and moth stood off to the side, their surprise well hidden like Itachi's.

"Sasori no Danna isn't like that, un! Sure he acted like a jerk at the beginning, but he's…"

"Take that piece of filth and get off my turf."

"He's…" Deidara's voice broke off as his lips trembled. Suddenly, he jumped out of his seat and ran out of the living room, vanishing down the tunnel of the Cicada Wasp's home.

"Hey!" Hidan shouted, about to run after the butterfly, but Itachi held out a hand to stop him.

"Let him be." The moth said calmly as he finished winding up the soft material and set it aside on the table.

"But he was–"

"Hidan." Kakuzu said as he walked over to his mate. "You've said more than enough. I think we all get the point."

"Yeah." Kisame agreed. "Just leave the kid alone. He's had it rough as it is."

"…Tch. Whatever." Hidan snorted as he headed for another tunnel with Kakuzu at his side. "Hey, bluey, we're gonna crash in your other rooms! No need to worry about us!"

"What?" Kisame snapped his head up. "You two are staying?"

"Course we are! It's the middle of the fucking night!" Was all Hidan shouted before the sound of door slamming shut was heard. Kisame sighed heavily and pinched at the bridge of his nose.

"Those guys. They act like they own the place!"

"Hidan and Kakuzu are simply concerned about Deidara, Kisame."

"I know." Kisame grumbled. "Otherwise I would have slapped them with Samehada already."

The moth smiled lightly when his mate let out a defeated sigh. Distracted, Itachi wasn't watching where he was going and hit the edge of a chair. He stumbled forward and would have hit the ground if the wasp wasn't there to catch him.

"You used up too much energy with your eyes. You should get some sleep as well, 'Tachi."

Itachi didn't say anything. He just closed his eyes and leaned into his mate, his face buried into the wasp's firm chest. When he gave a very light nod, the blue-skinned wasp bent down and carefully gathered his mate into his arms. He stared at the limpness of his mate's beautiful wings, knowing that he had reached the limit.

He was about to carry his mate towards their room when Kisame heard a loud crashing sound, followed by a string of curses. The wasp immediately turned and headed for the tunnel at the opposite end of their home.

In the room right next to where a certain blond was, unfortunately, staying, Hidan and Kakuzu were having their usual argument. The Swallowtail butterfly sat curled up in the corner. His large wings were wrapped over him tightly as he desperately tried to block out Hidan's curses.

'Why are they staying too?' Deidara thought, but he couldn't help smiling when he heard Kakuzu gave his usual retort – which led, of course, to an even more pissed off dragonfly. He pulled his legs to his chest and rested his chin on his knees. He listened as the couple argued, wondering how long had it been since he heard them like this. As he listened, he couldn't help but remember how he hadsometimes argued with Sasori like that.

He frowned at the memory of the mantis and stared down to his bandaged hand.

"Why…" He whispered as the image of Sasori's face flashed in his mind. He could remember it vividly when those brown eyes fell to the deep gash in his hand. "That time... why did you look as though you wanted to cry Danna?"



"I told you to get out!"

"GYAAAAH!" Tobi screamed as he flew out of the entrance to the mantis' home. He crashed onto the ground painfully. The sound of doors slamming shut was heard as the spider quickly scrambled to his feet. "Senpai!" Tobi called, but he didn't get any response as a chilling breeze flew by.

Tobi stared at the entrance to the mantis' home.

"Shoot…" He muttered as he looked at the ground, feeling dejected. "I think I made senpai really mad this time."

"It's nothing new." A deep voice suddenly spoke. Tobi perked up, immediately recognizing the voice as he turned to see the Assassin Bug step out from the bushes.

"Nagato-senpai!" Tobi screamed in delight with tears running down the single hole in his mask. At the sight of the spider dashing to him, Nagato arched a fine eyebrow. With a quick step to the side, he narrowly evaded the spider who flew past him and crashed mask first into the ground.

"You've been gone for a while, so I came looking for you." Nagato said nonchalantly as though Tobi had not just flown by him and smashed into the ground. "Now then, what is this about Sasori?"


Deidara sighed for what felt like the hundredth time as he rolled back to the center of the bed. He was exhausted, but he couldn't sleep. The image of Sasori's face wouldn't leave his mind, and the fact that the room was lacking the scenery of flowers and the Orchid Mantis' presence didn't help. Finally making up his mind, he climbed out of bed. He carefully opened the door, looking left and right to make sure no one was in the hall.

He knew Hidan and Kakuzu had long fallen asleep, tired out from their long argument. He walked down the hallway, but no matter how light he tried to keep his footsteps, he could still hear them echoing down the tunnel that was brightly lit by sunstones.

When he got to the living room, he looked up to the door of the home hovering high over his head. He gulped, looking around to see if there was anything he could grasp, like some grass roots for example, but he found none. He then slowly looked at his slightly bent wing.

Although his wing had healed considerably, it was still broken and needed more time. But maybe, just maybe…

"Ow!" Deidara cried out when he tried to move his wing. When he realized how he had just screamed out, he quickly clasped a hand over his mouth and nervously looked around. He waited a minute, then another.

No one came.

He sighed in relieve before his eyes slowly shifted back to the entrance overhead. He then slowly glanced back to his golden wings. Gritting his teeth, the butterfly braced himself and gave them a flap. His entire body jumped as pain jolted down his spine, but he didn't stop. He flapped again and again. With a leap into the air, Deidara flapped his wings faster, letting him hover in the air a few seconds before he collapsed onto the ground.

The blond panted heavily as sweat rolled down his forehead. His expression was twisted with pain, but he pushed it aside and began trying again. Each time he managed to hover longer, and he even ascended a little before he collapsed back onto the ground. Each time he tried, he got higher and higher, but so did the pain. Every time he flapped his wings, he felt them become more numb than before.

"A-almost…!" He panted with his good hand stretched over his head, trying to push up on the heavy door. With a few more flaps, his gold and blue wings gave out just as he grasped the edge to keep himself from falling, and his body slammed against the wall from the force. He panted heavily and winced at the pain shooting up his wing. Not daring to look down, the butterfly kept his eyes up as he reached with his wounded hand and grasped the edge as well. With a hard pull, he began pulling his body up.

"Urgh-aaaah!" Deidara yelled out in relief as his body fell onto the flat soil of the surface. He laughed, though it sounded a little strained due to his lack of breath. "I did it!" He cheered, but his smile faded when he remembered the way Sasori teased him about not being able to climb. He did it... He then got up, but he had no red head to celebrate this fact with, no mantis to boast his achievement to.

"Sasori no Danna…"


"I see." Nagato finally spoke after listening to Tobi's long, and exaggerated, explanation of what had happened. He sat on a leaf of a shrub with the spider dangling on his web at his side.

"I couldn't help it! Itachi-senpai is really scary when he's angry! I didn't want to see those creepy eyes!"

"It's inevitable. With both Itachi and Kakuzu there, one of them would be bound to find Deidara sooner or later." The Assassin Bug shrugged as he gazed up to the moon. "I had thought that by giving him more time, he would have figured it out. Have I overestimated Sasori?"

"Nagato-senpai is not at fault!" Tobi quickly said, jumping to the red head's defense. The Assassin Bug smiled at that before he absent-mindly reached over and ran his fingers through the spider's midnight black locks.

The spider hummed out pleasantly, liking the contact as he leaned against the pale hand for more attention.

"Perhaps it's the best this way. Sasori is stubborn. He won't realize what he has lost until he loses it." Nagato slowly turned to the spider, but the other didn't appear to be listening at all. The comfortable caress from the bloodthirsty predator's hand had sent him off into his own world.


"First it was Sasori, then Itachi…I don't know what he sees in them." A voice sighed as a figure wearing a cloak made of leaf wandered around the darkness.

"Ugh…!" He paused in his steps, wincing as his hand reached up to rub gently at his chest. He broke into a couple of light coughs. "Tch…if only I had more power…"

He stood there, waiting for his coughs to pass by before he slowly straightened himself. The figure took a few light breathes, seeming to still be in pain, and there was sweat trickling down his face, which was hidden by the large hood. Once the pain bypassed, he was about to proceed to walk when a sound caught his attention.

The figure's first reaction was to bend his knees, getting into a guarded position as he observed his surroundings. Once he was sure there was no threat around him, he began following the sound. He stepped into the bushes and melted into the shadows.

He pushed past the thick curtain of leaves before emerging on the other side where he saw a scene which nearly took his breath away.


The cloaked figure stepped forward, pushing the leaf obstructing his view aside to get a clearer look. In the distance, high upon the aster,was a gorgeous insect with large, golden wings glistening under the silver ray of the moon. The cloaked figure immediately recognized it as a Tiger Swallowtail from the obvious colours and patterns on the wings. At the sight of the blue patches of colours on the wings, he had almost thought the creature was a female, but the deep, throaty sobs told him otherwise.

The butterfly sat with his legs folded tightly against his chest. His face was buried in his knees and his body quivering as he cried. The creature's voice was soft and soothing. Despite the obvious masculine depth within it, it was a beautiful voice nonetheless – one that could easily put crickets to shame.

"There's no mistake." The cloaked figure gasped before a delighted chuckle made its way through the air. "Orochimaru-sama will be pleased."

A blue blade illuminated from the darkness. Just when the figure was about to step out from the shadows, he froze. He stood there, stiffly, before suddenly making a sharp retreat back into his hiding place. A light gasp was heard as the colour of crimson flickered across the night sky. Gentle flaps of delicate wings disturbed the air.

"Why is he here?" The figure silently cursed.

He stared at the crimson blotch before finally noticing the owner of the wings that was blinding the night. A pure black kimono flutteredin the still air, revealing soft, delicately pale skin hidden underneath. Long raven hair spilled down the insect's back, bound together to prevent those silk like hairs from scattering.

Itachi soundlessly landed, the pink flower's head dipping down from the extra weight. Feeling the unnatural movement, Deidara gasped as he broke out from his thought. He spun around in alarm, but he quickly relaxed when he saw who it was standing behind him.

"Oh…Itachi un." He sighed in relief before freezing up again.

"Itachi!" He screamed in realization as his eyes snapped back to Itachi's face. When he remembered his tear stained cheeks, he quickly looked down, trying to hide his face with his long bangs as he tried to clean himself. "What…why are you here?" Deidara quickly said as he tried to distract the other's attention, though he doubted it worked.

"I was following you." Itachi replied bluntly, not caring whether or not his word would cause discomfort to the other.

"Y-you were? When?"

"I heard your scream." The moth replied. When he caught the worry over the butterfly's face, he let out a very faint sigh. "Kisame, Hidan and Kakuzu are still asleep. I'm just a light sleeper."

"I-I see…" Deidara said as he slowly placed his gaze back to the ground far below.

The raven didn't speak. The blond fidgeted, but otherwise didn't say a word as well.

Finally, unable to bear the silence, Deidara finally decided that he needed to say something or he would suffocate.

"The stars are nice…un."


Hearing the questioning tone in Itachi's voice, Deidara glanced up and nearly slapped himself at the thick clouds twirling over the sky. They must have gathered at some point during the time he was back in his friends' home, rolling around struggling to sleep.

"What do you want?" The blond snapped, not liking the awkwardness filling the air. Deidara hoped Itachi would take the hint and leave already. Unfortunately, the moth seemed to have some sort of grudge against him as he took a seat beside Deidara, indicating how he had no plan of leaving anytime soon.

'What does he want?' Deidara thought nervously. He swallowed the lump in his throat and nervously shifted to a more comfortable position. As Deidara struggled against the pressure, Itachi caught every little unnatural movement of the butterfly. Very slowly, his onyx eyes gazedup at the night sky that was lightened by the deep gray clouds.

"That kimono you're wearing, it doesn't resemble yours."

"This?" Deidara slowly looked down to the black and orange kimono he was wearing. "It belonged to a Vanessa atalanta*. She was one of Sasori no Danna's meals, and since our sizes are similar, Danna gave it to me seeing how my kimono was a little…ripped…"

"I've noticed before, but you call Sasori 'Danna'." Itachi said slowly as his dark eyes shifted to the blond. "He's the reason behind your tears." It wasn't a question. It was a firm statement which Deidara knew the moth wanted answers to.

"I…" Deidara took a deep breath as he tried to find the right word. "I don't know…" He felt another tear drip down his face. He tried to control it, but he couldn't. It was just like before. When he sat here and suddenly remembered about the pleasant the times he spent with the mantis, tears just began rolling down his face.

"I don't know why. It's just…uugh…"

Itachi sat quietly to the side as he watched the blond's desperate attempts to stop. A light smile tugged on his lips.

"You've fallen in love with a very difficult insect, Deidara."

"W-what?" Deidara choked out. His head snapped to Itachi, wondering if he had actually heard right.

"You're crying because of the pain of being separated, are you not?"

"Huh?" The blond blinked away some tears that were blurring his vision and glanced up at the raven. "Separated from what?"

The moth stared at Deidara with a gaze the butterfly had come to hate. Whenever Itachi got that look in his eye, it always means that he knew something the blond didn't and that greatly irked the butterfly.

"If you have something to say, just spill it, un."

"I see…" Itachi muttered. "You haven't realized yet."

Deidara frowned. He wiped away the last of the tears, but before he could retort, Itachi quickly beat him to it.

"You're in love, Deidara."

Vanessa atalanta - It is a common and cosmopolitan Holarctic butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. They can be found in temperate Europe, Asia and North America.