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Whimpers and cries bounced off the stone walls as Sasori quietly stepped through the door. Goosebumps crawled over his skin when he felt the intense change in temperature. The cold air seeped through his robe and made his skin burn uncomfortably. The red head flicked his tongue in irritation. His fallow brown eyes drifted across the large chamber where there was stack after stack of insect cages, each full with prisoners who were curled up in the corners sobbing at their pathetic lives.

The mantis frowned in disgust. It was just like Orochimaru to have such a sickening hobby.

Wasting no time at all, Sasori walked up and began inspecting each cage he passed to see if he could find the familiar blond. When the frightened insects laid eyes upon the mantis, they all squirmed back, and some even screamed out in fear at the sight of the predator. There were a few that even prayed in the corners of their little cells, not daring to make eye contact with him.

Sasori snorted in disgust at their pathetic state as he took a look around the lower level, then the upper one. After he had gone through the last cell, he came to an uneasy realization that Deidara was not in any of the cages. Gritting his teeth in frustration, the mantis walked over to the nearest cage and slammed his foot against the bar. The ladybug inside screamed as she looked up to meet the mantis' glare.

"An Eastern tiger swallowtail with long blond hair and blue eyes," Sasori said as his glare darkened. "Have you seen him?"

The ladybug just trembled, curling her knees to her chest in fright as tears streamed down her cheeks. Frustrated at her lack of response, Sasori used his web and wrapped it around the ladybug. With a forceful tug, he brought her face right against the bars. The mantic slipped his hand through the gap in the bars and grabbed her neck.

"I asked if you had seen a Papilio glaucus or not!"

"N-no!" The insect in the mantis' clutch sobbed out. "I-I haven't! N-no one new came in for a long time! D-don't hurt me! Please—ah!" The ladybug let out a high pitch scream as Sasori tossed her back into the cell.

The mantis turned for the door, about to walk away, when a voice suddenly called out to him.

"Hey, you down there!" Sasori turned, tilting his head up to one of the cages on the upper levels. However, this particular imprisonment was different. It was created by a transparent wall that sealed up fluid inside. The mantis has seen them at one point in his travels. It was one of the creations by those strange, two-legged creatures that did nothing but damage nature.

Sasori remembered Orochimaru once mentioning it, calling it "bottle". They were something that fascinated Orochimaru. The cicada had made it a hobby to gather that kind of junk.

Sasori peered through the transparent wall of the bottle to see a rather young looking insect. The insect slowly sank to the bottom of the container, his short white hair floating weightlessly in the water. There was a wide smirk on his face, revealing the rows of sharp teeth of a predator. "You're not working for Orochimaru, are you?" he asked fearlessly with curious, lavender eyes boring down at the intruder in his master's lair.

Sasori simply turned for the door—having no time to deal with some brat—when the white haired insect quickly called out to him again.

"I know that butterfly you're looking for!" Sasori kept walking, pretending that he didn't hear. After all, it could very well be a lie. He knew what prisoners were capable of, having heard all the lies they sprout just to get a chance to escape from their fate.

"What was his name…it was…Dei…" The mantis halted in his steps.

"Deidara!" The white haired insect smirked widely. "That's right, it was Deidara, right—wah!" The insect swam back when he suddenly found the red head standing right in front of him. The Orchid Mantis' robes were fluttering wildly around him in contrast to his unmoving body. The trapped insect's eyes darted around, looking from the spot where the mantis used to be to where he was now. He couldn't understand how the other had got up so fast.

"You…" Sasori narrowed his eyes. He let slip a small wave of murderous intent—that he was holding in for a specific cicada—and watched as the brat in the water squirmed. Although the kid was a little intimidated, he wasn't completely terrified compared to the other prisoners. "How do you know about him?"

"I heard Kabuto and Orochimaru-sama—no, Orochimaru talking about it," the younger predator replied. "I overheard Orochimaru telling Kabuto the arrangements some time ago. Can't tell you exactly when since you can't really tell time in here, but I know where that butterfly is. If you free me, I'll show you the way."

"W-wait!" Sasori looked down at the cage beneath him to see the insect in the cell reaching out a hand for him. "I know about that too! I can show you if you help me out!"

"I-I know too!" Another shouted from the other side of the room in an equally panicked tone.

"Don't listen to them! They're all lying! I know where he is! I'll lead you to him!"

Soon, the chamber was filled with the prisoners' desperate screams as they tried to get the red head's attention. However, Sasori just simply drowned out their worthless cries, keeping his eyes solely on the brat.

"What's your name, Gerridae*?" He asked.

"Suigetsu," the water strider replied. Sasori held out his hand as his blade stretched out in a crescent arch. Slashing his weapon down diagonally, he cut the container in two. The upper part of the bottle fell to the ground as water rushed out, drenching the unfortunate insects whose cages happen to be located right below.

The mantis scattered his blade into a web which he wrapped around Suigetsu, and hauled him out of his broken cage.

"Listen, brat," Sasori hissed as he towered over the kid. "If I find out that you have lied or if you even dare to try to escape, I will not hesitate kill you. Understood?"

"Crystal," Suigetsu replied with a smile. Despite the fearless front he was putting up, he couldn't fight off a bead of sweat that rolled down his forehead. The sight didn't escape the mantis' sharp eyes that were watching him closely.

The red head released the younger insect just as he caught the sound of the door creaking open. He snapped his head to the only exit in the room and caught sight of a certain silver haired Cyphochilus beetle making his way in.

"Quiet down!" Kabuto shouted. "What is—" His voice was lost in his throat when his eyes landed on the broken water container, then the freed water strider.

"Geh!" Suigetsu flinched when his and Kabuto's eyes met. In a state of nervousness upon the sight of one of his captures, the boy deformed for a split second, making him resemble a mass of water before his form solidified again.

"Suigetsu!" Kabuto's eyes rounded in surprise behind his glasses. He parted his mouth, about to question how the insect had gotten out, when an unpleasant chill crawled up his spine. His mind was setting off alarms as the beetle recognized the sensation as bloodlust. He quickly turned around, instinctively pulling out the knives hidden in his sleeves, and they collided with an overly familiar blue blade. The beetle only saw the Orchid Mantis' face for a millisecond before the blade scattered into threads, wrapping tightly around him before throwing him across the room and into the wall of the other side.


"No!" Deidara screamed as tears freely flooded down his face. He desperately tried to move, to get away, but he couldn't. "Take it out!" He begged through his sobs. "Take i-it out…!"

The butterfly's pleas were no help in his situation. In fact, the sight of his agonized state only excited the cicada hovering over him. He cried when he felt fingers going inside, scissoring him deeper.

Orochimaru watched with great satisfaction as clear, sticky fluid began to leak down his fingers. It was a natural lubrication that a male body could never produce, confirming his suspicion that the butterfly indeed had the female reproductive system built into his body.

"Ah!" Deidara shouted in pain as the fingers were ripped from his body. He whimpered in instant relieve, but he knew it wasn't over. When he looked down, Deidara wanted to cry out at the sight of the visible budge through the insect's strange clothes. "No …don't…" He begged. The crazed look in the insect's eyes was frightening, much more than before. Instead of obsession, the butterfly knew that it was lust, as he had received those looks quite often.

"Your only place is with me, Deidara," Orochimaru whispered into his ear as his cold and calloused fingers slid down his leg, leaving a wet trail in their wake. "The outside world will never accept you…"

"You're wrong," he quickly argued, only to quiver at the hot breath that blew down his neck. It was repulsive. He hated it. The insect's face, those eyes, that touch…Everything about the cicada just made him want to throw up.

Deidara quickly tried to think of happy memories. He dug deep into his mind for anything to help him get through this, and the only thing that surfaced was a certain mantis' face. The butterfly sobbed as he thought back to the moments he spent with Sasori. He wanted to see him. He wanted to see the mantis so badly that it hurt.

"Danna…" He whimpered before choking when he felt Orochimaru's tongue slide down his neck. The blond shut his eyes tightly as he tried to recall more about Sasori. The stoic look the mantis always wore, the pissed off expression he made when the blond annoyed him, and those rare smiles he would sometimes share…

Deidara opened his eyes, but he couldn't see anything through the tears that completely blurred his vision. His heart felt like it was being crushed into hundreds of tiny pieces. The memory of Sasori didn't make him feel better. If anything it made the moment worse because Deidara knew he would never see the mantis again.

There were so many things he wanted to say…so many things he wanted to know. But those were beyond his reach now. He knew that he would never have those chances again. Deidara thought about what would happen from now on. He wondered how his friends would react when they found out about his disappearance. He wondered how Sasori would react. Would the mantis try to look for him? Would he come rescue him?

The butterfly quickly crushed the hope threatening to rise in his heart…or whatever was left of it. He didn't want to think of that possibility… He was scared that if he got his hopes up, reality would only hit him worse than it already had.

"Such beauty…" Orochimaru hissed lightly, and Deidara felt teeth scrape over his ears. He blinked out small droplets of tears when he felt his kimono loosen. His obi came into view, being thrown across the room and landing on the cold ground.

"No…d-don't…" The butterfly wept as his kimono was peeled apart, revealing the flawless skin underneath. The cicada wasted no time running his greasy hands down his chest, and Deidara cried even harder, becoming a sobbing wreck.

He felt disgusting, as though every part of his body that was touched by those hands became covered in an invisible slime that would never come off. Those hands wandered around every nook and corner of his body. They occasionally stopped to pay attention to the blond's dusty nipples, pinching and flicking them to make them harden. The butterfly's breath hitched, letting out a weak scream as Orochimaru dipped his head down and buried his face into his bosom. Deidara could feel the other's tongue running all over his chest before it went over to his right nipple and began sucking, hard.

"Danna…Danna…!" Deidara chanted quietly, not that anyone could make out what he was saying through his sobs and choking. The butterfly imagined that it was Sasori holding him; that it was Sasori making love to him instead of the hideous raven haired creature. It made him felt a little better—until Orochimaru opened his mouth and spoke more revolting praise of his body.

Deidara gritted his teeth as he tried to break from the invisible bind, but it was useless. The butterfly breathed heavily as those rough lips slid lower and lower until the cicada took his limp member into his mouth. If possible, there were even more tears rolling down his face, flooding his cheeks and drenching the bed sheet he was lying on.

After what felt like an eternity, Orochimaru let him go. The cicada left a pool of saliva at his lower region that just made the butterfly sick to his stomach. Deidara trembled as cold hands grabbed his knees and began to spread his legs apart. He tried to fight it, he really did, but his body still wouldn't obey. The blond could feel his entrance being opened up and greeted by the cool air. There was a bulge pressed to him, and Deidara didn't need to look down to know what it was. The butterfly shut his eyes, not even daring to breathe as his mind drifted back to the last moment he shared with Sasori under the night sky.

"That's not a star. That's a firefly," Sasori's voice echoed in his head as he remembered when he saw his very first firefly.

"Don't touch me," Those harsh words that were growled at him after Sasori had suddenly cut him. Deidara could remember the mantis' expression clearer than ever. That look he had made the butterfly's heart shatter when he remembered.

Of course… It has been so clear! Why hadn't he seen it before?

That look on Sasori's face; the look that made the mantis seem like he was going to cry… It was no different than what Itachi and Hidan had…

It was an expression that perfectly matched Deidara's when he was looking at his own reflection in the lake.

Could it be that Sasori…? Deidara was holding his breath for a completely different reason now as his mind frantically tried to connect the loose dots. The butterfly knew that it could just be wishful thinking, but if he was right, then maybe Sasori…towards him…

At that moment, Deidara was jolted out of his thoughts when he felt something large begin to push into his body. He screamed. Tears surged down his face as Orochimaru eased forward. He felt everything inside him crumbling as his inside was being stretched out. Just when the tip of the cicada's member managed to slide in, the door was suddenly blasted open, sending splinters everywhere.

Sasori did not know what to expect when he burst into the room after hearing the familiar scream. The Orchid Mantis stood still in the doorway, starring with a blank gaze at the Swallowtail butterfly he had been searching for.

Deidara was lying limply on a bed, tears staining his reddened face that was twisted in pain and agony. He was naked, kimono untied and crushed beneath him, his skin glistening with sweat and other substances beneath the intense glow of the sunstone. His limbs and wings were spread out with the grotesque form of the cicada hovering over him.

And then…the mantis saw it—the head of the cicada's pale erection that was inside the butterfly.

Suigetsu, who was standing behind the mantis, finally got fed up. He couldn't understand why the other was just standing there. The white haired youth leaned to the side, peeked around the older predator's frame, and froze at the hideous sight. The young insect was prepared to see a room filled with more experiments, not this.

Before anyone could even blink, Sasori was gone, across the room in an instant with both his blades drawn. His eyes were dilated as he brought his blade down with a roar of anger erupting from his throat.

Orochimaru was quick to. He pulled himself out of the butterfly's limp body, and he leaped back just as a large chunk of the bed was sliced off.

By the time the cicada looked up, the mantis had wrapped the naked butterfly in the bed sheet and was holding on to him tightly with one arm.

"D-Danna?" Deidara whispered hesitantly. His eyes were wide and unblinking, as though afraid that the image of the mantis would fade away should he dare to blink. "Is t-that really you, Sasori no Danna?"

When the mantis spared the butterfly a quick glance; Deidara began crying for a whole new reason now that he knew it was all real…that it wasn't a dream.

Sasori was here. He had come for him. Sasori…

"Sasori—" Deidara paused at the sound of flesh being pierced. Bluebell eyes flew wide in horror when the blond felt warmth seep through the fabric around his right hand. He stared at Sasori, who had an equally shocked look on his face.

The red head choked, dots of crimson blood splattering the butterfly's face. Deidara was stunned. He felt a strange heat wrapped around his hand, squeezing it tightly. It took him a moment before the blond suddenly realized the control he once again had over his body. He looked down.

What he saw could only be described as a nightmare. He let out a sharp, horrified scream when he saw his own hand disappearing into Sasori's stomach. Blood was spilling out around his wrist, streaming over some strange black markings that he never remembered having in his entire life.

Deidara was nearly hyperventilating. His trembling mouth opened and closed as he tried to form words while silent tears rolled down his cheeks. His face twisted with horror and disgust when he felt the flesh around his hand spasm when Sasori coughed up another mouthful of blood. Deidara didn't dare to move. He stared at Sasori, unable to see his face because his head was bowed.

The butterfly watched as Sasori grabbed his wrist and squeezed it tightly. With a sudden, forceful pull, Deidara cried as his arm was ripped out of the predator's body. It was then that he saw his swollen hand. Despite being drenched in blood, he could clearly see his own veins popping out from under his skin, and long claws were extending from his blackened nails.

"W-what is this?" Deidara quivered and fought the urge to vomit at the grotesque sight. This wasn't his hand! It just couldn't be! "D-Danna." He hurriedly looked up to Sasori in panic and fright. "I-It wasn't—…I…I'm sorry! I-I didn't—!"

"Bastard…!" Sasori growled, causing the butterfly to flinch as the fingers gripping his deformed hand tightened even more. The blond felt like thousands of hot needles were stabbing his insides, thinking that the mantis was talking about him until Sasori's grip on his entire body tightened.

"What did you do to him?" The mantis snarled, glaring heatedly at the cicada who was smirking widely down at him. Orochimaru didn't even seem the slightest bit surprised at the red head's expression. It was almost as though he had expected it.

"Should you really be holding him so tightly, Sasori?" Orochimaru chuckled.

A second later, Deidara was screaming at the top of his lung as he felt immense heat coursing through his veins. Sasori stared at the black markings crawling over the butterfly's peach coloured skin. Quickly locating their source, he quickly grabbed a fistful of the butterfly's silky blond hair. He pulled the Papilionidae's head to the side to reveal the three black dots, little tails stretching from each of them; they resembled tadpoles, and were located at nape of Deidara's neck.

"Orochimaru!" Sasori gritted out, anger brimming in his eyes.

Deidara's head snapped up, revealing amber irises with the sclera melting into black.

Gerridae (Suigetsu) – Also known as Water Strider. It is an aquatic insect that uses the high surface tension of water and long, hydrophobic legs to help stay above water. It feed on spiders and insects that fall onto the water surface. The water strider will grab onto the insect, puncture its body with its claws, and then suck out sustenance in a method called suction feeding.