Robin and Artemis were hanging out in the cave, doing homework when Robin seemed to come to a decision. "Hey, Artemis, I want to tell you something"

"What is it Robin?" replied Artemis.

"Uh, it's something private, follow me." When Robin said this, Artemis became curious. She followed him to the beach and was not expecting what the young boy said next.

"I know what you're hiding from the team, and wanted you to know that you can talk to someone about it if you need to." said Robin quickly.

"What! I'm not hiding anything!" exclaimed a flustered Artemis.

"Yeah a whole secret family tree isn't something that you've hidden from the team." Robin countered sarcastically.

Artemis opened her mouth to reply, but decided against it, and instead of denying the truth again she asked, "How long have you known?"

"Since you first joined the team." answered Robin.

"And you haven't said anything!" the archer asked, terrified of her past being revealed to the rest of the team.

"Of course not. I only got permission to tell you that I knew yesterday. Before that I wasn't allowed to tell anyone, not even Kaldur!" said a very insulted Robin. "I don't disobey orders involving other people's secrets!"

"Okay," said Artemis, trying to calm herself down, "he knows and won't tell anyone. I have nothing to worry about."

"Did you know that talking to your self is a sign of insanity?" asked Robin. The archer shot him a deadly look. "Shutting up now."

"Since you obviously know everything about me, you must think that I'm the mole." Robin opened his mouth to say something, when Artemis continued. "Well I'm not. If you've done a thorough check of my background, then you'd know that Batman personally asked for me to join the team. You also know that I saved Kid Flash's life when you guys fought Amazo. Would I do that if I wanted to harm the team?"

"Artemis! I don't think that you're the mole!" shouted an exasperated Robin.

"You don't?" asked Artemis, relieved.

"No, I don't. I would have threatened you with my knowledge if I thought you were taking advantage of our oblivion." The two young teens sat on the beach quietly for a while, until Artemis broke the silence.

"Thanks Robin."

"For what?" asked Robin.

"For letting me know you knew, and giving me someone to talk to about my secrets. You have no idea how much stress I've been under lately. Red Arrow isn't giving me any slack." answered Artemis.

"I've known Roy for a long time, and one thing you should know is that he's really overprotective of his friends. That combined with the fact that he's jealous of you makes a pretty cranky archer." commented Robin. Artemis was shocked.
"Red Arrow's jealous of me!"

"Obviously. Imagine the situation from his prospective. You've just left your mentor to become an independent hero, and in less than a month are replaced by some girl with practically no experience in the field."

"No experience! Does he have any idea of what I've done?" Artemis interrupted.

"No, he doesn't. All he knows is that you're not Green Arrow's niece. Anyway, this random girl walks in out of nowhere and takes your friends, spot on the team, and old mentor. Would you be jealous of you if you were him?" The boy wonder finished talking and looked to the female archer for an answer.

"I guess that I would be jealous. But still, what kind of jealousy would cause him to accuse me of being the mole?" asked a newly enlightened Artemis.

"He doesn't know your background, and that makes you an obvious suspect in his mind." replied Robin.

"He doesn't know your past either, and you're not a suspect! Besides, even if he did know my history he would just have more reason not to trust me" said Artemis glumly. The thirteen-year-old had no response to that. "My dad was right. I should just quit while I'm ahead. I can only keep up this charade for so long."

"Artemis, you can't quit! You have two options. You can either tell the team before they find out themselves, or you can keep lying and hope that when the others find out they accept whatever excuse you give for not telling them the truth." stated Robin.

"Well when you put it that way, I should call a team meeting and tell everyone the truth." said Artemis. "If I did that they would say 'no biggie, we still totally trust you. We're sure you had a good reason for lying about your family. Let's have popcorn and forget you ever lied'"

"Sarcasm is really not whelming in this situation"

"I'm just saying the most likely response to my little speech" retorted Artemis.

"Again with the sarcasm! They would not be all that happy that you lied, but they'd get over it. What would completely destroy their trust in you would be waiting until Sportsmaster or Cheshire told them that they're your real family." responded Robin.

"You really think that the rest of the team would believe them? They are the bad guys, and bad guys lie to get what they want. All I'd have to do was dismiss their comment as a lie, and the others would believe me." countered the archer.

"Yeah, until they find out some other way. Even if the rest of the team doesn't find out another way, Kaldur did listen to Sportsmaster about the mole. He would at least tuck the information into his head for future examination; if not directly confront you about it." replied the boy wonder.

"So you really think I should tell them."

"It would be in your self interest."

"Well Wonder Boy, you're a detective: tell me how everyone would react to this wonderful bit of dirt on me." After Artemis made her request the younger teen thought for a while, and then answered her request.

"Enough sarcasm already! Anyways, I think that the main people you'd have to worry about will be Wally and Roy. M'gann will be a little shocked, but get over it quickly, and will probably be more concerned with how you felt sharing this news with everyone. Conner will get mad you didn't tell anyone, and will probably break some stuff. He'll accept the news quickly too though, seeing that he was created by villains too. Kaldur will listen to you quietly, and decide how to feel after a while, but won't get mad. Zatanna will probably have the same reaction as M'gann. Roy will just hate you more than he already does, and Wally will be disappointed in you, but also angry at himself for trusting you at all. Most of the adults already know, so they'll just be glad you told the truth."

"Alright. I'll tell the truth." when Artemis said this Robin silently did a celebratory fist-pump. Apparently she noticed because when she continued she said "I saw that. As I was saying, I'll tell the truth. However, according to your little speech, I should only tell M'gann, Zatanna, Conner, and Kaldur. That I'll do. Then if they still trust me, I can see if I want to tell Wally and Roy."


"Robin! I will do this in my own time! I will dictate who I tell and when. If you get in my way, well, you know what I can do." And with that, Artemis walked away. Robin sat alone on the beach for a while, and then headed back to the cave as well. When he entered the living room, he saw that Artemis had gathered M'gann, Conner, Zatanna and Kaldur. He raised his eyebrows as if to say 'now?' Artemis's answering nod clearly said 'yes, now'. Artemis took a deep breath and said, "Guys I have something to tell you. I'm not really Green Arrow's niece."


"You're not?"

"Why'd you lie?"

"Who are you then?"

"That isn't all, he's not my uncle but I am related to someone you're familiar with" at this the female archer took a deep breath. "I am Cheshire's sister, and Sportsmaster's daughter." Before the other teen heroes could interrupt she quickly finished, "I didn't lie to you because I didn't trust you, or wanted to betray you. I wanted to fit in and prove that I am not the villain that my father trained me to be." The other heroes in the room were silent until Kaldur spoke.

"I understand why you were hesitant to speak of your relations, but I believe I speak for all of us when I ask why you didn't tell us at least part of the truth sooner" Kaldur got three nods of agreement. "I wish for you to know that despite your family, I still trust you."

"I trust you too." said M'gann. "I understand that revealing deep secrets is really hard and not exactly on anyone's to-do list." Everyone in the room was surprised when Conner spoke.

"I also trust you. You're not the only one with daddy problems" Zatanna was the last to speak. She had been quietly mulling over what everyone had said, and finally came to a decision on what to say.

"Lying is wrong, but you have proved yourself a person that I can trust. I will trust you along with everyone else."

"Thanks, I thought that you would hate me for lying about my family. I won't betray your trust." said a relieved Artemis.

"Not everyone trusts you, and now I have the proof I need that you are the mole. I'm turning you in to Batman." All feelings of friendship and relief turned immediately to shock when Red Arrow spoke. Despite Artemis' careful planning about who she would reveal her secret to, Red Arrow had hidden in the doorway and heard every word.

Everyone had forgotten that Robin was in the room, until he spoke.

"You've known me forever, and you don't think that Batman already knows?" After robin said this he let out his signature cackle. "Wow, you don't know anything, do you?" Red Arrow was embarrassed.

"I had thought that if Batman knew about the Shadow on the team, he would have apprehended her a long time ago."

"No. He personally went to her house and asked her to join the team. Batman was the one who thought of the 'she's Green Arrow's niece' charade." The rest of the team (minus Wally) burst out laughing at Roy's mistake.

"Still wanna report me to Batman?" asked Artemis through her laughter.

"Ugh! You're all a bunch of immature children. I'm leaving!" said a frustrated Roy.

"So you all forgive me for lying to you?" asked Artemis, still laughing.


"Of course."

"Me too"


After the team reassured Artemis that they had forgiven her, Robin did an embarrassed Roy impression, and they all dissolved into laughter again. When Wally walked in, he asked

"What's so funny?"…

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