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The dance of doom, as Artemis called it, had arrived. She was torn between feeling happy that she would be humiliating Wally and scared at the prospect of Wally humiliating her. She went up to her room to put on her dress. She actually quite liked her dress; it was an emerald green (the same shade as her hero suit) and fell to just below her knees. It had one of those skirts that was slightly longer in the back than it was in the front, and hooked around her neck, leaving her back bare. The dance was one of the rare occasions that Artemis would let her hair out of its ponytail to flow down her back; brushing her waist. She tied her hair back with a headband that was the exact same shade green as her dress. Now came the part that Artemis hated the most: high-heeled shoes. Out of all the skills the archer possessed, walking in high-heeled shoes was not one of them. She did have a pair of flats, but the high-heels were one of the few things of Jade's that she had left behind before she became Cheshire. Contrary to popular belief, Artemis cared about her sister, and missed her. She pulled on a pair of sneakers, and threw her heels over her shoulder to put on before she went inside the school. She walked to the Zeta tube, and teleported to Mount Justice.

At the same time, in Central City, Wally was preparing for the dance as well. His mother had bought him a suit for the occasion, with a green dress shirt that matched Artemis's dress. The suit also came with a tie, which Wally had no idea how to put on. After about five minutes of attempting to put on the tie, almost strangling himself a few times, he finally relinquished his dignity and asked his mom for help. Finally, he was ready to Zeta to the cave to meet his 'date' for the night. They had agreed to meet at the cave because Wally had no idea how to get to Artemis's school.

Back in Gotham, Robin was also getting ready for the dance. He was going with his friend Barbra and was excited. He would be taking pictures of Wally and Artemis's 'date' for the team's enjoyment. He was wearing a suit with a blue shirt that, "Perfectly matched his eyes" according to Alfred. He, unlike Wally, put on his tie with a practiced air that can only be achieved by going to Bruce's parties. Every. Single. Week. He checked the charge on his camera, and was ready to go.

M'gann had been waiting for Artemis and Wally all evening. Then, the Zeta tubes announced the arrivals of Artemis and Wally. Upon seeing the 'couple' M'gann squealed with delight and said, "Oh my gosh! You guys look amazing together!"

Artemis rolled her eyes, and said, "Whatever, let's go before we're late."

"Not without pictures!" said M'gann.

When she saw Artemis's horrified expression, she continued. "It's an Earth tradition! Now come on!" She dragged the pair around the cave looking for a location with suitable light for photo taking. The Martian finally settled for a tree right outside of the cave. "Now hug each other and don't look like… that," she said taking in Artemis looking like she was being tortured, and Wally's grimace. When the two managed to look less like they wanted to kill each other, and more like a happy couple, M'gann quickly took several pictures.

"Are we done yet?" asked Artemis, practically panting with the effort of smiling while hugging Wally. She was relieved to hear the other girl's response.

"Yes. Now go and have a good time at your dance! And don't forget to smile." The duo walked to the Zeta tube as if to their funeral. In a matter of seconds, they were in Gotham.

"Come on, this way," hissed Artemis as they hurried through the streets. Gotham was a dangerous place at night, or any time really, even for two teenage superheroes. Artemis wanted to get to Gotham Academy as fast as she could. Finally, they made it to the school. They arrived at the same time as Dick and Barbra. While the girls were signing in, Dick covertly showed his camera to Wally. Wally was shocked, he knew that Robin went to this school, but he never put two and two together to figure out that Robin would be at the dance. The same dance where he would be pretending to date Artemis. Wally might be oblivious sometimes, but he wasn't stupid; he knew that his friend would either have perfect blackmail, or would simply send the pictures to the rest of the team as soon as they were taken. Wally's musings were cut short when Artemis said, "Are you coming or what?" He mouthed, 'Take any pictures and I will kill you' to Robin, received a smirk in answer, and then followed Artemis into the school for the 'dance of doom'. They walked into the gym, and were immediately surrounded by the girls who had dared Artemis.

"So you really do have a boyfriend," said one of the girls. She looked disappointed that she had been wrong. Then, an evil grin overtook her face. "I still don't believe you. To prove that you really win this bet, you have to dance with him when the slow music comes on… or are you too chicken?"

"Oh, it's on," said Artemis with a determined look on her face. "Come on Wally, let's find some better company." Artemis dragged Wally over to the table where Dick and Barbra were sitting, leaving the girls in her metaphorical dust. "May we sit with you?" Artemis asked politely.

"Of course," said Barbra. "We'd love it if you'd sit with us." The archer didn't know this, but Dick had had a very interesting conversation with her a few minutes before Artemis and Wally sat down….


"Hey, I need to ask you a favor," asked Dick, in a hushed tone. Barbra raised her eyebrows.

"What?" she asked. Dick looked around, and when he saw that Artemis and Wally were otherwise engaged, he answered her.

"Do you see that boy over there, standing next to Artemis?" when he got an affirmative nod he continued. "Well, I know him, and I am going to take pictures of him and Artemis for further embarrassment." Barbra looked confused.

"Why further embarrassment?" she asked.

"They hate each other, and she strong armed him into coming with her so that she could win a bet," he answered.

"How does she know him?" asked Barbra, still confused. "And why do you need my help?"

Robin scrambled to come up with a story that wouldn't reveal the secret identities of the team members.

"They randomly bumped into each other last week and picked up the other person's bag. They sorta kept in touch since then. I need you to make sure that we stay close to them all night," Dick replied.

"Okay, I'll help you."

[End flashback]

Once Artemis and Wally sat down, the four teens began to talk. "I don't know if you know him, but this is my boyfriend Wally," said Artemis, throwing a pointed stare at the girls who had made the bet with her. They were very obviously eavesdropping on her conversation. Before Barbra could say anything, Dick replied.

"No, we don't. It's nice to meet you, Wally. I'm Dick, and this is Barbra." Barbra raised her eyebrows, but didn't comment. The group engaged in polite conversation, until the music changed from upbeat group dancing to slow couples dancing. Dick took out his camera, and made sure it was ready to capture the most embarrassing moment of Wally and Artemis's lives.

"Hurry up. We need to do this thing and prove that I am better than those evil, prissy, shallow girls!" exclaimed Artemis, marching determinedly onto the dance floor.

"But Artemis-"

"Quiet Wally. We're doing this whether you want to or not."

"Arte-" he tried again.

"No. Now start dancing," the archer interrupted.

"I don't slow dance!" Wally hissed. "The Chicken Dance is more my speed."Artemis wasn't expecting that.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner!" Wally didn't dignify that comment with a response. "Okay. We can do this. I'll just teach him. Yeah, I can do that," Artemis said to herself. Then she addressed her dance partner. "We're slow dancing. So, you put your hands on my waist, and I'll put mine on your shoulders. Then we sway back and forth 'til the song is over. Got it?"

Wally looked dazed, but followed her hurried instructions. "How did you learn how to slow dance?"

"Gotham Academy had a mandatory dancing class for this."

Back at Dick's table, he was taking pictures of Wally and Artemis's first dance. After he had a sizable amount, about fifty and a video, he sent them to Zatanna, Conner, M'gann, and Kaldur's phones in addition to Flash and Green Arrow. He used his knowledge of technology to make it look like the messages originated from Wally and Artemis. When he was done, Barbra dragged him onto the dance floor. "I didn't come with you just to help you humiliate your friend," she explained. The two danced until the song ended. When the exciting music came back on, Dick, Wally, Artemis, and Barbra all danced together. They were having a great time until the Chicken Dance came through the speakers. Everyone looked at Artemis simultaneously, knowing that she would be the only one that wouldn't want to participate in the Chicken Dance.

"N-O. I will never do the chicken dance. Ever. It is juvenile and stupid," said Artemis in response to three questioning looks. Wally put on his puppy eyes and prepared to go into battle against Artemis's strong will.

"Please, please, please, please, pl-" Wally was interrupted by a shout from the archer.

"OKAY! I'll do it! Just please quit begging me!"

"Yes!" he said. Then Wally dragged his friend out onto the dance floor to do the, in his opinion, best dance ever. Dick, of course, saw this as the perfect opportunity to take another video. This particular video however, was going on both the Justice League and team systems for maximum embarrassment. When he was done Barbra dragged him over to where Wally and Artemis were dancing to participate in the second half of the Chicken Dance. The teens finished off the night with the Cubic Shuffle, and then went to their respective homes. Both Wally and Artemis had to admit, the night wasn't as bad as they had expected.

When Artemis got home, her mother was waiting at the door for her. "Well? How did it go? Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, it was great," said Artemis. "I'll be in my room if you need me." When Artemis got to her bedroom, she saw that she had two new texts from the team.

'OMG Artemis! u and wally look so cute! thnx for the video and pics! 3 M'gann'

'What?' thought Artemis as she read the text. 'I didn't send her anything.' She shrugged and then looked at her next message. It was from Zatanna.

'Wow, I thought u hated him. u make a cute couple -Z'

Artemis had no idea what that meant; she didn't send her anything. 'It must have been Wally!' Artemis thought to herself, 'He was the only one from the team there. Why would he do that? He. Is. So. DEAD!'

Wally entered his house through his bedroom window. He didn't want to face the relationship questions his mother would pose. He also checked his phone to see two new texts. The first one was from Kaldur.

'From the pictures and video you sent me, I assume you and Artemis had a good time.'

Wally realized right away what Robin had done, and thought to himself, 'I hate you Robin.' He then checked his other text.

'Sheesh. I thought me and M'gann liked each other. –Conner'

Wally knew he had to wait until the next day to destroy Robin. Unfortunately for both him and Artemis, they didn't know that the Chicken Dance video had yet to be uploaded.

When Robin arrived back at the mansion, he went straight to the Batcave.

"I am not amused by your videos," said Bruce. "That was an extreme risk to your secret identity. It will not happen again." At Robin's confused look, Batman elaborated. "Everything on your camera transmits directly to me. You were smart to scramble the signal so no one knew it was you, but it was still too risky."

"One more, Bruce. Please?"

"Is it the Chicken Dance one?" asked his mentor. Robin's smirk was answer enough. "Fine."

"Yes!" said Robin, quickly plastering the video all over the League and team systems.

"When they kill you, don't come running to me," said Batman watching the video for the seventh time that night. After Robin went to sleep, the Batman chuckled. He had rewired the security cameras from Mt Justice to the Batcave monitors so he could watch the fireworks when Wally and Artemis showed up tomorrow. This was going to be good.

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