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So... Is there anyone who still likes Gill and Chase as a pairing? Here's a yaoi fanfic about them. I've been waiting years to write about them, but I was just never brave enough to do it. So here it is.

Chase is the uke in this relationship. I felt the need to tell you that because people can be quite picky at times... I'm sick of so many fanfics having Gill to be the uke! Arrrgh! (I mean, Chase has the ukey eyes, am I right?)

Oh yeah, and I like to pretend that Chase is shorter than Gill - just because I'm making him the uke and all... But you don't have to pretend if you don't want to! It's your choice! o_o;;

And I've never really noticed it until now, but both Gill and Chase have really mean personalities in the game. Especially Chase, so... I'm gonna keep it that way, although it will be a bit of a challenge to get them to do extremely cute things while writing this... So it might kinda suck at first - but please bear with me!

So... Without further ado, I present to you... A GillxChase yaoi. My favorite Harvest Moon pairing, too, might I add.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harvest Moon.

Giving All

Chapter One

It was getting late. Really late.

When Chase sunk his hands into the soapy water to feel around for another dish, he nicked his finger on a knife and winced at the pain. He drew his finger to his tongue, hoping to relieve the cut, but he did no more than taste the metallic taste of his own blood.

There was an uproar made at the Inn this afternoon. The story of a new customer brought about much havoc and attention, but Chase was the only one to keep cool about it all, mostly due to the fact that he hadn't a clue just who the customer was. Yolanda and the others just briefly and lightly touched the surface of the topic to him. And apparently, the new customer was a very special person, indeed. Everybody was so worked-up just talking about him. They treated him like a god and as though he were meant to be the overall judge of the restaurant. And with Chase now having worked at the Inn for merely two days, the talk of this new customer only put further emphasis on his ignorant-based knowledge pertaining to the town...

He only came to the town to sharpen his culinary skills, but it seemed that now he had to deal with the critique of a new customer as well... Whatever. He wasn't complaining. He was fine with any type of critic testing his food. After all, his food, in his most humble opinion, wasn't bad at all, but rather decent.

The new customer was suppose to be at the Inn at four o' clock this afternoon... He was suppose to. Chase and the others didn't really know what happened to him and why. But they didn't think much of it, nor dwell that much on it, for that matter... If the new customer wasn't going to show, why give a crap? Let it be. Leave it be. That was the best way Chase and the others felt they could deal with the situation: like it really didn't matter at all. Although... The customer was thought to be such an exceptional, all-important guest...

In fifteen minutes, it was time to close up the bar. Yolanda left Chase in charge of this matter because she knew she could trust him with the job. Already she deemed him worthy of handling it, despite his working there for only two days... And besides that, she wanted to leave by nine o' clock, anyway.

There was still a little tidying left to be done. So, Chase went about that as he switched into another room; but just before he did, something had caught his eye. The realization of a person sitting at one table to himself instantly distracted him as he gave no more than a fraction of a glance to him. He didn't care who in the hell it was... It was probably just some retarded bastard who couldn't read the closing hours worth a shit, was all he could figure...

Chase put several dishes away when he returned to the kitchen. He didn't bother to look at the man... Or woman, perhaps? "I'm sorry, but the bar's about to close up any minute. I'm going to have to ask you to leave...," he told the man with his back turned on him. Hopefully the man would just get the hell out and stay out...

The man didn't reply for the longest of time. He just traced his eyes over a menu that he found laying on the one table he was sitting at. He was acting like he was about to get served or something...

Like hell he was about to get served.

"... Do you have tomato juice?" He asked, lacking hardly any emotion in his voice.

Chase closed the cupboard, sighing - obviously fed-up by this point. "I said the bar's about to-"

"I know. And I don't care."

"... Eh?" Chase turned his head around to look at him, appointing a mixture of exhaustion, boredom, and slight confusion at him. As far as Chase could make out, the person was, indeed, a man after all.

The man yawned. His eyes looked heavy. He gave the impression of being tired as well. "Now I'll ask again. Do you have tomato juice?"

What? The nerve of this guy... Fine, whatever, Chase will get him some damn tomato juice... Chase was mature enough to handle this without arguing back. So he lethargically poured some tomato juice in a glass and set it down before the man at the table. He stared at the man and crossed his arms, retaining his bored-like expression. "That's a pretty unusual drink to be ordering this late at night. Normal customers around this time will order alcohol or wine. I can dose it up a bit, if you'd like."

Dose up a glass of tomato juice? Chase figuratively cringed at the thought. But, as he knew, some people actually preferred drinks that way...

The man leaned his elbow on the table and rested his cheek in the palm of his hand. "No thank you. It's fine," he answered as he took a swig at the tomato juice. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, and he was dressed in some rather formal attire. But other than that, Chase didn't note much on his appearance. He didn't really care and plus he was already insanely tired enough...

With that said and done, Chase began his leave. He still had some more dishes to put away... But he stopped when the man started to talk again.

The man said: "It's pretty unusual that a bar would close this early in the evening. A bar closing so early can't be good for the customers. I just might have to record such an observation..."

"An observation?" Chase repeated. He thought. It was true that he didn't hear that much about the new customer, but he thought that maybe the person right here and now could be that very same customer Yolanda and the others were talking about earlier. And it was true that he didn't hear that much about the customer otherwise, but he swore to it that he heard that the customer was the son of the mayor of this town. Well, it was reasonable enough to assume since the man behind him did clothe himself properly like some sort of rich gentleman. So Chase then, at last, turned to the man with widening eyes and said, "Oh. Are you the mayor's son, by any chance?"

"Huh?" The man slouched in his chair, looking very sluggish. He stared at Chase with penetrating blue eyes. The cold, blue eyes were enough to intimidate a shark. "What's it to you?"

"Well... You were suppose to come earlier this afternoon and try our food." Chase crossed his arms again. He didn't give a damn that the man emitted some sort of distant vibe. Chase was just as distant, and the man's eyes weren't really that intimidating to him at all. "You're late."

"Just be happy I even came at all..." The man sipped his drink again. He neglected to look Chase in the eye. "I don't enjoy going out of my way to try new things that I know are doomed for failure..."

"Uh-huh... You some sort of critic or what? You don't have to come and eat here if you don't want to..."

"I know that. But if I'm ever to become mayor of this town, I need to make this island prosperous. And in doing so, this island needs the best it can get."

"Well, I can assure you... The food here is the best you're going to get," Chase told, poking the end of a pen on a pad of paper that he now held so that the pen was now able to write - not looking at the pen nor the pad of paper as he did so. He just gazed at the customer with a boring gaze, growing tired of their conversation already. "Your order?"

The man looked at the menu momentarily before putting it down and setting it aside. "I think tomato soup will do just nicely right about now..."

'Tomato soup? What's with him and tomatoes...?' Chase thought.

Chase wrote down his order by first continuing his tiring stare. "... Anything else?"

"No, that will do it. Thank you." The man sipped his tomato juice.

Chase thus returned to the kitchen to cook the soup, and eventually brought it out once it was finished. He set it before the man at the table, abiding by his demands. If it wasn't obvious to tell already: Chase completely despised the man. But it was like Yolanda had said before: "Serve each guest despite the circumstances." Yolanda was planning to make this restaurant a huge hit. However, Chase didn't necessarily agree to her plans... Nonetheless, he accepted his tutor's intent.

"Try to hurry up and eat, will you? I have to close the place up and already you're becoming a nuisance..."

Chase started to leave.

"I hear you've come to study culinary arts here on the island. Is Yolanda tutoring you?" The man called from behind.

Chase didn't turn. Instead, he glanced at him dryly through the corner of his eye. "Yeah, that's right."

"... Sit down."

Chase sat across from him at the table. He somewhat hunched over due to fatigue.

"Yolanda is a very good chef," the blue-eyed one said. "I'm glad she finally decided to open up her own restaurant here on the island..."

Chase watched the clock on the wall behind him. It was eight minutes past the Inn's closing hours: eleven thirty-eight. He tuned out everything but the time.

The man drew a napkin to his lips after tasting the soup. "This is delicious," he said with a charming smile. His eyes shut in sheer content for the taste. The soup had relaxed him so and brought him to ease... That charming smile of his grabbed at Chase's attention, and soon, he was staring at it - mesmerized. A faint blush made itself apparent on his cheeks. The man's smile had its way of enticing women... But did it have a way of charming guys, too? Chase made it seem so... And the man was known to be a lady-killer, but was he known to charm a man, too?

Snapping Chase out of his dream, the man suddenly spoke up and asked, "How much?"

"... Huh?"

"The bill."

"Oh, um... The soup was 3.25, and the juice was 2.50, so..."

Goddess, Chase couldn't think straight. And it wasn't because he was tired, either - that was the bad thing...

"5.75?" The man did the math for him, and shortly after he did, Chase felt incredibly stupid.

"... Yeah..." Chase nodded.

The man smiled that charming smile again and stood from his seat. "Hm... Just put it on my tab."

Chase's eyebrow twitched at his remark. What? "... We don't do tabs here..."

'Just who does he think he is?'

"That's fine. You can start now," the man returned. He came before Chase and took hold of his chin, tilting it upwards in his direction. "And here's your tip," he added, and soon, his lips met with that of Chase's own in little hesitance.

What in fuck's name-?

The man's lips were so tender and so sweet and so very... So very...

Oh my goddess, HE'S A FREAKING DUDE!

Chase pulled away instinctively and damn-near fell out of his chair after having backed up so far. "Ah, what the hell!" He yelled. He managed to get a grip on the man's shirt before he had completely fallen back and now he had his head resting on the man's chest, panting in his distress. "Wh-What the hell was that!" He screamed very childishly - having his heart about to explode in his chest. It was blatantly obvious what just happened, so he sounded pretty damn stupid for having asked what it was.

A man just kissed him. Literally - a man just actually kissed him. How did that end up to be, exactly?

"I believe it was a kiss," the man replied bluntly. He proved Chase's stupidity all the more. He raised his hand for a farewell. "Well, see you. Thanks for the food." He started to leave.

Chase had never been more alarmed in all his life - nor did he ever let his distress show so much until now. He had never been so worked-up and he had always been the type to maintain his cool... Until now.

He shot up from his seat and slammed both his hands on the table. "What! You can't just leave like that! Get back here! You gotta pay for your food, dammit!"

"Nah, I don't really feel like it..." The man looked back at him by turning just a head. His blue eyes pierced through Chase at once. "Oh yeah, and if I were you... I'd lose the pins in the hair... You look more like a waitress than you do a waiter..."

"What! Whaaaaat! What did you just say!"

"Bye now."

He left.

Silence flooded the room. It flooded the whole Inn, actually.

The pins in Chase's hair looked girly...?

Chase went to barely touch the pins in his hair, running his fingers across them. His face flushed a bright red.

Well, it was time to close up the Inn...

Damn that guy... Just who the hell does he think his is, anyway? He has no right to-...

Wait. Who was that guy - really?

Chase hadn't really thought about it until now, but he had never asked the gentleman his name.

Well, who cares, right? Chase didn't want to know nor did he care to know.

When Chase finally got around to closing up the Inn, it was twelve o' clock sharp. And one would think that once he got home, he would inevitably crash, but in fact... He did just the opposite. He was restless. He stayed up until three o' clock in the morning just daydreaming of that man he met at the Inn... He just couldn't get him out of his head. Not after the man had kissed him - certainly not then... And he wondered just what he should do to go about this particular predicament...

He tossed and turned in his bed. Shoving a pillow upon his face, he exhaled.

Oh my goddess... He had a crush. On a man. The mayor's son, to be exact...

Was this a bad thing?

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