If you are familiar or are a die-hard fan of the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow this is my continuation of the series when it finishes with Reckoning. Hope you enjoy!

"You cannot wear that to the party" Nat told me, which was true her fashion sense never failed her. So I sighed and hung the lime green dress back up in the store and went over to Nat.

"You know it's not a party" I said firmly.

"Yes, yes I know you keep saying" she put on a voice which was supposed to sound like me. "It's only a meeting why do I have to wear a dress, blah blah blah"

"Well that's because it is only a meeting"

"But it's been a year and a half since we have all seen Graves and you want to look nice right? And you never ever seem to change the clothes you wear so it's a good excuse to buy a lovely dress!" She pulled out a purple one that looks as always perfect for her, hell now that I've got a good figure now due to the blooming it would look decent on me too. And again she's right I do wear the same clothes, I meant why waste a fortune on one piece of designer clothing when you can get cheap long wearing ones that are easy for any situation.

I picked out at white dress that went to my knees and walked to the nearest mirror and held it up against myself. What am I thinking? The blood would never come out, was my first thought but then again we have hardly had any trouble at the scholar in months.

"You getting that?" I called to Nat who was still considering the purple dress.

"I suppose so it will be good for me and Shanks anniversary" she proudly announced.

"Oh yes how long have you two been going out now?"

"10 months and loving it" her eyes glittered blue for a second, yep she really loves Shanks.

So we brought our dresses and headed back to the scholar prima, I couldn't sense anyone in the shadows watching us to make sure we are safe or don't get kidnapped. Just us two then.

Chapter 2 coming shorty.