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Combat sorcery flew by. Seems everyone can feel the negative vibes coming off me or I'm giving them 'the look' that's what gran used to call it when you don't want to be messed with.

Too many thoughts of Graves and Christophe were flying around in my head. What was Graves going to say to me before I slammed the door in his face? Did Christophe assume that I love him? What's all this equality crap Ben, Shanks and Nat were talking about before I left my room? Is Graves rejecting me as a friend? A lover?

The bell went. I bounced out of my seat like a jack in the box and made my way to the cafeteria. Maybe I will get some beans on toast, which actually sounds real yummy to me right now. The wulfen boys were already there they must have had a free period I thought, I walked past them with my malaika coming out of the top of my worn out bag the tops slightly banging against each other.

"Whoa hey guys check it out here comes vamp girl with her wooden swords try not to break them whilst kicking her ass, it's like she has some stupid sentimental value to them."

Yeah they are my mother's malaika, so what? I turned on him, my vision going red.

"You just had to wait until today to say that didn't you! You little shit…" Shanks stepped in front my line of vision which was right on the low life wulf that said that. I did not like being the centre of attention of around 20 wulfen all as one like a pack or I thought they were.

"Dru calm down! I've got a message for you." Shanks shouted. Let me guess Graves. So he couldn't man up to telling me something himself, well he is going to have to. The bell rang for next lesson. I walked up to Shanks and whispered in his ear.

"If it's from anyone apart from Graves I don't want to hear it. If it is Graves tell him he can come and tell me himself."

I leaned back and gave him my best bitchy smile I could do and walked out the door into the corridor on my way to sparring, stupid Graves, maybe Chris will cheer me up. No he will just try and get me down on the mats and kiss me. One tear came down from my left eye, Queue Zeke always coming into my life at the most embarrassing times.

"Dru… hey what's wrong now? Come here."

I couldn't really come to him considering he got me into an all too close hug, but hey I'm not complaining hugs do make you feel slightly better. Even if it is from a guy who desperately wants to be in a relationship with you.

He let me go from the hug and wiped the single tear from my cheek.

"A bit better now? Don't worry I won't ask." And he walked to his class. Simple as that, good lad I thought.

Sparring went well, seems my anger from the wulfen earlier fuelled my aspect a lot more than just turning it on normally would. I beat him. I finally beat Christophe fair and square; he was flat on his back panting with sweat all over him making him glow and oh so attractable.

"So Chris… did I win or did I win?" I gave a true laugh and winked at him feeling so smug. I put my malaika on the floor so I could walk away and have a good earned bath. Not a good idea.

The air whooshed out of my lungs as I got swirled around and pushed down onto the mat.

"I think I win" he said huskily as his knees pushed my legs open and his hands came up to my sides keeping him up. Darn, knocking his arms of balance would make him fall onto me and using my elbows to prop me up would only make me face to face with Christophe. Any of those situations just makes it better for him, darn again.

"Ok Chris you win let me go to have a bath now…"

"Now now kochana that wouldn't be a good prize for my win would it now." He leaned in for a kiss, just what I predicted.

I moved my head to the side, a moment passed when neither of us moved. I turned my head back to watch as his hands slowly moved down the sides of my body till they were by his knees and pushing himself up, he towered over me.

"One of us are going to have to die for your love someday." He said simply and walked out. Oh shit, Chris isn't going to push Graves into a fight today is he? He said someday, someday could be tomorrow? Any day. Crap.

I tried to have the quickest bath possible hoping that if there was any action I could try and break them up than having to pick up the pieces afterwards which really means getting my emotions back together. I checked the cafeteria, no one there. The wulfen hang outs, I only saw Dibs and signalled that everything was fine. Totally not. So I wandered back to my room feeling exhausted.

Benny found me a couple of corridors before getting to my room.

"Mila-Dru I've been looking around fifteen minutes trying to find you!"

"Try not to get so flustered Ben, you know I like wander sometimes …" we were walking to my room side by side now.

"But for fifteen minutes? Seriously make it five or ten minutes next time so I won't think you have got captured or something drastic" Poor ben ha-ha, he must have been working sweat up thinking the order were going to chop off his head. We were outside my room now.

"Look I'm exhausted from sparring so I'm going to bed, and you know there is a less chance of being abducted now so night."

"Yeah I know, I will be on duty tonight so try to refrain yourself from jumping out of your window please?"

"I said I was tired" I finally closed the door from his small talk and closed all the bolts. I forgot to ask about the equality talk he had with Nat and Shanks, oh well that can wait till tomorrow now. I decided to have a shower before going to bed, I took off my boots, socks, vest and jeans and dumped them by the draws and pulled out a random pair of pyjamas from the second draw down and made my way to the bathroom.

I turned on the light, threw my pyjamas on floor and went straight for the shower and turned it on to warm up.

Someone's in here.

I froze. The touch told me he was behind me, it's a he. The touch wouldn't tell me anything else when a thought came to my brain that I was practically naked and this guy hasn't made a move yet? I lifted my head up to look into the massive mirror with condensation forming around the edges.

Graves? Behind my bathroom door? What the actual hell?

Once we made eye contact he stepped left and locked the bathroom door, the sound of the shower pounding in my ears making this situation feel ten times worse. He came up to me I wanted to step back but I couldn't this is Graves here I shouldn't have a feeling like he's a threat? He loosely placed his hands around my arms like it was going to stop me moving but I wasn't going to go anywhere when I looked up into his eyes, his emerald green eyes.

"What did I say to you yesterday?" he asked in a voice like someone would say oh Dru do you know where my wallet is? Casually.

"You want to keep it casual between us…" he sighed at my answer.

"What did I say before that?"

"I love you" I said and it sounded like I meant it, you do mean it my heart said.

"That's why everything I said after those three words…" he got me by the waist and lifted me up onto the bathroom countertop, his hands held my heart shaped face. The condensation so thick all I could see was my goth boy.

"Forget it" he said simply, beautifully, passionately and kissed me.

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