Author note: I start over my story, because it felt not right about my original one. Now I created a new one, same but changes a few things.

Battle Royale: 60's to Hell

At the dawn of the millennium, the nation collapsed. At fifteen percent unemployment, ten million were out of work. 800,000 students boycotted school. The adults lost confidence and, fearing the youth, eventually passed the Millennium Educational Reform Act, AKA the BR Act...

Since in late 1949 in Japan, the government decided to create a new law called "BR Act" and passed it. All 1000's student are killed or died to survive until one will win and leave the place for good. Every year the classes will be chosen to participate by the random lottery ticket. That way, the government teaches the students a lesson.

Meanwhile at United States, the economy is growing faster as a speed of light. The future in America waits for them and creating a better life, as students gets better education, and every state will have a better future. Until on 1963, the economy collapse, the student's starts too dropped out and out of control. 100,000 students are boycotted at every school in America and the unemployment became a second great depression. The president of United States reacts to the economy itself cause the country in crisis and youth revolution has begun.

Now on 1965 of February, the president, Lyndon B. Johnson, gave a speech to the nation.

"Morning America, since 2 years ago, the youth causes the economy collapse by dropping out and boycotted the school. Now having spoken to our allies of Japan, he has passed on an idea and now I decided to pass the new law here on May 21st 1965, it will be the first in America of the Millennium Educational Reform Act! The Battle Royale Act! Now the selection participate will be leaving grade of 9 to 12. All schools in every state will be entered into a random lottery ticket on the 20th May and the selected class will play on the 21st! And god bless to America."

3 months later… May 20th 1965, U.S.A., unknown island

"Mike, are the preparations ready yet?"

"Just almost, just bringing the last cameras online"

"Did you manage to get complete coverage? I don't want to miss anything"

"We've got cameras in all the buildings and most of the surrounding forest. There are microphones in all the cameras and smaller ones in the collars as well, we should be able to hear anything they say or conversation about it. And Preparations for the broadcast, is ready as well; all the major channels in United States will be taken over by our signal"

"Good, I don't want any mistakes this time. So what are the preparations for the capture?"

"Everything's in place. The "field trip" has been organised, we've invited all the students, rigged the bus and bribed the driver to us."

"Good, so anyway, which school did we end up for this year?"

"That will be, Los Angeles High School."

"Los Angeles high school I see, that'll teach them a lesson for mocking this America."

Note: Takes Place Before 2000 movie of "Battle Royale"

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