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This is kind of Part II of my other Emily/Tim story, The Prettiest Colour, so if you want you can go to my profile and find that story there and read it first. That's optional, though (not that I'd make you anyway).

Anyway, here's my story:

Emily Bennett jumped off the train, her ginger hair soaring behind her. She was back! Back in America!

"Molly!" she shrieked, seeing the familiar face in the crowd of people at the train station. "Molly, I'm here!"

Then there was more screaming and laughing and hugging like there had been when she'd seen her aunt back at the last stop off.

"Molly," she said when they were finally away from the train station and walking home in the Autumn breeze, "How's Tim? He's been fine, but I didn't get a letter before I left."

"A what?" Molly halted abruptly. She was taller now, and stronger.

Emily stepped back. "I've been writing him," she said easily, smiling. "We really didn't get to see each other much when I was living here and-"

"You wrote him?" Molly said loudly, as though she'd hardly heard a word after Emily had said that. "Why?"

"But I only just said-"

"Why did it matter if you saw each other?"

"Oh," Emily paused. "Because we were friends and..."

"Yes?" Molly snapped. She really was a kind of rigid girl.

Emily stepped back another step, trying not to fall off the curb. "Well, you know-"

There was a silence as Emily and Molly reached Molly's house. "I'm sorry if it bothered you," Emily muttered as they stepped into the yard.

Molly was starting to reply when a voice from behind exclaimed, "Emily!"

Emily whirled around to see Tim, squealed, and threw herself into his's arms. "Tim! You're right here!"

"Of course I'm right here," Tim said, laughing. "I didn't say I left, did I? I think I would tell you if I had."

Emily nodded. "Of course-but you're right here and-Tim!" she hugged him again. "It's been a long time! I've missed you!"

Tim grinned. "I've missed you, too, Emily. There's no girl that even compares to you."

Emily giggled, both her and Tim oblivious to Molly, who was suddenly scowling so fiercely she could have been preparing for being hung or something.

"Thanks," Emily said. "England's been getting back together after the war, I wanted to be here so bad."

"I wanted to be there," Tim said. "I'm so glad you're here."

Emily smiled, and then, before she knew what she was doing, was kissing Tim. Her first kiss. Her own magical kiss. Even Molly couldn't ruin it.

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