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Content: The darker side of Dean shows itself, a concerned Bobby, a conflicted Sam and a hurting Castiel. Side Note:There are a couple of flashbacks in this chapter as well as a glimpse into a possible future.

Warning: There is quite a bit of gore in this chapter as well torture scenes and emotional turmoil. Organs are visible and are going to have to be moved around so if you can not handle that kind of stuff I would advise that you do not read this. You have been warned!

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Dean swallowed thickly before his green eyes turned to look down at the limp form of the angel that he was currently cradling in his arms. "Don't you say that, damn it!" He growled as he leaned over so that his lips were next to the celestial being's ears. A hand gripped his shoulder and Dean didn't have to look to know that it was Bobby's.

"Dean, you're going to need to keep him still." The old hunter's voice was gruff as he stared at the damaged and destroyed body of the angel. The old man didn't have a clue as to how the hell he was supposed to deal with the angel's internal organ; especially the intestines that looked like they had been put through a shredder. The boy's shoulders tensed and Bobby watched him warily, unsure of what Dean would do. A part of him thought that the hunter would give into the remnants of the bond that he'd once shared with the angel, that maybe he would try to offer the celestial being a small amount of comfort. It didn't take a genius to know that Castiel was terrified by what he was currently going through.

What Bobby didn't expect was for Dean to pry the angel's shaking fingers away from his arm and resolutely set the angel onto the ground. Bobby swore under his breath and narrowed his eyes slightly. "Dean, I need your help with this…." The hunter waved his hands in Castiel's direction, unsure of what exactly he should use to describe the situation. When Dean turned to walk away Bobby growled and grabbed the younger man's shoulder. "You listen to me you idjit," he snarled, "I need your help with this, I don't care if you want to help him or not."

Green eyes flashed darkly before Dean growled a terse "Fine." The hunter's shoulders were stiff as he trudged over to the stricken angel. Sam had already removed Castiel's coat, tie and shirt. The youngest of the Winchesters was attempting to sooth the angel while keeping his midsection held together. Bobby shook his head in surprise, but then again…. It wasn't really all that shocking. Sam had always been the more forgiving of the two boys.

He knelt down slowly next to the angel and met the timid blue eyes with a steady gaze. "This is gonna hurt Feathers, but it needs to be done so that…." hopefully "you'll recover." There was no response from the angel except for a shaky exhale and Bobby decided that he should take that as Castiel's way of telling him that he understood. Bobby looked around for something, hell anything, that he could use to hold the angel together. They were in some sort of building that reminded him of a laboratory so he should be able to find something useful.

"I'll go see if I can find something by….by the Impala." Sam offered before getting up and walking out of the door looking decidedly green. Bobby nodded before he swallowed and looked over at Dean.

"You ready?" Dean's response was a curt nod, his eyes still smoldering with an internal flame of anger. It was a look that Bobby wasn't used to seeing and it made him worried.

Setting his jaw Bobby spared a glance at the angel before moving his hands to the horrid slit in the angel's torso. Almost as soon as his fingers brushed against the swollen red lips of the wound Bobby felt the skin shiver as the angel flinched away from him. "Easy Cas," Bobby muttered when Dean did nothing to try and help soothe the celestial being. He didn't enjoy having to do this to the angel, didn't like inflicting pain on him but the organs needed to be moved back into place. He grimaced as he felt his rough fingers come in contact with the angel's liver and the reaction from his 'adopted' son was immediate. The angel's mouth was open in a silent scream as his back arched up off of the floor. Bobby cursed and struggled to keep his hands from slipping further inside of the angel. It really only took a couple of seconds but it felt like an eternity before the angel was lying back against the ground once more. More like slammed into the ground a bit roughly. A small whimper escaped the celestial being's lips at the rough treatment and the cloudy blue eyes looked up at Dean questioningly.

I'll be damned if he doesn't pull off that kicked puppy look almost as good as Sam does. The thought ran unbidden through the hunter's mind as he looked back down. Blood was making it difficult to see and he did his best not to brush up against any of the other organs once he'd gotten the liver back to where it belonged. "You got him this time?" Bobby asked with a raised brow before narrowing his eyes at the way Dean brutally bore his weight down onto the angel's shoulders. There was a sickening pop from the sudden amount of weight and the angel's breathing stuttered from the fresh wave of pain.

A low sob shook the angel's frame as he pleadingly looked up at Dean, asking silently for mercy. The silent plea was met with a steely glare and the angel looked away. Bobby felt for the angel but he couldn't afford to stop, couldn't pause in what he was doing. It was to important that he finish this gruesome task. Shoulders set in resolve, he started to carefully ease the stomach back to where it belonged doing his best ignore the pained cries that the action withdrew from the angel. There was another popping sound followed by a shudder that ran the course of the angel's body as his back arched off the floor.

A small "D'n?" forced itself through the clogging mass of blood in the angel's throat as he tried to curl his body up. The word snapped the hunter's gaze down to the body he was pinning to the ground in a brutal fashion and his eyes flashed.

"Shut the fuck up, you stupid son of a bitch." The hunter snarled in response, facial expression reminiscent of the Joker's. He applied more pressure to the busted shoulders, a smirk forming on his lips at the small yet pained sound that the angel made. "You're alone you miserable bastard and its all your damn fault. You fucked up big time and apparently your God frowns at what you have done." The hunter leaned next to the angel's ear to whisper into it venomously, "and don't you fucking dare ask me for help. You deserve every ounce of pain so don't you dare bitch to me about how much it hurts."

There was a shaky exhale from the angel and he looked up at Dean slowly; the hunter's words only confirmed what he'd been thinking all along. Deserve to die, I deserve to die…deserve to suffer for my sins. The angel bit his lip in an attempt to keep a groan from escaping his throat. He would not show how much it hurt in front of Dean… he wouldn't show the hunter how weak and pathetic he'd become….

Bobby couldn't ignore that and he glared over at the younger man. "Dean. A word." There was no response from the hunter and Bobby growled before he recognized the look in the green eyes. Dean didn't know what he was doing to the angel because he wasn't currently here. The younger man was caught in the middle of a flashback.


The man couldn't have been more then thirty and yet his eyes held a look of suffering that shouldn't be in such young individual's eyes. His breathing was harsh and accompanied by small whimpers with every breath he took. His chest was jerking up and down in uneven and rasping gasps for air as sky blue eyes stared up at the ceiling. The tip of a knife was pressing against the bruised and tender flesh of his exposed stomach and his eyes widened. "No, please, please don't!" The whimpering cries for relief from the pain were ignored by the green-eyed tormenter as the knife started to cut through the flesh. Blood welled up almost instantly and after about 5 inches of the blade being dragged up the man's midsection the organs started to bulge. The internal workings of the human body were fighting for escape as the deep cut lengthened. By the time the torturer was done the intestines had sprung free of the cavity in which they had been held captive for so many years.

A satanic grin stretched its way onto the lips of the cause of the pain before he wrapped his rough hands around the organ. The victim strained against the straps that held him down against the table while his small intestines were slowly unraveled. "Let's see how long these are shall we?" The voice was more of stating the fact that he'd be measuring the length regardless of what the man desired.

"Impressive," He commented with a sardonic smirk before simply dropping the unraveled intestines on the ground. "Its ironic how they named the longest of the intestines the small intestines…" He mused aloud before pausing in his work when a distinctive voice made itself heard in the doorway.

"Dean, Dean, Dean….you really have been paying attention haven't you?" Alistair drawled before sauntering forward with a proud grin on his face. "But you still have much to learn. Hold this miserable whelp's shoulders."

Dean Winchester nodded and moved to where he was putting his weight onto their victim's shoulders without a moment of remorse. The stupid soul was begging in earnest now for some mercy, for them to leave him be.

"Shut up the fuck up, you stupid son of a bitch!" The former hunter snarled into the helpless man's ear, his eyes cold and flinty. "You're alone you miserable bastard and its all your damn fault. You fucked up big time and apparently your God frowns at what you have done." A hand reached up to grab his arm but Dean shook it off. "And don't you fucking dare ask me for help. You deserve every ounce of pain so don't you dare bitch about how much it hurts."

End Flashback

Dean was rudely shaken out of his flashback by Bobby's large hand smacking him in the cheek. The old man's eyes were glowering down at him and he blinked in a somewhat dazed fashion. "Bobby?" The name left his lips softly as he gazed up at his adopted father.

"I said to hold him down, not to break his damn shoulder's you idjit!" Bobby seethed angrily, "The angel already gutted himself for you, the least you could do is hold him down gently!"

"Bobby…what are…?" Dean broke off and looked down with a confused expression before it suddenly dawned on him. He'd been acting out the flashback…. "Fuck… Bobby? Did I….say anything?"

The answering snort was all he needed and a surge of regret washed through him. "Shit, Cas…." The hunter looked down at his friend apologetically. "I'm so sorry man…" Dean's throat felt like a lump was forming in it as he ran his long fingers through the angel's hair apologetically.

"S'ok." The voice was weak and raspy but unmistakably Castiel's. The angel wouldn't look at him though and Dean knew better then to try and force him. A spasm wracked through the frail body and the angel coughed, blood misting the palm that he'd used to cover his mouth with. The angel automatically tried to flinch away from Bobby as the old hunter knelt down next to him. A soft, "No…please," escaped parted lips as the angel watched him warily. The celestial being had been pushed to his threshold just by the old man handling the exposed organs.

"We've got to patch you up Cas, please…let us help you!" Dean pleaded with his friend, not wanting to have to pin the angel down for any longer then he had to. He could feel the tremors ripping through the celestial being and he winced sympathetically. "Cas, what I said earlier, about asking for help….ignore that buddy. I want you to come to me for help, if you had the first time around then things would be different right now."

Castiel shifted so that he could try to talk better before whimpering softly and giving up on the futile effort. "You all….." he paused, gasping for breath as his stomach churned sickeningly, "would be…dead…"

Dean froze before looking down, "How do you know that?"

There was a long pause as the angel mustered the strength to keep talking. "Saw it." He replied simply, eyes turning a deeper shade of blue as he remembered what he'd seen. "Not…pretty…" His nose wrinkled slightly as he looked to the left, eyes watching something that only he could see.

The Alternative Future in the Year 2013 (Castiel's flashback/forward)

Instead of choosing to let Dean live his apple-pie life the angel has sought his friend out for help. If he hadn't been so desperate then Castiel would have gladly left Dean out of this. Adam and Sam were still stuck in the pit and had been for over a year now. The angel had been unable to risk the amount of energy it would take to even attempt to 'jailbreak' the two boys out of the Cage. His older brother was still bent on the Apocalypse and Castiel had refused to let him change the storyline back to the original plan. If he had done so then Samuel Winchester and Adam Milligan would have given up everything for nothing.

And the Angel of the Lord refused to let their suffering be for naught. He'd already experienced the unpleasant feeling of committing a worthless sacrifice and he did not wish for his friends to experience it as well.

He wasn't afraid to admit to Dean that Raphael had beaten his ass into the next week; Dean was his best friend after all, and best friends deserved to know pretty much everything about each other. Secrets and lies would only serve to be their downfall and Castiel could not bare to let this friendship fracture. In this time of treason and flat out war Dean was the only creature that could keep him sane. Without Dean there to remind him why he was fighting this war he was sure that he would have given up a long time ago. With every death Castiel could feel a tiny piece of himself break off, his Grace wailing with grief.

Castiel knew that his cause was practically doomed from the start; especially after he'd refused the deal from Crowley. The angel also knew that Raphael had buddied up with the King of Hell in an effort just to make sure that his little brother didn't recant his decision and try to renew the contract. Castiel could not deny that it was a well played move regardless of if he'd ever stoop so low as to take Crowley's offer.

Balthazar was still standing ever faithfully by his side and Rachel was forever keeping the supply inventories and statistics up to date. Castiel honestly didn't know what he'd do without either of them. Next to Bobby and the Winchesters those two angels were the only ones he considered to be a part of his true family. He saw the other angels in his army as very close friends and took time out of the day (or night) to spend at least a few minutes to converse with each and every one of them. He saw to their needs to the best of his abilities and he did his damnedest to avoid losing any of them. It was impossible though to not lose any of his soldiers and that broke his heart. Castiel had never wanted a war, had never wanted to split Heaven into two factions. The guilt of doing so weighed heavily on him although he did his best to ignore the sickening feeling. He needed Gabriel's wisdom and guidance, needed his big brother to relieve the stress that pressed down so heavily on his shoulders but it was impossible. The arch-angel had died in order to stop the first Apocalypse.

Ana might have known what to do, the other angel had always seemed to be so wise, even after she'd fallen. She had been in the superior's role before; albeit not to the extent that Castiel found himself presently but it had been a higher ranking position nonetheless. It was she after all who had thought of killing Sam and scattering his remains across every universe in existence. She had looked past her sentimental feelings for the Winchesters to come up with the plan. Castiel closed his eyes sorrowfully as he thought about his deceased sister. The angel prayed that she was resting peacefully wherever she was… if she was…. He had no idea what happened to his kind when they were killed. He'd never stayed dead long enough to find out.

Uriel would have been invaluable to still have around as well. The brawny angel had always been one of the best fighters in Castiel's garrison and the two had often fought side-by-side in the midst of battle. They had moved together in a way that to others it appeared as though they were merely performing a graceful dance in the middle of a battle field. It never seemed as if the duo was doing anything but dance when in reality they were cutting down their foes left and right. In the end that friendship had been severely damaged seeing as Uriel had killed anyone who said no to freeing Lucifer. Castiel shuddered at the memory, his best friend had been about to kill him as well and probably would have if it had not been for Ana.

Months had flown by seemingly in the blink of an eye and Castiel was spreading himself thin by helping Dean and Bobby with their search for Eve. Luckily though Rachel and Balthazar were able to step in for him whenever he was to exhausted to command the army. The day approached on which the angel knew that Crowley would open the gate to the Cage and spring Lucifer and Michael free. If he was fast enough, Castiel knew that he could attempt to free Adam and Sam without letting the other two angels out. It would be nearly suicidal but in his eyes, completely worth it. He had seen how much Dean wished for his younger brother to be by his side giving him all the bitch faces he felt like while trying to create the dreaded chick-flick moments.

He'd been away from Dean for about a week before the news reached him and shook him to the core. Raphael had somehow managed to break past all the wards that Castiel had so painstakingly put up around the house as well as inside of it. The archangel had his friends and Castiel could not let it stay that way. He had to try and save them. He knew what Raphael would do to them if he didn't.

Funny how things never seemed to go Team Free Will's way, Castiel thought as he panted harshly as and gripped his blade tightly in his uninjured right hand; his entire left arm hung limply from outside of its socket. A grunt of effort escaped his lips as he lunged forward trying to keep Raphael from going offensive instead of defensive. Castiel was smaller the other angel but he used that to his advantage. It gave him an edge of speed that the older angel couldn't attain and it was crucial to Castiel's survival. The metal of their blades screeched in protest while crying sparks every time they clashed against one another, as if they were crying for their masters. Both blades had seen to much bloodshed and thought of spilling more made them weep.

A groan escaped Cas' lips as he was forced to block a block with his injured arm. He bit his lip and fought to stay on his feet as the world tilted suddenly from the blinding pain. A ragged inhale inflated his lungs before he grimly pressed forward, ducking quickly to avoid being decapitated. Castiel was well aware of the fact that he was fighting for more then just his own life at the moment.

His ever present trench-coat whipped around his body as he spun quickly, balancing his weight evenly on the balls of his feet. His legs moved of their own accord, his brain not telling them what to do; rather it trusted the battle hardened instincts to guide the body. Castiel lurched back, sucking his midsection in as he arched his back away from the blade that made a swipe at his tender stomach, He didn't move fast enough and he staggered when the sharp blade ripped through muscle and flesh. The knife snagged on his coat and Castiel was jerked forward. He couldn't stop the forward momentum but he could alter it. Ignoring the fierce burn that spread from his diaphragm to his right hip the angel curled into a summersault. The maneuver neatly avoided the killing blow that Raphael had already started to deliver.

The younger angel sprang to his feet and away from his older brother, a trembling hand pressing against the deep wound with a small gasp.

"This doesn't have to happen." Castiel tried to reason as he flexed his shoulders before moving around the older angel so as to keep his abused body from becoming stiff with inactivity. That kind of mistake would get him killed.

"It does because God wills it to pass." The older angel shook his head sadly. "When will you come to your senses brother? Why must you insist on shedding the blood of so many innocent soldiers? They have done you no wrong Castiel and yet you do not hesitate to kill your brothers."

"They are no brothers of mine." Castiel growled as he moved so that his back was to the remnants of those he considered his true family.

"Oh but they are Castiel. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Is. Family." The arch-angel growled, his voice a low rumble.

"No, they are not!" The smaller, lesser angel spat back; his ocean blue eyes were flashing dangerously. "I have learned that true family has nothing to do with blood relations. A true family actually cares about every individual in it. They don't slaughter those deemed to weak to serve Heaven and rarely do they completely shun one another. True Family does not need a reason or a conflict to gather together. They don' try to kill each other at ever bend around the corner." Castiel paused, breathing heavily as the injury and the length of his speech starting to show its tolling price on his flagging energy. "True family shares a bond that no matter how strained it becomes never actually breaks. It always stays with each individual because they will never give up on one another Raphael."

A glance out of the corner of his eye told the angel that his family had managed to escape. A sigh of relief escaped him as he noted that Balthazar had managed to escape with Dean and Bobby. The blade that he gripped so tightly dropped from numbed fingers as he looked up at his older brother. "True family is willing to give up everything to keep each other safe." The words were strained as Castiel fought for breath. His deep blue eyes shined with an inner sorrow that could not be comforted.

"I will not fight you brother, because I hope that you will awaken and see what you have become. I hope reality gives you a cold slap on the face and forces you to see all of your faults. However, I pray that you will also see the good things that you have done Raphael. You haven't always been a monster my brother." The lesser angel knew that Raphael would take the bait. The arch-angel closed the gap in between them quickly; his eyes glowing with a sadistically tortured and yet triumphant light.

"But sometimes," Castiel murmured, "Death must be the one thing that awakens the Lost from the wasteland they have chosen to rest in."

"Which is why you will see him soon Castiel." The older angel sneered with a slight snarl when Castiel merely blinked in acknowledgement to the words.

"Then so be it." The words left the youngest angel's lips in a whisper. The cold bite of an angel blade made itself known to Castiel even as he pulled his spare from where it had remained hidden in the waist of his pants. Blood rushed up his throat and Castiel gagged on the coppery substance even as he forced himself to return the favor for Raphael. His blade hit home, striking the arch-angel in the heart; the accuracy spared the older angel the cruelty of a slow death.

Castiel fell to his knees a few moments later, his body shaking horribly as he fought to avoid the inevitable. The angel did not desire to experience death but at least he had the comfort of knowing that the Apocalypse would not come to pass and the Winchester's (all three of them) had not gone through so much pain and suffering for nothing. The comfort of knowing that Gabriel had sacrificed himself and the meaningful gesture of faith in the cause had not been a waste.

The angel crash-landed at Bobby's were his family had been waiting anxiously for him to appear for the long minutes that they had been apart. Dean was the first to reach him and the hunter paled at the sight of the angel blade lodged so firmly in his stomach. "R'hel…" The angel coughed wetly, the blood moving up into his throat even more at the futile attempt to unclog his throat. "is…" He paused for more breath as he wheezed pitifully. "…de'd."

There was brief moment of relief in everyone's eyes before they darkened with grief. Castiel was dying and the only thing that they could do for him was to wait with him. His body convulsed as his Grace started to flare before the angel's back arched with a scream and the light exploded from him in a bright flash.

When they opened their eyes once more there was a set of impressive wings burned into the living room floor.

Alternative Future in the Year 2016

Dean Winchester was the last surviving member of the human race; Crowley had opened Purgatory himself and had been unable to contain the Leviathan. One by one the hunter watched as his friends fell before him and he could do nothing to help them. His spirit was broken but still he struggled on doing his best to avenge their deaths and stay alive at the same time. His weary heart asked why he bothered to keep going and Dean pushed the doubting voice aside. He kept going because it was what Castiel had done. He kept going because he knew that he'd get his ass kicked a thousand times over if he simply gave up and died. The hunter was slowly dying of starvation and it took him weeks to finally succumb to the beckoning comfort of death.

Alternative Future in the Year 2016- Dean's Heaven

Dean opened his green eyes to find himself sitting in his beloved Impala in the middle of Bobby Singer's living room. The old hunter was giving him a death glare that clearly asked what kind of bone-headed thinking he'd been doing when he'd decided to park the old girl smack dab in the middle of the room. Sam was sitting beside him in the passenger seat complaining loudly about Dean's taste in what he dubbed to be "old man music."

"Hey," Dean half-growled in an affectionate tone. "Driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cake-hole."

The green-eyed hunter couldn't stop himself from hugging Sam and he decided to ignore that it was chick-flick moment. "I missed you so damn much Sammy." He whispered into the shaggy brown hair while he fought to keep the tears away.

The sound of laughter came from the kitchen and Dean got out of the Impala slowly, curiosity getting the best of him. He walked into the doorway and gaped, his mouth opened in a rather un-Dean-Winchester style and he fucking squeaked. Although when Jo looked up from the shot that she'd been about to gulp down and inquired what the sound had been Dean denied it rather quickly. Dean. Did. Not. Squeak. His dancing green eyes scanned the rest of the room and his heart skipped a couple of beats with excitement when he saw Ellen. He'd missed her frank attitude so much over the past few years. She'd been almost a surrogate mother to him. A smirk lifted his lips when he saw that she was downing a line of amber colored shots before clunking the last glass down in a silent challenge.

A challenge that a figure in a tan trench-coat accepted by starting on his own line of shots. Castiel was downing the liquor like it was water and Dean snickered when he saw Jo's eyes widen. "That's not fair feathers, I thought we were on equal ground here!" She teased before swatting at the air in front of her.

And Castiel tilted his head with a slight furrow in his brow as he considered her action before an innocent. "Is it customary to paw at the air when you're playing a drinking game?" Made itself heard in the angel's rough voice.

That was no apparition, Dean assured himself after seeing the angel impersonate a bird with the head tilt thing that he had done so often on Earth. The warm aroma of freshly baked pie made itself known to him and the hunter couldn't stop himself from following it to the other side of the kitchen. His heart leapt in his throat once more when he saw his mother setting out what appeared to be a third pie to cool on the counter. Mary turned back to the stove, oblivious to the fact that John was trying to sneak a slice of pie into his gullet.

The hunter's hand was slapped though before he could so much as inch it up past his pant's pocket by a plump African American woman. "John Winchester, you leave that pie for your boy!" Missouri scolded with wave of her finger. "Or so help me…."

And John Winchester, the formidable hunter, backed away with a wary expression on his face. "I surrender," he replied light heartedly before nudging Mary.

The next thing that the green-eyed youth was aware of was his mother's arms wrapping around him in a warm hug.

End the Future Flashback and Dean's Future Heaven.

Castiel vaguely felt someone shaking him, calling his name frantically and pleading for him to come back. Where had he gone? As far as the angel could recall he had always been there so it was no surprise when he felt his brow furrowed. It was then that the celestial being realized that his body didn't hurt anymore. The pain was gone for the most part; only faint traces of the foul feeling was making traces through his nerves. It was nowhere near the horrendous onslaught that it had been though. He dimly realized that it was a bad thing for him to not be able to feel anything but the angel couldn't bring himself to care. It felt so much better here. Here he was safe from the pain, hidden from angry surges that the monster sought to pummel him with.

Dizziness surged through him as he felt his friend lift his upper body up, a small whimper escaping his lips when the pain reared its ugly head once more when his torso was forced to bend. His eyelashes fluttered slightly as his eyes sought to open against his better judgment. Castiel didn't want to wake up completely, terrified that the inescapable pain would return with a vengeance. His mind didn't listen to what his heart wanted though, to focused on the desperate plea in Dean Winchester's voice to do anything other then what the hunter wanted of him.

And so it was with reluctance that he blearily opened sea-blue eyes, his jaw clenching as the pain followed his predictions and slammed into him. Bile gurgled in his throat as he choked on the disgustingly textured and thick fluid. His body shuddered with the effort of keeping it down and he wished that they would just put him back down once more. The battle to keep the vomit down was lost and the reddish liquid spilled out over his lips and dripped down his chin. There was a noise of disgust mixed with a pinch of fear and Castiel was able to recognize Sam's voice.

The bandages that they were wrapping around his torso were making it very difficult for the celestial being to breath and a surge of panic rose through him. One of the boys must have noticed the panicked edge to his breathing because Castiel found himself slowly being lowered back to the ground.

"Easy Cas, we're almost done buddy." Dean's voice was reassuring and Castiel found his eyes slowly giving into the sleep that demanded he have. "CAS!" The voice was so close to his ear that the angel jerked before gasping in pain. "You can't sleep Cas, please stay awake. We… we still need you man!"

Castiel fought to stay awake, he really and truly did but his body was to weak to pull it off. His Grace was slowly wearing itself out with the amount of effort it was taking it to stay alive. His heart rate slowly increased and his breathing began to grow increasingly more shallow with every gasp for air.

Sapphire blue eyes looked up at Dean once more, sorrow and regret clearly reflected in their depths before a shaky sigh exhaled itself from the celestial being. Blood slowly began to fill up more and more of his throat as his organs strained against the carefully tended to stitches.

His Grace was retreating rapidly from its efforts to heal the angel and the organs could sense it. They felt the soft tendrils lose their constraining hold on them and like frizzy hair being freed from a constraining hair tie.

The organs pushed against the fault line like magma erupting from a volcano and the angel's back arched in sheer agony as his innards ripped through the stitches and exposed themselves to the biting air once more.

Only this time Castiel didn't try to fight to stay awake, the angel was to exhausted and hurting to much to really care….

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