Each ficlet is five sentences and has a theme word.

Pete/Trudy, Word: power

Her husband was powerful. He held a nice position at Sterling Cooper Draper Price, and he'd only be moving up.

Trudy gave Pete everything she had and everything she didn't. She loved him and yes, she thought to herself, he loved her.

Trudy Campbell smiled her beautiful, white smile because someone once told her to fake it until she made it.

Roger/Joan, Word: voice

It was another late night of working, and Roger rubbed his eyes from exhaustion. He'd worked late every night that week.

"Is anybody here?" Joan called down the hall before appearing in Roger's doorway. She placed her hand on her hip and smirked at the man who loved her even though he shouldn't.

Tonight would be different; he could hear it in her voice.

Peggy, Word: fingernails

Peggy looked down at her hands. Her fingernails were in poor condition, and her palms were calloused. She didn't have to work this weekend; maybe she'd treat herself to a manicure.

She smiled as she flicked off the light in her office and saw the city lights outside the window.

The world was hers.