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Happily Ever After



Chapter 1

Spring arrived with much pomp and circumstance in Corona as everyone was glad to shake the winter away. It had been a particularly hard one with snow piling up and ice forming on everything, sometimes two to three inches thick. Work on the bridge had to be halted in late November and now it was finally warm enough to get started again. The builders who had helped Matthias get a town put together in short order had been trapped in their tiny town which the people aptly named Gaeilge, which in the ancient tongue of Camelot meant freedom. They had returned and now were aiding in the bridge's reconstruction and with any luck would have the job done before summer.

Spring was also a time to celebrate as Rapunzel was three months away from having her baby and the Princess had been incredibly bubbly the entire time. Eugene would occasionally tease her that she was being so sweet that he'd be throwing up anytime now and she would poke him or have Pascal do it if he was out of reach. The little chameleon was feeling the affects of spring as well after finding a pretty female chameleon hiding in the barn over the winter. Max had thought it was him and pulled a stunt which practically given the little lady a heart attack. Rapunzel had lovingly cared for the scared lizard and given her the name Pauline. Now she walked around with a chameleon on each shoulder. This time Eugene teased her that she was slowly becoming the "reptile lady" which got him another poke.

Max was completely healed and back on duty. Everyone in the capital city was incredibly pleased and kept feeding him every time he walked by. Needless to say he was gaining weight and the King put him on a strict diet and exercise program.

Merlin had proposed to Amelia and she had immediately said yes. The warlock had been so concerned that he nearly passed out when she'd replied. Rapunzel had promised to help plan the wedding which was now about two weeks away. The winter had given them enough time to figure out what they wanted and to get everything in order. Now as Amelia sat in her room, her nerves were on edge.

"Knock, knock," Merlin said as he opened the door to her room.

"Who's there?" She gamely replied. He chuckled and walked over to her, pulling her into a hug.

"What was that for?" Amelia asked as they pulled apart.

"You looked like you needed it. Everything ok?" He inquired.

"Nerves, insecurities, and blemishes," she said pointing to the pimple that had formed on her cheek.

"I can cast a spell to get rid of the first two but you're on your own for the last one," he teased.

"What are we doing?" She suddenly asked.

"Getting married in two weeks, what do you mean?" Merlin gave her a concerned look.

"Why?" Amelia wanted to know.

"Because we love each other and because we were meant for each other," he said simply.

"And you will still want me despite all the scars I bear?" She asked.

"You're beautiful; don't let anyone ever tell you different. I don't care about scars, physical or emotional. What we have no one can change ever," he smiled and pulled her in close. She smiled but the nerves in her stomach still raged.

To Be Continued…