Chapter 21

Upon the Princess passing out, Merlin quickly and carefully reached in and grabbed the baby, whose head was completely out and shoulder had begun to show. With Rapunzel's relaxed body, it was easy to remove the baby but it did not cry and the wizard quickly checked the little one's airways. He cleaned them and then gave a smack on the bottom to the baby and the little one screamed. Without a thought he unceremoniously handed the very small baby to Eugene and quickly turned his attention back to Rapunzel. She wasn't bleeding excessively but her pulse had dropped and he was concerned that her heart wasn't able to take the stress. Despite being a wizard, he had no idea when it came to medical issues such as this and immediately yelled for everyone to pack up. They had to get to the castle now.

Liam doused the fire, grabbed up what was needed, and hopped into the driver's seat of the wagon. Perseus loaded the unconscious Amelia onto his horse and tied their horses together. General Lavine lit torches and the group got on the move.

"What's wrong with her?" Eugene asked the baby in his arms was surprisingly quiet.

"I'm not sure but we need to get back to Camelot on the double. The Royal Physician will have a better idea of what to do than I do," Merlin explained as he cleaned up everything the best he could.

"She can't leave us now. I just got her back," the former thief said.

"Keep it together. When we get back, I'll check my spell books see if there isn't something I can do. Now tell me what you two were talking about when it came to Liam," Merlin tried to get him to focus and kept his voice low.

"Liam was hit in the side by an arrow. It went right into his gut. By all rights he should be dead," Eugene explained.

"She used her abilities to save him," the warlock muttered and shook his head. It was brave thing to do with the reality of her abilities being discovered by the hundreds of men surrounding the wagon just to save one man. The fact was she barely knew him and she saved him despite being pregnant. No doubt the man had questions of his own but hadn't bothered to ask them.

"We cannot allow her secret to get out now. I'll do what I can with my magic while she's under the care of the Royal Physician," Merlin promised.

Bernard swiveled his horse at the sound of crashing underbrush. No one would be travelling at night through the woods unless they were hoping to catch the enemy off-guard.

"Archers!" Bernard shouted. Quickly men lined the walls, their bows poised to strike. Quinn quickly let both he and Bernard back inside the walls of the city.

"Send word to the King! We have someone approaching," the knight ordered the young man. He would hate to see someone his age die and maybe if he made the castle, he'd be able to stay there and protect the King and Queen. Quinn took off like a shot and Bernard dismounted before climbing up the walls to reach a good spot near the archers over the main gate.

"Can't see anything sir," one of the guards said.

"Keep your eyes alert. They'll be coming out of the woods any second," he told him before announcing to the rest of the group,

"When I yell fire, kill anything that moves!" What he could not know was that the noises heading their way were from the caravan carrying the very ill Princess Rapunzel. In their rush, they group made no attempt to try to reach the main road as the path they took would be quicker. They were riding toward their deaths and did not even know it.

To Be Continued…