Chapter 35

"I'm touched that you decided to name your son after me but I'm not sure I deserve it," Liam said, very confused as to why of all the names they could have chosen, they had chosen his. The group listened intently at the King and Queen's goodbye dinner the next day. King Amr had told Liam to join them and the soldier had agreed. Multiple times, he begged everyone's forgiveness for not being able to dress appropriately. Eugene had pointed out that he had had to borrow some of Perseus's clothes because he didn't have any until the Royal tailor could make him something for the journey home.

"Well it's quite simple. You looked out for me and without you filling the back of that wagon with cushy things for me to sit on, I think the baby would have come much sooner," Rapunzel smiled, navigating her way through the lie. After all, had it not been for her trying to save Liam, she would not have given birth at all in that wagon. Of course, she couldn't tell him about what she used to be able to do anyway.

"Well you are a Princess and you deserved to be treated as such. Once again, I am humbled by your decision," Liam bowed his head.

"As am I," Merlin spoke up, hoping to let the embarrassed soldier off the hook for a while.

"You deserved it. After all, without your help, little Liam wouldn't be with us," Rapunzel smiled and looked over to the crib in the corner of the room. The carpenter had made one as soon as he'd heard that the little Prince was sleeping on a bed in Doctor Hildebrandt's office that was not meant for a baby.

"This is true, however, I'm not certain Eugene, will ever forgive me for doing it," Merlin winked.

"Well as long as you keep your hands to yourself for the remainder of our stay, I think I can forgive you," Eugene chuckled. Rapunzel was about to ask what they were talking about when Amelia, kicked her shin under the table, while giving Merlin a dirty look. The Princess suddenly understood that Merlin had seen everything that resided under her dress and she turned a bright shade of red.

"Yes well, hopefully she'll leave anymore child births to me," Doctor Caldwell smiled slightly.

"Yes I think I can safely say if I ever have another child, I will make every effort to be at home," Rapunzel nodded.

"Well as soon as the palace and the surrounding buildings are fixed, I must invite you all back to Camelot for Merlin and Amelia's wedding. It has been postponed but I know that when things are back to normal, we will have a grand celebration," King Amr smiled.

"Of course, you must come back for that. After all the planning that Amelia and Rapunzel have done, I cannot imagine not having you here," Queen Caelia chimed in.

"That is very kind of you and we will certainly come back for the wedding," Eugene smiled and looked over at Amelia, whose face had turned a pale pink shade. She'd forgotten in all the mess about the wedding. Other things had been so much more important and she had yet to tell Merlin everything that she and Eugene discussed.

"We couldn't have our wedding without them," Merlin smiled and grabbed Amelia's hand under the table. He gave it a quick squeeze and she relaxed slightly.

"Well I'm glad that's settled. You must send word when you are ready. I know that we will be sending fresh troops in two weeks so send along a message with Rapunzel," the King of Corona smiled.

"Excellent," King Amr said.

To Be Continued…