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The Beginning

Screaming. The same high pitch scream which pierced through Rozalie's dreams every night. This one was different. She remembered every aspect of that night in Godric's Hollow. Her mum, Lily trying to close the door in Voldemort's face. Voldemort blasting the door open. Her dad who was on the floor dead in the hall way.

"Give me the girl mudblood!" Voldemort hissed as he got closer. Lily held on to her daughter tightly facing the window as the blast from the door hit her back.

"I would never give you Rozalie. I would die protecting her!" Lily shouted as she put her crying daughter in her crib. She kissed Rozalie on the forehead and Lily turned around with her wand out, protecting the crib. Voldemort laughed.

"Shame. I was going to offer to save your precious mudblood life. To late now. Avada Kadava!" The green light hit Lily. As she collapsed to the floor the curse rebounded and Voldemort's own curse hit him in the chest. His angered scream ended and Rozalie woke up as she gasped for air. Sweat covered her forehead as she sat up. Rozalie looked around and found she was in the same bedroom at Grimmauld place.

Her scar was prickling as she swung her legs out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and she looked like a mess. Her green eyes were red with small bags under her almond eyes. Her long blond hair was tangled and her face was blotchy. She looked at her self closely. Rozalie knew that she looked like a mixture of her parents Her pictures showed it, well except for her hair which she inherited from her grand parents. Lily's mum and dad were blond and so was James's mum. That's what Sirius and Remus said anyway.

She of course was the first Potter girl in over 100 years. She had her dads red lips and high cheek bones. Her nose and eyes were definitely from her mum and so were the arched eyebrows. Rozalie wished she had known them. She sighed and went into the shower. She came out of the bathroom with a towel around herself as she went to her wardrobe to see what she was going to wear today.

"Come on, get up mini Marauder!" Sirius bounced into Rozalie's room. She let out a loud yelp as she wrapped the towel around herself tightly.

"SIRIUS BLACK! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT BURSTING INTO MY ROOM. I DON'T CARE THAT YOUR A FREE MAN. I WILL PERSONALLY KICK YOUR BUTT BACK TO AZKABAN IF YOU STORM INTO MY BEDROOM AGAIN. NOW GET OUT!" Rozalie shouted as she got some clothing and stormed into the bathroom. Sirius's face was priceless. He had just went into his God daughters bedroom when she was in a towel.

He ran out of her room and down to the kitchen with a red face. The whole house had heard what had just happened. Remus laughed behind The Daily Prophet as Sirius went to his seat with his head down. Remus glanced at Sirius with a smirk. The Animagus looked up and pulled a face.

"So," Said Fred and George as they apperated behind Sirius.

"What did-"

"Rozalie look like-"

"With only a towle on?" Said the twins together. Sirius's face went red even more and he buried his head in his hands.

"Boys that's' enough." Mr Weasley warned them both. Fred and George put on a sad face and sat down at the table. Hermione came in with Ginny and sat themselves down near Fred and George.

"Morning Everyone." Said Hermione as she made her self a cup of tea. She and Ginny looked at Sirius and started to giggle. There was quiet talk going on in the kitchen about this mornings events.

Rozalie made her way to the kitchen. She expected to be empty, but when she reached the door she heard soft giggling. She rolled her eyes and pushed the door open. Her eyes went straight to the coffee pot on the table. Rozalie sat herself down next to Fred and poured her self a cup of coffee. She looked and gave Sirius the evils.

Sirius's insides were squirming and he kept quiet. Ten minutes later Ron came in and went straight for the food on the table. Rozalie snorted at his table manners.

"How are you feeling?" Asked Fred as he turned to face her.

"A bit rubbish I'm affaid to say. I didn't have a good morning." She shot a glance at Sirius and Fred started laughing. The whole table looked at them and Rozalie smirked into her coffee.

The fire place made a loud whoosh and Dumbledore came out with bright yellow robes with purple stars. Ron made a gagging noise and Hermione wacked his head with The Daily Prophet.

"Good Morning." Dumbledore said as he looked at everyone through his half moon glasses. There was a couple of quiet good mornings.

"Albus would you like some breakfast?" Asked Mrs Weasley from the stove.

"No thank you Molly. I have come to give O.W.L results and letters for next term actually." He looked at Rozalie with a smile. She returned it and looked at

Hermione who was looking like she had ants in her pants. Hermione still wanted to be a prefect even though Rozalie had been given that privilege along with Neville back in 5th year. Rozalie back then was surprised to hear that she had gotten better results in her forth year exams.

"Oh no!" Squealed Hermione as Dumbledore gave her a letter. Everyone looked amused as Hermione's hands were shaking. Ron was fumbling with his letter and he gleared at it with disgust. Dumbledore gave Rozalie's hers and he sat down next to her and poured himself a cup of tea.

"Here we go." Rozalie muttered to herself as she opened the first letter. Sirius's and Remus's head snapped up and both of them looked at Rozalie.


Pass Grades: Fail Grades:

Outstanding (O) Poor (P)

Exceeds Expectations (E) Dreadful (D)

Acceptable (A) Troll (T)


Alchemy: O

Ancient Runes: O

Astronomy: O

Care of Magical Creatures: E

Charms: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Divination: A

Herbology: O

History of Magic: A

Potions: O

Transfiguration: O

Rozalie read her results through several times. She had passed everything! She looked to see a disappointed face on Hermione.

"I got Seven O.W.L.s. but failed History of Magic and Divination." said Ron as he was delighted with his results. Miss Weasley went over to Ron and hugged her son proudly.

"Well done! You got more than Fred and George put together!"

"What did you get Hermione?" Said Ginny tentatively, for Hermione who had not spoke yet.

"Not too bad." Hermione said in a disappointed voice. Rozalie rolled her eyes at Hermione.

"Knowing you Hermione you have probably done fantastic." Said Rozalie who smirked at Hermione. Ron grabbed her letter and read her results out loud.

"Nine outstanding's and three Exceed Expectations." Ron looked down at her ,half amused, half-exasperated.

"Your actually disappointed aren't you Hermione?" She shook her head and Rozalie laughed.

"What about you Rozalie?" Asked Remus as he put down The Daily Prophet.

"I passed all my eleven O.W.L.s and got eight O's, one E and passed History of Magic and Divination with A's." Ron came over and took hold of Rozalie's Results.

"You actually got the top Results in Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions Rozalie. Well done!" Said Dumbledore who clapped. Sirius and Remus came over to her and Sirius took the results letter of Ron. He beamed at Rozalie.

"Well done Kiddo! You got better results than me. I knew you had a brain under that blond hair. What a result to show off in Snape's face" Joked Sirius. Remus wacked him on the head.

"Thank you for the insult Sirius. Like you said, I know I got better results than you. Remus showed me your results letter yesterday. He kept it to show how shocking your results were. I'm amazed how you even became a Auror!" She joked back. No one was going in insult her today. Sirius's mouth fell open and Remus laughed at Sirius's reaction.

"Well done Rozalie. Lily and James would be proud." Remus said as he hugged her and she returned the hug back. Rozalie got the other letter and noticed it was a bit heavier. She opened it and a badge came out. She has been made Qudditch Captain.

"Is that what I think it is?" Said Sirius who had put himself back together. Rozalie picked it up and smiled.

"Wicked! This is so cool, your my captain - if you let me back on the team, I suppose, ha ha..." Said Ron who laughed. Rozalie got up.

"James would be proud. His daughter was made prefect last year, now she has been made the Qudditch Captain." Beamed Sirius as he went over to Rozalie and hugged her.

"Sorry about this morning and the insult kiddo!"

"Don't worry about it Sirius. I'm not sorry for my insult though!" Sirius pulled back and Rozalie smirked.

"Well done to everyone. I'm afraid that everyone who is not in the order will have to leave as the meeting is in fifth teen minutes." Said Dumbledore who looked at everyone who was too young to be in The Order of the Phoenix.

Rozalie picked up her letters and badge and walked down to the basement where the potions lab was. She was trusted enough to use it. Rozalie got to the door and opened it. Her eyes widened as one Severus Snape was in the potions lab brewing what seemed to be the Wolfsbane potion. His head was bowed over the potion. His greasy hair hung around his face and his hooked nose sniffed the potion. Rozalie coughed and he looked startled for a second but covered it up.

He studied her. Rozalie's green eyes locked with his dark brown ones.

"Miss Potter." He greeted her. He looked back at the potion and stired it anti-clockwise.

"Hello Professor Snape." Rozalie walked over to her current potion which was brewing in the corner. She put her letters down on the work bench and looked at the clock on the wall and waited another minute, then it would be time to stir it 10 times clockwise then 20 times anti-clockwise.

"I see you are brewing a Dreamless Sleep potion Miss Potter. May I ask why you are making a potion unsupervised?" Said Snape as he came over to examine the potion.

"Sorry Professor, but that is none of your concern. To why I am on my own is that I have permission off my God father to brew potions that I only know. You are currently in my potions lab Professor. Sirius gave me this room for my birthday. You may use this room when you are here." Rozalie said with a smirk.

"I see your making the Wolfbane Potion. Am I correct?" Rozalie said as she went over to the other potion. Severus raise his eyebrows at her.

"You are correct. Will you be taking N.E.W.T Potions this Year Miss Potter? I congratulate you on making the highest score in you year." Snape said with no emotion. Rozalie huffed and went back to her potion.

"Yes, I will be taking potions this year Sir." Rozalie said as she bottled her potion. She looked at one of her bottles and the colour of the potion was perfect. She heard Snape hiss in pain. She looked up to see that he was holding his left forearm. His face was pained and his eyes were tight shut. Rozalie walked over to him and put a hand on his right arm.

"Go Professor Snape. I'll go tell the Headmaster that you have been summoned." Said Rozalie with concern. Snape looked into her eyes and nodded.

"Can you please Bottle the wolfs potion and tell the Headmaster I'll be back whenever I am." Snape said as he left. Rozalie quickly did that and went up to the Kitchen and knocked on the door. The meeting was already taking place. She opened the door.

"This Better be important Miss Potter." Said Dumbledore from the end of the table.

"Professor Snape has been summoned Sir. He'll be back whenever he is." She closed the door and went to her bedroom.

The Death Eater meeting dragged on for Severus. Voldemort was asking every inner circle member for information. Snape was last when Voldemort spoke to him.

"Stand Severus. What news do you bring me my faithful servant?" Said Voldemort who made a gesture with his hand for Snape to stand.

"My Lord, I will be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts this term. Dumbledore decided that he wanted to bring back Horace Slughorn and give him the Potions Master position. If I was Headmaster I wouldn't even dare to bring a man like Slughorn back." Snape sniggered at Slughorns name.

"Really, and why has Dumbledore brought back Slughorn? Yes Slughorn wasn't really a good teacher when even I was at Hogwarts. Don't worry Severus, Your day might come soon to be Headmaster!" Voldemort said with a evil laugh.

"Dumbledore said he knew that I have always wanted the Defence Against the Dark Arts position my Lord. Dumbledore has been having trouble finding someone for that position. So he gave it to me and I couldn't refuse it down. I have waited years for that job my Lord. This shows that Dumbledore fully Trusts me after all this time." Snape stood proud among with fellow Death Eaters,

"Yes it does. I know you have asked every summer for that position Severus. I am pleased that the old man has given you that job. I want you to keep an eye on Slughorn now though." Voldemort's eyes looked at Snape.

"I will my Lord." Severus said with a bow.

"Oh and Severus? I have a task that only you can do. I want you to have a tight hold on Potter from now on." Voldemort's red eyes locked with Severus's brown ones.

"What do you mean my Lord?"

"It's simple really. I want you to marry Potter and when I summon you I want a full report on her. Dumbledore will not let her come to our meetings of course. But marrying her will go well with my plans." Voldemort mused.

"But my Lord, Dumbledore will never allow it." Snape said in a slight panicked voice

"Don't answer me back Severus. Cucio!" Snape dropped down to the ground in pain. The other Death Eaters laughed as they watched their fellow Death Eater being punished.

"Aww Snapey. You can have fun with the Mudbloods daughter which you liked." Laughed Bellatrix and the other death eaters. After seven minutes Voldemort stopped the curse before his faithful spy would end up brain damaged.

"This meeting is over, you may all go." Hissed Voldemort as he went out of the room. Snape was still on the floor as everyone left. He lifted his aching arm and touched the portkey that was around his neck and he was sucked back to a Grimulard place.

After the Order meeting had finished. Dumbledore waited for Severus to come back. Rozalie was walking down the hall way when she heard a thud on the floor around the corner. She immediately got her wand put and went around the corner.

She gasped at the site. She put her wand away and went to her Potions Professor who looked dead on the floor. Rozalie kneeled beside him and checked his neck for a pulse. It was slow, very slow. She checked his body out for bleeding, but there was none.

Snape opened his eyes to find the girl putting a hand on his neck. He opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't.

"What the hell has that evil basted don't to you Professor." Said Rozalie who got up and ran to the kitchen. She knew he had been crucio'd. Dumbledore and Rozalie came out quickly and the Headmaster got a green potion out of his robes and opened it and put it to Snape's mouth. The Potions Professor accepted it. Dumbledore snapped his fingers and Snape was levitated to a room.

"Miss Potter can you follow Professor Snape and keep a eye on him while I summon Madam Pompfry?"

"Of course Professor." Rozalie went to the first room that Snape was levitated to and she found him on the bed. She went over to the wardrobe and got out some night clothes. She didn't care that she was going to dress her Professor. Snape looked at her and he looked what was in her hands. He glared at her and tried to move.

"Stop trying to move Professor Snape. I am only going to change your clothing. You know I have done this before and Madam Pompfry will want me to help as I was her assistant last year." Rozalie said as she unbuttoned Snape's robes. She gently removed the first layer and the second top and put it on Snape. His chest was covered in scars, but Rozalie got on with her job and with a snap of her fingers the cotton top was on Snape.

Snape looked at her weirdly.

"Don't worry Professor. Wandless magic is untraceable." She said as she undid his belt and took off his trouses. Rozalie mentally laughed as her Professor was wearing silk red boxers. With and click of her fingers again, Snape was wearing the cotton trousers. She was covering him up with the blanket on the bed when

Madam Pompfry came in.

"Thank you for your help Rozalie. Do you know what has happened to him?" Madam Pompfry asked as she waved her wand over Snape.

"I think he was put under the Cruciatus cusre for what looks like 7 minutes. Professor Dumbledore gave him a potion for the after effects and I have covered him with the Cruciartus effect blanket ."

"Correct. I'm sorry Severus but that's what we can do for you was give you that potion and the blanket. I think you know the drill very well now Severus. You will have to stay in bed for the next couple of days and I don't want any argument from you like last time Severus Snape." Madam Pompfry warned Snape.

Dumbledore came in and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Madam Popmfry and Miss Potter. Could you leave me and Severus for now. We have things to discuss."

"Ok Professor." Rozalie said with a nod. Madam Pompfry was first to leave.

Rozalie was walking towards the door when Snape spoke in a raspy voice.

"Miss Potter needs to be here Albus. Voldemort has a plan that concerns her."

Snape looked at Rozalie.

"Well Come back and join us Rozalie." Said Dumbledore who snapped his fingers at the door which closed with a privacy spell on. Rozalie walked over to the window seat and sat down.

"What happened Severus?"

"The Dark lord was pleased that I am the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor. He wants me to keep a eye on Slughorn though. He thinks now that I have fully earned your trust after all these years. But the last thing is," Snape broke off. He looked over to Rozalie who was giving him a questioning look. Snape continued with a whisper.

"The Dark Lord is forcing me to marry Miss Potter. If I don't The Dark Lord will kill me at the next meeting. This is how I ended up in this state Albus. I obviously answered back." Said Snape who had his head down. His hair covered his face like curtains. Only his crooked nose could be seen.

Rozalie let out a gasp. Her eyes dazed and a worried look came over her.

"There must be another way to go by this." Rozalie said with a shaky breath.

She put her head in her shaking hands. Why did everything had to happen to her.

"Obviously there isn't Miss Potter. Or I would of not told you." Snape voice was dripping in sarcasm. Rozalie shot a glare at him.

"The way that Severus has just described this information. I think there's no way around it." Albus said with a sad look.

"What about that Professor Snape stopped spying. We try to find away to remove the Dark Mark with one of Salazar Slytherin's books." Rozalie didn't realise that she just slipped up at the end. It just all came out.

"Salazar Slytherin's books Miss Potter?" Said Dumbledore who had a curious look on his face. Snape looked up at Rozalie with the same look. Rozalie stood up and turned around to face the window so her face couldn't be seen.

"I have been back in The Chamber of Secrets of course Professors. Back in second year I noticed a opening and I thought after nearly three years I would go back down there. My curiosity was correct, Salazar had his own personal chambers down there. I also discovered his library. All his books were of course in parceltounge. I have been there ever since trying to find out information." said Rozalie as she looked out of the window.

The room was quiet for a while. Severus and Albus passed looks to one another until Rozalie spoke up.

"If it comes down that I would marry Professor Snape for Protecting him from is death. I would accept the fact that I couldn't see him die. Excuse me for now. I need to be alone." Said Rozalie who walked out of the room to her own on the top floor. She locked her bedroom door and flung herself on her bed. She let

the world fall down around her.

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