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The Unexpected Visit

The next morning Rozalie woke up to thunder. She sat up and looked around the room.

'It wasn't a really bad dream then!' Thought Rozalie who looked to see Snape still sleeping. She checked the clock which she placed on her bed side table yesterday. It read six o'clock in the morning. Rozalie lightly groaned and very quietly moved out of bed and over to the window. Heavy rain hit the ground as the lightning flashed across the sky.

Rozalie shuddered at how cold the room was and she wrapped her arms around herself. She turned around and headed to the wardrobe. The door creaked as she opened it and Rozalie grabbed a warm long sleeved top and trousers. She opened the draws and got some random pair of kickers, a bright pink bra and socks. She looked over to the bed to see Snape was still asleep.

She took of her sleeping top off and put on her bra. She hooked it up and put on her top. She dropped her shorts quickly and put on her knickers, which were very lacy and see through. She quickly put on her trousers and socks and closed the wardrobe door. She looked at Snape again to see that he looked less his age while sleeping. He looked totally at peace, like no war has affected him.

Rozalie turned around and quietly opened the bedroom door and padded her way down stairs to the kitchen. What she didn't notice was that Snape was watching her while changing into her clothes. Her changing had aroused Snape from sleep and now he looked stricken as like he never had seen a girl get changed before.

Rozalie entered the kitchen and went straight for the kettle to make her needed coffee. About 15 minutes later Snape stood silently in the door way, watching Rozalie in the kitchen.

"Tea or Coffee Professor Snape?" Rozalie asked from the sink. She had noticed him through the rain soaked window. Snape just looked at her.

"Being the gracious house wife I see Mrs Snape." Mused Severus, as he moved from the door way and sat down at the small table watching Rozalie very closely.

"I asked a simple question Mr Snape. Tea or Coffee?" Said Rozalie. She was not going to put up with his attitude today. She turned around and leaned on the kitchen counter and looked at him. Snape got up and grabbed both sides of the kitchen counter and lowered his face to Rozalie's.

"Answering your husband back Mrs Snape is a very bad idea. I own you now by law and I can servely punish you for this lovely conversation." Snape sneered in her face. Rozalie stood frozen on the spot. She was trapped within his arms.

"Well If you stopped treating me like crap then maybe I wouldn't answer my lovely husband back. Don't you forget that I have saved your skinny pale arse Professor Snape." Rozalie said as she ducked under his left arm and out of his way.

"Make yourself a cup of tea then you ungreatful man." Rozalie said as she slammed the kitchen door at the same times the thunder and lightning started above them again. Snape paled and stood frozen to the spot and he slightly flinched at the slammed door.

Rozalie quickly made her way up stairs to the bedroom and she made sure that she slammed the door so Snape could hear from down stairs. Rozalie slid down the side of the bed and she brought her knees up and rested her chin on top of them. Her eyes wondered around the miserable room, which she would be staying in until they went to Hogwarts.

She noticed the house was quite dull all together. A flash of images crossed her eyes as she remembered Snape's memories from her really bad Occlumency lessons.

"So this is the house he was brought up in." Said Rozalie to herself as she got up. She realised that this was the house that his horrible childhood had happened in. She quickly made her way quietly to the door and opened it. She quickly made her may across the landing to the other bedroom door. Rozalie opened it quietly and peeked in.

Her eyes widened as she looked around. The room needed a lot of repair. The wallpaper was damp and in some places hanging off the wall. The floor boards were bare and only a small mattress was in the corner under a un painted window with moth eaten curtains. Rozalie's eyes caught small drawn picture on paper which hung on the wall near the mattress. She moved deeper into the room, she heard a scurrying of disturbed mice.

Rozalie bent down by the mattress and examined the drawing. You could tell that the drawing were done by a 10 year old. The drawing it self was a play ground with a red headed girl and a dark headed boy holding hands. Initials S.S and L.E were drawn on the tree. Rozalie smiled sadly and got up from the floor.

This had been Snape's bedroom. This was where he had shot down flys out of boredness in that memory. Rozalie shook her head. If Snape's room was like this back then, he must of had a childhood at home like hers. With one last look at the room, she walked out and closed the door quietly.

Rozalie had a feeling that her mother had meant something to Snape, or was that feeling still there for her? Snape was like in his late 30's and he wasn't married untill this happened. Rozalie thoughts wondered again as she made her way to there bedroom. She grabbed her finished homework from the top of her trunk and sat on the bed and crossed her had nothing else to do than check her homework. Like there was anything to do around the house. Like Snape said, she wasn't allowed to touch anything.

She looked over at his night stand to notice the picture of Snape and her mother was missing. Rozalie's eyebrow raised and she shuffled across the sheets and quickly opened the top draw to find her answer laying there.

'He must not want me to know anything about him or my mother.' Rozalie thought as she shut his draw and made her way back to her side of the bed.

45 minutes later she heard footsteps coming from the stairs, but she kept her head down and eyes on the potions essay. She made her long blonde hair cover most of her face. The foot steps stopped at the door and she looked up through her lashes to see Snape standing in the door way with his arms tightly against his sides. Rozalie turned to the next piece of parchment and pretend to read it, but she spoke up without looking at him.

"Did you want something?" She asked him as she read the piece of the potions essay. Snape looked at her through his framed, now greasy hair.

"The Headmaster fire called and has given me the greatest of news." Paused Snape sarcastically. "And he wishes for me to teach you Occlumency again." Snape said sleekly. Rozalie's head snapped up quickly and her wide green eyes met Snape's dark cold ones.

"Well we both know what's going to happen again. You'll just tick me off and I'll enter you mind again and then you will kick me out. So personally it's not so good to continue with it because it would just cause more damage between us and besides, I already have a Occlumency wall up." Said Rozalie with a shake of her head.

"What was Dumbledore thinking? He knew that it didn't work between us last time you tried to teach me." Rozalie muttered as she looked down at her essay again.

"Professor Dumbledore thinks that The Dark Lord might try to invade your mind more frequently than usual. His request is for me to teach you more adequately this time and try to get something to stick in that blonde head of yours." Said Snape in a sickly smooth tone. Rozalie's eyes grew narrow and her mouth grew into a snarl. She got up from the bed and stood straight.

"So you weren't teaching me more adequately last time because of your grudge against me?" Rozalie asked him. She looked up and spoke again. "After our last Occlumency lesson it just got worse with the verbal abuse and the death glares. What is your true problem with me Professor Snape? Is it that because it was the fact my father bullied you and you turned your grudge against him on to me? Or is it the fact that my mother choose my father over you?" Rozalie dared to go on, but the look on Snape's face stopped her.

His black eyes blazed and his hands tightened into fists.

"You. Don't. Know. Anything!" Snape hissed furiously as he slowly loomed over her.

"How dare you speak to me like that Potter! You don't know anything." Snape said acidly with a furious look. He was going to continue until there was a loud knock on the door down stairs. Snape groaned. This day just had to get any better

"Quickly put that damn cloak on and stay up hear without a sound." Snape said quickly as he went out of the room and down the stairs. Rozalie wore a confused face and did what she was told. She sat on the bed and waited.

Snape made his way to the door and brought a hand to move the net curtains which covered the doors window. Two cloaked figures stood outside his door. He opened the door a crack to see who it was. The first hooded figure revealed it self to be Narcissa black who had fully thrown her hood back. She personally looked like a drowned blonde ferret.

"Narcissa!" Severus said, opening the door a little bit wider. "What a pleasant surprise!"

"Severus," Narcissa said in a strained whisper. "May I speak to you? It's urgent."

"But of course." Severus said as he opened the door fully and stood back to allow her too pass. Snape noticed whom the other hooded figure was and he was thoroughly tempted to slam the door into Narcissa's still-hooded sister, but Bellatrix followed without invitation.

"Snape," She said curtly as she passed him.

"Bellatrix," Snape replied. Snape quickly looked up the stairs and got his wand out. He put a silencing spell on the living room. They had stepped into the living room and Snape made his way over to the window and gestured a seat to Narcissa. She sat and her sister went behind her.

"So Narcissa, What can I do for you?" Severus asked, settling himself on the armchair opposite Narcissa.

"I ... need to know if we are alone, Severus?" Said Narcissa who clasped her trembling hands together as she asked him.

"Yes, of course we are." Snape said carefully to them.

"Where is your wife Snape? The Dark Lord would be very intrigued to know why she is not here. Or is she in bed still from your wonderful wedding night?" Bellatrix said with a laugh.

"She has gone to the Weasley's for the day. Probably getting her marks attened to." Said Snape with a smirk to Bellatrix.

"Good to know that she is of use. The Dark lord will be intrigued to know in the next meeting about what you have been doing to the Girl-Who-Lived." Bellatrix said with a high pitched laugh.

"Oh congratulations by the way. Here is you wedding present." Bellatrix got The Daily Prophet out of her cloak and she throw it on the coffee table in front of Snape. The headline told all.

Hogwarts Professor and student Married!

"Oh and before I forget, the Dark Lord sent a wedding present also." Bellatrix got out a class jar with a very ugly looking rat in it. She empty the jar and the rat turned into a hunchbacked man with shaggy clothes.

"The Dark Lord sent him to help you with his potions order. You can let him go when your done."

"Great, more vermin in the house." Snape said as his eyes wondered on the headline of The Daily Prophet.

"Well what are you doing just standing there? As you have clearly realised, Wormtail, we have guests," Snape said lazily.

"Narcissa!" Wormtail said, in a squeaky voice, "And Bellatrix! How charming..."

"Oh shut up now, you have been in my pocket so stop with the pleasantry's." Said Bellatrix with a small hiss.

"Move along Wormtail and get us drinks. And then you can go to the cellar and finish of the draught of living death. You know where everything is."

"I am not your servant you greasy..." He squeaked, avoiding Snape's eyes. Moving to the door at the other side of the sitting room.

"Really? Well you have been brought here now haven't you. But I have to remind you again, I was under the impression that the Dark Lord placed you here to assist me."

"To assist, yes - but not to make you drinks!" Shouted Wormtail.

"Oh, I had no idea, Womtail, that you were craving more dangerous assignments," Severus said silkily with a raised eyebrow. "Not like the Draught of Living Death is a dangerous potion. If you were craving a more dangerous tasks, I can always speak to the Dark Lord?"

"I can speak to him myself if I want too Snape!"

"Of course you can," Said Snape, sneering. "But in the meantime, bring us drinks. Some of the elf-made wine will do." Wormtail hesitated for a moment, looking as though he might argue back, but then he turned and headed through the other door. They heard banging, and clinking of glasses. Within seconds Wormtail was back, bearing a dusty bottle and three glasses upon a tray. He put these on the coffee table.

He stopped and looked at Severus.

"Well run along Wormtail." Said Snape as he got his wand and swished it at Wormtail. He landed at the other side of the door. Wormtail stood up as the door slammed it self in his face. Snape then poured out three glasses of the blood-red wine and handed two of them to the sisters. Narcissa murmured a word of thanks, whilst Bellatrix said nothing and snatched it out of Snape's hand. He of course raised a eyebrow amused.

"To the Dark Lord," He said, raising his glass. Snape drained the glass to the last drop and poured some more into his glass. The sisters copied him, like they also needed the drink. He refilled their glasses. As Narcissa took her refilled glass, She started to speak in a rush.

"I...I know that I...I shouldn't be here. The Dark Lord himself forbade me to speak of this."

"Then you ought to hold your tongue!" Bellatrix snarled at her sister. I knew very well where this was going with Bellatrix, stupid bitch. "Particularly in present company!"

"Present company?" Severus repeated sardonically. "And what am I to understand by that, Bellatrix?"

"That I don't trust you."

"Obviously." Snape said in a amused tone.

"Find it funny Snape?" Said Bellatrix as a wand slipped out of her sleeve and into her hand.

"That is enough Bellatrix. You know very well that I came here for a reason. I trust Severus with my life, as you know. I will not speak of this again with you sister."

"But Cissy the man can't be trusted!" Snape Smirked. He locked his eyes with Bellatrix's and he read her mind like a open book. She was never good with Occlumency, unlike Narcissa. That's why the Dark Lord always took her for granted.

"Well If I can not be trusted my dear Bellatrix, I would of been long dead. Your open mind is amusing me. Your mind is like a open book Bellatrix. I would of thought by now that you would have learnt Occlumency. Obviously not. To all your amusing questions you really think that the Dark Lord is mistaken? Or that I have somehow fooled him, the greatest wizard, the most accomplished Legilimens the world has ever seen? Do you really think that the Dark Lord hasn't asked everyone of your questions that you are thinking? And do you really think that, had I not been able to give satisfactory answers, that I would be sitting here talking to you?"

Bellatrix backed down and said nothing, but looked, for the first time, a little discomfited. Snape on the other hand smirked and sipped at his drink.

"If you want to ask anything else, go and question the Dark Lord, Bellatrix. He would just long to tell you." Said Snape with sarcasm dripping from his tongue.

"Now... you came to ask me for help, Narcissa?" She looked up at him, her face suddenly turning eloquent with despair.

"The Dark Lord has forbidden me to speak of it." Said Narcissa quietly like a mouse.

"If the Dark Lord has forbidden it, you ought to speak of it," Snape Paused as she took another sip of his drink. "As it so happens, I am aware of your ituation, Narcissa.

"You? The Dark Lord told you?" Bellatrix said with a raised eyebrow and a hiss.

"Your Sister doubts me, again." Snape said to Narcissa. Totally ignoring her sister.

"He's just a boy though Severus." Said Narcissa with a tear sliding down her face.

"I can't change the Dark Lord's mind, Narcissa. But it might be possible for me to help Draco."

"Severus..." Narcissa stuttered and stood up from the chair and moved closer to Snape.

"Swear to It!" Bellatrix said suddenly. "Make the unbreakable vow." Bellatrix said as she moved from behind Narcissa to behind Snape's Chair. She leaned in towards his greasy hair.

"Its just empty words. He will give it his best effort, when it matters most. Then he will just slither back, into his hole." Said Bellatrix as she moved again. There was a moments silence until Bellatrix spoke again.

"Coward!" Bellatrix sang. Snape's eyes blazed over like fire and a snarl crossed his mouth.

"Take out your wand." Snape said as he watched Narcissa kneel to the floor. His black eyes were fixed upon Narcissa's tear-filled blue ones. Snape lowered himself so that he was kneeling opposite Narcissa. She offered her hand and Snape grasped hers tightly. Bellatrix drew her wand and placed the tip of it on their tight linked hands.

"Will you, Severus Snape, watch over Draco Malfoy as he attempts to fulfil the Dark Lords wishes?" Said Bellatrix quietly.

"I will." Said Snape.

A thin tongue of brilliant flame issued from the wand and wound its way around their hand like barbed wire.

"And will you, to the best of you ability, protect him from harm?"

"I will." Siad Snape

A second tongue of flame shot from the wand and interlinked with the first, making a fine, glowing chain.

"And, should it prove necessary ... if it seems Draco shall Fail, will you yourself carry out the deed the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform.?"

"I will."

The final third tongue of flame twisted with the others and bound itself thickly around their clasped hands, like rope, like a fiery snake. It lingered, then disappeared into their skin. Narcissa quickly snatched her hand away and held it with her other hand. Snape stared into space.

"I must attend to the Dark Lords potions order. If you could kindly leave." He said to the sisters.

"Of course Severus. Thank you. Say Hello to Rozalie for me. If she ever needs to talk, she can come to me." Narcissa bowed her head and Bellatrix did the same. Snape lead them to the door and watched them put up their hoods and quickly leave. He shut the door and locked it once again. He leaned against the door and buried his head in his shaking hands.

What he didn't relies was that he was being watches. Rozalie had heard the door close and She got up from the bed quietly and made her way out of the bedroom. She looked down the stairs to see Snape leaning against the wall with his head in his hands. She quietly made her way down the stairs until she was right in front of him. She made her arm visible and she softly placed a hand on his shoulder. She let her head be visible and her green eyes showed concern for him.

Snape flinched at the touch and he let a gap open between his fingers. His eye wondered within hers and he suddenly straightened up and let his hands drop to his side.

"Are you alright?" Said Rozalie who's hand slipped away from Snape's shoulder. Snape did not speak for a minute or so. He looked at her then pushed himself of the wall and started walking.

"I have to say that we have vermin in the house. As you heard last week that Wormtail had escaped in another mass break out in Azkaban. The Dark Lord has given him to me to help with potions. The rat won't be here for long." Said Snape as he opened the cellar door and without looking back he stepped through and slammed it shut.

Rozalie took her cloak off and shook her head. This is how its always was going to be.

Rozalie found herself in the living room 20 minutes later cleaning up after her beloved husband. She took the three wine glasses and bottle to the kitchen, she also grabbed todays newspaper. She nearly dropped everything when she saw the title. She but everything near the sink and unfolded The Daily Prophet.

Hogwarts Professor and student Married!

It has come to our current surprise that yesterday Rozalie Potter, married the Potions Professor of Hogwarts, Severus Snape. Ministry Official's saw Rozalie Potter with her not convict God father, Sirius Black. Both where spotted walking from one of the flows coming into the Atrium at the Ministry yesterday looking dressed up.

It only came to news this morning that It is official that Rozalie Potter is now Mrs Rozalie Snape. The 16 year old will be starting her 6th year at Hogwarts. Some people are disgusted that Severus Snape, 36 of age married a 16 year old girl and the Girl-Who-Lived. Is this a sham or is it real? Or has our dear Severus Snape put a certain curse on the Girl-Who-Lived?

More on this hot topic on page 3

Written by Rita Skeeter.

Rozalie looked underneath the paragraph and a picture revealed it self of her, Sirius and Remus walking to the lifts. She felt so sick. Snape will be called a pervert now. There's no guessing that. Rozalie wasn't going to read on so she throwed it in the bin. If Snape wanted to read it he can go get it out of the bin.

She turned around and supported herself against the kitchen sink. Everyone would know now. Rozalie needed something to distract her. So she picked up the wine glasses and soaked them in the dish of water. She heard foot steps outside the kitchen door.

"You may go now Wormtail. I had only that potion left to do. I will see you out." Said Snape as Rozalie heard the Front door open. A couple of minutes later it slammed shut and suddenly the kitchen door opened to revel Snape. Rozalie got the cloth and rubbed the wine stain of the first glass, knowing she was being watched.

Snape raised a eyebrow at what she was doing.

"You know Miss Potter, you don't have to clean up after me," Said snape as he crossed his arms. "Your not my personal house elf and I don't expect you to clean up. It's not your task to do so."

"It's fine. I needed something to do. Anyway, wouldn't it be best if you had a memory of me cleaning so Riddle can see your making me do hard work?" Rozalie said as she dried of the wine glasses. She noticed that the wine bottle still had so wine in it, so she plugged the cork back in and put it on the kitchen counter. Snape walked over and picked up the wine bottle and placed it in one of the cupboards. Snape looked over at the bin to see todays Daily Prophet in the bin.

"I see you have read todays paper?" Said Snape in a amused tone. Rozalie turned to the side and looked at him. She sneered at the paper in the bin.

"Yes and I think Rita Skeeta should be stomped on. You do know that you will be now accused of certain things and I won't be surprised if you get threats, howlers and letters. What she put is totally wrong. Skeeta defiantly puts sayings into people's heads." Said Rozalie in a angry tone.

"Don't worry Miss Potter. I have been accused of many things before. It won't be the first time." Snape said with no emotion. If you could see, his eyes had a slight blaze of sadness. Rozalie bent her head in thought and crossed her arms.

"Did you need to read the paper?" Rozalie asked. She didn't know if he had read it yet or not.

"No I have not. I hardly read it anyway. It's always full doom and gloom."

"You know it might be funny to see a certain Professor on your back bickering at you when we get back to Hogwarts." Rozalie said with a slight smile to him.

"And whom may that be?" Snape questioned.

"Professor McGonagall."

"Well its not like the old cat isn't on my back anyway." Said Snape with a shrug.

"Well she will probably is going to start thinking that your going to make me lose in Qudditch and let your precious Slytherin's win." Rozalie said with a smirk. She watched as Snape raised both of his eyebrows at her. Rozalie grabbed the tea towel and folded it and placed it on the table.

"I apologise about this morning Professor. I shouldn't of over reacted. It's none of my business anyway, like you said."

"Miss Potter, you do know that there will be a lot more arguments in the future. As You can see, I'm not a very nice man." Snape admitted to Rozalie.

"Professor Snape, I know that we will probably have a lot more arguments. Our past record shows us that. It's doesn't mean that your not a nice man. I think its just a mask. You don't want to let anybody in and I know that you know its the truth. Said Rozalie as she turned around to look out of the window. Snape's face froze over at the truth. Snape suddenly hissed in pain as he started clutching at his left forearm. His eyes closed tightly and Rozalie heard the hiss and went straight to him. Her concern showed again

"You better go." Rozalie said with understand meant as she lightly touched his cheek. Snape's eyes suddenly came open like a electric current went through him, even though his left forearm was burning. His dark eyes snapped down to meet her's.

"Stay in the house Miss Potter while I am gone." Said Snape as he summoned his death eater mask and clothes. Rozalie hand dropped to her side as she nodded and walked to the door with him quickly. Snape quickly put the robe on and held his mask.

"Take care Professor." Said Rozalie calmly. Snape nodded and the door suddenly opened. He looked carefully out side and slipped away around the corner to the alley. Rozalie shut the door with a snap and locked it with the muggle locks. What she didn't see was that a blue glow quickly made its way around the door frame. Rozalie sighed and went to the living room and waited for his return.

Like there was anything to do while she waited.

Severus apperated to the dark and gloomy grounds of Malfoy Manor. Well, this is where his mark had taken him. Just like a personal Sat Nav embedded into his skin. It wasn't the first time that there had been a meeting here, but that last meeting here was in the first war.

Snape made his way up to the pair of impressive wrought-iron gates. Snape put his left hand on the gate and let go as it disappeared into smoke. He walked straight forward until he reached the grand Manor. He sped towards the door which opened and somehow knowing, that the meeting was in the ball room.

The doors were already open which he walked in and took his place in the circle. He kneeled to the floor like the rest of them and waited. The air around them suddenly changed to a icy feeling as a figure walked into the room. The red eyes of Voldemort pieced through every one of his death eaters.

"I welcome you all to Malfoy Manor." Said Voldemort in a high, clear voice from the centre of the circle. His eyes locked onto the shortest hooded figure at the back of the circle.

"Come here Draco!" Said Voldermort as he gestured with his white hand to come to him. Draco made his way through to the inner ring and kneeled down in front of him.

"I think it's time that I marked the son of Lucius Malfoy, after all You have decided to say yes to your special task. Yes?"

"Yes My Lord." Said Draco in a small whisper. Voldemort smirked and quickly removed Draco's mask and throw it to the floor. Voldemort places a long white finger under his chin so that Ice blue eyes met red.

"Don't be so terrified Draco. Your the beginning of the next generation of my precious death eaters." Voldemort said with a hiss. Draco shivered as Voldemort placed a loose piece of hair out of the boys face.

"Give me your left arm boy." Voldemort watched as Draco slowly lifted his now bare arm to him. Voldemort snatched it tightly as he got his wand out and poked it into Draco's skin.

Voldemort started to hiss the incantation in parceltongue. A dark green line rapped it self around Voldemort's wand which started glowing. He hissing became louder and Draco's screaming began.

From what Snape could see was that Draco's arm was suddenly turning black. Like his skin had hit acid. Severus watched as tears went down the boys face. Draco started biting his lip which blood started leaking down his chin. The screams of anguish echoed against that walls of the ball room. It mixed in with the loud hisses from Voldemort. The mark on the boys skin became clear as a red glow covered it. Draco stopped screaming as Voldemort put away his wand, though he was still holding the boys wrist. With his free hand he poked a finger deep into the boys mark and the mark raised like a new tattoo.

Draco screamed again and when Voldemort let go, he collapsed to the floor and everyone laughed at the sight of the boy.

"It seems the boy is week, like his father." Voldemort laughed and also most of his death eaters did. Snape smirked behind his mask. He looked at the boys mark, which was bleeding. Voldemort stepped over the boy and faced Severus.

"Rise Severus," Said Voldemort as he moved closer. "I hear you are married. How delightful." Voldemort said the another high laugh.

"Yes My Lord."

"Congratulations. I hear you were a bit rough with our dear Girl-who-Lived?" He questioned. Voldemort elegantly walked over to his servant. Snape let a part of his Occlumency wall down. His eyes locked with red ones and he felt the presence of Voldemort in his mind.

The Memories of the ceromony, entering his home, showing his home to her, leading her to the master bedroom. What Voldemort didn't know was that the rest of the memories were made up. He watched the fake memories of Rozalie being whipped, tied up and roughly dealt with on the bed. Severus felt sick by the end of it.

"Who ever thought, that Severus was into S&M," Voldemort smirked at him. "I'm glad to see that you have been dealing with her already. Any news on Dumbledore?"

"Yes My Lord. You see he is traveling again. This time he is in France claiming its about family matters. He left straight away from the Ministry yesterday. Dumbledore said he would be back tomorrow by the latest"

"Do You believe him Severus?"

"No my Lord. I wasn't convinced when he told me."

"I have connections in France. I'll get someone to find the old man and and follow him. You may go Severus. No doubt that Dumbledore will want you in the castle right now for safe keeping. You will be called when you are needed my dear servant." Voldemort said as he walked over to Draco who was now standing, clutching his bleeding arm.

"I welcome you now as one of my follows Draco. Now, get to the back. One day you will be one of my most faithful." That was on of the last things Severus heard as he walked from the ball room and out of the manor. He quickly made his way from the manor and down the lane. Severus was surprised that Voldemort didn't ask about anything else. Snape quickly apperated away.

Rozalie heard the door open a couple of hours later. She quickly got up from the sofa and dashed her way out of the living room. She was greeted to a fully dressed death eater Snape, who thank Merlin wasn't wearing his mask.

"Are you alright? Did he hurt you? What curse did he use?" Rozalie asked quickly as she checked him over with her eyes.

"Does it look like I'm hurt, silly girl. If I was hurt, I would of come stumbleing out of my fire place by now covered in blood." Snape said sarcasticly. He sneered and went past her fussing. He made his way up the stairs. He stopped as he heard Rozalie speak to him. He had his back turned.

"Well at least somoeone was concerned with your welfaer. I won't bother asking again then." Said Rozalie in a low tone. Snape sighed quietly and made his way to the bedroom, which he slammed the door shut. Rozalie was left looking up the stairs.

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Next chapter will contain Dumbledores cursed hand, meaning that Dumbledore will be telling Snape he is dieing. Which I will be putting a twist into that. Rozalie finds herself with Professor trelawney, which the professor tells her about who had told about the prophercy. I know that happens later in the book, but I wanted to happen earlyer in this story. A Visit from Sirius, Letter's, death threats and much much more.