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Wilfred Mott stood outside the Eternity Care Clinic on Chiswick High Road. The building was old but somehow they had made the old stone look like it had only just been build. Sylvia Noble came up behind him.

"Are you okay Dad?" she asked handing him a shopping bag so she could get her phone out of her handbag.

Wilfred brushed aside his previous thoughts "I'm find dear, just looking at what they've done to the old Woolworths."

Sylvia squinted as she looked the building up and down "Oh, it looks lovely now, much better than an empty building." She spun her heard to her father "You were thinking of signing up!"

Wilfred walked away "No, I wasn't. I was just looking at a leaflet…"

"Dad!" she called jogging to catch up with him "You don't need their fancy private clinics. The Doctor said you were fine as long as you had a good diet."

"But they've got the most experience specialists in every single profession, top notch funding and the finest equipment money can buy!" Wilfred pulled the leaflet out of his pocket "What if I just tried it out? They're looking for volunteers for experimental treatments; I could go up, just for a check up."

Sylvia's face turned serious "You must be joking. You don't need to sign up!"

"I already have…" Wilfred confessed, casting his face away from Sylvia's glare

"Oh Lord…"Sylvia moaned

"It's just a check up; there is nothing to worry about. There's nothing dangerous about a check up is there?" Wilfred assured her.

Sylvia wasn't assured at all; in fact she grew more suspicious "This has got to do with that Doctor hasn't it? He's got you investigating this mysterious company that's popped up out of the blue! Well I've got news for you. I researched them and they've been around for three years, completely clean! Nothing is wrong with Eternity Care at all so you can stop your little adventure right now!"

Wilfred just looked at the floor "It's not about the Doctor. I lied about the scans and I lied about what the Doctor said."

Sylvia froze "What?"

Wilfred looked up at her, making sure their eyes met "I've got cancer."

Martha and Mickey were sitting in a Starbucks somewhere in Hammersmith. They had just been to see drop in on a new friend of theirs, Tara Woods, who has just started to work in the Eternity Care clinic there.

"I just don't get it," Mickey said in shock "Why would you want to go to Eternity Care instead of the NHS?"

"Haven't you been watching all those Panorama programmes? People don't trust the NHS anymore, they certainly don't trust a lot of care systems." Martha took a sip of her tea "I just think it is a good option to consider. I mean, I want the best for our baby, don't you?"

Mickey sighed and stirred his coffee to distract himself from her eyes, he could never win this battle, he knew. But he might as well try "We were both born in NHS hospitals, why not our kid too? There's nothing wrong with them, they just don't have the funding."

"Another reason to go to Eternity Care, they have superb funding. Didn't that guy, what's his name, Marlon Hounslow! He published that novel that everyone's reading and all the money goes to support Eternity Care." She drunk her tea down to the very last drop "Look, can we just sign up, for the testing service. I mean they're going to need people this week for the trails."

Mickey chuckled "Now that's what I don't get. Why would such a facility need to do trials if everyone thinks they're so great?"

"Why, to measure costumer satisfaction and make sure all equipment is full functioning of course." A voice replied from the table next to them, the pair turned to see who had been eavesdropping on their conversations, ex-companions of the Doctor couldn't be too careful "I'm Marlon Hounslow. I heard you know of my book?"

Martha's face lit up "It's you! I can't believe it's you!" Martha pulled a book out of her bag "I brought it yesterday, my sister recommended it. Could you sign it?"

"Of course," Marlon replied "anything for a fan."

Mickey surveyed the man; he was tall, had dark hair and tanned skin but was obviously British. He wore a navy suit with a light blue tie and white shirt and as he pulled a pen out of his pocket he flashed a smile that could melt butter "Nice suit," remarked Mickey.

"Thank-you, it was a present from my fiancé." Marlon told him writing his signature in Martha's book.

"It looks very expensive. Was it a present?" Mickey asked his suspicions, and his eyebrows, raised.

Marlon smiled guiltily handing back Martha's book and stashing his pen away "I'm afraid so. I really should be treating her but she's far more financially stable than me."

"That was very kind of you donating money to Eternity Care." Mickey said relaxing in his chair.

"It's the least I could do; it's such a great cause." Marlon stood up, picking up his paper and his coffee as he went giving them a wave as he walked out of the store.

Mickey turned back to Martha who was scowling at him "What?" he cried with a guilty smile, he knew what was wrong.

"What was with all those questions?" she asked sternly.

Mickey shrugged "I'm just curious…"

"No, you weren't, you were just trying to make this into some sort of big mission …" Martha paused for a while "I miss the days we could run around without a care in a world but we have to be serious now. We're starting a family."

Mickey leant forward "I'm sorry. I promise to try and behave better."

Martha smiled "You better! Now, remember. Meet me outside the clinic tomorrow at ten and not minute later." Martha got up and gathered her things.

"Wait, where are you going?" he asked.

"Mum's! Remember? She wants to know all about the baby and the wedding…" she kissed Mickey on the check and he stood up after her.

"Then are you sure you don't mind me going with David tonight?" he asked as they walked out of the coffee shop.

Martha smiled "Of course, the world is depending on you." She hugged him "I love you." She said happily.

Mickey returned the hug "I love you too." He kissed her forehead and watched her walk towards the train station before he pulled out his phone and called David, he waited until David greeted him before he asked his question "So what news do we have on the crash site?"

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