Amy stood outside the Head Office in Belfast. She had rushed home to change into something smarter before they caught a ride with the friend River had contacted when Amy had first expressed her worries for Eternity Care. The Torchwood Institute was more than helpful in providing her the means to get inside and apparently there was a small team of them across the county that were preparing to infiltrate the company. It was a very tall building, Forty-nine floors. It was a trait; it seemed to be constant throughout all of the Head Offices in each country in the United Kingdom.

'A very conveniently consistent trait, as if was need for something,' thought Amy as she passed nervously through security.

They let her through without a second look and Amy hurried towards a lift looking at her ID card as she went. Toni Clark, aged twenty three (she could pass as that, surely) and was on Floor 32- Foreign Investments. Amy soon found a lift and entered into the empty carrier. It was strangely quiet for a first day but Amy was sure she wasn't the only one coming in a little late. Amy took a peek at her phone. It was only 8:34. The working day started at nine so she had plenty of time to get a coffee. She poked the lift button for her floor and the door started to close.

"Wait!" cried a frantic female voice "Wait a minute! Hold the door please!"

Amy launched her foot out in the closing gap of the door and the lift doors paused and then retreat. The woman was still running even though she could see the door was open. She was blonde and tall and dressed more casually that she was. She wore a flower in her hair and a array of colourful bracelets down both of her arms. She wore a long dress that covered her toes and she made walking in such a long dress without tripping over look easy. Over the dress she wore a dark green cardigan that Amy, and anyone else for that matter, could tell was homemade but that amateur quality of knitting.

"Thank-you so much," She said clambering into the lift and pressing the Floor 32 button even though she could she it was already lit up "My name is Emily Brown. It's my first day; I'm working on Floor 32- Foreign Investments, what about you?"

"I'm working in Foreign Investments too, although I'm not really sure what we'll be doing…" Amy smiled the lift started to move upward

"Me too," Emily cried in excitement "I only took the job for the money. It weird though, what they said about the last people who had our jobs."

Amy's head spun around "What did they say?" she asked.

Emily shrugged "They said one of them was donating a kidney to the other. They went over to an Eternity Care clinic, you know, perks of the job, and well… they never came back. I used to have this friend, Anna, who worked here but she quiet, she walked staright out you know. I thought, oh that is so like Anna but then after she told me what happened to poor old… oh what's her name… Oh I know her name… it's right on the tip of my tongue. Ah! Beatrice! Oh, Beatrice. I could understand why it was poor old Beatrice she was so nice." She sighed and smiled her hand on her heart.

There was a short silence and Amy waited eagerly for Emily to go on but Emily showed now signs of continuing her speech "What happened?"

"Huh?" asked Emily "Sorry? Oh, I'm so sorry. I went off in a whole little world of my own there. What did you say?"

"Why did Anna leave?" asked Amy, just her luck, when she find a lead to what is wrong with Eternity Care she is stuck with the loopiest woman in the entire country.

"I told you," Emily laughed "because of Beatrice!"

Amy rolled her eyes, if they were going to working together from today, then Amy thought she may commit suicide before lunchtime "Yeah. But umm… what happened to Beatrice?" she asked trying to be a polite as she possibly could.

"Well who knows you know. She supposedly killed herself in the basement although no-one's sure what happened really. They never even found the body; they just matched the blood with hers. She'd donated to Eternity Care a week before as well. The building was closed for two weeks before they started up again yesterday." Emily pulled her phone out of her bag "Give us your number then. What was your name again? You know I'm crap with names me. My Mum always said 'One day Emily you're going to wish you could remember everybody's name as well as yours."

The lift stopped moving and the doors opened. Floor 32 was packed. People were running about, talking on phones, filing paperwork and the clattering of keyboards and clicking of mice was almost deafening. A man who Amy reckoned was about in his forties rushed past them as they walked gingerly out of the doors. Emily linked arms with Amy.

"Oh goodness me," she breathed "and I thought I was keen."

Amy looked for someone in charge, scanning her eyes over her new work mates. Not one of them seemed to take notice of her or Emily as they stood there "You know what Emily?"

"What?" Emily asked still shocked at the busy colony of workers she had just stepped into.

"I bet you're the nicest person I'm going to meet in this building." She turned to smile at Emily who was beaming.

"Right back at ya!" she giggled "How serendipitous that I met you. You know, my Mum always said I was a lucky one. She'd say 'Emily Brown I don't know why but fate always smiles upon you.' Then she would say 'God help us all.' I never really knew why though."

"Toni Clark and Emily Brown?" asked a voice and the two women turned to see the man who had passed them as they came out of the lift, he slightly shorter than Amy with thinning hair and pale skin, his eyes were the same shade of grey as his suit and matching tie "My name is Christian Powell. I'm in charge of Floor 32. You two are over there by the window on those two empty desks. I'm sorry but you'll have to excuse me. I'm wanted on floor 49."

With that he walked off and the two girls were left alone to find their desks in the large crowd of suits, tie, glasses and coffee "What do we do exactly?" asked Emily to Amy.

Amy turned to Emily, they shared a small cubicle right by the window on opposite side to the elevator "We just copy what everyone else is doing I suppose."

Emily bit her lip and looked as if she was trying to make her computer start using her mind "I don't like it here. I thought it was going to be like when I was temping for PhiCorp…"

"You were temping for PhiCorp?" Amy cried in amazement.

Emily smiled weakly "Yeah… last year in America. It's where I met my ex."

"Oh… I'm sorry." Amy said quietly.

She suddenly perked up, springing into a hearty laugh "Oh screw the dick-head! Have you got anyone?"

Amy smiled "My husband Rory and my daughter, Melody."

Emily squealed "Oh that is so cute!" she turned her computer on "You know I would love a little daughter. I'd love a husband too."

"Well you're still young," Amy encouraged "you're young, free and single. I'm sure back home you were fighting them off with a broom."

Emily shook her head "My mum said 'Never have anything to do with men Emily. It will be the last thing you do.'" She chuckled but her laughter was hollow and full of pain that Amy could feel from where she sat "I don't want to talk anymore."

"Was it something I said?" Amy asked feeling as if she'd just lost the friendship of the one the nicest people you could meet.

Emily shrugged "We better get to work."

Amy turned back around. Perhaps it was something about this building that meant that everyone who stepping into it ended up as dull as Christian Powell. Emily had come in teaming with life and boundless energy and now she was as flat as Rory's attempt to make pancakes for her last birthday. The Doctor's companion looked around the room hoping that if there was something in this building that would drain the life out of her, that she wouldn't meet it anytime soon.