Chapter 1. The Dracken Awakens

"One of the most frightening things in the world is the Dracken, they besides Veelas, and Werewolves, are overly protective of their mate. Fierce some, dangerous when angry, one does not want to encounter an angry dominant Dracken, for if you do prepare to meet your end. That is unless you are the submissive Dracken; all they need to worry about is what is going to happen to them this time."

-Monster or Mate: A Wizards Guide to Supernatural Creatures by Emilia Anderson Sinistra

The moonlight bounced off her skin, something ominous filled the air. Hermione could feel her skin tingling, in a way it kind of burned. What was going on? Turning over in her bed she tried to once again get comfy, the warm bed sheets were calling her. But alas if was to no use. Something just made her more on edge tonight. Besides the excitement of the up and coming birthday that she would soon be celebrating. She blamed it all on the nerves of turning another year older.

Tossing over once again, she finally found the position that gave off the most comfort. She was just shutting her eyes when the clock struck midnight. Officially her seventeenth birthday began; little did she know of the inheritance that would be set in place.

It was only hours later that she awoke from the strange dream she was having, something about two very distinct Slytherin men. Men who couldn't be trusted with her life, the one and only ferret, Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini, aka the Italian Stallion. She moaned as she stretched in bed, why would she be having such thoughts?


"Cara? Where are you going?" Blaise's voice asked making her tingle in her seat; his voice was just so thick, so dreamy, and so sexy.

"I don't know, mate, but she better get back over here." Malfoy's voice came from behind her, normally it was full of hatred but it actually sounded full of lust.

She could almost feel someone's hands caressing the insides of her thighs, making her face feel all heated up.

"Look at the blush, Drake." Blaise said and suddenly she felt his hand pet her face. So it was Draco who was touching her legs like that.

"She looks like a tomato, Blaise." Draco answered as his hands went higher up her legs.

"Hey!" she complained but only blushed deeper, as the two young men went to look at her.

"But Cara, you look so beautiful, don't be embarrassed, love. Drake the blush looks lovely on her creamy white skin its only okay as long as she's our tomato, Drake." Blaise answered and suddenly his lips descended on to her own. His lips were so soft, so succulent and he tasted just of espresso.

Draco's hand meanwhile was creeping slowly to her already moist center and was just about to…


That's when she was suddenly jerked awake, and her faced heated up at the not so innocent thoughts she just hand moments ago.

Where did such feelings come from? Certainly she had no feelings towards the two Slytherins; Draco made fun of her for years, while the Italian just sat back and watched. Sure he didn't do anything towards her, but it was still just as bad that he only watched Malfoy torment her in their younger years.

Surely something was wrong with her, getting up she turned on the lamp next to her bedside and gasped. Something surely was wrong with her.

The very first thing she noticed was that she could see and hear everything better as she looked around her room. Everything was so much clearer. Colours, she noticed, were brighter and there was so much more to everything, every colour, every shape, every pattern. She never knew there were so many shades of black before. She could even hear the sounds of the animals from across the streets, and the rodents in the ground waking up. Even smells felt so much stronger, she could smell the chocolate chip cookies that she kept hidden underneath her bed for emergencies.

Getting out of bed she decided to explore around, may hap Fred and George put something in the package of items that they sent her yesterday. Maybe it was a reaction to whatever charms or spells that were put in place.

She looked around her room for thirty minutes before she decided to check and see if anything else had improved besides her hearing and eyesight. Hermione went to her mirror in the bathroom to take a look at herself and gasped when she saw the many changes that seemed to happen overnight.

Her once bushy, frizzy hair was now like pure dark silk hanging in ringlets. It had even grown several inches; to the point where it was almost past her butt. Her cheek bones became more angular, and her body became curvier. Her once small breasts had filled out to the point of bursting out of her normal bra size, easily growing a cup or two up. Her height too had changed as well. She was now at least 5 foot 7 inches, a good amount taller than her normal five foot two inches. At least she would be able to now look at eye level with Harry and Ron.

The most obvious and slightly scary change however was her face. It almost made her scream. She had bright white scales on her face. As she felt her body she could feel more, so she took her clothes off to get a better view of them. There were scales over the majority of her body in some sort of elaborate design. They started at the top of her forehead and went down past her shoulders and back. They even continued on down her butt and her legs. They reflected off the bathroom light causing them to have some sort of glittered effect.

Touching the mirror image of herself, she gasped. What had happened? Why was she some sort of monster? What happened to being a normal muggle or at least trying to be a normal witch?

She stood there asking herself many of the hundreds of possibilities. But she came up with naught.

As she studied her face and body once again, she felt a pain she had never experienced before on her back. As she looked behind her she could see wings starting to appear. When they were finished growing she saw two perfect black wings that were almost as tall as she was. They were covered in the same white scales as the rest of her body.

Oh great, she thought, I even come with wings.

She found that if she flexed her back as the wings would somehow slide back into some hidden folds in her back.

Immediately she went into bookworm mode, every question had a highly logical answer. This time desperately called for big measures.

Once back in her room Hermione got out all of her books on magical creatures out, she continuously flipped through them all until she finally found a short excerpt that could possibly explain her creature like appearance to her. Something here had to give her the correct answers to her certain…er…predicament.

Finally after hours upon hours of skimming book after book, she found something that seemed to fit just perfectly.

Drackens. (Or Dragon Kind.)

Drackens are a rare breed of magical creature. They are believed to be nearly extinct with the number of the creatures' population dropping significantly as more Drackens choose to breed with humans to avoid detection, causing the bloodline to dilute and eventually die out.

The drop in Dracken populace can also be accounted to wizards, who hunt Drackens for their blood and scales which are useful for certain potions, rituals and spells.

Drackens have been classed as dark creatures since the eighteen-forties by the British, American, Asian and European Ministries of Magic and have consequently been deemed as dangerous to society.

There are rumored to be less than a hundred living Drackens worldwide, though it is unclear if this number is accurate as Drackens have become adept at hiding their defining characteristics making it easier for them to blend in with human beings these can also be related to the common Veela traits in many pureblood witches and wizards.

Continuing she read the following passages.

There are two kinds of Drackens.

The dominant Dracken and the submissive Dracken.

Dominant Drackens are ninety-eight percent of the time males. There have been only two reported and proven cases of a dominant female Dracken. Dominants are always much larger and more vicious than their submissive counterparts. This is to protect their submissive and any offspring they might have.

Dominant Drackens are very possessive creatures especially of what they deem is theirs and are very territorial, most likely due to the dragon blood pumping in their veins. A dominant Dracken will be at his most vicious and dangerous when his submissive is in heat, is pregnant or is nesting. Any threat to his submissive or his young will be removed as quickly as he is able to do so.

Dominant Drackens appear to be outwardly cold and cruel. It is only with his submissive and his young that he will show any tenderness. But even then the dark side of the Dracken will show through as a dominant Dracken will still be rough, unknowing of his own strength.

A dominant Dracken will punish his submissive if he feels the submissive has done wrong, though he will never cause his submissive any permanent harm as a Dracken, like their dragon counterparts, is a very vain and prideful creature and having a beautiful, flawless submissive will be a source of great pride for a dominant.

The dominant counterpart is the submissive Dracken, who are typically female, though there have been several reported submissive male Drackens.

Though submissive Drackens are smaller than their dominant counterparts, they can be just as dangerous if provoked, nearly ninety percent of documented submissive Dracken killings were over the Dracken's offspring being threatened or harmed. A submissive will rarely kill for their dominant as, exactly like their dragon ancestors, the dominant male is expected to take care of himself and his family, it is a submissive's job to protect the young and not her dominant.

A submissive may, in some cases, have more than one dominant mate. A powerful submissive Dracken requires more than one dominant to impregnate her for the conception to take up; it is unclear as to why, as the Drackens are so few in number that nearly all of them hide themselves away as a safety precaution. This event has only been recorded a few times per century, but the numbers dwindle as the Dracken populace is steadily decreasing.

Both dominant and submissive Drackens are extremely durable, adaptable and notoriously hard to kill. Because of their tough skin most spells will not affect a Dracken and their scales are highly reflective, meaning spells will just bounce right off them. The only exception is the killing curse, Avada Kedavra.

Drackens are also reported and verified to be allergic to salt water, which with prolonged exposure can cause the skin of a Dracken to become irritated and inflamed. Though the allergy is not deadly, it can cause serious harm including; itching, burning, boils and if in contact with the eyes of a Dracken for any extended period of time can cause blindness. Certain precautions must be taken in place in case of further harm.

The characteristics and features of a Dracken include:


Dominant Drackens have scales covering approximately fifty to sixty percent of their body, excluding their wings which are covered entirely. The dominant will have darker scales ranging from black to dark reds, blues, greens and purples etcetera.

Submissive Drackens have scales covering approximately seventy-five to eighty percent of their body. A submissive Dracken's wings are also entirely covered with scales but the submissive Dracken differs from the dominant because a submissive Dracken's scales will start out solidly white and will, with time, change to reflect the colour(s) of their dominant(s).

These scales can in turn actually disappear in the absence of the mates, in order to protect the Dracken's identity and from being hunted. They strongly appear for three days after the inheritance has arrived, but will eventually fade back into the skin, the inheritance is a highly dangerous time for the Dracken. It when they are most weak after gaining the new magical changes to their body.


A dominant Dracken's wings are large and powerful, much like the dominant Dracken is himself, spanning up to twenty-five feet in length depending on how old, how tall, how heavy (and/or) powerful the Dracken is. Dominants will display their wings for a potential mate. The larger the wings, the more impressive they'll be to a submissive. These wings can also be used to fight off any unwanted suitors for the Dracken's submissive mate.

A submissive Dracken's wings are not as large as their dominant counterpart, spanning out at approximately thirteen or fourteen feet at most. This is most probably because the submissive Dracken is smaller and lighter than a dominant and also because the submissive does not need her wings to entice a dominant mate to her.

Both dominant and submissive Drackens can use their wings for flight and can travel for long distances and at great heights without the need to stop for rest or without the worry of altitude sickness.


Both dominant and submissive Drackens have fangs and claws, though these will be considerably bigger on the dominant Dracken. The fangs and claws are usually kept sheathed until needed for killing, hunting or protecting. Both are large and deadly, but a submissive Dracken's claws are very acidic. This acid is secreted in the nail beds and can coat the claws in seconds; the acid is so corrosive just a few swipes can burn a medium sized hole through a human body.


When a Dracken reaches a certain age, mostly around the early stages of adulthood (sixteen to seventeen years of age) their inheritance will show more dominantly. Scales will darken, and the body overcomes a great physical change enhancing in order to find a proper mate. Just like the familiar Veela and Werewolf cousins, Dracken will experience many hints for their suited mate. It is only upon luck that the Dracken will meet its' proper mate within the few years following the appearance of adulthood.

Dreams are a common thing during the pre-mating season. Each dream a Dracken has will show the proper way to the right mate. This is the inner Dracken want and claiming what is rightfully theirs. Other ways may include strong powerful scents that are highly addictive to the Dracken. Who will do anything in its power to capture the scent belonging to its mate. Even a touch or a kiss from another person can set the Dracken on the path to its mate.

Who will be on high alert trying to protect its mate from other possible suitors. That is not in the case for a submissive Dracken with two mates; instead of potentially killing or maiming the other Dracken from stealing his mate the other Dracken will feel a warm kinship towards the other dominant male. These dominant males could actually be still together for a long time until the submissive female is found.


Once the mates have found each other a binding ceremony is put into place. This ceremony is much alike those of the werewolves and veelas, who will bite their mate during intercourse. The bite itself contains a special venom that secrets hormones that will a: improve fertility and b: mark the mate as their own. This also happens in the form of blood, in which a strong blood bond is put in place to permanent keep the Drackens together. If there are two dominant males, the ceremony will be performed twice for twice as long to keep the Drackens forever bonded.

Breeding Cycles:

Submissive Drackens go into heat several times a year, but despite this it is believed that there are only two periods of time in a single year in which a Dracken can be impregnated.

Breeding cycles vary with each submissive, but the most common time for a Dracken to become pregnant is in the winter. The average range of days for a submissive Dracken to be in heat is ten days in which a dominant Dracken will breed his submissive almost continually to ensure the biggest possible number of offspring. Neither the dominant nor submissive will feed during this time of continuous mating.


The gestation period of a submissive Dracken is approximately seven months, during this time the dominant Dracken will be so severely protective of his submissive that he will rarely let her out of his sight and he will not let anyone near her, not even family members, the only exception to this is if the submissive Dracken has more than one dominant mate, in which case, only the other Dracken will be allowed near her.

It is believed that in order to keep the offspring healthy and growing strongly the dominant Dracken will need to share his liquids with his submissive. He will do this by kissing his mate to share his saliva, touching to share his sweat, and even ejaculating into his mate to give his semen and feeding his blood to his mate and child.

Symptoms of Dracken pregnancy include; Nausea, irritability, dizziness, sensitivity to cold, craving raw meat and accidental magical outbursts. When close to birthing the submissive Dracken will feel a need for high, dark places. Once the submissive finds/makes a suitable 'nest' they will stay there until after the birth.


A submissive Dracken will give birth alone. The dominant(s) will not be permitted entry to the nest until after the birthing is over. A submissive will give birth to between one and five young or 'chicks' as they have been labeled by the Ministry. Once the birth is over and the new mother has nursed the chicks the Father(s) will be allowed to enter the nest. The chicks will nurse for twelve weeks before becoming mature enough to be weaned and be allowed to leave the nest for the first time.

Hermione paused re-reading the last section over and over again. She was a Dracken! Was she not human anymore? Why did this happen to her? Was she actually adopted? She couldn't have been she had even saw the birth certificates that her parent had.

A Dracken? Really?

Slowly she placed the book back down onto the floor. A few more thoughts passed her mind: mates, chicks, intercourse, wings, dragons, bonding. She was going to have to go through all this?

She took a deep breath, concentrating. It isn't that bad, Hermione girl, you lived through Harry and Ron's shenanigans you can live through this. She told herself. One…two…three…

Suddenly everything went dark in front of her eyes.

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