Chapter 23. I Can Still Feel Him

"It is known that if a Dracken does not find its mate after so many years after their inheritance the Dracken side will begin to take over the human side. Just as a Veela or a Werewolf, the wilder and much more dangerous side will begin to take control in order to find their proper mate. This side will then remain in control until thus mate is found and properly bonded to them. Nothing, and dear reader I mean nothing, will ever stop the Dracken from finding and claiming its mate. It's nearly even impossible for the mate to even deny the feelings for the other Dracken; it's not just the pheromones that are emitted but the calling to their soul."

-You and Me, Forever We Shall Be: The Guide for Mates and Bonding by M.R. Granger

"Minerva will take Miss Granger to the Hospital Wing herself, meanwhile Mr. Zabini, Mr. Malfoy, you two and I will take care of this situation." Snape said dismissing them all. Professor McGonagall took Hermione up at her shoulders, her knees shaking terribly, the blanket barely covered past her knees.

"Severus, classes should be starting soon, what should I tell the staff?" Minerva asked guiding Hermione towards the doors.

"Send Flitwick a message to start the meal without us, when you are done with assisting Miss Granger to the hospital meet us at my office, I'm sure that Kingsley will be coming soon." Snape said dismissing McGonagall.

Blaise watched with narrowed eyes as Hermione walked away from him. In his head he recalled the recent events and how they displayed before him. This was going to take a lot of explaining to do.

This was why he was going to have Draco do it in his stead.


"Minerva? What is going on?" Madam Pomfrey asked astonished. It had barely been two days back into the school year and already her hospital was starting to fill up. Two students had eaten Puking Pasties by mistake. It was a simple first year mistake, not that it helped that their older classmates always picked on them for the first couple of months.

Luckily she was able to give the students some potions and send them on their merry way. Then Harry Potter showed up bringing up the youngest Weasley boy behind him. At first Poppy was a bit reserved about attending to the pale cheeked young man, who only hours before nearly attacked his best friend. But sensing something entirely different about him, she gave it thought and tended to him. Nothing a simple Pepper-Up Potion could fix.

After laying him down in an empty bed she continued to check over him. But then Minerva walked it supporting an even paler looking Hermione Granger, whom was only wrapped in a single, thin blanket.

"It will have to wait until a later time, Poppy. Is a private trundle available?" Professor McGonagall pulled aside Hermione, who drudgingly came along.

The poor girl was already sobbing, tears flowed down her cheeks. Her voice came out a nearly unintelligible mumble. "…He's there…I can still sense him on my dirty skin…such filth…" Hermione pulled at her skin once more before McGonagall could stop her.

"Minerva! What has happened to Miss Granger?" Madam Pomfrey exclaimed, startled. What was going on here? The girl looked weak and bedraggled as though she had just fought in an engaging battle, and Poppy would know especially after the war that just occurred.

Just a few hours ago she had just treated the same girl on the Hogwarts Express, now she was entering the hospital yet again.

"The dirt! It's still there, on my skin it won't go away!" Hermione cried out shaking. Inwardly her brain and her conscience were at a battle with one another. Her brain said that she was much stronger than this, this was nothing but her conscience said otherwise. It still spoke to the weak girl at heart but the brave Gryffindor on the inside faded away to the logical aspects.

"Miss Granger, please stop, he's not going to come after you now." McGonagall warned guiding the girl to one of the connecting rooms that would provide Hermione more privacy as Madam Pomfrey would tend to her. The girl near dropped into the bed as if her feet gave out from under her, in the brighter light her bruises looked that much more menacing. "Poppy, I'm afraid we had a breach of security. Rodolphus LeStrange has harmed Miss Granger." Minerva whispered the last part in fear that Hermione would react to the very sound of the monster's voice.

"Minerva, whatever do you mean?" Madam Pomfrey asked wide eyed, looking at the purpling welts that covered Hermione's skin. The very marks were in the shape and formations of hand and fingerprints, this was looking even worse by the second.

"I'm afraid that there will have to be even more precautions to protect the children," McGonagall said gravely looking at the school nurse.

"Are the children still endangered?" Pomfrey asked still flabbergasted. She was sincerely worried about what would occur, it was just as like the time five years ago when Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban.

"No, Severus has taken care of the situation. I will be heading to his office as soon as Miss Granger is attended to first."

"Good, I was afraid for everyone's sake." Poppy let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm afraid that it's already been too late for Miss Granger here," Professor McGonagall said looking sullen. The poor girl was already berating herself on the inside, if she and Poppy didn't take any action now Miss Granger would be scarred forever. "The monster had gotten to her first."

That sentence made Poppy freeze. Looking back at Minerva her suspicions were confirmed, unfortunate but true. The poor child. Who would ever do such a thing? Well she knew who exactly, but why would someone be so cruel to a young woman?

"Minerva, please hold her down, I am going to get my kit." With that Poppy headed to the medicine/supply cabinet. This wasn't going to be easy on the both of them. Or young Miss Granger for that matter.

As soon as she was done with the situation Poppy was going to owl some of the doctors at St. Mungo's for their advice on this matter.

A few harsh whispers later, Hermione was slightly sedated (she was also clothed in a hospital robe) and charmed restraints were put upon her to stop her from scratching herself until she bled. Pomfrey continued to tend to the girl, finding Enchanted Witch Hazel to tend to the bruising upon the girl's body. She placed a freshly pressed blanket over the girl's inert body and then went back to her bedchamber which was located right nearby.


Severus Snape pinched the bridge of his nose; he only did so in disastrous or stressful situations. This time it just happened to be both.

Not only did Rodolphus LeStrange manage to get into Hogwarts undetected but also harm one of his students too. If only that were the least of his worries, he still had to figure out what he was to do with the young male Drackens in his presence.

But before he could even get to that matter his office was flooded not only with the new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, but a handful of Aurors who came to take Rodolphus away. There were already ten too many people in this room then he would have liked. Luckily by the time that Minerva returned most of the Aurors had taken the subdued Rodolphus away and Kingsley had gotten the information needed and Potter had already given his account to the Minister.

Finally after sending Potter on his way to his classes, and sending immediate owl updates to all of the teachers giving them a short explanation of the recent events, all Snape had on his hands were the two young Drackens.

"Minerva, how nice of you to join us." Severus spoke acknowledging Professor McGonagall after she finally made her excuses to the Minister before he left for sure.

Turning to look back at him Minerva McGonagall replied "I had to speak with Poppy and make sure that Miss Granger was situated."

Both Blaise and Draco's faces lit up at the very sound of Hermione's name. They barely had the restraint that held them back from storming down the hall to the Hospital Wing and checking on their mate. For that matter, the only thing that held them down from going after the Auror's who were taking Rodolphus LeStrange to Azkaban was the man before them.

"How is Mía doing, if you don't mind me asking Professor?" Blaise asked getting up from his chair to face Professor McGonagall.

"Madam Pomfrey had to sedate her but for now she is stabilized."

"Sedate?" Draco questioned. Why would they need to sedate Hermione?

"I fear that the recent events may have harmed her mentally as well as physically, I'm afraid she is in a weakened state." McGonagall answered solemnly.

"This reminds me, Minerva, that we still need an explanation from Mr. Zabini and Mr. Malfoy here." Severus Snape said turning to the two Drackens.

Turning to his best mate Blaise said only one thing. "Your turn to explain, Drake."

"Thanks, I guess, Blaise." Draco sent Blaise a shooting look. He was 'grateful' to Blaise for shoving him under the bus.

But before either one could respond the Floo went off. Everyone in the room braced themselves as they watched three different figures emerge from the fireplace. Heads turned as a familiar looking redheaded wizard followed by an middle aged couple.

Blaise and Draco instinctively roared at the ex-Deatheater wizard that appeared, he looked exactly like the man that was taken away. Their wands at the ready, but Snape already had them beat.

Instead of saying a curse or even a hex Snape only stood his ground and greeted the man with a firm handshake.

"Rabastan." Snape said curtly, squaring his eyes off at the renegade.

"Severus." The wizard replied just as stiffly. It was a still a difficult situation between them both.

"I would say that this wasn't a surprise, but I would be lying. What are you doing in my school, but what I really want to know is how you managed to get past all of my wards. Though I fear that you will not disclose that information with me until a later date." Snape said glaring at the man for a second.

Though they were both Deatheaters at one point and spies for the Order, it didn't necessarily mean that they would be buddy-buddy at times. At best they were merely a bit more than acquaintances. If you could even call it acquaintances.

"I fear that you won't find that out, Snape, but I came here on urgent business." Rabastan replied shrugging his shoulders then looking behind him, nodding his head at the couple behind him.

"If you're looking for your brother, you just missed him. I'm afraid that the Minister has already admitted him into Azkaban."

Rabastan and the couple significantly relaxed. Turning to the middle aged couple, Severus took official note of them. Once again Severus pinched the bridge of his nose. He was going to have a lot of explaining left to do.

"LeStrange, why have you brought muggles into the school?" Severus asked, keeping in mind the strangers before him.

"Actually they're Miss Gra-" Minerva began but was interrupted when the man spoke up. She had stepped closer towards Rabastan and Severus but had backed down when she was suddenly interrupted.

"We're actually here to see our daughter, Hermione." The man said heading towards Snape and Rabastan. Blaise, Draco, and Snape turned to face the man. In his right hand there was a wand.

What did this mean?

He appeared to be in his late forties, he had dark striking hair a near brown black colour and green eyes. About six foot four he was neither too lean nor overweight but somewhere in between. With a flourish of his hand the wand danced simple spell flowed out of the tip to prove that he was indeed a wizard.

"Daughter?" Blaise and Draco questioned, a bit stunned. Minerva at least recognized the couple from the day that she was given the task of telling Miss Granger her impending magical abilities.

"My bastard of a brother was after her, it seems as though even after her death Bellatrix refuses to let anything go of him even though she hated the very sight of him." Rabastan said remorsefully. "It's a good thing we caught wind of Shacklebolt and his Aurors otherwise I was afraid that I would have to kill my own twin brother."

This only brought on more questions instead of answering them.

"Why would he go after her, what has she ever done?" Blaise asked looking at the man.

Bellatrix was dead; it was known that Molly Weasely had killed her during the battle of Hogwarts how did she have anything to do with her deranged husband.

"Hermione is the only daughter of my deceased sister." Rabastan supplied.

"Melody?" Snape asked remembering the beautiful face that appeared in his mind, she wasn't as pretty as Lily was to him but still she had a kind soul.

"Please, someone explain to us what in the bloody hell is going on." Draco asked trying to make sense of it all.

"Mr. Malfoy, your language please." Professor McGonagall warned eyeing him warily.

"Don't worry Professor; I'm sure that Drake here meant to say if someone would please explain the situation out to us." Blaise improvised shooting a glance at Draco whom only looked agitated.

"Please, when we heard from the Minister of Magic that he had taken Rodolphus to Azkaban, we had to know what happened to our daughter, Rabastan had feared that he would go after her next." The woman spoke softly interrupting the conversation; her curly hair nearly hid her beautiful face. Even under the soft curls her dark brown eyes shown through, worry still marred her face. Unlike the man she was more on the shorter side and barely made it to his shoulders in height. Her husband crossed the room to hold her in his arms. "Where is our daughter?" The last part came out more of a demand than a question.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, your daughter has been taken to the Hospital Wing, now if you would come with me." Minerva waved them over and solemnly led them towards the door. "I'll leave you to your work, Headmaster, but I expect an explanation once I return." She gave a warning glare towards Snape and Rabastan before she excused herself out of the office. Their footsteps were heard disappearing down the hall and that was when Snape turned to them once again.

"It's still your turn to explain Drake," Blaise smirked facing Draco.

"Thanks, I guess I can always count on you Blaise." Draco glared back at Blaise; this was going to be a long and very interesting hour, for all of them.


By the end of fifth period and halfway through sixth, Draco and Blaise were allowed to leave office. Having to conduct a speech on their Dracken inheritance was just as pleasant as having to listen to the whole puberty spiel all over again. Both were highly embarrassing and informative.

Not only had they have to discuss this Dracken issue, but both of their parents had to come in. This was after the fact that Rabastan had given them his insight.

All were surprised to find out that Hermione was adopted and also a pureblood daughter, that of which related to their good friend Theo. They were also saddened by the fact that just like Potter, Hermione was also an orphan. But the couple that had walked in earlier were Hermione's adoptive parents and were actually Theo's uncle and Pansy aunt, both of whom 'disappeared' well before the war.

It was a bit unnerving as well, but then when both of their parents appeared through the Floo as well (apparently Snape had owled the parents earlier without telling them and without either of them knowing) things got from plain embarrassing to wanting to smash their heads into brick walls embarrassing. Especially when the mothers got talking...


Once they were alone Angelica and Ian looked up at Minerva grimly, they were afraid to find out the worst had happened.

"Minerva, please tell us what happened to our daughter." Ian asked, holding his dear wife's small and dainty hand tightly in his larger one. Angelica squeezed his hand back, her mouth in a taunt line. Gingerly they followed Minerva as she led them through the maze that was the school.

"By the time that both Headmaster Snape and I were able to subdue LeStrange, Hermione was tied to the bed. Rodolphus had stripped her clothes off, she was already bruised and bloodied but it would have been much worse if Mister Malfoy and Mister Zabini didn't arrive." Minerva McGonagall admitted slowly.

"Did he-?" Ian was afraid to ask. It was on all of their minds. Did the monster touch Hermione or not?

"We're not entirely sure, but Hermione has shown some horrible response but I fear that it is only part of the healing process."

"What do you mean by a horrible response?" Ian asked worry marring his face, his eyes no longer danced with their unique sparkle but dulled with anger. He struggled to keep up his pace as his anger washed over him.

He desperately wanted to kill the bastard responsible for doing this to his little girl.

"I'm afraid that Madam Pomfrey had to sedate her to keep her stabilized, there are always some scars left behind but luckily it has seemed that most of Hermione's injuries are merely mental." Minerva didn't like explaining to parents what happened to their children, but sometimes it was part of the job. Unfortunate but true. In some ways she felt guilty as a teacher for not protecting her student from this harm that had befallen upon the poor girl.

"Mental?" Ian asked bewildered, as they turned a corner to appear right before the Hospital Wing doors.

"She merely reacts to as if his touch is still upon her skin, hopefully by now she should be well rested. Go on in, I believe that Madam Pomfrey will direct you to Hermione's personal room." With that Minerva turned to face them, apathy on her face. She really wished that there was more that she could do in this situation, Miss Granger was indeed one of her best students, and she didn't wish this fate on her or anyone for that matter.

Taking a deep breath the couple strode in together, what met them in that hospital bed certainly surprised them both.


Rodolphus glared at the familiar setting before him. The dark gray walls made of the thickest brick, the dirty dungeons, the grubby black and white stripped uniforms, the lovely soul-sucking feeling of dementors. It was just like all those years ago.

Except this time he was clean, though he had a feeling the clean wouldn't last long. The unforgiving dirt and cold would soon be a part of his everyday life.

What had he done? But more importantly what had she done to him? What did that evil little bitch do?

Entire years of nothing but pain and torture that were forced upon him, but all were broken when his resolve wavered.

In the girl's face he saw his sister, his sweet little Melody. The very woman whose blood was spilled upon his scarred and roughened hands. The first life he had taken with his very wand.

It was all Bellatrix's fault. She was the one who had done this to him. It was her fault that he killed, that he abused, that he raped…It was her fault that he was like this now.

The broken shell of a once proud man. She had killed him.

The bitch.

He could still sense her presence over him.

Her dark curly hair, those dark brown nearly black eyes, the pale as snow white skin, that maniacal laugh. It drove him insane.

Lovely little Bellatrix, sure she was lovely at one point. Her with those exquisite beautiful pureblood graces, her pure family history, her strong pureblooded views; it was everything that any pureblooded family required in the perfect girl.

Not even a day after they first met were they already engaged to be married. It was not as if he wanted to be part of an arranged marriage, it was just what each of their families expected. His mother wanted grandchildren, his stepfather only agreed to what she said. He always took her side; he would never deny her anything.

Rodolphus foolishly obliged to her.

But it was after they were married that he saw the snake within her.

There would be no grandchildren for his mother, Bellatrix hated filthy brats, and she didn't want any children to affect her body. That wasn't all of it either, apparently she came with more problems then he could count. For that matter, she wasn't even a virgin on their wedding night.

Though it was expected that all pureblooded young women were to remain virtuous until they were married. She didn't offer any explanations but neither did he ask for one anyway.

Then one night he got Voldemort spiel, apparently the Dark Lord had arisen. The next thing he knew was that on his arms bared the Dark Mark and on his hands were his precious little sister's blood. Bellatrix's laughter filled the background.

He had killed his sister.

Tears unexpectedly clouded his vision; the memory wavered in his mind. Shaking his head of the remnants he crudely wiped his eyes, the dirt burned but he didn't care. He had to do something to numb the pain he felt in his chest.

He would escape; the measly dementors would be no match for him. Certainly he would be free once more; he had escaped once he could do it again.

Bellatrix would not control him again. He was going to fight back.

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