Author's Note: I really wish they would hurry up and release season three of Spice and Wolf, the waiting's killing me. Anyway, even though I know how the series ends, this is another nice way it could have. Obvious canon Lawrence/Holo.

They stand on the precipice of a new life, one separated from each other. This time it is willingly. A vast, dark green forest stretches out a hundred miles before them, disappearing into a mountain range as wide and tall as any. The wind bites at their cheeks as the snow begins to lease itself from the grey clouds above.

Kraft Lawrence thinks to himself that if he could see the sky, it would be grey as well. He turns to his longtime companion, some accidental acquaintance from a village so very far away now. She waits there, motionless, the only proof of life in the frost of her breathe. Waiting for what? Waiting, no longer.

"My home." Holo says, though it sounds as if she asked it, questioning that comes so late in the game. But not too late. "This is, my home. In the north." She knew the day would come, had dreamt of it many times. It looked so much different in her mind: there was more open space, and animals. Still, Holo senses wolves beyond the clearing, watching her and Lawrence's every move, if they were to make any.

It takes Holo a second to notice how utterly detached Lawrence is acting, withdrawn, reserved even. He hasn't said a word in miles, but neither has she. Neither had truly accepted this as the end of their journey; all the inevitable dealings put off till now have come crashing down heavier than before.

"Holo." Lawrence speaks, unwavering.

She immediately turns to him. "Lawrence."

To her shock, a large smile appears on his face. "Holo. I hear the south is especially beautiful this time of the year." She grins back, all eyes and teeth. He loves her. She loves him. It's a moment of perfect clarity.

"Let us go, then." And so they do, traipsing back to the wagon in high-spirits, sails set for the many adventures to come. "We never did get those honeyed peaches, you know."

"There's all the time in the world."

Kraft Lawrence and Holo the Wise Wolf make a deal to spend it together.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. If it's not too much of a problem, I'd love to know what you think! ;)