Niff Week: Day Two: Firsts

First Date

This is for Niff Week, Day 2: Firsts.

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Jeff was standing in front of the mirror fixing his tie for the millionth time.

"Jeff, your tie is fine," Trent said, looking at his roommate, "Now, would you please calm down, you're making me nervous."

"I'm sorry," Jeff said, "I'm just so nervous. I don't want to screw up tonight."

"Jeff, you're not gonna screw it up. You and Nick are made for each other. We've all known that for ages and we're happy that you two finally clued in," Trent told him, smiling.

Jeff smiled back at him, finally starting to relax. However, this was short lived, for at that moment, there was a knock on the door. Jeff walked over and pulled the door open; Nick stood outside, looking dashing as ever.

"Hey," Jeff said, smiling widely as he tried to ignore the butterflies in his stomach.

"Hey," Nick said, smiling as well, "You ready to go?"

"Yup," Jeff said, "Bye Trent!"

Trent waved and when the door closed behind them, he picked up his phone. Dialing, he waited for a familiar to answer.

"Blaine? Did Nick drive you crazy too? Oh, I know!"


Jeff and Nick pulled up to the little restaurant twenty away from Dalton. Nick parked and they got out of the car. As they walked up, Nick slipped his hand into Jeff's. Jeff smiled and opened the door for Nick without letting go of his hand.

"I have a reservation for two under 'Duval'," Nick told the waitress. She smiled and led them over to a table where she handed them their menus and then left. Ten minutes later they had ordered their food and sat in silence for a moment before Nick laughed.

"What?" Jeff asked, confused.

"We've been best friends for almost two years now and we've never had an issue talking before, but suddenly we're all nervous and have nothing to say," Nick said, still laughing. Jeff laughed too and reached over to grip Nick's hand again.

"I'm really, really happy we decided to do this," he said quietly, blushing slightly. Nick smiled and put his other hand over Jeff's.

"Me too," Nick said, "I'm glad we both finally clued in." They laughed and after that the talking became easier. They finished their meal, Nick ignored Jeff's protests and paid – 'You can pay next time!' – and the pair left the restaurant.

"This was amazing Nick," Jeff said and Nick smiled.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Nick said. They reached the car and Nick turned to look at Jeff.

"Um, Jeff, d'you think… I mean, um… Could I…?" Nick trailed off, looking at Jeff through his bangs.

"You can kiss me," Jeff whispered shyly, "If you want to." Nick smiled slightly and then leaned over to gently press his lips again Jeff's. It was only a soft and delicate kiss, but fireworks still exploded inside both of them. Jeff wrapped his arms the shorter boy, knowing exactly what people mean when they said "they just knew" when they were with the right person. They broke apart and smiled at each other. Nick touched his forehead to Jeff's and breathed deeply, feeling happier than he had in a long time.

"Come on," he said, "Let's get back to school."

He kissed Jeff one more time before they got in their car and went back to Dalton.

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