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Look Back

Don't tell me you haven't looked back. Just once.

That you haven't glanced over your shoulder
and seen that there's more to me.
You need to look back and see.

Pin-straight hair.
A crooked smile.
Cocky words.
Charming guile.
Gray eyes.
A sweet prize
Am I.

What you see is more like this:
Sickening lies
Behind stony eyes
And hateful stares after hateful glares.
Spewing anger, rage, and fury.

You should look back
And see me.
Something in between.

Forget the boundaries, forget the bias, forget the rest of the world.
Look at me and think of how this could all work out.

A hummingbird heart will rise in your chest.
You'll forget the hate.
Maybe the next day it's love and then you'll finally see
That we were meant to be.

I believe in you and I
Behind closed doors
Beyond secret lies
In a place that we call Peace.

Now if only you could see what could be
Between you and me.

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