The Great Devouring

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. A poem inspired by one of my university courses. ;P Read, review, and enjoy!

Interestingly, this is my 450th fic on the site. -w-


"Four harts leap about the branches of the ash and eat the shoots [of Yggdrasil] …"

Snorri Sturluson, The Prose Edda


there he is
«as usual»
waiting for her to walk
&she can't l!o!o!k at him
&she refuses to a:c:k:n:o:w:l:e:d:g:e his presence
(because acknowledging a person makes them real)
&she makes b*e*l*i*e*v*e that all's silent as she passes

But he
Falls into step
With her

it's just any o-t-h-e-r day
{why should one day be lauded more than the rest?}
&she goes to c/l/a/s/s
&she jokes with her m,a,t,e,s
(because they're as used to James' tail-wagging as she is)
&she thinks that maybe she'll blow off homework for one night

For her,
Birthdays are days
To relax

however, in the common room,
all's [not] well
&Lupin is giving h.e.r looks
&Black is _coughing_
(can't he get a life & leave her alone along with his friend here?)
&Pettigrew is looking ?bewildered? as usual
because James has been so quiet all day

Is he
Trying to behave
For once?

{For Her?}

&it's like this for a while
-a long while-
*more than a month, thank-you-very-much*
&Lily almost starts to forget that he's
•t h e r e•

so when |one day|
he's absent
she rEaLiZeS what his plan was
all a~l~o~n~g
&it's killing her to breathe right now
&it hurts to look around in an alien common room
(because his face is so familiar that it's
&Lily now knows
he's gotten past her

But it's more than that—
He's severed the strings holding her heart in place—
And now he's made sure he's the only one who can carry it,
Safely in the place of those strings—

&that is why it aches to be without him&

&why it ached more than anything else when James went first&

(He took her heart with him to the Underworld.)

Okay, so I've taken a mythology course this semester, and I know I made a Liljames using the "hart" pun before (for those who don't know, a hart is another name for a stag), but this idea wouldn't leave me once I read that quote from The Prose Edda. Which is a darn good read, I must say. Ahh, I do love mythos…

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-mew-tsubaki :}