Note: Anything that has to do with "Indaduska" is 100% fake. The reason I named the fake nation "Indaduska" is in one of the Native American tongues, indadu means snake.

Chapter 1: Old Journal

Located on one of the many islands on the nation known as Japan, was a decent-sized cabin that was the current residence of many personified nations who are currently interacting amongst themselves. By interacting I mean, Britain and France are bickering as Northern Italy (Italy) is annoying Germany who is being yelled at by Southern Italy (Romano) just as Spain is attempting to calm the foul mouthed Italian. Austria is playing elegant music in the background as Hungary stands nearby with a knocked out Prussia lying on the ground, Gilbird flying around his head. The nearly transparent nation of Canada is standing wanting for someone to notice him, Russia is sitting with his seemingly innocent smile, and China is talking about how the other nations are immature as Japan tries to calm the ruckus, unsure on why everyone came to his place.

"At the very least America had something to attend this week or I'm sure he would also be here." Japan muttered to himself. The poor man was about to speak to Germany before he was interrupted by the sound of yet another nation entering his residence.

"Look what I found while I was at America's house! It looks like a really old journal!" Everyone turned to the new figure in the house, South Korea. "It's in some weird language! Not even I, the origin of language, can't understand!"

"Let me see-aru." China moved over to Korea before the others made their way over to him as well, curiosity also drawing them in.

"This is quite rude, taking someone's journal!" Austria said to everyone else who are circling around the old book created with animal skin and charcoal.

"If the un-awesome you don't want to see it then fine, but I'm sure everyone, including the awesome me, wants to see. You know you want to, too." Prussia taunted Austria, with a certain Hungarian eyeing him. Whether Austria wanted to admit it or not, he was also dying of curiosity. 'Where did Korea find this? What did it say? How old is it?' these were all questions everyone wanted to know.

"You're right-aru. This is in some very strange writing; I can't even deceiver this."

"Let me see it." Germany spoke before China handed over the booklet.

"You potato-bastard, let me see it!" Romano cursed at Germany before attempting to take the object.

"Romano, you should calm do-"Spain began.

"Let me see it, maybe I can figure it out." Britain spoke up. Germany handed it over with Romano cursing him in the background. "I think I've seen this before, but I can't read it."

"That's the language America and me used to speak." Everyone turned to Canada, giving him 'since-when-did-you-get-here' looks.

"Can you read it-da?" Russia asked the flustered Canada.

"Uh- Y-Ya."

"Ve~ What does it say?"

"If I translate it, it's titled America's Journal."

"Can you read it to us?" Japan asked, surprising almost everyone in the room. Japan wasn't known to be snoopy.

"I-I can, but first, Korea, where did you find this? I've never seen him with this."

"As you all know I was visiting America and when I was there America had to do something, so I got bored and went around and found this deep in his room barely sticking out underneath a bunch of stuff. It looked like it wasn't touched forever, so I got it and hid it until America left. I tried reading it but I couldn't so I decided to bring it to you guys!" This got everyone's attention. 'Why would this be hidden? Why hasn't it been used?' Of course, a few thoughts had a much darker intention of using personal information to their advantage, but those thoughts are better left unsaid. "Can you read this now?"

"I guess." Canada opened to the first entry, eyes lit with his own curiosity. What secrets is his brother keeping from even him? Another emotion also filled his body, accompanied by a thought. 'Do I really want to know, and should I really read this for them to know as well?'

Throwing these thoughts aside, he read-

Chapter END