Note: Anything that has to do with "Indaduska" is 100% fake. The reason I named the fake nation "Indaduska" is in one of the Native American tongues, indadu means snake.

Chapter 14: The End?

After the friendly bickering ceased and the personified American nation left, the journal was opened once more. The Canadian spoke in the middle, everyone silent around him to hear the story of Young America's Journal.

"I hate her. I hate her for making me this way. She came to me knowing I planned to kill her and she- and she- she knew. You know what she said?! We were fighting and she asked me to kill her. She said she's sorry and… and she loved me… Why? Why did it have to go this way?! Why couldn't things go back to when I followed orders and Yairi gave me comfort? She said to go be the hero of the people. I don't know how to be the hero anymore! All I want is my mom and sister back!"

"England! Where are you going?" Japan called to the retreating figure.

"Let him be." France muttered as he got up, heading in out as well. "Anyway I think we all could use a little break after this, non?"

"I'm going to go check on him." The soft voice of Canada could be heard as the nearly transparent nation exited the room. Silence filled the room as each nation busied themselves with pointless nonsense.

Italy played with a cat as Germany watched. On the other side of the room Prussia entertained himself with playing with Gilbird while Hungary played with the folds of her dress. Austria stared blankly at a half-completed music sheet. Spain and Romano left to the kitchen as China, Russia, and Korea wandered around the house. Japan still sat, thinking about all that had happened in the history of his friend.

"We can't keep doing this or we'll never finish," said China as England, France, and Canada returned.

"Then let's get on to reading the bloody thing, shall we?"

Canada nodded to the Englishmen as everyone stopped their nonsensical activities to once again form the circle.

"We're going to make the departure back home. My people along with some of Yairi and Indaduska's surviving people are now preparing for it. It's been many suns now, huh. All I've been able to think about is what she said. Be the hero. The nightmares are starting to fade and now… I think I'll try. I don't know how to be the hero. I know I have to save the people, and I know I'll make mistakes but I think I'll try. There isn't much room left in this notebook, but I guess I'll keep writing too. I can make another one. For now, I am done. It's time for Bunny and I to head home."

Author's Note: It's been a while guys. I apologize for not updating and it seems this will be the end, for now anyway. There is nothing holding back the nations from invading America's personal space and coming upon one of these other journals, if there are any of course. That fact is up to you. I'm quite curious on what you think. I don't know if I'll pick up this story again (as I happen to be a moderately busy person), but there are so many ways to go. So I leave to the rest to you guys.