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Summary- "I can't tell my brothers the truth about what happened, it would ruin them, depress them, like it has me! Soo I told them our parents became hippies and left early. But now as I sit here, I realise now how stupid that choice was!" AxB TXE mainly SXJ

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The Chipmunk mother placed her sons into the small hole inside the tree. The children were only young, the eldest was Simon who was three days old, the second eldest was Alvin who was a day old and finally there was Theodore who had been born only two hours ago.

Simon, who was the only one that could make sense of the situation, looked at his mother with confused eyes. "Mother…what's going on? Are you leaving us?" he asked her as she placed the sleeping Alvin and Theodore into the hole beside him.

She looked at him, tears streaming down her furry cheeks. There was the sound of rustling coming from not-so-far-away, causing the mother to become agitated.

"Simon…Take care of your brothers, I am sorry we couldn't spend more time together…"she apologised before turning away. But she didn't continue on, she was frozen but it wasn't at her own will.

She stood there for a moment before she fell backwards, crashing her head against the branch as she fell. A streak of blood was slashed across the area where the heart was and she lay motionless on the floor.

"MOTHER," Simon screamed as he realised his mother was dead.

It was then that he noticed another chipmunk standing on the branch; they looked up at him with cold eyes

The assassin was brown furred much like the brothers, and his eyes resembled that of the brothers too, though his eye colour only matched Simon's. Simon knew who the chipmunk was, it was Negro, his father.

Negro advanced on the hole and plunged his arm in, trying to grab the young chipmunks, but Simon were too fast for him and managed to grab his brothers and scramble to the back of the hole.

It didn't take long for the older chipmunk to realise it was useless, and he pulled his arm out and brought his face to the hole instead., He had a manic look in his eyes, and that caused poor Simon to scream in terror.

Tears spilled down the young chipmunks face as he laid his brothers on the floor, in the safety of the back of the hole. As he did this he felt a sharp claw run against his arm in a fluid motion. Simon squealed in pain before falling to the floor, blood pouring out of the wound.

His father now had two different chipmunks' blood staining his claws. He stared back into the hole again and with a sly whisper he said, "I will be back!" and then he disappeared into the twilight.


11 Years Later…

Simon thrashed wildly in his sleep, screaming as he dreamt the horrible memory that has stained his mind. His squealing and screaming alerted his brothers and the Chipettes and they all stood on either side of his bunk, trying in vain to wake him.

"SIMON!" yelled Jeanette once more, as the blue-clad chipmunk refused to wake from his slumber.

Theodore and Alvin never remembered the incident that happened eleven years ago. They were both too young, and Simon refused to depress them by saying what had happened. So, he told them their parents became hippies and left early.

But Simon never forgot he could never forget his mother apologising for their lack of time together, and his own screams as she hit the floor dead.

Simon had obeyed his mother's last request of him and protected his younger brothers. In some cases he had become a quite uptight chipmunk.

But try him might, he couldn't forget that painful memory…and he couldn't help but prey that his father's last words to him before he ran away wouldn't actually become reality.

Simon woke up with a start, causing the other chipmunks to jump. Simon was sat bolt upright in bed, his fur was ruffled and wet from sweat and he was breathing short, ragged breaths.

"Simon…Are you okay?" asked Theodore in a concerned voice. Truthfully, Simon wasn't in the slightest, the memory was killing him on the inside, and at times he felt he couldn't manage anymore.

But he knew he had to be strong, so he muttered a "Yea!" to Theodore, before he lay his head back on his pillow and tried to drift of asleep as his brothers and the chipettes stared at him with both worry, and confusion in their eyes…

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