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I've thought about how I should format this, should I do it in book form or just plain out write who's saying it like it is now. I've decided to plain write it until I get bored with that and write it in book form. I'm not really sure on that. Thoughts on that?

What if Jackie was Eric's sister? What if she was raised to know that Kelso was an idiot? What would she be like? What would Hyde & Jackie be like? What would That '70s Show be like?

Based on the pilot episode of "That '70s Show."

"Eric, it's time," Hyde started, his eyes intent on his friend, as was everyone else in the room.

"Why don't you do it?" Eric countered nervously trying to avoid the eyes' of his friends. How was he going to do this?

"It's your house," Hyde reasoned.

"Your house," Kelso repeated. Hyde didn't even look to his stupid friend.

"Listen to them up there, the party has hit critical mass, in ten minutes there will be no more beer opportunities," Hyde articulated making each word its own.

"If my dad catches me cooping beers he'll kill me!" Eric said with a scared voice. It was a true and well-known fact that Red Forman was no man to be messed with.

"I'm willing to take that risk!" Hyde stated.

"Don't worry about it. Just remain calm, keep moving," Kelso told his friend.

"And above all, don't get sucked into my dad's hair," added Donna. The group glanced to the red-head with a confused yet curious expression.

"What's wrong with your dad's hair?" Eric spoke out for the basement gang.

Donna opened her mouth to answer from the lawn chair, "Just… Just don't look at it."

"And don't be an idiot, that's always good advice you, especially, should use," Jackie instructed he

r brother from her spot on the couch.

"Jackie, you're not getting any beer," Eric informed her younger sister.

"Why not?" Jackie questioned.

"Well I don't know. How about because you're my little sister?" Eric practically shouted using his hands to gesture.

Hyde rolled his eyes, "Just let her have some damm beer."

Jackie gave him a grateful smile; at least someone was on her side. "Thank you, Steven." He nodded his head towards her.

"Uh no, she's like what? Fifteen?" Eric threw back.

"I'm sixteen, smart ass and so are you," Jackie said with obvious annoyance. He treated her like she was some innocent doll, they were the same age, maybe different grades but at the current moment in time they were both sixteen years old…at least until his upcoming birthday.

"And Eric, cold, definitely cold," Hyde said to his wimpy friend. No one liked warm beer, it just wasn't the same and Forman being Forman would get warm beer if he wasn't told differently.

Kelso moved closer to Jackie on the Forman's couch and spoke to her, "So, Jackie, I was wondering, maybe we could go to the Hub sometime."

"We all go to the Hub everyday moron."

Kelso shook his head, "No, I meant like –"

Jackie laughed and smiled, "I know what you meant, Kelso."

"How dumb do you think she is Kelso?" Donna asked with a laugh. Jackie was Red Forman's daughter; she was smart enough to know what boys really wanted.

"I was hoping for Pam Macy's level," he stated with a frown.

"Isn't Pam Macy your girlfriend?" Jackie questioned. Pam had been to the basement numerous times, not that the gang had been so thrilled about it.

"Yeah. So?" Kelso asked. Jackie and Donna shook their heads as Hyde raised his eyebrow at his friend.

"And don't forget Red would kick your ass before you got to kiss her cheek," Hyde said. Jackie laughed as did everyone else, including Kelso.

"That's so true." Jackie knew it better than them all; she had seen it firsthand with her last boyfriend Chip.

"You see Kelso. Chicks like Jackie aren't stupid enough to fall for your looks," Hyde told his friend. Soon they heard footsteps rush down. Eric Forman, the one and only with five beers in hand. Oh yeah.

"He's alive!" Hyde shouted out.

Eric grinned, passing everyone a beer. "Good news, my dad is thinking of giving me, the Vista Cruiser."

Kelso looked at his friend in shock and asked, "You're getting a car?"

Jackie, much like everyone else, had a similar expression, "You're getting the Cruiser?"

Donna looked at Eric, smiling. "Have I told how incredibly attractive you are, Eric?"

Eric raised an eyebrow to the redhead and smirked, "No."

Kelso glanced between Donna and Eric confusingly then stopped to look at Donna, "You told me he was cute." Donna blushed furiously and glared at the idiot.

"No I didn't," she denied.

Kelso shook his head obviously not comprehending what was going on. "I remember because you said not to say anything to Eric." Jackie let out a laugh trying to combat the awkwardness.

She coughed out, "Idiot." They all nodded in agreement, even Kelso.

Hyde shook his head, getting out of seat, and yelled out, "Let's focus on what's important here. Forman stole something. TO FORMAN!" The rest of them got up and jumped shouting the same two words, "TO FORMAN!"

"Ouchh! My nose!" Donna cried out in a voice. She was mimicking the TV, there was only the ear phones to listen to it by and obviously the whole group couldn't do that. Although the whole group wasn't there, Hyde was upstairs for unknown reasons, Eric, Kelso, and Kelso's moronic girlfriend, Pam Macy, were on the couch. Donna was closest to the TV below Eric, on the ground. While Jackie laughed from the lawn chair. Pam glanced between the TV and Donna.

"Why are we watching this without the sound, I'm totally confused," Pam spoke out with an annoying whiny voice. They all rolled their eyes, except for Kelso; he was too preoccupied with the TV. Jackie looked up after hearing Pam's voice.

She whispered sarcastically to her brother and friend, "Isn't that a first?" They had laughed and agreed in silence. Eric looked at the annoying rich girl. He took the ear phone from the table and passed it to Pam.

"Here use the ear phone," he instructed the blonde

"So, what's the deal with the Vista Cruiser?" Kelso asked taking his attention off of the TV.

Eric rolled his eyes and answered, "The deal is there is no deal yet." Pam immediately shushed them.

Kelso appeared confused."But what about the concert?"

Jackie and Donna widened their eyes and Donna practically yelled, "Shut up!" Neither girls were fond of Pam, she was stuck-up and always insulted them, and not the way Jackie insulted people, but in the way that angered everyone.

Pam removed the earphones and glanced at her boyfriend. She asked innocently, without presenting anger towards anyone, "What concert?"

Kelso hesitated, glancing between friends, who were all shaking their heads violently, "Uhhh Todd Rundgren."

"When?" Pam asked softly, once again innocent.

"This weekend," he answered nervously. Jackie put her head in her hands, what was he doing?

"Oh. Who's going?" Her innocent voice had bothered Kelso, he wasn't completely stupid. He knew she'd get angry. She always acted angry before raging off on a yelling match. She always won, too.

"Uhh. Eric and Donna and Jackie and Hyde and the foreign kid, Fez. Pretty much everybody," Kelso paused before adding cautiously "and… you."

"Oh good, good. Thanks for telling me, MICHAEL!" Pam shouted out, making everyone jump up in the sky, miles away. They ran up the stairs, they were not going to get caught in the middle of it.

"And if you told me sooner I would have been able to go! But I can't! MICHAEL, listen to me when I talk!" Was the last they had heard of the match.

And as the three got up the stairs they saw Hyde, drinking beer, all without getting caught. If Eric had just opened one, his father would rush in the room and know exactly what was going on.

"Hey Steven," Jackie greeted, trying her best to be cheery.

"Jackie," he responded and nodded at her. Soon Donna and Eric went back the stairs, figuring that since the yelling had stopped, it must be safe.

"You pissed off or somethin'?" Hyde had noticed, he had always noticed the little things. Jackie shook her head, grabbing Hyde's beer to take a small sip.

"Guess who Kelso invited to the concert."

Hyde let out a groan, "Tell me he didn't."

Jackie laughed, "Oh, he did. I swear if I have to listen to her complain one more time she's getting it!"

Hyde laughed and smiled at her, "I just tune her out, man."

Jackie shook her head, "If we're lucky, she can't go." She had hoped that at this short notice Pam would be busy, with cheerleading, with family affairs, with infidelity… either way, busy.

Hyde glanced at the girl who had given his beer back, "Do we even have another ticket for her."

"No, but she would be able to find a way to get in with her daddy's money." Jackie let out a mumble, "Spoiled daddy's little girl"

Hyde rolled his eyes at her and responded, "You're a daddy's little girl,"

"Yes, but I'm bearable," Jackie countered causing Hyde to grin.

"Sure you are, doll," Hyde answered making the brunette laugh.

They were all in the Hub, although this time with the new kid, Fez, and of course, Pam Macy, your royal bitch.

"I may not say this right because I am new to English. But she has tremendous breasts, yes?" Fez asked Hyde pointed at a woman behind him. Hyde looked at the woman.

"Michael, who is this guy?" Pam asked with her everyday annoyed voice.

Kelso answered simply, "Oh that's just Fez, the foreign exchange student."

"What did we exchange him for?" Pam asked stupidly.

"I didn't know people got stupider and stupider," she whispered to Donna.

"You learn something new every day," Donna laughed.

Pam got up out of seat, looked at Donna expectantly and announced, "Donna, I have to go to the ladies' room." Jackie laughed as Donna looked away immediately.

"DONNA!" Pam shrilled, hurting everyone's ears. Donna got up, visibly annoyed, and left with Kelso's blonde girlfriend.

"Sucker," Jackie smirked.

Fez, much like Pam had before, got up out of seat and looked at his friends to announced, "I, too, must go to the bathroom! Eric!"

Eric's eyes widened to shout out, "Fez it doesn't work that way for guys."

"Oh," Fez awkwardly said before walking to the bathroom alone.

Hyde turned to Kelso, "Kelso, how much longer are we going to have to deal with the 'Pam Macy' experience."

"You better answer 'not much longer' or I'm kicking your ass, then I'm kicking her ass," Jackie threatened.

"Sweet! Girl fight, I got money on Pam." Hyde let out a laugh at Kelso's words, not out of amusement.

"Hey! Don't talk about my little sister like that. Laurie's all game but Jackie's the little one!" Eric defended his younger sister.

"Eric, do you want me to kick your ass too?" Jackie raised his eyes. This time, Hyde grinned, he had to see how this would play out.

"Sweet! Eric's getting his ass kicked by a girl… But don't worry guys I'm breaking up with her," Kelso shouted with glee.

Hyde rolled his eyes, "Never gonna happen."

Kelso got up and announced, "IT'S OVER! She's cutting into my free time."

Hyde, Fez, Kelso, and Eric were in their circle, an everyday occurrence.

"ERIC!" Red shouted. Eric dashed up the stairs; he did not want his father angry. He saw his mother, father, and younger sister. All looking at him expectantly.

Red began to pace, "Now Eric, we've been debating whether or not giving you the car. Since I've been cut down to part-time at the plant. And the hospital is so close. I could take the Toyota to work and your mom could take the bus."

"Oh honey, I rather walk people like to show me their scars when I'm in my nurse's uniform," Kitty told her husband.

"Well I could drop you off"

"No that's okay I don't want to be a bother."

"Then Eric will take you," Red announced.


"Excuse me, am I getting the car?" Eric interrupted.

Jackie opened her mouth to speak, "That's a good question. I don't really like getting dropped off at school by my dad. I say you give it to him, but he has to take me to school… And where ever I want."

Red nodded, "That's true. But we didn't say that. Things don't just magically hop into your lap; you have to work for them."

"A car is a privilege," Kitty told her only son.

"So do I get the car?" Eric questioned. Red threw him the keys.

"BITCHIN'" Eric shouted out to the world.

Red showed a face of offence, "Eric, please, not in front of your mother and sister." Jackie snickered at her brother.

Kelso announced, "I'm telling you we're outta gas." They were stuck, at a repair shop. They didn't even get to the concert yet, and chances were they probably wouldn't.

"We're not outta gas," Eric told him.

The repair man looked up from the hood, "I'll tell you what. It's the battery. It's 6 years old and shot to hell."

"We gotta call dad, Eric," Jackie said to her brother.

"Hyde, tell her!"

Hyde glanced at the girl and shut his eyes, "Jackie, look, if Red finds out we're all screwed; even you're screwed."

"Well then what, Steven? What do we do? We don't have any money," Jackie questioned in her soft voice. Hyde opened his eyes to stare into hers.

"I-I-I I don't know."

"But I could convince my dad nothing bad happened!"

Eric started in agreement, "That's true, and you're the favorite. But the last time you said that, I ended up in trouble because you BETRAYED me."

Jackie grinned, "Oh that was hilarious."

Hyde gave a smile at the memory, "I remember that. Good times, my friend."

The repair man looked at the kids, "So where you going?"

"Rundgren concert," Hyde answered.

"So, what, you want a battery? I can get you a battery."

Eric asked the man, "Are they cheap or possibly free?"

The guy rolled his eyes, "32 bucks, minimum."

Kelso looked at the man, hoping for the best, and offered, "I tell you what, we'll trade you our battery plus five bucks for one of your batteries"

"Well that's a really sweet deal, my friend. But how about this, one battery for two concert tickets."

"We can't give up two tickets," Kelso told him.

"Okay." He got up to go.

"It's either that or none of us go," Eric said. He had really wanted to go, after all, it was a chance to get closer to Donna.

"So who's out?" Kelso asked.

"We'll vote or something, I don't know, maybe draw straws."

"I'll get grass," Jackie told them all.

"Yeah, okay, that works."

She walked back to the group with grass in hand, "Okay, everyone, pick one." They obliged.

"Well I'm definitely in," Donna announced.

Fez clapped his hands together, "Ohh! Me too!"

Kelso compared his grass with Hyde, Eric, and Jackie and gave a large grin, "We'll I'm in!"

"Come on this is for all the marbles," Eric tells himself, earning a weird look from Hyde. The remaining three compared their grass; they had all wanted to go.

"Well, well, well, looks like Eric Forman, gets to go!"

Hyde spoke with annoyance, "Ah come on man!"

"Are you kidding me? So what do we just wait in the car?" Jackie almost yelled.

Hyde thought for a moment, "Wait, why does Kelso get to go, he almost made us have to bring Pam!"

"Well, I got big grass! In Your Face."

"Only big thing he's got," Jackie smirked.

The two losers sighed, this was not going well. The group got in the car and drove off to the concert. Once they get there Donna, Eric, Fez, and Kelso left without a word. Leaving Jackie and Hyde alone in the car to deal with their annoyance.

"This bites, I should have blackmailed Eric."

"Man, I should have beaten up Kelso or Fez for one," Hyde told her. It was obvious he would have won the tickets. He wasn't as tall as Kelso but he was much stronger. Much.

"You would have gotten a ticket," she told him nodding her head. Fez would have given his ticket before Hyde even got a punch in, Kelso would have given it up the moment Hyde went to hit his precious face.

Hyde frowned, "And if you blackmailed Forman you could probably have gotten him to do something for you too." It was true; her brother was so easy to blackmail.

Jackie turned to face him and asked, "Well now what?"

He gave her a big grin, one only she had ever seen, ""There's always making out."

She gave a large eye roll and lean into him to whisper, "In your dreams, Steven."

He chuckled, "Yeah, like my best friend's little sister would be in my dreams." Jackie frowned, leaning away from Hyde. 'My best friend's little sister', it was like he pushed a knife inside of her.

"Excuse me? Is that all you see me as? Your 'best friend's little sister'?"

"Come on Jackie, you're my friend too." He twisted the knife, 'friend'. She gave him an annoyed look. "Ahh, come on Jacks." She gave an angry expression, he realized it immediately. Then there was a different look in her eye, almost mischievous. She leaned toward him once more, pulled him toward her by his shirt, and closed the gap between them.

Her lips were all over his and he couldn't help but give the heat he received back with more. They continued at this, they couldn't help this. They had been in the back of the car; he pushed her back and climbed on top of her. His hands pulled her waist closer to her while her hands jumped to his curly hair.

She pushed him to a sitting position, wanting more control, and straddled his lap as his lips ran to her neck, biting, nibbling. She moaned as his eyes got wild at her sounds. This was just too hot. Her legs went around his body as his hands began to finger the bottom of her shirt. She called out his name, moaning, as his lips went back to her mouth.

Then it was over, Jackie and Hyde heard footsteps, multiple footsteps. Jackie eyes widened, realizing what she had just done. She pushed herself off of Hyde, and went to make herself look presentable.
"Hey guys," Eric greeted his sister and his best friend. Jackie and Hyde said nothing, they ignored them all.

Kelso grinned stupidly at Jackie, "Hey Jackie, y'know if you're sad about missing the concert you can come to my house and we can listen to Rundgren together. Then we can do it!" Hyde glared at the moron then looked at Jackie. She rolled her eyes and noticed Hyde's stare. Jackie was not going to look back; she ignored him and turned to her brother.

"Can we just go back home?" she asked.

"Fine, fine," Eric said driving the car out of the parking spot.

I'm not sure if I want to continue this, although I promise you one thing if I do. It will not have the same lines, I only did it for this one because well, it's the pilot, and you need the same lines to establish the characters. But I will definitely be making the lines up myself soon.

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