I am sorry to announce that I am cancelling the Fifth Forman sequel. I'm sorry, I know I told people I would do it, I feel so guilty but while I was going through what episodes would be in the sequel I felt that I was beginning to over stay my time in FanFiction.

That's not to say I won't write a one-shot every once in a while but I feel I've learned enough to move on from long stories. Or at least move on from writing Fifth Forman. I also thought that I should just leave the ending as it is, because to be honest, I like it and think it's a good way to end things. Also while I was picking episodes for the sequel I felt like it wasn't going to be good, at all.

So to sum up, the last chapter, was the end of Fifth Forman. Sorry.

Add it to your favorite list though? Just a little click of the mouse :D


By the way, thank you to everyone that had always reviewed or reviewed just once, you have been a GREAT help to me!