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4 Privet Drive 9pm

Harry Potter, was packing the little stuff he had with him He had been moved from the cupboard under the stairs to the Dudleys, second bedroom that had all of Dudleys old broken toys in it. Toys he had never been able to play with. He never had anything that was his own.

The only reason he was staying in Dudley's second bedroom was cause they were terrified of his Godfather.

He cared for his Godfather to certain point but Sirius, was too much under Dumblefucks thumb to really understand what was going on. Also being a prisoner for so long didn't help his mental state.

He knew he would never be allowed to stay with Sirius it wouldn't work in the plans that were planned for him. They wanted him to be a lamb ready for sacrifice. If he told his godfather all that Dumblefuck had done there was 50/50 chance that he would not believe any of it, in the first place. Has Harry was still thinking about Sirius a big black owl pecked at the window Harry hurried to unlock the window before his fucking muggle family heard the owl. And woke up.

"I can just guess who's owl you are." said Harry, the owl just stared at him and stuck out it's leg for Harry, to get the letter that was tied too it.

"So i guess your going to wait for me to reply?" The owl just hooted and stared at him.

"You are one weird owl but then again i should expect that from Lord Voldemort's owl."

Harry began to read the letter.

Well Harry Potter, i certainly did not expect this letter from you but for your information my offer is still up.

I would be very entertained knowing i have Dumbledore's ex-golden boy on my side.

That definitely sounds like something the old coot would do.

For you being abused by your own relatives that is plainly just fucked up.

I always knew that DumbleFuck has you call him manipulated and messed with people's, fate he's out of control.

You do have point i would definitely gain more followers for the dark side with you by side me.

I believe you will be very useful to me Potter with the proper training in the dark arts you will be feared by everyone that has betrayed you.

And for you needing a place to stay you will be staying with me in Mafloy Manor while my manor is being remodeled.

Welcome To The Dark Side Harry Potter From The Dark Lord Voldemort He Who Must Be Not Named and Heir Of Slytherin.

After Harry finished reading the letter Harry looked for some paper and a pen.

Harry began to write a response to the letter Lord Voldemort sent him.

Who would have thought that i would be staying with the Dark Lord anyway i will be escaping from my fucking muggle relatives at 12am sharp can you meet me at the entrance of Knockturn Alley?

From Harry Potter

Harry Potter tied the letter to the owls leg "Take this letter to your master." the owl hooted and flew off.

Harry looked at the muggle clock it read 10:30pm in bright red numbers.

Harry looked at the window and saw Hedwig and Lord Voldemort's owl coming he unlocked the window they both landed on his shoulder.

Harry quickly got the letter that was tied to Lord Voldemort's owl.

And read the letter it was short.

I will meet you there, take my owl with you.

PS My owl's name is Damon take good care of him.

From Lord Voldemort

First he had to unlock the bedroom door damn his muggle relatives to hell they had put locks all over the bedroom door.

Good thing he had been practicing wandless magic.

Softly he said "Alohomora" the bedroom door opened.

Quickly he made sure everyone was asleep.

They were all sound asleep not even a train could wake them.

How easy would it be to kill them right now to make them feel every ounce of suffering they had caused him.

All it would would take would be a wandless Avada Kadavra they would be dead instantly thought Harry Potter.

Harry, started walking down the stairs when he got to bottom he unlocked the cupboard and took out all his stuff.

"For now you are safe my dear relatives, but not for long you will pay for everything you did to me the only reason i wont kill all of you now is that i have to escape far away from here." Harry said with a sinister smirk.

And with those last words the Ex-Boy Who Lived Ex-Golden Boy Ex-Savior of the Wizarding World walked out the door of 4 Privet Drive with Hedwig and Damon still on his shoulder.

Mafloy Manor Dark Lord Chambers.

:Nagini, where are you: The Dark Lord Drawled.

:sssssss I am here Tom, I was chasing the house elf around the garden ssss they run so fast it was fun: Nagini, replied sliding around to sit on the edge of the bed.

The Dark Lord smirked, :Of course, you were. Was going to just let you know Potter, is our on side now. But, I need you to go do something for me. I need you to spy on the Weasley family:

Nagini, grinned or as much of a grin as a snake could do. : I will spy for you. When I come back I expect hatchling to play with me and feed me mice:

:Hatchling?: The Dark Lord turned to look at her.

:Harry, is our hatchling because he's young and speaks snake of course: Nagini raised her head from the bed.

The Dark Lord was amused already she liked Potter.

:I'll see you in a week be careful, Nagini:

She simply got off the bed tail flickering behind her. :ssss telling me be careful I'll bite all of them ssssss I'm the best snake alive ssss:

The Dark Lord watched her leave. Sitting down at his desk. I have so much to do. Resting his head on his hands. I never thought I'd get this close to my goal so fast.

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