Disclaimer: I do not own any of the digimon in this story or the elements within them, they belong to Akiyoshi Hongo, I do however own the concept of a CDR rifle, as well as the digi-lock process, the oc's Kensuke Rainer, Andes, Mistress Omega, Mikato Kagami and Shizuka Kagami. As well as the digimon Tidalmon, Blightmon, ObeliskMegaGargomon, RaPhoenixmon and SliferGigaSeadramon. Virus, Magmusmon/Brimstone,Sailor Cosmos/the Lady in White, Kuzuma, Yusuke, BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon, Fenlinismon and Karin Osaka belong to Kanius, while he digivolved form belongs to Ninetalesuk and the Digital Warlord, concept of a "Digtial Ascendant", Keke and X belong to Max Acorn, Helena Souza/Sailor Quaoar, Phillipe and Jaguarmon belong to Belletiger, also to note thier will be some slight crossovers with other anime's in this fic, I take no credit for them either and thier will be quite a few of them so I will not be mentioning the creators since thier's alot, on that note let's begin.

This is the first of several side stories/arcs that tie in with both Accel Stream and Kanius's work's as well, This fic takes place two months after Dawn of Chaos has ended for the YYDM-01 verse, and as for Ken, it picks up where my last accel stream chapter left off, Kanius was nice enough to help me with alot of stuff in this chapter including Ken's meeting with Sailor Cosmos as well as Jeri and Phillipe watching the twins, on that note let us begin.

This first story is based off the Volcadramon episode of the Hunters series, albeit this time a digimon is running the show and he wants an even more powerful digimon captured.

Digimon Accel Stream: Hunters Moon.

Chapter 1: Gathering of the Hunters.

Nexus of Time and Space

"Hello?"Ken awoke with a start and opened his eyes as bright white light blinded him a bit. He tried clearing his blurred vision as the last he remembered was floating. He remembered floating in the Nexus of Time and Space and floating toward a glowing ball of white light. The voice he heard was unfamiliar with. He looked up at a familiar but not so familiar looking woman.

"A goddess?" Ken barely mumbled, eliciting a serene smile from this mysterious and beautiful figure. "I can't be dead."

The white-schemed figure openly reassured him. "Far from it, Kensuke Rainer." She addressed him in a calm and serene manner.

When he sat up, Ken looked up at a seemingly frail but beautiful woman garbed in white. She wore an all-white sailor uniform like the Sailor Senshi. Minus the multicolored brooch adorning her waist and the golden star on her bosom, her attire had no color schemes. A long white gown hung down her back. The most notable features that surprised Ken most was the heart-shaped knots on her head and the long hair hanging down from them, which Ken recognized them being Sailor Moon's famous hairstyle (except for the heart-shaped knots on her head). The neck choker had a pearl necklace around it. She wore high-heeled white shoes. Adorning her shoulders were tiny angel-like wings and another set of wings were situated on her shoes. She scanned him thoroughly with her gorgeous blue eyes.

"...oh, great... don't tell me you're not going to give me a corny speech, Sailor..." The 'Lady in White' smiled as a small giggle escaped her lips which cut him off.

"You may call me the Lady in White. But, I do go by other names. Guardian Cosmos. Sailor Cosmos. Whichever you prefer, Kensuke." She said with a smoothing and gentle voice that comforted Ken despite what he had gone through. "I was fortunate enough to bring you here." she said, Ken looked around still confused, and slightly shaken at the fact that he knew Deckerdramon was gone.

"Where am I, miss?" he asked, hoping to take his mind off of what had just transpired.

"We are at the center of the Nexus of Time and Space," the ambiguous Lady in White answered as she walked along a crystallized platform. She raised her hand and produced a long white staff with a large orb and two angel wings attached it. She waved the instrument around as hundreds of crystallized tiles lit up spontaneously. This surprised Ken as a tile under him lit up. "Don't be afraid, Ken. You're safe here." she said, Ken sweatdropped abit.

No, she's definitely wiser than Sailor Moon. But, she looks just like he- he thought, but he was interupted once more.

"I may look like the one you call Sailor Moon, but don't let appearances fool you. I have been around longer on this plane long before she was born and before her ancestors came to exist. I've existed even before Sailor Pluto, the oldest Senshi of the past 10,000 years. I've been a preserver of the Nexus and Galaxy Cauldron. I help harvest Star Seeds for young girls who have yet to realize their destinies as Sailor Senshi." Ken tried his best to follow the Lady in White what she was telling him. Most of what she said was irrelevant to him, but nonetheless he still listened and was drawn to the majestic and vague presence surrounding her.

"I didn't think you can read minds...then again you wouldn't be the first person to do that." he said remembering when Darkstar had done the same thing.

"I can do many things, but on the other hand I can't do or undo everything. Even I'm bound to certain limitations." she replied.

"Let me ask you a question then." Ken asked.

"Ask away, Kensuke," she said, seemingly sitting while in mid-air.

Ken replied. "Are you the one who gave Karin Osaka her dimension crossing powers?"

"Indeed. I'm the one who brought her soul here and gave her a temporary physical body to hold her spirit in. I awakened her Sailor Crystal and gave her dimension crossing powers. Much like how the ENIAC granted Ryo Akiyama his dimension cross powers, I took the liberty and gave Karin Osaka her the same power." she said.

"Why her?" Ken asked, as he was still abit skeptical of her actions.

"The moment I brought her spirit here, I wanted a Senshi who could travel through dimensions and become a watcher like Ryo Akiyama. With the rising threat of dimension beings like Millenniummon, GranDracmon, and the Arcadian Cross, Ryo Akiyama couldn't do this alone without help. Thus, I selected Sailor Sedna as my representative. Defying my request to remain with me, Karin raced across the Nexus not knowing of any random dimension she may fall into. She was fortunate to fall into the Gates of Time in the YYGDM-01 universe. There she met the Sailor Pluto of this specific dimension and trained under her. I summoned the Pluto of the YYGDM-01 with Karin. I asked the Time Guardian to train Karin until she was ready to accept her responsibility as the first Kuiper Senshi. As time passed, I requested Pluto to send Karin back to me when she was capable or accepting her new duty as a dimension crosser." Ken now had a grasp on why she wasn't sent back to her birth world.

"And what happened?" he asked now wanting to know more.

"She accepted her responsibility and I presented her with her own pocket dimension pod, allowing her to navigate and locate other universes. For quite sometime, Ryo and Karin were the only two humans with the ability to cross dimensions. Today, Kensuke Rainer..." The Lady in White said, hovering in front of Ken and extended her hand to him. "Your device, which you call a Digivice... may I see it?" Ken pulled out his B.A.X. Digivice and presented it to her.

"Now what?" Genuinely smiling, the Lady in White produced a white beam that hit Ken's Digivice.

"Whoa! Hold on...!" he declared before thinking. Lucemon might wake up from this...that's the last thing I need right now.

"Relax, Kensuke Rainer," the woman reassured him in a quiet and soothing voice. She finished and watched Ken's Digivice's screen light up with a white flare. A beacon of white light produced and seeming healed Veemon inside.

"Oh, Veemon!" he was releaved to see his main partner had been healed.

"Your friend was gravely injured and my light has healed him. I've also used my light to modify and add a function to your Digivice."

Looking over his Digivice, Ken inquired. "What is it?"

"I've given you the power to cross dimensions like Karin." this shocked Ken greatly.

"Wh-What?" Ken was flabbergasted when hearing this. Now he was given a power his 'sis' possessed and received it from the same source. "You didn't need to go through the trouble, miss." He got a nod from the Lady in White.

"After all the good you've done for your dimension and due to your strong link to Karin Osaka, I had to give it to you. This way you can reach Karin better and you'll be able to cross dimensions in times of serious need... like now..." She said with a saddened look. "GranDracmon's activities have gone far astray. He is preparing to send his minions to the other dimension you've entered before. In time, he and his cohorts will attack the friends you've made. That is why I've given you the power of crossing dimensions, Kensuke. Do you swear to use this power responsibly?"

Ken nodded and clenched his Digivice. He reaffirmed his vow. "I do, miss. I won't abuse this power for the wrong reasons and I'll use it to help my sis when she and her friends need me! Likewise for the friends I made in Tai's world."

Nodding in approval, the mysterious 'Sailor Cosmos' was taken in by Ken's adamant vow.

"I can't sense your power, but I can tell you probably pack of a cosmic power that might give GranDracmon a scare." said Ken.

"Powerful as I am, I'm not a warrior. I choose to stay out of violent affairs. The responsibility of fighting falls on you, Karin, and the other heroes across dimensions. I am merely a guide and a preserver. GranDracmon understands engaging me is a huge mistake. The same can be said for the recently slain Valmarmon and the final enemies that mostly recently tried to destroy the YYGDM-01 universe."

"Wait, Karin and the others just had a big battle and I missed out?" he asked before thinking. At least by the sounds of things the D-reaper didn't show up which is good.

"You needn't worry. They've won and it took help from multiple worlds to stop this final enemy..." She vaguely said without giving too much information away. Just then, she sensed an approaching dark presence closing near them. "Kensuke, it's time for you to go."

Taken aback, Ken turned to the Lady in White. "What's going on?"

"GranDracmon has found our location. He's sent scouts to find you. I must send you to any world I can find you..." She quickly accessed the tiles around her and randomly picked on. This one was labeled DXW-06, which she of course pressed it. The Lady in White watched as a white bubble produced around Ken.

"Wait, I wanted to ask you something else about Karin!"

"There's no time, Kensuke. I'm sorry," she nodded. "I've chosen a world for you. They won't find you there."

"Where am I being sent? Wait, hold on!" Ken called out as he pounded the bubble.

The Lady in White smiled and pointed her staff, sending a beam of light that pushed the bubble across time and space.

"Good luck, Kensuke Rainer. When the time comes, use your dimension crossing powers and you'll eventually find your way back home." She watched the bubble containing Ken disappeared through the dimension door taking him to the coordinates labeled DXW-06. The Lady in White fiercely turned around as she saw Andes, Dagonmon, and Echidnamon gliding across Nexus of Time and Space. She and the Nexus vanished without a trace, leaving the three villains completely lost in their tracks.

"What did just see?" Echidnamon inquired, looking around.

Andes cursed. "Damn it! He got away! I could've sworn he was here!"

"Lord GranDracmon isn't going to like what we have to report," shuddered Dagonmon.

"Come! Let's report back to my father," the evil Ice Senshi said as she looked back over her shoulder. But, I could've sworn I saw some strange woman in a white dress. What did she do with my masochist of a brother?


Unkown Location/Castle

"Augh! What do you mean he couldn't be found?" GranDracmon bellowed as he yelled at Dagonmon and Echidnamon.

Andes tried to calm her father. "It's like we reported. He vanished, but I did catch some woman in white disappear when we got there."

Upon hearing this from his daughter, GranDracmon growled. Guardian Cosmos, or Sailor Cosmos, as she likes to call herself. If she found that boy, then she must've given him the power to cross dimensions. Curse that woman! No wonder they couldn't find him!

"Sir, do you want us to continue searching?" Echidnamon asked as she almost pleaded.

"No, we will wait until he returns," the evil lord answered as he leaned back and sighed. "Believe me. He won't keep his comrades waiting here forever. He will return and when he does it will be the end of him!" He smashed his fist down, laughing aloud. "Dimension crossing powers or not, he'll fall to me just the same." He continued laughing as Andes smiled wickedly.

"Oh, do come back, dear brother," Andes giggled evilly as she seated herself next to GranDracmon. "I can't wait to torment you again before father kills you. Then, sis, your time will come and I'll take the Dragon Saber!"

Need to try and recover Lucemon as well, but then again that plan might as well be scrapped with Belphemon dead...was going to create a demon lord fusion, but it's probably best that I don't go there as thier too prideful for that...still Lucemon could break that boy for me so maybe it's better this way, it was well worth getting his and Belphemon's souls from the YYDM-01 prisons in the underworld. GranDracmon thought.


YYDM-01/ Katsuya Residence.

Phillipe Sagara, Jaguarmon, Jeri Katou, and Felinismon were given the task to babysit twins. These twins belonged to the Katsuya couple, the godparents of Himura & Yui Tsubasa. The name of these twins were Yusuke and Kazuma. They were named after two of the famed former Spirit Detective members - Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara. Additionally, these twins were the newest and youngest Tamers with partners BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon. During the Dawn of Chaos events, these two kids received D-Arks during an encounter with an enemy Digimon as Beelzemon came to their rescue.

Since then, Yusuke and Kazuma ensured that BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon were well cared for. BlackViximon belonged to Yusuke and YellowKouInumon became Kazuma's partner.

It's been two months since the Dawn of Chaos events and peace returned to this world.

Jeri sat down with Yusuke and Kazuma showing off her old sock puppet. Seeing it creeped Felinismon out, but the kids laughed playing around with the puppet. Phillipe was seen sitting in the background and playing his harmonica. Jaguarmon was asleep on his lap.

"Let's play a new game!" Jeri used a silly voice for the puppet as Yusuke and Kazuma laughed.

Felinismon watched Jeri playing with the twins. "You're enjoying yourself a little too much, aren't you, Jeri?"

"When I was their age, I was always entertained when my mother used a puppet to brighten my day," she said as her features seemed to show sadness. It has been close to 9 years since her mother passed away. "I miss her."

Felinismon replied in kind and crawled next to Jeri. "I'm sure she's happy to see you brightening these two kiddos up."

"Thanks, Felinismon."

Suddenly, Phillipe stopped playing his harmonica. Jaguarmon's ears twitched as they spotted something that resembled a floating mirror close by. "See that, Phillipe?" Jaguarmon hissed toward this peculiar floating mirror.

"Looks like one of the mirrors Mercurymon uses, but what's it..." he stopped when the image of a tall green humanoid digimon with a glass mirror like chest appeared on it. "What the!"

"I must have those two digimon for my reserch!" declared the being as suddenly the mirror began to suck the two young boys and thier partners into it. Jeri, Phillipe and thier partners instinctively grabbed the four younglings, but this only caused them to get sucked into the mirror as well before it vanished from sight...



The bubble Ken was inside crashed onto the ground hard and he found himself stuck in the sand of a beach upon an island, thankfully his Digivice B.A.X. wasn't stuck in the sand, Veemon and Grademon came out and pulled him up. "You ok Ken?" Ken spit out sand that had gotten in his mouth.

"Yes, and no..." he muttered as he sat back down before looking at Grademon. "So how are you and JetSliphymon enjoying being on the team so far?" Grademon shrugged.

"Not like we've been aquainted all that long, although I wonder what Astamon's deal is..." he said before a shouting was heard from inside the digivice.

"YOU PERVERT!" yelled JetSliphymon


Ken sighed and called out the two digimon, Astamon had a slap mark across his face and JetSliphymon was peeved. "Astamon what did you do...or should I even ask?" Astamon mearly smiled.

"Hey, it's not often a total babe falls into your lap and..."JetSliphymon raised her pinwheel weapon to smash him, but before she could do so the howling of a train was heard in the distance, Veemon was quick to spot where it was coming from.

"Hey look out, a Locomon's coming this way!" he said, true enough coming at them from over the ocean waters was a Locomon digimon with several train cars packed behind it. Ken and the others backed away as it "landed" on the beach, but what shocked Ken was who got off of it, slightly older and wearing different clothes it was none other than Taiki Kudou who he had met back during the incident with Paradixalmon, Taiki was followed by Yuu Amano who was also older with different clothes, a small silver odd looking digimon followed him and for a moment all were speechless.

"Hey Taiki what's going on?" came a voice Ken didn't recognize, getting off the train last was another boy about Yuu's age with spiky brown hair, he was wearing goggles like Taiki and beside him was a Gumdramon. "Who's that?" he asked while looking at Ken.

"Kensuke Rainer? Is that you, what are you doing back here?" Taiki asked, Ken sweatdropped.

"So instead of going home I get sent here, oh boy..." he muttered before explaining what had happened to him, and how he ended up there... he did not however mention Deckerdramon getting killed or Grey being reformatted. "That's basically what happened, I need to get back home before GranDracmon starts causing more trouble." he said to Taiki. "Where's Shoutmon by the way?" he asked, Shoutmon exited the train and Ken's eyes widened abit when he saw that Shoutmon looked abit older as well, with numerous scars and cracks on his body. Time must be slower in my world or something, this is crazy how much time has passed in other places.

"Nice to see you again, you still able to use your ascendant powers well?" Ken nodded as Tagiru moved back when he saw Astamon.

"What the, are you Ryouma in disguise?" he declared angrily, Ken was confused.

"Scuse me?" he asked back, Taiki stopped him.

"It's probably just a coincidence he has an Astamon Tagiru, after all he has an OmegaShoutmon as well." Tagiru was suprised.

"That's crazy." he said. Ken nodded albeit Tagiru's hyper behavior was getting on his nerves.

"So who are you, exactly?" he asked again.

"This is Tagiru Akashi, he's a friend of ours and the newest member of Xros Heart." said Yuu, Ken nodded.

"So his partner must be that Gumdramon then?" Taiki nodded.

"Yeah, by the way where we're going you might wanna put your other digimon away." Ken was confused.

"Why is that?" he asked, Taiki explained how things had changed and now digimon had to be hunted to be controlled. "So let me get this straight, in this "Digi-quartz" place you can only have one digimon out, and can only digi-xros two at the same time? Ok...that sounds abit unfair...then again it's not like i've fused more than two at a time...at least I don't remember doing that..." he muttered before a mirror appeared in the sky above them, Jeri, Phillipe, Felinismon and Jagaurmon all came falling from it, Felinismon and Jagaurmon hit the ground first landing on thier feet and caught thier parnters. "Never a dull moment in my life that's for sure." Ken said, Astamon nearly did a double take upon seeing Jeri.

I thought she was dead! No she can't be the same one...Pikkan would flip out regardless if he knew about this. he thought as he, Grademon, and JetSliphymon were all sucked back into his digivice.

"You two ok, and where did you come from?" Taiki asked them helping Jeri to her feet, Tagiru did the same for Phillipe and couldn't help but blush.

"What a cute girl you are you know that." Phillipe narrowed his eyes as the Locomon left the island...

Five minutes later. "Phillipe I think he's had enough." said Jagaurmon trying to restrain her angry partner from beating Tagiru senseless for confusing his gender, Gumdramon worriedly checked on his partner's condition as Ken poked him with a stick.

"I think he's dead personally, but that's besides the point." he tossed the stick away, seeing Jeri's partner he nodded. "I'm guessing you two are from the world where Takato and Rika have the ability to fuse with duel monster card spirits?" he asked, Jeri was confused but thanks to her mind reading powers she obtained from the lights of victory she saw the images of the Paradixalmon incident and slowly nodded.

"Yes that would be right, so this is the world where Paradixalmon was beaten?" she asked Ken back who nodded.

"Oh yes he was very maliciously." said Ken as he remembered when Gaiamon X had destroyed the monster, however Taiki cleared the air.

"Are you two joining the hunt as well?" he asked them, Phillipe and Jeri were confused, but the confusion spread back to Taiki and co when they saw thier digivices. "No way those models are different from ours." he said, Phillipe and Jeri compared thier models, Ken showed his as well.

"Does it matter? As long as we got them and can digi-volve our partners then who cares what they look like." he said as Tagiru finally got back up, when he did Taiki activated what was known as a time shift and the group found themselves within the digi-quartz. "So this is the digi-quartz is it?" asked Ken as he saw the various green data like area's mixed in with the darkened areas.

"It's kinda creepy." Jeri said, but her partner reassured her.

"Don't worry we won't let anything bad happen." she said, Jagaurmon nodded.

"Indeed we won't." she agreed as another mirror appeared, the same digimon from before was on it. "You again, were are the twins!" she demanded, Taiki's group and Ken were confused by this, but the figure in the mirror mearly chuckled.

"I have no idea what your on about, welcome hunters...follow the mirrors if you wish to enter my contest and good luck." he said smirking as other mirros appeared.

"Note to self, he dies a slow painful death for being an arrogent dick." Ken muttered as he walked through the mirrors along with Veemon, his attitude scared the others abit.

"I think something happened that he's not letting on about for him to act like that." said Shoutmon, Taiki nodded.

"Well we should respect his privacy, let's go after all we can't leave this digimon alone if he called us and others here." he replied, the group followed Ken deeper into the island.


DXW-06/Center of Island.

Inside his hidden pocket space, the mirror like digimon watched as the group came to him. "Yes, this is great, more subjects to reserch." he said before focusing on Ken. "This one however, I wonder what secrets he holds as I wasn't expecting him to be here, what is an Ascendant I wonder I must know, as AncientWisemon it is my duty and purpose to know all things to exist." he said glancing over to a cage, which inside layed the two sleeping boys Yusuke and Kazuma along with thier partners. "Just like these two young ones." he said chuckling evily.


Ken, Jeri and Phillipe team up to enter AncientWisemon's contest alongside Taiki's group, but who is the target he wants retreived? Find out more next time.

So were clear, again this takes place after Dawn of Chaos, there were a few spoilers here, but thankfully nothing too major, time seems to move slower for Ken's world than it does the other two, and I've cleared up a certain issue I was asked about regarding my last Accel Chapter.

The stories here won't be as long as Accel Stream, with about up to 5 to 8 chapters total per story, however this one will only be about three chapters long as it's sort of an intro/test like story, but don't worry nothing changes my goals lol.

Peace out readers and I hope you enjoy it^^