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Well here we go, final rounds and final battles, the wheel of fate is turning, heaven and hell, let's rock!

YYDM Special:The Trial of the Amazons Part 3


Amazon Village/YYDM-01

(Cue Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls)

No...No fucking way! Blightmon thought as he and Chronomon DM both watched in horror as Tidalmon started to collapse from Athenamon VM's attack.

Backed by her new found herald power bestowed by RaPhoenixmon, she had done something that not even Ken could do: put a rather large nasty, life threatening hole through the giant's body.

"We have to withdraw it seems!" Chronomon DM muttered backing away from his "brother" - Chronomon HM. Both of their bodies showed signs of damage, but nothing too major.

Blightmon, on the other hand, was more pissed off. A blue aura surrounded his body blowing most of those attacking him away from him.

"You're all going to die!" He called out as he held up his hands. "Blight Blaster!" He began unleashing a pure condensed beam of plasma energy towards the closest targets to him: Hiei and Dai-Valkyrie Mars.

Hiei didn't seem impressed being a fire based Youkai. However, Mars was quick to realize the attack was no joke.

"Hiei! Move you, idiot!" Taking heed of Mars' warning, Hiei promptly dodged, annoyed by her command at first; but, he was quick to realize dodging was the best idea when he and all others saw the beam fly out of the village towards a mountain range where it blew to pieces instantly catching everyone's attention.

"Holy crap?!" KaiserGreymon shouted.

"Just how powerful are these guys!?" BlazeGallantmon freaked out.

Mars wasn't too pleased by this. Why would they hold back against us?! Why can't I read their minds? She thought confused.

The Houou pathed her vessel. ObeliskMegaGargomon's energy seems to have placed a mental block around their minds. That's why you can't read them.

ClavisAngemon flew off quickly to see what damage was caused by Blightmon's attack.

Chronomon DM nodded at the usage of the enemies shock at what they had done. The two of them attempted to bumrush Athenamon VM while going to their comrade, but Dramon X and Dai-Valkyrie Varuna stopped them by knocking them aside.

Athenamon VM quickly turned to them. "If you two don't wish to end up like him, I'd suggest you leave!"

The two merely laughed at her. Chronomon DM went to pick up Tidalmon. Blightmon, however, stood his ground.

(Song ends)

"You think because you got the blessing of a digi-deity, you're on our level? I wouldn't be too sure of yourself since you just got those powers. Where as we've had ours for a long time." He said as Chronomon DM opened a portal.

Varuna was preparing to strike Blightmon with her ax, but he raised an energy barrier to block it almost instantly.

"I will give you credit for catching Tidalmon off guard, but that's all you really managed to do! You've got a long way to go to master that power kinda like that other warrior, Titaniamon, in the care of psycho man over there has to master her new armor!" He said thumbing to Dramon X, who didn't seem amused at all.

"You and your colleagues are misguided!" Sedna dismissed him. "You only use your powers for personal gain!"

Blightmon fired off a beam at her, but Dramon X cut it in half to protect her while losing his sword in the process from the energy output.

"Quite the protective brother I see, but then again what would I expect from someone who lost his family and practically everything he could hope to muster. Heck keep it up and you'll lose your humanity."

This confused Dramon X while others close to the group were shocked.

"He... lost his... family?" Varuna said in shock.

She wasn't the only one as Athenamon VM also felt sorrow, as did Orcus and the others.

"Still, you little 'warriors of justice' have no room to talk. What about your powers that most of you were practically handed, but still had to train for? We've been at this game for years. It ain't like we just started today. Power is power! If you've got power, you should use it when you need it!" He said, pivoting over to Dai-Valkyrie Mars. "I mean look at you! You've got a cosmic level entity that could kill the Ascendants from the other world in your body. Yet you choose not to use it because of stupid morals!"

Mars glared at him and angrily retorted. "The Houou and I have reached an understanding!Plus it's quite draining to use her power in battle even for a few minutes." As Blightmon's words infuriated her, she resisted the urge to unleash the Houou's power.

Fools like this will never understand. The Houou pathed to her.

Blightmon just kept smiling. "Well, you fools do manage to surprise us and our master with what you've managed to accomplish. I mean this recent Dawn of Chaos ordeal for one thing was impressive. Granted Sailor Pluto should've done her job better in checking in on things in the future, because..." He turned to Athenamon VM. "You never know who you might run across. Isn't that right, Athenamon, or have you forgotten your encounter with the dark eagle, Jishikitori X?"

Upon hearing this, Athenamon VM's eyes widened. "What are you getting at?!" She demanded. "Yes I saw her face, and yes she looked just like Pluto did, but with brown hair!" This comment sent a shockwave through quite a few people involved in the aforementioned Dawn of Chaos event.

"No way!?" Sedna was aghast hearing this.

BlazeGallantmon exclaimed. "You're lying!"

"But, she can't be alive!?" Moon declared.

Others murmured to themselves as Blightmon continued. "It's amazing what happens when fail safes don't work and then said fail safe gets turned into a weapon used to go after someone else. Unless that person dies, she can't get her way." Blightmon said motioning to Dramon X once more. "Speaking of enemies boy, it's true our master can't touch you, but we sure can, but not until you clear the other trials first, especially one that the dumbasses in the Ascendants' universe neglected to check on."

Sedna glared at him when he said this. "What are you talking about!?" She demanded.

"Does your boyfriend tell you anything about that universe?" Blightmon questioned. "Does the name Yagami ring any bells?"

Sedna's eyes widened in shock. She remembered Dimitri had indeed told her of her encounter with a powerful Ascendant before the Virus battle in their world. "Wait, but I thought he was dead?!"

Ken was confused. "Yagami?" He wondered, but then became nervous when he thought of something. Something about the way that names sounds makes me think Brolly-equivalent.

Brother, you have no idea. Sedna thought having caught his thought.

"Oh, he's still alive, but time and space play nasty tricks sometimes. You see he did get off the planet before that comet thing hit. But, due to the unstableness of the planet due to his comrades and so called "father" tampering with the place, when the comet destroyed it, it caused a surge of temporal time space rifts around the area. One of which swallowed his ship and sent him into another one, but as for where he ended up, that's a secret." He said grinning.

"What are they talking about up there?!" Joey wondered before Kaiba realized something.

"In case you idiots are done talking, they're getting away!"

True enough Chronomon DM had managed to get Tidalmon safely through a big portal while everyone was distracted by Blightmon's words.

"Man this was too easy!" Blightmon said chuckling. "Even with such powers as the Valkyrie Brunhilde and an Ascendant like Dramon X, we still played you for fools despite giving you information you will need!" Blightmon said laughing before Dramon X growled.

As Dramon X's power surged, Brunhilde noticed this and took quite an interest in his rising power.

"One problem! How do you plan on getting out of here without being mauled to death?! MIRACLE BURST!" With that, he became Dramon X Miracle Mode.

(Cue Lordi - Devil is a Loser)

"I... didn't think about that actually?!" he said sweatdropping as he was charged by Dramon XMM. When the two collided, there was a huge explosion of energy that almost sent all flying.

Brunhilde watched as the two smashed against each other with hard blows.

AuroraInumon became concerned when he saw a grin forming on her face. "Kotori, don't even think about it!" He yelled to her as Blightmon attempted to attack Orcus and Varuna, but Dramon X Miracle Mode blocked both attacks easily.

党Thanks, Ken!・Orcus cried out.

Varuna pushed Orcus down and fell on her. 敵et down!・Lyn turned into D.D Warrior Lady and helped Varuna along with the Kuipers to back-up Dramon X MM.

"I see you've improved since our last battle! You didn't fold like a little bitch this time! However, keep in mind that every time you fight, you lose your humanity fool!"

Athenamon VM charged and attempted to behead Blightmon, but he dodged her sword and took off. "We will meet again, little man! Take down the other psycho, the demon bird, and that Evo-lite and maybe you'll get a chance at us!" He boasted, leaping into a small portal he created for himself.

(Song ends)

"Damn it!" Athenamon VM cursed as ClavisAngemon returned.

"Thankfully no Digimon were killed, but still they went too far." ClavisAngemon said as Dramon X MM felt someone's gaze piercing him, turning he locked eyes with Brunhilde.

Not going to end well. He thought as they all descended to the ground. "Perhaps, a small break is needed before the next matches?" Ken asked after defusing from Veemon and OmegaShoutmon; both Digimon were recalled to his Digivice.

Athenamon VM nodded as she reverted to normal then split to Athenamon and Swordswoman.

"Agreed," Athenamon said sighing as the Senshi approached her. "We will talk about what Blightmon said after the tournament is over. Agreed?" The Senshi concurred.

Mars and Moon nodded, the two being the most skeptical of what they had heard.

While everyone was distracted from recovering from the attack, Brunhilde used this time to get away from Himura, Phillipe, and the Tamers. She caught Ken taking a few breaths and recovering from the fight. She used this time to get close enough to Ken during the reprieve before resuming with the semi-finals. Himura and Phillipe noticed their Valkyrie friend gad left their sight.

"Kotori?" Phillipe muttered, looking around.

"Oh no! Don't tell me she's not doing what I think she's doing!" Himura exclaimed as he spun around and saw Brunhilde flying over meeting Ken face to face. "Kotori! Don't!"

"Hey, Kotori!" Inumon yelled out to get her attention.

"Great, this is not what we needed!" Takato shouted.

"Oh, this should be good," smirked Varuna.

"Don't tell me they're going to fight," Venus muttered.

"Brunhilde might be inclined to test his power," Saturn added.

"BRUNHILDE! STOP!" The Tamers shouted to the Valkyrie together.

"KEN!" Sedna and Orcus cried out together.

Ken and Brunhilde faced off as neither budged an inch. They sensed each other's strong warrior's spirits. Both narrowed their eyes and put hands against each other's chests.

"I sensed how incredible your power briefly fighting that freak," Brunhilde acknowledged.

"And you surprised me how well you fought in those matches. Beating two Senshi is an impressive feat," Ken replied. "Seems a true Valkyrie is the real deal. I'm Kensuke Rainer."

"Kotori Ayami."

"Heard some about you from Himura. Nice to meet you."

Then, without warning, Brunhilde formed a battle aura that didn't seem to faze Ken. Ken clenched his right hand, balling it up into a fist imbued with intense fighting power. Brunhilde did the same. And as quick like a gunshot...


Nearly everyone's mouths dropped and faces went aghast when the two punched each other in the face. Ken and Brunhilde's fists buried deeply into their faces. Himura, Phillipe, and Inumon all went wide-eyed at Brunhilde's fist burying deep in Ken's left cheek. Hiei and Varuna, especially the latter, were flabbergasted.

You've gotta be kidding me! Varuna thought feeling almost completely outdone by Ken and Brunhilde.

"Ken!" Sedna and Orcus cried out to him.

"Relax," Varuna said, beckoning her Kuiper friends back. "This is their way of saying hello."

"In what way?" Ixion asked.

Jupiter overheard Varuna and smiled. "Soul of the Fist. It's a way of communication between two street fighters. This is the only way for people like them to understand each other than just sitting down and chatting like normal people."

"Yeah, I can see they have strong warrior spirits," Takuya added.

"They find solace on the battlefield," Hiei stated, which further intrigued Mars.

"Yeah, I got a good feel of how intense her warrior's spirit was up close," Mars replied. "No wonder she defeated me."

The auras around them exploded, throwing both Ken and Brunhilde back. Titaniamon flew up catching Ken while Brunhilde flipped backward and landed on her feet. Both had sported fist indentions on their faces. Neither showed any resentment to one another, but instead smiled.

"Good to meet you," Brunhilde and Ken said, to the shock of the many who didn't get their fighter's logic.

Hiei scoffed. "They only used a fraction of their powers."

"Just a fraction?!" Henry was baffled as most of the others.

Terriermon muttered. "I'll never get these fight addicts."

"Now they've come to an mutual understanding to never seriously cross paths," Varuna said. "Hate to say it, but I doubt I can top these two at their strongest. I lost not knowing full well about Kotori's Valkyrie power."

Mercury approached Ken and Brunhilde, offering to help treat their wounds. With the help of her water, she healed them both.

After a 30 minute reprieve, the semi-final matches finally commenced. The spectators returned to their seats. Phillipe watched Artemismon enter the ring where Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter awaited the Digi-Amazon.

Floramon announced. "Let's get the semi-finals started! Sailor Jupiter vs. Artemismon! Fighters begin!"

(Cue Shaman King OST – Shaman Fight)

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter and Artemismon flew head-on trying to overpower one another. Jupiter seized Artemismon's free arm and threw her overhead sending her flying out of the ring. Artemismon spun around in mid-air but Jupiter wouldn't have none of it and channeled her lightning power into her Mjolnir, conducting a stronger form of mystic thunder.

"Mjolnir Strike!" yelled Jupiter, blasting Artemismon back with her majestic hammer.

Artemismon took the lightning blast and was knocked out of the ring. She hit the nearest wall and hit the ground trying to recover. She sighted Jupiter floating up and swinging her Mjolnir. The Senshi unleashed a barrage of lightning blasts from the air, forcing Artemismon to dodge all the shots. Artemismon took to the air evading the lightning blasts. She forged an arrow and shot it with the aid of her bow.

Jupiter readily nullified the arrow with a lightning blast. Artemismon kept flying up until she threw her bow up, which Jupiter blasted into pieces with another lightning shot. The Digi-Amazon propelled upward faster than Jupiter can anticipate. Jupiter put up Mjolnir to block Artemismon's punch. Artemismon phased out and came up behind Jupiter. She landed a kick to Jupiter's back, sending her falling to the ring. Jupiter stopped barely hitting the ring and floated over. The brunette quickly spun around and fiercely blasted Artemismon down with a Mjolnir Strike.

"No! Artemismon! Don't lose!" Phillipe encouraged his partner.

Upon hearing Phillipe's pleas, Artemismon's body reacted and recovered from Jupiter's attack. Then, three orbs of light flew right out of Artemismon's armor as the Moon Fairy Trio (Lunar Queen Elzaim, LaMoon, and Maiden of the Moonlight) appeared. The fairies merged with Artemismon, invoking Phillipe's DDM-Gattai to form their fusion.

Blinded by a shining white light from them, Jupiter turned around and watched Artemismon activate her Lunar Mode. Artemismon LM took advantage of a blindsided Jupiter and flew at lightning speed. She hit Jupiter hard with a knee to the jaw. Jupiter retaliated shooting lightning blasts from Mjolnir. One lightning blast knocked Artemismon LM back. Jupiter glided forward ready to hit her with another Mjolnir Strike. Artemismon LM narrowly dodged Jupiter's hammer shot reading the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi's body movements. The Digi-Amazon disarmed Jupiter, kicking the hammer out of her hands. Jupiter hit Artemismon LM's face with a martial arts kick. As Jupiter prepared to recall the weapon, Artemismon LM rebounded while punching and kicking her all over. Jupiter tried putting up her guard, but the Amazon's strikes were too fast to counter. Jupiter threw a punch as Artemismon LM caught it with ease. She pulled Jupiter into a hold and flew down planting her down into the ring.

"JUPITER!" The Senshi cried out fearfully for their friend, who was on the losing end.

As Jupiter barely stood, Artemismon LM forged an immense beam of light.

"Crescent Lunar Beam!" Artemismon LM howled, blasting Jupiter head-on and knocking her out of the ring.

Engulfed by the attack, Jupiter was pulverized hard and left laying outside the ring. Artemismon LM dropped both arms and watched Floramon make the count. Unable to answer the ten, Jupiter stayed down to the shock of her friends.

"Jupiter was unable to answer! Therefore, Artemismon now heads to the finals!" Floramon announced. "Who will be Artemismon's opponent in the finals? Cause we're about to find out!"

(Song ends)

Artemismon LM helped Jupiter up and set her down for Mercury to heal. Phillipe congratulated his partner for making it far.

"Well done, Artemismon. With your new power, perhaps you will pose a good challenge," Athenamon VM stated, analyzing her heir. "I'm proud of you. Your bond with Phillipe has made you stronger."

Wasting no time, Athenamon VM headed to the ring as Valkyrie Brunhilde entered, too.

"This one should be interesting," Himura said. "Can't believe Kotori's made it this far."

"Yeah and against Athenamon of all people," Inumon added.

"This is gonna be a good fight," Ken muttered, sitting close to Sedna and Orcus.

"Give us a show!" Takato cried out.

"For our last semi-final, can Valkyrie Brunhilde with all the momentum she's gained pull an upset over Lady Athenamon? We're gonna find out! Fighters, ready and go!"

(Cue Digimon Rumble Arena OST – Crazy Battlefield)

Athenamon VM dropped into a fighting stance and carefully analyzed Brunhilde. Having seen Brunhilde overcome Varuna and Mars, the Amazon queen wasn't about to make any mistake. She's fought and defeated beings equally as strong as Brunhilde and the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi recently. Her feat of breaking Tidalmon's move was nothing to scoff at, but she powered down from using any of her herald power.

Brunhilde initiated her first move and lunged at Athenamon VM. She threw a punch covered in blue flames. Athenamon VM raised her sword countering the Valkyrie's punch. To her surprise, Athenamon watched a part of her sword melt against Brunhilde's blue flames. She jerked her sword back and sheathed it.

"Hand to hand then," Athenamon said, channeling mystic power into her hands. She ran up meeting Brunhilde in fisticuffs.

The two exchanged rapid fists for a few minutes. It was equally fought until Brunhilde accidentally dropped her guard. Athenamon saw an opening and punched Brunhilde's right hip. Dazed, Brunhilde fell and got caught by an uppercut from the Amazon. Sending Brunhilde flying into the air, Athenamon glided over and kicked Brunhilde's stomach dropping her to the ring. As Athenamon dove in to swiftly take her down, Brunhilde barrel-rolled away and sprang up firing ice at her direction. Athenamon barely swerved the ice mist. Brunhilde cupped her hands forward and unleashed a flamethrower blast. Athenamon dodged the fiery encounter. Both charged and met each other fist to fist. Athenamon and Brunhilde's knuckles pressed against each other. Brunhilde fell back and jumped up, spring kicking Athenamon's jaw. Stumbling back, Athenamon fell dazed. Brunhilde grabbed Athenamon's right foot and spun around throwing her across the ring. The Valkyrie hastily sprinted forward and ran past Athenamon before the Amazon can hit the other side of the ring. Brunhilde reached the end of the ring and punched Athenamon's face, knocking her back.

"Kotori's not letting up!" Phillipe exclaimed. "She really intends to win this tournament!"

Titaniamon gaped at Brunhilde's handling of her queen. "I can't believe this girl's strength!" And to think she used a fraction of her power to leave a dent on Ken's face... likewise with Ken. If Lady Athenamon isn't careful, she's in trouble!

Brunhilde landed right over Athenamon VM. The Amazon queen jumped up hitting a palm strike into Brunhilde's lower jaw. Upon planting her facefirst into the ring, Athenamon VM retrieved her sword and slashed at the Valkyrie. Brunhilde ducked quickly and produced a lance. She rushed Athenamon VM using her lance to knock the sword out of the Amazon queen's hands. Brunhilde pointed to her lance to Athenamon VM's face.


Wasting no time, Athenamon crossed both arms behind the back of her head. As she did that, she noted Brunhilde dropping her guard and dropped down, swiftly kicking Brunhilde's jaw. As Brunhilde's head snapped up, Athenamon VM blasted her into the air.

"Athena Flaming Owl!" With that, Brunhilde was shot up straight into the air.

Athenamon VM came down when Brunhilde hit the middle of the ring. Floramon checked on the Valkyrie and began counting. Unable to answer the ten count, Brunhilde stayed down.

(Song ends)

"Brunhilde has stayed down for ten! Lady Athenamon shall now meet Artemismon in the finals! This one should be an unforgettable match between two Amazons!" Floramon announced. "Up next after the break, a bronze cup match between the runner-up finalists Sailor Jupiter vs Brunhilde, our bonus duel between Yugi and Kensuke, and finally our finals!"

Athenamon VM carried Brunhilde out to Himura, Inumon, and Phillipe. Realizing Brunhilde has a match with Jupiter for the bronze cup after the break, Athenamon VM called for Mercury and medics to heal the Valkyrie.

"If you wish, we can postpone the bronze cup match after the duel," Athenamon suggested to Brunhilde.

Sitting up, Brunhilde rubbed her head as Mercury healed her. "I guess, but I'm so disappointed I lost."

"Look on the bright side, you made it this far," Himura reassured his friend. "You also get a chance to fight for the bronze."

"Yeah, that's good I guess. Against Jupiter, huh?" Brunhilde eyed Jupiter talking with the other Senshi.

Now holding an icepack, Ken leaned back taking a deep breath. "Man those were close fights." That Kotori is scary strong to take Athenamon to the limit like that! Glad I wasn't fighting her.

"Brunhilde's strong, but she still has someways to go," Sedna said. "Pluto told me Brunhilde in the past was several times stronger than she is now. Like we haven't even seen her reach her peak yet. I'm glad she's on our side."

"Really? Now I know not to cross her on a bad day."

"Don't worry, Ken. You two are mutual now, right?" Orcus asked.

"Yeah. It was nice to finally meet her..." Ken watched Brunhilde standing up next to Himura, Inumon, and Phillipe. "Great, my duel is next."

"You'll do fine, Ken," Sedna calmed him down. "We're all looking forward to this."

"Give us a good show, Ken," Eris said.

"We're all pulling for you to give Yugi a good duel," Quaoar added.

"Indeed, we're behind you," Ixion said.

Varuna sighed. "What the hell are you hesitating for? Go your ass out there!"

Ken stood up and shifted his view to the ring. "All right, let's get this over with."

The time had come. With the two matches finished, Yugi and Ken, who still had a small ice pack on his right cheek, hopped onto the battle ring. Their Duel Disks were ready. They handed each other's decks and shuffled them before handing them back to each other.

"Well Ken, let's give these people a good duel."

Ken nodded. "Gotta admit this is kinda overwhelming for me. To be able to duel the King of Games and all since you're fictional in my world, but nonetheless, I'm giving it my all!" He declared as he took his deck and inserted it into his Duel Disk.

Yugi did the same with a smile. "I'd expect no less. Let's do this!" He said as their LP counters lit up with four thousand life points for each player.

"Well, here we go," Lyn said, getting out a camera.

Mai turned to her. "What's with the camera?"

"Well, I was hoping to use it to take shots of the tournament, but the action's too intense. I can definitely still use this to give Pegasus ideas from Ken's cards," Lyn replied as Kaiba watched disgusted.

"I bet you he'll fold quickly. He's too nervous."

Joey growled at Kaiba. "The duel ain't even begun yet, rich boy!"

Nearby, Takato's group sighed.

"I've been wanting to see Yugi duel for a while, this should be good," Takato said

Rika added. "Well, unless Ken can keep up, which I'm doubtful of given how he's been acting about this. We'll see." She replied as they prepared to face each other.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh OST - Passionate Duelists)

Kensuke LP: 4000

Yugi LP: 4000

At least with only 4000 points, this won't take too long. The longer this goes, it's gonna hurt my brain. Ken thought as he beckoned Yugi. Both quickly drew five cards. "You go first Yugi!"

Yugi nodded and did so drawing a card. "Alright, I'll start by summoning my Skilled Dark Magician in attack mode!" A tall dark robed man appeared before them all.

Skilled Dark Magician


Lvl/4/Atk/1900 Def/1700

"Oh boy," Ken muttered as Yugi continued by playing a magic card.

"Next, I'll play the spell known as Emblem of Dragon Destroyer!"

Ken's eyes widened as he realized what Yugi was going for. Upon using the card, a sphere with a mystic symbol on the robe of the magician lit up.

Uh-uh, he's not really not going to play that on the first turn! He thought as Yugi added a monster to his hand and showed it to him.

"With my spell I've added Buster Blader to my hand!"

Buster Blader


Lvl/7/Atk/2600 Def/2300

"Next, I activate Pot of Greed to draw two cards from my deck!" A large green jar appeared on the field for a moment before vanishing allowing Yugi to draw two more cards. Another light lit up on the Skilled Dark Magician's body.

"Is Yugi really going to do what I think!?" Yui wondered as she caught on quickly as to what Yugi was going for.

"Perhaps, but if Ken's as good as he thinks, he wouldn't have dueled him otherwise." Himura commented.

"I don't see the point of summoning that thing on the first turn, Yugi. Neither of us has any dragons in our graveyards. So, it won't get any power boost!" Ken commented, but Yugi wasn't fazed and kept smiling.

"Actually that's where this comes into play. I activate my spell Trap Booster! By discarding another card from my hand to the graveyard, I can activate a normal or continuous trap from my hand!" Yugi sent a card to the graveyard to insert another one onto his Duel Disk. "I activate the trap Rebirth Judgment!"

Ken recognized the card immediately with it having a pic of someone half human and half machine. That's one of Zane's cards! Oh crap!

"With this card in play, I can select one monster type and all monsters in our graveyards shall be treated as that type. And I choose dragon!" Ken sighed as the third light lit up on the Skilled Dark Magician."Now that three spell counters have accumulated on my Skilled Dark Magician, I'll sacrifice him and bring out my Dark Magician!"

The Skilled Dark Magiciandisappeared from the field, and left in its place was Yugi's ace monster in all it's glory, a larger magician wearing purple robes with a large scepter.

Dark Magician


Lvl/7/Atk/2500 Def/2100

"Next, I'll activate Polymerization from my hand and combine my Dark Magician and Buster Blader together!"

Everyone was in awe as the two monsters were merged together. They combined to become quite possibly one of the toughest beasts in the entire game: a larger darker robed spellcaster with a spear sword hybrid weapon appeared.

Dark Paladin


Lvl/8/Atk/2900 Def/2400

"Due to the effect of my trap card, the monsters in the graveyard are counted as dragons; therefore my Dark Paladin's attack power increases by fifteen hundred points!"

Dark Paladin

Atk/4400 (2900+1500)

All that and he's still got three cards in his hand! This isn't going to end well! Ken thought as Yugi wasn't done.

"I've got one more move to make! I'll set down two cards and then play Card of Sanctity, meaning we both draw until we have six cards in our hands!" Ken almost fell over with this play but drew one card from his deck while Yugi drew five.

What the hell am I up against? He exhausts his hand practically to summon and juice up his Dark Paladin! Now he's got his hand back. Great. He thought looking at the card he drew. Not bad. Let's see how this works.

"With that, I conclude my turn!" Yugi declared as his play impressing all watchers.

(Song ends)

Kaiba remarked. "Told you the kid doesn't stand a chance."

"Kaiba might have a point," Mai replied, eyeing the duelists in the ring. "That's gotta be one of the most intense plays I've seen in a long time."

"Come on, Ken! You can do it!" Orcus and Sedna shouted out together.

Hearing the two Kuipers cheer him on, Ken drew a card.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's OST - Yusei Battle Theme 2)

"Alright then, I'll start my turn by playing Night Beam!" The spell card appeared showing a beam striking cards. "I can use this to destroy one face down spell or trap you have, and whatever I pick can't be activated in response. Whatever's on the left is outta here!" A beam flew from the card striking the face down. To Ken's surprise, it was a spell called Emergency Provisions.

Yugi wasn't too happy to see it taken down. Oh no! Now I can't use my trap or I'll lock myself down!

"Ok! Next, I'll summon my Tin Goldfish in attack mode!・Ken summoned a metal red fish to the field.

Tin Goldfish


Lvl/4/Atk/800 Def/2000

"A fish?!" Kaiba muttered. "Lame."

Irked by his snide remarks, Lyn elbowed him. "Would you just let them play?! Sheesh, why is it when Yugi duels you get so serious?" She wondered until Ken smirked.

"I know it doesn't look threatening, but it's got a nice effect. See when I summon it, I can summon another level 4 or below monster from my hand to the field. I choose this one! My Sacred Crane in defense mode!" A Majestic looking bird appeared next to the fish, hunkering down in defense mode.

Sacred Crane

LIGHT/Winged Beast

Lvl/4/Atk/1600 Def/400

"When this monster is special summoned I get to draw another card from my deck!" As he did so,Titaniamon, Athenamon, Swordswoman, and most of the Amazoness Senshi watched on as Ken was about summon the warrior from before. "Now, I'll overlay these two monsters and go for an XYZ summon!"

"An XYZ summon?!" Yugi was befuddled hearing this completely foreign duel term. The two monsters became spheres of light that spun in the air forming a dark vortex, disappearing inside it, and subsequently exploded. From within the explosion came a large sword. The sword then transformed itself into a familiar warrior. "I summon No. 39 Utopia!"

The winged warrior was ready to go as all were surprised by the new summoning method.

No.39 Utopia


Rank/4/Atk/2500 Def/2000

Kaiba was intrigued witnessing Utopia's rise. "Huh, XYZ? Reminds me of how my XYZ monsters fuse and combine but leave the game instead of fusing. Interesting concept."

"Oh sure! Now you're enjoying it!" Lyn muttered.

Utopia started sweatdropping when Sely jumped up and down all excited.

Sely screamed happily. "Oh wow the hunk's back!"

Ary had to restrain her. "Would you knock that off?! You're being distracting!"

Moon and Mars watched this exchange and also sweatdropped.

"Talk about deja vu," Mars muttered.

"Tell me about it," Moon replied.

Venus chimed in. "Brings back memories, don't it?"

Ken made his move. "Now to go on the offense! I'm coming for your Dark Paladin, Yugi!" This stunned everyone as Ken's monster lunged Yugi's brandishing it's weaponry.

"But why? Your monster isn't strong enough to take my Dark Paladin down!"

Ken smirked more. "Or, I can use one of those overlay units Utopia has around him and negate his attack!" True to Ken's word, a sphere of light flew into Utopia, which stopped him just before attacking the Dark Paladin.

"That move makes no sense!"

Ken immediately activated another spell card. "It will with this! This card is called Double or Nothing. When an attacking monsters attack gets negated, this card doubles its attacking power and it gets to go in once more!"

Yugi's eyes went wide when he saw Utopia's power double.

No.39 Utopia

Atk/5000 (2500+2500)

Kaiba was also taken aback. "He can destroy the Dark Paladin now?! I didn't see this one coming!"

"None of us did, rich boy," Joey replied just as shocked.

Yugi grit his teeth as he knew he had no choice. "I'll activate my remaining face down card, Gravity Bind!" However, Utopia didn't stop and slashed the Dark Paladin to pieces. "But why?! Why didn't it stop?!"

Ken addressed his opponent. "XYZ monsters have what are called Ranks instead of levels, and Utopia is a rank four monster. Because of this fact, level specific cards like Gravity Bind can't stop them from attacking." Yugi could only frown as his Life points dropped and Utopia's attack returned to normal.

Yugi LP: 3400 (4000-600)

No.39 Utopia

Atk/2500 (5000-2500)

"I'll put down two cards and end my turn!" Ken called out.

Yugi nodded and drew another card.

(song ends)

"That monster seems overpowered to me, don't ya think?" Rika wondered.

Renamon wasn't sure. "Keep in mind it has to use those overlay units to use it's effect. When it runs out of those..."

Inumon continued for her. "I bet that's their weakness. They might be easy to summon, but they can only use their effects a few times."

Takato couldn't help feel bad for Yugi. "Still, Yugi's gone and trapped himself with Gravity Bind. What's he gonna do now?" He wondered, worrying for Yugi's seemingly grim situation.

"I'll play one monster face down and two more cards as well!" Yugi put a monster face down and two facedown cards behind it.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh GX OST – An Exciting Duel)

Ken took his turn and drew a card. "Alright, I'm placing one more card down. Now, Utopia go in and attack his facedown card!" Yugi smirked as Utopia came in. The card that was flipped up was a fluffy white monster. Ken recognized it immediately as Utopia slashed it, but it wouldn't break.

"Heh, you flipped up my Marshmallon. Therefore, you take one thousand points of damage."



Lvl/3/Atk/300 Def/500

Kensuke LP: 3000 (4000-1000)

"Ok then! I'll summon Goblindbergh in attack mode!" A plane being driven by a goblin appeared on the field.



Lvl/4/Atk/1400 Def/0

"These are some weird cards he has," Rika noted with a sweatdrop.

"Interesting none the less," Takato said in response.

"When I summon this monster, I'm allowed to special summon another level four or below monster from my hand in defense mode! If I do, this card goes to defense mode." Ken tossed down another monster. It was another Sacred Crane.

Sacred Crane

LIGHT/Winged Beast

Lvl/4/Atk/1600 Def/400

"I get another draw while my aerial fighter takes a knee," Ken said as he drew a card. When he drew his specific card, a flash of Athena, Karin's future daughter, flew through his mind as he conducted another overlay sequence. My thanks to you, little one. He thought quickly as another monster appeared. This time it was a white mechanical Pegasus, which reminded the Sailors of their encounters with said majestic creature. "I summon No.44. Sky Pegasus!"

No.44 Sky Pegasus


Rank/4/Atk/1800 Def/1600

Moon gasped upon seeing the Sky Pegasus. "He's just like our Pegasus!"

Mercury was astounded seeing it herself. "If only Chibi-Usa were here to see this!"

The other Senshi watched the Sky Pegasus descend to the ring waiting to see what it will do.

"Let me ask a question, do all these XYZ's have numbers?" Yugi inquired.

"Most do, some don't," Ken replied as Sky Pegasus detached an overlay unit, before setting its glowing eyes on Marshmallon, who looked panicked.

"What's going on?"

"Simple, by using an overlay unit, Sky Pegasus can destroy one monster you control. However, you can negate this effect if you wish, by giving up one thousand points."

Yugi grit his teeth, as much as he didn't want to lose life points, he required his Marshmallon to defend him. "Fine I'll pay the cost to protect my Marshmallon." With that, he initiated his action, which made his life points drop.

Sky Pegasus stood down from attempting to blow Marshmallon into paste. The duel's intensity was rising to the point where most couldn't speak anymore.

Yugi LP: 2400

Yugi if you lose this so help me! Kaiba seethed in thought, refusing to accept anyone capable with the talent of one-upping his rival.

"Now, I'll activate a trap, Dust Tornado, to destroy my Gravity Bind!" One of Yugi's facedown's flipped up and released a tornado that took out his Gravity Bind card.

"Guess that means you're going on offense now?" Ken wondered.

"Yes, first I'll activate my other face down, Birthright! This card allows me to revive a normal monster from the graveyard. So, return my Dark Magician!" Yugi's ace monster returned to the field.

"I'll activate a trap myself, Compulsory Evacuation Device! This means Dark Magician goes back to your hand!" Sure enough a launch pad appeared under the Dark Magician and sent him flying back into Yugi's hand off the field, but yet this only made Yugi smile.

(Song ends)

"You've got to be kidding me! That's a beginner level trap!" Kaiba chastised the play. "Yugi, you better not lose this!"

Nearly everyone was becoming nervous at Kaiba's behavior.

"Yo, dude let us duel in peace! There's no need for all the shouting!" Ken shot back at the KaibaCorp CEO.

"Don't make me come up there kid!"

Lyn sighed, rubbing a side temple. "This is just one of those days..." She then kept tabs on the duel. So far she had gotten detailed pics of Ken's monsters. Wait till Pegasus sees these!

"I'm grateful to you for returning my Dark Magician to my hand, because now I can resummon it! I play Ancient Rules and with this spell I can summon a level five or higher monster from my hand to the field as long as it's a normal monster! Dark Magician return now!"

Ken cringed while remaining focused as the Dark Magician appeared again. How many freaking times is he going to summon this thing!? He thought before Yugi played another card.

"Next, I'll equip my Dark Magician with the Dark Magician's Tome of Black Magic. This will increase its attack power by seven hundred points!"

Dark Magician

Atk: 3200 Atk (2500 + 700)

This just keeps getting better! With that card, he can get back the life points he payed a while ago. Ken thought through gritted teeth; though part of him felt excited. Have to admit this is one intense duel though.

"Now, I'll attack your Sky Pegasus!"

The Dark Magician reared back and fired.

"I don't think so! Go, Mirror Force!" Ken yelled back. The Dark Magician's attack was redirected back at it, taking it out. However due to the tome going to the grave with it, Yugi regained one thousand of his life points.

Yugi LP: 3400 (2400 + 1000)

"I guess you knew about my Tome's second effect, but my turn's not done yet! I shall sacrifice my Marshmallon in order to summon Jack's Knight in attack mode!" Marshmallon left the field and in it's place was a tall knight with blue armor.

Jack's Knight


Lvl/5/Atk/1900 Def/1000

"Next, I'll activate the spell Five Star Twilight!" Ken sweatdropped as Jack's Knight disappeared and was replaced by five multi-colored Kuriboh's.

Kuriboh x 5


Lvl/1/Atk/300 Def/200

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Ken muttered as the five Kuriboh's soon combined into a larger one wearing an eye patch.

"I've sent my Kuriboh's away to summon Kuribandit!" Yugi called upon his new monster.



Lvl 3/ Atk/700 Def/1000

"I shall now sacrifice him to draw five more cards, but I'm only allowed to keep any spell or trap cards."

Ken felt annoyed by this move, but didn't show it. This guy is milling his deck quicker than an Exodia player! What is he trying to do?! Ken thought as Yugi drew five cards while only keeping three.

"Now I shall activate Monster Reborn! With this, I'll call my Dark Magician back once again!"

Growing more annoyed Ken just shook his head. This monster won't stay dead!

"I shall end my turn by playing two cards face down!" Two more cards materialized behind the Dark Magician alongside the active Birthright, which had not been removed. Rebirth Judgment was still in play as well.

Ken called out. "I'm playing double summon! This allows me to summon twice this turn. First of all, I'll sacrifice my Sky Pegasus in order to summon Solar Wind Jammer in attack mode!" This move confused Yugi as a large plane like machine appeared.

Solar Wind Jammer


Lvl/5/Atk/800 Def/2400

"I don't understand. That Pegasus monster could've used it's effect."

"Even if I did use it, you'd get around it," Ken replied before summoning another card. "Next comes Star Drawing in attack mode!" A cartoonish drawn monster wielding a wand materialized.

Star Drawing


Lvl/4/Atk/1600 Def/1000

"Sheesh, that looks like something Pegasus would use!" Mai noted, remembering the Toon Monsters from Duelist Kingdom.

Ken once again conducted an overlay sequence.

"What's coming now? Another number?"

"Not this time Yugi!" Ken declared as a large mechanical lion-like beast appeared. "I XYZ summon the Zexal Weapon - Leo Arms!"

"Zexal weapon?" Yugi asked as he wasn't the only one confused, but then he realized something seeing the beasts stats.

ZW-Leo Arms


Rank/5/Atk/3000 Def/1200

"Interesting creature!" Athenamon said clapping.

Artemismon who was sitting by Phillipe was also impressed by it due to it's cat like appearance.

"Wait, your Star Drawing was only level four so how...?"

Ken cut him off. "Simple. Star Drawing can be used for a Rank five summon. And now the fun part, by detaching an overlay unit from my new monster, I can pull another Zexal Weapon from my deck and add it to my hand! I choose Zexal Weapon - Lightning Blade!" He showed the card to Yugi. Upon it was a tiger but behind the tiger was a large sword.

ZW-Lightning Blade


Lvl/5/Atk/1200 Def/2000

"I'll equip this weapon onto my Utopia! Increasing his attack power by twelve hundred points!"

No.39 Utopia

Atk/3700 (2500+1200)

"I'll also put three more cards face down and with that my turn is over!"

This confused everyone even Kaiba.

"Why didn't he attack!?" the CEO wondered.

"Probably waiting for the best moment to strike," Joey replied.

"My move then!" Yugi said drawing a card. "I'll also set one more card down and end my turn!" Both duelists now had three face downs behind their monsters. Yugi's two permanent traps were also in effect still.

"Ok," Ken drew a card. "I'll activate Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your Rebirth Judgment card!" As this happened, the play was once again one no one expected.

"Why take that out? It makes no sense!" Rika was befuddled with Ken's plays.

"Maybe he's afraid that Yugi will get his Buster Blader back?" Henry wondered.

Ken, however, knew what he was doing. "Next, I'm putting my Leo Arms in defense mode and going on the attack!" Utopia lunged at the Dark Magician again, but Yugi was ready.

"I reveal my face down card! Magic Cylinder!"

Ken paled seeing this as his attack was coming back at him, but he was quick to counter, knowing that if this play went through it was over. "I activate my own trap! Dust Tornado!" Ken destroyed Lightning Blade, but he still took a hefty amount of damage, which caused him to drop to his knees for a moment.

Kensuke LP: 500 (3000-2500)

"C'mon, Ken! Get up!" Orcus encouraged him.

"You can do this!" Sedna called out.

Motivated by their encouraging pleas, Ken slowly stood back up. "This isn't over yet! I end my turn by playing another Mystical Space Typhoon!" Yugi watched as another Cyclone took out one of his remaining face down cards, which was revealed to be Magical Hats. "Guess I'm lucky cause I don't gotta play the guessing game now! You really know how to mess with people's minds with that card."

Yugi grinned at the compliment as Utopia's attack returned to normal.

No.39 Utopia

Atk/2500 (3700-1200)

"You seem to know my deck very well!" Yugi called out as he drew another card. "I'll activate this card, Spell Reproduction. By sending two spell cards to the Graveyard, I can bring back another. He did exactly that, but he didn't show Ken what he had gotten back." I shall end my turn."

"Ok, I'm getting confused here," Rika said, fidgeting in her seat.

"I wonder what card Yugi retrieved," Takato observed the duel still taking place, which had everyone on edge.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds – Clear Mind)

Ken made his move, drawing a card. He blinked for a moment seeing what it was before making his move. "Ok Yugi, since I've got less than one thousand life points, I can now do this! Go Chaos XYZ evolution!"

Everyone wondered what he meant when Utopia transformed back into sword form and formed another vortex. However, it soon came back up black and gray with an even bigger sword on its back. When it fully transformed, it had two overlay units.

"You now face Chaos Number 39, Utopia Ray!" Ken announced to Yugi, who braced himself for what was coming.

C39 Utopia Ray


Rank/4/Atk/2500 Def/2000

"Oh wow! He's even hotter!" Sely cried out.

Just then, Takato and the others realized something more to C39 Utopia Ray.

"He... he looks like Gaiamon X did!" The Tamer leader exclaimed, reminding his Tamer colleagues, the Senshi, and the Legendary Warriors of the fused Ascendant forged by Omega X, Angemon X, and Dramon X.

"You're right!" Guilmon replied.

Takuya gaped in awe. "Yeah, he does remind me of Gaiamon X!"

"Oh man! Talk about deja vu!" Cammy yelled out.

Ken made his move. "I could've brought this guy out sooner. However to use his effect, my life points have to be one thousand or lower. First of all, I activate one of my remaining face downs, Overlay Regeneration, by sending the top card of my deck to the graveyard I can add one overlay unit to Utopia Ray and ZW-Leo Arms, but it doesn't matter. Because now, I'm using his effect. By detaching all of his overlay units, he gains five hundred points for each one, and one monster on your side loses one thousand in exchange!"

Joey, Mai, and Kaiba's eyes started to widen as Yugi's Dark Magician was now rendered powerless against Utopia Ray who now had four thousand attack points.

C39 Utopia Ray

Atk/4000 (2500+500+500+500)

Dark Magician

Atk/0 (2500-1000-1000-1000)

Lyn became intrigued with the outcome. "Well, now, this is unexpected."

"If you think I'm done, I'm not because now I can do this!" Everyone watched as Leo Arms transformed into armor and equipped itself to Utopia Ray; this increased its attack power even further by three thousand more. Part of me doesn't want this to end, but at the same time I feel like I've gotten my dueling spirit back after what happened with that freaking whore. Yugi, if you can block this, then you truly are the King of Games. Ken thought glancing to the remaining card in his hand.

C39 Utopia Ray

Atk/7000 (4000+3000)

"Here we go, Yugi! Utopia Ray attack!" Utopia Ray's new found armor glowed as it raised its big sword with claw-like hands, charging up energy in its two other swords. It prepared to strike down Yugi's Dark Magician.

"YUGI!" Joey, Mai, and Lyn called out.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Yugi remained fazed. He defied the major obstacle and quickly played a card from his hand, but not the one he had gotten back.

"I activate The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh! With this card, I can add a Kuriboh or Winged Kuriboh from my deck to my hand. And I happen to have a second Kuriboh!" Yugi pulled out the puffball and used it to block Leo Arms' attack. However to his surprise, Utopia Ray discarded the armor and continued to attack. "What's this?!"

"Surprise me with Jaden's card, surprise you with this effect! By discarding Leo Arms, Utopia can keep on going for another strike!" Despite losing three thousand points, Utopia Ray had more than enough attack power to put Yugi down.

C39 Utopia Ray

Atk/4000 (7000-3000)

"YUGI!" Joey jumped from his seat shouting.

Yugi buckled under the pain from Utopia Ray slicing his Dark Magician up again and him being caught by the blast. However, Ken smiled when he saw the last facedown card by Yugi's feet flip up.

"I knew it," he muttered to himself. The card that saved him from Raphael's Guardian Deadscythe!

"Thanks to my Reduction Barrier, I was able to decrease the damage I sustained to ten percent!" Yugi called out panting a bit as Utopia Ray's attack returned to normal.

Yugi LP: 10 (3400/10)

C39 Utopia Ray

Atk: 2500 (4000-1500)

"Ok then! Let's see what you can do now!" Ken smiled, beckoning the King of Games to strike back.

Yugi nodded back drawing a card and grinned. "Ken, this is no doubt one of the best duels I've ever been in, but this ends now! First I'll activate the card I brought back with Spell Reproduction, Monster Reborn!" The Dark Magician took to the field once again. "Next, I shall equip it with the spell, Black Pendant, increasing its attack power by five hundred points!" A black pendant charm formed around the Dark Magician's neck powering it up by five hundred, enough to lower Ken's life points to zero.

Dark Magician

Atk/3000 (2500+500)

"Dark Magic Attack!"

Ken made no effort against the incoming attack. Utopia Ray was blasted to pieces and the duel was over.

Kensuke LP: 0

"The duel is over, the winner is Yugi Muto!" Floramon announced.

Everyone watching started clapping for the two duelists who walked towards each other and shook hands.

(Song ends)

"Aw... Utopia lost!" Sely said, crying making her sisters sweatdrop.

"Man that was intense! Someday we gotta duel again!" Ken said.

"Agreed. Those XYZ monsters of yours are something else."

"Hey, you kept up with 'em pretty good. Plus, you surprised me with some of the cards you used and..." He was cut off by Kaiba, who noticed something.

Grabbing Ken's arm, he took the card he was still holding and his eyes widened. "What the... you little why didn't you play this?!" Kaiba angrily demanded.

Ken quickly snatched the card back from him, allowing Yugi to get a view of it. On the card was a picture of an angel monster. It wasn't very strong, but it seemed to have a powerful aura about it.

"Is that the duel monster Honest?" Yugi asked, eyeing the card.

Mai and Joey walked up to see the card as well.

When Mai saw it, she gasped. "That...! Why... you could've won the duel with this card!"

Joey was surprised. "You serious, Mai? I've never seen this card before."

"Well, it is pretty rare to find, but still this card can reverse the flow of a duel almost instantly. You see when a light attribute monster battles, you can send Honest to the graveyard and your monster gains the attack power of the monster your fighting. This can be done during either players turn."

Joey didn't know what to say at Mai's explanation. The realization that Yugi could've lost was still setting in.

Yugi was still trying to get a grasp of this situation. "Ken, why did you not play this? Your Utopia Ray was a Light monster, was it not?"

Ken just shrugged. "I didn't want to play it. You proved to me how good you are and you made me feel better about dueling after my last duel left me in the pits. So as far as I'm concerned, you're the winner. Besides if I had beaten you, Kaiba would be chasing me down to who knows where to get your title. Even though we both know this was just an exhibition duel, so if I had won, it wouldn't have mattered."

Kaiba intently glared at him as Yui and Cammy walked up. They, too, wanted to see the card.

"Wow, I wish I one of these," Yui looked at the card. "My deck would be even better."

Ken noticed Yui and Cammy. He walked over to where his backpack was, dug into his duel box inside for three cards, and returned. He walked up to Yui handing one card to her.

"I happen to have a spare. You can keep it as long as you cherish it," he said smiling to her.

"Thanks Ken!" Yui said, taking the Honest card. "I sure will! I'm sure he'll be good friends with my Guardian Eatos!"

Ken nodded watching Himura and Inumon smile at what he had done. He then walked to Lyn and handed her two cards.

"Hey, Miss Lyn, take a look at these. They were printed not too long ago back home. I think you might like them."

When Lyn took the two cards, she almost dropped her camera in shock. One of the cards was of a silver dragon who looked similar to the Blue-Eyes, but the other one looked very much like her.

"Azure Eyes Silver Dragon and Maiden with Eyes of Blue?! How pretty and nice!" She looked at Ken, who didn't know Seto was still stalking him. "You sure I can have these? One of them is a Synchro monster."

Ken replied. "Well, you got the tuner right there and..." He stopped when Kaiba appeared behind him. "Ok I get you're mad." He said before putting his shoulder around Kaiba and calling out to everyone. "Hey, everybody, look at me! I'm Seto Kaiba! I have a dragon fetish and I sound like Brock from Pokemon! Screw the rules I'm in love with Nurse Joy!" This was met with silence for a few moments before everyone, except Hiei who didn't get it, started laughing.

Ken then took off running as Kaiba turned redder than than the Kool-Aid man.

Nearly everyone was hysterical seeing Kaiba's reddened face and Ken making out to be a complete jackass. Joey and Mai laughed.

Takato chuckled. "Oh, that's a good one!"

Venus snickered. "Come to think of it, he does sound like the guy who voices him in the American dub!"

Even Lyn couldn't resist the urge to let out a few chuckles.

Varuna turned to Lyn. "Just let it out, Lyn. If he gives you the eye, I'll knock him flat on his ass."

Quaoar sighed. "You might break his tail bone doing that, Tyra."

Mars shrugged. "Can't be any worse than when Tyra gave him a black eye for accidentally catching her taking a bath when he thought it was Lyn."

"That's it, Rainer! You're fucking dead!" Kaiba morphed into a Blue-Eyes again and chased after Ken out of the arena, firing Streams of Destruction at him. Luckily for Ken, he was able to dodge all the blasts.

ClavisAngemon and Chronomon HM both followed giving Athenamon a good luck nod for her upcoming match as they would be leaving soon.

Even with Ken and Kaiba absent, the battle for the bronze went ahead as scheduled. This was a last minute addition to give the runner-ups a chance to win some prestige for active participation.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter and Brunhilde stood face to face wearing determined glares.

"As requested by Lady Athenamon, our bronze match was delayed for after the duel. Now that everyone's rested enough, let's get this over with. The winner of this match will be declared the third place runner-up behind our finalists and win the bronze cup. Fighters, are you ready?"

Jupiter and Brunhilde dropped into battle stances.


(Cue G-Gundam OST – Strongest Card ~ King of Hearts)

The fight started with a bang as Jupiter and Brunhilde clashed head-on. The two powerhouses' collision caused the ring to shake hard. Both exchanged punches and martial arts kicks as they maneuvered around the other. Them moving at lightning fast speeds astounded those incapable of keeping up, but those with keen senses and warrior eyes were able to follow.

Brunhilde threw a straight punch, which Jupiter countered by crossing her arms in front. Battle auras formed around both fighters. As their auras converged, the fighters were knocked back. Brunhilde smiled finally solace fighting someone on her level.

"Man Ken's really missing out!" Takato exclaimed.

"Tell me about it! These two are really tearing it up!" Rika cried out.

The Senshi cheered on their brunette friend while Himura, Phillipe, Inumon, and Artemismon did the same for Brunhilde.

"I really wish it were me in there!" Varuna yelled out as she instantly was drawn to the fight.

Sedna gaped. "And we're not even in the finals match."

Brunhilde and Jupiter punched each other hard. Their fists pressed against their cheeks. Brunhilde expelled blue fire from her hands, forcing Jupiter back. The Dai-Valkyrie used her speed to easily dodge the fire and unleashed a speedblitz hitting Brunhilde head-on. As Brunhilde was hit hard by Jupiter, she was sent flying out of the ring. Brunhilde took to the air and saw Jupiter was gone. She looked around searching for her opponent.

Suddenly, she looked up and sighted Jupiter forming a lightning spear. She sent the spear-shaped bolt down. Brunhilde forged an ice wall using it as a decoy for the bolt to shatter. She hastily glided up to engage Jupiter and send blue flames at her direction. Having seen Brunhilde use similar methods to defeat Mars, Jupiter wasn't ready to make the mistake. She evaded the fire and baited Brunhilde in, hitting her with a crescent kick to the Valkyrie's back. She drove enough force to send Brunhilde plunging down. Brunhilde barely floated over the ring surface to catch her own fall.

Jupiter dove down throwing a punch and narrowly missing. Brunhilde dodged and spun around punching Jupiter. Jupiter ducked and grabbed Brunhilde's arm, executing a judo throw, but Brunhilde reversed and slammed Jupiter into the ring. Brunhilde flew up and produced a lance. She imbued it with blue fire and prepared to throw it down.

Turning her head, Jupiter sighted Mjolnir, which she lost during her match with Artemismon LM. She instinctively linked herself with the magic hammer and recalled it.

"Surrender now!" Brunhilde demanded.

"Not a chance!" Jupiter retorted stubbornly.

"Your loss. The bronze title is mine now!" With that, she threw her flaming instrument down. "Lance of Immolation!" Watching the lance head closer to Jupiter, she smiled.

Jupiter cried out as the hammer flew back into her hand. She then sprang up and raised the hammer, which quickly responded to the lance. To Brunhilde's shock, Mjolnir nullified the blue flames and shattered the lance to nothing.

Those supporting the two competitors were shocked with the outcome.

Jupiter swung around Mjolnir and quickly flew up to attack Brunhilde. Brunhilde phased out and reappeared in front of Jupiter attempting to disarm her.

"Thor's Fury!" The Dai-Valkyrie discharged an immense lightning blast, which struck Brunhilde head-on. Brunhilde tried blocking with a blue fire aura, but the lightning nullified her defenses. Brunhilde was hit hard, allowing Jupiter to clock her with her hammer. Having taken a hammer shot, Brunhilde plunged down and fell in a heap. Jupiter descended and held her guard with Mjolnir readily gripped in hand.

Floramon checked over Brunhilde and counted her down until the Valkyrie rose up at eight. Brunhilde barely lifted her body and looked up to Jupiter. Reeling from taking a hit from Mjolnir, Brunhilde fell facefirst and failed to break the ten count.

"Brunhilde failed to make the ten count. Therefore, your bronze cup winner is Sailor Jupiter!" Floramon announced.

(Song ends)

Himura and Phillipe rushed over to check on Brunhilde. Jupiter approached the Valkyrie Maiden and put a hand out to her. As Brunhilde came to, she saw Jupiter offering a hand, to which Brunhilde took. Jupiter helped Brunhilde up.

"Seems that hammer is effective at canceling mystic power like me," Brunhilde said, eyeing Mjolnir in Jupiter's hand. Why does that look familiar? I've been told my full memories from the past haven't returned, but I've been told it was once wielded by a powerful god named Thor. For such a powerful weapon to be given to her... I can't figure why.

"Yeah, well, it's a mystic weapon made to cancel other magic. It also gets the job done," Jupiter smiled. "And somehow I'm the only one who can lift it. I've had others try using it, but it's too heavy for them or it outright rejects them. Must be the will of Thor who picked me."

"In any case, I have to learn not to get fiery and overconfident. It cost me two fights here. I have to train harder..."

Himura added. "And learn some patience?"

"I know you'll get stronger and become a better fighter, Kotori," Phillipe reassured his cousin, hugging her.

"I'd say we're both bronze winners," Jupiter added as the two exchanged genuine grins and walked by each other.

After that, the finals went underway. Phillipe wished Artemismon LM luck and sat down next to Brunhilde. Athenamon VM was already in the ring waiting for her heir. Artemismon LM stood on the opposite side glaring down her queen.

"Here we go. This one will be good," Sedna said.

Orcus shook her head. "Sucks Ken is missing out."

Ixion replied. "We'll give him the rundown."

Eris suggested. "Or, we can ask to let us watch the recordings."

Phillipe stood up cheering. "C'mon, Artemismon!"

Athenamon VM nodded and smiled. "You've done well to make it this far, Artemismon. I'm very proud of you."

"My partnership with Phillipe has proven very fruitful," Artemismon LM outright stated. "Since becoming his partner, I've evolved and as you can see this is my ultimate form." She dropped into a quick battle stance. "And I'm ready to show what I can do!"

Floramon interjected. "We're down to the finals! Lady Athenamon vs. Artemismon! Without any delay, begin!"

(Cue Digimon Rumble Arena OST – The Biggest Dreamer)

Once the bell sounded, Athenamon VM and Artemismon LM ran up crossing swords. The struggle lasted a few seconds as Athenamon VM gained some leverage and brought her sword over Artemismon LM. The younger warrior dodged the queen's sword strike and leg swept her off her feet. Athenamon VM lost her footing, giving Artemismon LM to opportune time to throw an arrow at her. Athenamon VM flipped over narrowly dodging the arrow and fell on her back. Artemismon LM came over to mount her, but Athenamon VM kicked her off and knocked her back with a sword swing.

Artemismon LM was knocked into the air and quickly regained her senses. She looked around and saw Athenamon VM vanished. Suddenly, Artemismon LM felt a brush of air behind her, causing her to instinctively turn around. Athenamon VM caught her with an elbow to the face. Athenamon VM followed up swinging her sword, prompting Artemismon VM to block the strikes using her forearm armor. Artemismon LM flew forward hitting Athenamon VM with a head-butt, knocking her back.

"Crescent Lunar Beam!" Artemismon LM discharged a beam from her hands, which shot forward but got countered by Athenamon VM's sword.

Titaniamon watched with great interest. She muttered. "My goodness, you've come a long way, Artemismon... to think you're better able to control your new form than I could with my new armor."

Athenamon VM redirected the beam to her heir and charged forward shooting an owl-faced beam. "Athena Flaming Owl!"

Like her queen, Artemismon LM instinctively used her sword to block the flaming owl and cut it in half. Athenamon and Artemismon engaged sword play head-on, leading to a few seconds of them clashing swords. Athenamon VM knocked Artemismon LM's sword from her hands. Then, she kicked Artemismon back and sent her flying into a wall. The Amazon queen swiftly flew forward with her sword and tried catching Artemismon with it. The Digi-Amazon narrowly dodged as the sword pierced the barricade. Artemismon LM took to the air and flew over the crowds luring Athenamon VM.

Everyone marveled as the two Amazons exchanged blows above their heads.

Artemismon LM forged a ball of light, which exploded and was used to blindside Athenamon VM. The young Amazon seized advantage of her blinded queen and grabbed her waist. She took Athenamon VM to the ceiling.

"Oh man! Don't tell me she's gonna drop Athenamon!" Venus shouted.

"I know Artemismon wants to win, but she might be taking it too far!" exclaimed Mika.

"Athenamon!" Moon cried out.

As Artemismon prepared to drop her, Athenamon struggled to break loose. Artemismon LM locked her arms tight and looked down. That's when she made the grave mistake. Rather than drop her, she spent too much time tightening her hold. This allowed Athenamon VM to headbutt Artemismon's face a few times. As Artemismon let her go, Athenamon VM, still blinded, felt her heir's movement and grabbed her right arm and tossed her down to the ring.

"No! Artemismon! Get up!" Phillipe pleaded.

"Wow, Athenamon can actually still fight back blinded?!" Takato was baffled.

Renamon added. "Being a warrior for as long as she's been, she's certain to heightened her other senses when need be."

Athenamon VM regained her vision as she sighted Artemismon LM in the ring. Crossing her arms, she formed a cyan aura around her.

Artemismon LM followed through forming a yellow aura as it outlined her figure.

They're going to give this their all! Only one of them will be left standing! Titaniamon thought, shaking up a bit.

Athenamon's aura formed into an eagle-like bird while Artemismon's became a jaguar.

"This is it, Lady Athenamon! After this, I will be called Lady Artemismon!"

Athenamon VM focused her powers and opened her arms forward. "Wings of Athena!"

Artemismon shouted. "Moon Huntress Strike!"

The two Amazons launched toward each other with a head full of steam. Both were carried and powered by their distinct but immense battle auras. Driven to win, neither was ready to falter. Then, as they collided, a bright flash of light ignited the arena nearly blinding everyone in sight.

As the light cleared, those who can see witnessed Athenamon VM and Artemismon LM fall. Both hit the ring having exhausted themselves.

"They're both down! I'll start the count!" Floramon began her ten count. Then, as she hit seven, both fighters stood at the exact same time.

Athenamon VM and Artemismon LM instinctively pushed themselves forward and charged. Both clenched their right fists and hit each other hard. Both of them buckled under the harsh blows. Both dropped to one knee. Then, they leaned on each other exhausted. However, it was Artemismon LM who expended her power as she regressed back into Jaguarmon and the Moon Fairy Trio.

"Jaguarmon!" Phillipe cried out.

"So, she expended more than power than Athenamon did," Inumon caught on. "She tried to match Athenamon's power and succeeded. But, she unfortunately used up the fairies' energies more than her own."

"So, Jaguarmon had this won..." Himura muttered.

Athenamon VM held Jaguarmon and the Moon fairies in her arms.

"I take it they're gonna be out more than ten," Floramon noted.

Athenamon VM smiled and stood up lifting her head as the winds brushed against her.

"Despite her great efforts, Artemismon has unfortunately come up short of taking Athenamon's seat. Thus, your winner is Lady Athenamon! She will intend to keep her throne much longer than planned it seems."

(Song ends)

Jaguarmon awoke to find herself in Athenamon VM's arms.

"I... lost...?" Jaguarmon asked, sighing disappointed. "I gave that one my all, my queen. I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for. You fought well and in your Lunar Mode were fighting on par with me. You nearly defeated me," the Digi-Amazon queen smiled genuinely. "Now I see being partnered with Phillipe has made you stronger. Indeed, partnered Digimon can tap into deeper reservoirs of power and this upgraded Digivice Phillipe has allowed you to access this new form."

"So, this does mean... I'll never become queen?"

"Quite the opposite. As far as I'm concerned, this guarantees you are my definitive heir and you will become the next Digi-Amazon queen."

"Will I have to leave Phillipe?"

"That's for the future to decide, but I would say no. He may end up living amongst us if he so chose and I'd allow him to keep you happy."

Jaguarmon brushed up against Athenamon and purred. "Thank you, my queen."

Phillipe raced over to the ring as Athenamon VM handed him the feline and the fairies.

"Phillipe, thank you for allowing Jaguarmon to realize her greatest potential."

Phillipe bowed to the queen. "You're very welcome, my queen."

"While I am still officially the queen, every participant in this event are winners. They fought hard and showed us what it takes to be a champion," Athenamon VM announced as she asked Floramon for the mike. "Everyone, starting now, every four years, there will be a tournament to fight for the queen's seat. I will be ready to defend my seat. So, be ready, lady warriors." She received a loud cheers from her sister and the guests.

"Lady Athenamon's so cool," Phillipe whispered to Jaguarmon.

"Of course, she's the best," Jaguarmon said proudly. "And it was an honor to face you, my queen."

Ken and Raidramon finally returned into the arena.

Kaiba staggered after them exhausted. "I will kill both of you." He muttered before finally passing out where Lyn walked over to pick him up.

"Man, that was a good run! Shame we had to miss the final match. So, who won?" Raidramon asked.

"By the way, those other dudes took off. Man, Kaiba blasted them and they took like no damage!"

Everyone sweatdropped at how Ken put this.

Sedna finally got a chance to speak. "Athenamon VM did, but now it's official that Artemismon is going to be her heir for sure in the future. Phillipe is pretty happy."

Ken turned around looking at Phillipe, who had Jaguarmon in his arms. Jaguarmon smiled proudly despite her loss and was acknowledged for her adamant warrior nature.

"We both are as well," Swordswoman said as they gathered together. "Now about what Blightmon said earlier. Yes we did encounter this 'Jishikitori X' when we went after our sister and friends. However, we are unsure as to why she had brown hair and looks like Sailor Pluto."

"The only person who fits that description is Sharon Rivers, also known as Sailor Charon, but I thought we put her down," Mars pointed out, reminding her friends of one of their most dangerous enemies to date.

"It is possible its not the same being," Ken recalled. "Remember in the future I came here from a while back, it was said to have split off from this timeline right? So, maybe she is from that future? At least, this version of her."

"True, but still if it is her, and she's got the power of an Ascendant now, we're all in trouble." Moon replied.

Saturn added. "Indeed and she must be intercepted at all costs."

"What exactly did she do?" Ken asked.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Sedna went into depth over Charon and the Prophet's manipulative gambit that nearly cost them their universe. On top of that, they, especially Sedna, told him about the stress and heartache they've been put through caused by Charon's callous actions.

"It now occurs to me. I want her dead. Torture her first and mangle her, but yeah dead," Ken said straightly scaring everyone.

"Well you might get your wish. If what Blightmon said was true, she'll be gunning for you to get here," Eris said.

Ken sighed. "Let her come then, death will be swift." He said yawning. "Man this has been a rough day, Mikato and Shizuka ain't gonna shut up when we get home."

"Ken," JetSilphymon addressed the teen. "Listen, having spoken with the Amazons, I asked if I can stay here. I know this is sudden and you weren't expecting this, but they told me to ask you first."

"Is it about the weird color conditions that virus GranDracmon placed on you?"

"Yes, but this community also seems suited for me. The Amazons are willing to help cure me. I heard their shamans are some of the best medics this Digital World has to offer."

The teen nodded and conceded. "Then, do what you have to do."

"But, I want to say it's been an honor being part of your army. Don't think I'm abandoning the good fight."

"Nah, not at all. You do what you need to do and what makes you happy. Besides, I know you've been trying to find a cure for that condition for the longest time. No worries. I have Titaniamon with me. You can sorta fill in her duties here."

"That's true," JetSilphymon said as she pivoted over to Titaniamon. "And it was fun talking with another girl in the group."

Nodding, Titaniamon shook JetSilphymon's hand. "My Amazon sisters will take good care of you. Since you were part of Ken's army, they'll look into giving you a commanding position. And I can see them having you fill my place."

"Thank you and I won't let you down."

Sanzomon and Mermaimon approached them as JetSilphymon let them by.

"I will work with JetSilphymon getting her color condition stabilized," Sanzomon interjected. "She will be in my good company."

Mermaimon added. "Titaniamon, good luck on your journey with Ken!"

Before Titaniamon could say anything more, Athenamon and Swordswoman walked over to meet with her and Ken.

"I know you're about to leave with Ken back to his world, but hear me out first," Athenamon said, patting Titaniamon's shoulder. "You've come quite far since joining Ken's army. It's become clear between you and Jaguarmon that a partnership with a human brings out a Digimon's greatest potential. Artemismon was shown to be my near equal in her Lunar Mode. You will do undoubtedly do the same once you master your new armor."

"Hearing this from me, I won't let you down," Titaniamon said, feeling touched by Athenamon's words. She bowed down to her queens. "I won't let either of you down, my ladies."

"Ken, if you need help dealing with this Jishikitori X, we'll be here," Athenamon offered.

"Thank you, but we need to find her along with that Evo-lite asshole when I find him."

The Sailor & Kuiper Senshi, the Tamers, the Duelists, and company approached Ken and Titaniamon to bid their farewells.

"See you again, Jupiter," Titaniamon said.

"You, too. I'm glad my Valkyrie armor power is being used in good hands."

Venus and Saturn added. "Ours as well."

"I promise to gain control of my armor. The next time you see me, I'll be better than ever."

"Ken, please be careful, we're always here when you need us," Sedna said, embracing him.

"Thanks, sis," he said, hugging back. He turned over to Yugi and acknowledged him. "Thanks for dueling me. It was an honor to face you."

"Likewise. I hope that duel has restored your dueling spirit."

"It has and thank you." He said his goodbyes to the others while ignoring the glares Hiei and Kaiba were giving him. Mars and Lyn had to keep their boyfriends on their 'leashes' to ensure Ken makes it home in one piece.

"Miss Lyn, you take care of those cards I gave you. I think you'll use them well."

"No, thank you," Lyn replied, taking out the new cards given to her. "Hey, Seto, perhaps the duel is the much needed inspiration for you to continue those Xyz Monster Project you've been slaving yourself over."

Kaiba said nothing, but deep down the duel did spark the motivation to push forth the project and finalize the Xyz monsters.

"It was finally good to meet you, guys," Ken addressed the Duelists. He then pivoted over to Kotori, who de-henshined to her normal self. "And you as well."

"Let's meet again," Kotori said.

"Yeah, same," Ken said, recalling Titaniamon into his B.A.X. Digivice. "JetSilphymon, you take good care."

"I will. Hope we will meet again."

Nodding, Ken used his digivice to activate a portal back home. He turned and waved to the YYGDM group before hopping through the portal to take him back to his dimension.

As the portal closed up, nearly everyone in the YYGDM group gossiped about Jishikitori X and the threats waiting to hinder Ken's missions.

"I just hope he's able to find what he's looking for," Quaoar vaguely mentioned her XLR-08 counterpart's star seed.

Varuna walked by her Brazilian lover, patting her shoulder. "Me, too, Hel."

"That was one interesting guy," Mai said.

"Can't believe he had a chance to beat you, Yugi," Joey mentioned what could've been.

"Indeed," Yugi acknowledged.

Mars sighed sadly. "That guy's been through a lot. I wish he finds true happiness in the end."

Moon concurred with her friend's wish. "Same here, Mars."

"Once we talk to Pluto, we'll get a better comprehension of how we deal with this alleged claim of Charon's future counterpart," Saturn said. "By all rights, she should've vanished the minute we stopped the Paradais duo."

"Something tells me this Evo-lite group revived the future Charon through some illogical means. Basically, she's cheating the physics of time and space," Sedna concluded.

"Poor Ken's been through so much," Orcus said, clasping her hands together.

Venus sighed. "Whatever the case, Ken can always depend on us." She turned toward Athenamon and Swordswoman. "By the way, your highnesses, I'm ready for that weight loss training soon. If you gotta make it a boot camp deal, I'm ready for it."

"Is this what you wish?" Swordswoman asked.

"Sure, why not? Ok, maybe not boot camp per say."

"Very well. Give your body more rest for a month and eat right. This will allow you to spend time with your daughter. Aphy, your Amazon counterpart, will accompany you and I'll ask Tania to be your instructor. She'll take you on a six-week trial and you will be living amongst us during most of that duration."

"Heh, see, guys? I get to live life like an Amazon on a trial basis! This is such a privilege I can't screw up on," Venus chortled proudly. "Next time you see me, this belly will be gone and become six-pack abs. Who knows? I might get some muscles, too."

Jupiter sweatdropped. "Just don't go too overboard, ok?"

"Fear not. She's just losing the post-pregnancy weight," Athenamon reassured them.

"We'll come visit and bring the baby to see you during the two weeks. You can then tell us how it's like," Mercury said.

Takato looked across where Ken's portal closed up and turned to Guilmon.

"You think he'll be ok, Takato?"

"I'd like to think so, but who knows what fate will bring him next?"


Swamp Dominion Border/XLR-08

In a lake border lining between the Swamp Dominion and another dominion of the XLR Digimon dimension, a block of ice sat at the bottom of the lake. Inside the ice was a small sphere spaceship; and inside the ship were two figures: one human and one Digimon.


A/N: That's all for the Amazon Tournament arc! Hope you liked the tournament action and the results that came out of it. Athenamon VM winning while probably a predictable outcome was the right one for now. She still has a crucial place with Swordswoman running their own kingdom; moreover, Athenamon gets more liberties running her kingdom than returning to the Royal Knight fold.

Despite not winning, Artemismon LM proves herself worthy to be Athenamon's heir and on par with Victory Mode. She has still some more room to get stronger and one day surpass Lady Athenamon. Likewise with Titaniamon once she completely masters her Ultima armor.

The bronze cup match was a last minute addition to give Jupiter and Brunhilde a chance to rebound from their losses. Brunhilde, despite her two consecutive losses, knows she has room to improve and regain her peak strength like in the past. Besides, can't have Brunhilde beating three Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and this shows just how powerful Mjolnir is in the hands of a capable wielder.

On the subject of Brunhilde, yes it appears Kotori and Ken gain a mutual respect for each other using their own method of 'communication'. The Soul of Fist is the only way for people like these two can really communicate as their street fighter logic dictates it. By crossing punches, they're better able to understand and find complete solace on the battlefield. And of course leaving indentions on their faces. Haha.

Yes, the cat is finally out of the bag. Jishikitori X is really Sailor Charon/Sharon Rivers, but not the same one from Dawn of Chaos. It's the future counterpart who was released in Chibi-Usa and Yusei's timeline by Professor Frank and she instructed Frank to warn her present self to prepare for their enemies. After Charon and Propet met their ends following DoC (which is inevitable), the future Charon is retroactively erased, but if you're following Chaos' story, she was revived thanks to the Evo-Lites and Caster's magic with a seal placed on her to control the manipulator. Then, they fuse her with an Eaglemon to keep her stabilized and keep her from fading out of existence. The union with Eaglemon turns her into Jishikitori X, thus granting her Ascendant abilities.

So, yeah, Charon, but not the DoC one, has returned. But, this version of her will gradually become more unstable as she now plans Ken for ruining her plans after bequeathing Sedna with the Dragon Saber. Can't wait to see Pluto get involved in the mix.

ObeliskMegaGargomon's vessels make a retreat, but no doubt the heroes will be ready for them next time. And someone just might shut Blightmon up for running his mouth!

Chaos did the duel for me. Hope you liked it. Ken takes the loss but for his own benefit. He only wanted to have fun and see how he measures up to the King of Games. Granted, he was getting frustrated with Yugi's constant use of the Dark Magician, lol. Still, it was a good break from the tournament fighting. Oh, and Kaiba's first impression of Ken isn't a good one. Haha. At least Lyn and Yui are gifted with cards. Look up those cards Ken gave them when you get the once. The Maiden that Ken gave Lyn looks exactly like her!

Minako's ambitious post-pregnancy weight loss training with the Amazons will be set soon. We'll see how this changes her any.

With this arc behind us, I'm glad to get this one out with Chaos. It was fun and allowed for some developments for some characters.

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