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Here we are back on the triple S story for the "tale" of how Accel Villians managed to inflitrate the Kai verse and kidnap thier most powerful warrior, Also thanks to Kanius for helping me with portions of this chapter.

As far as time periods go, this ordeal was mentioned in my last Accel Stream update, and for the Kai verse is at the end of the 2.5 side story arc according to Kanius.

Digimon Accel Stream

Mission of Evil: Kidnap Celesta X

Unknown Location/Castle Lab

Sometimes I wonder why the master is so insistant on using these devices, but oh well...Belialmon muttered as he stuffed two canister like devices into a bag. "Time to meet the new recruits..." he muttered as he remembered how his master had ressurected four warriors of darkness while Nirak was in another world trying to recruit others to thier cause, unfortunitly she had returned and the mission had gone south since then he had seen the four new recruits, but hadn't gotten to really know more about them...with one exception.


Castle Main Hall, One Hour Earlier~

Belialmon, Nirak and three of the four new entities present watched as one of the digimon, a large white digimon with a silver body, pale human skin like arms and demonic claws, and more twitchy than the others lunged at GranDracmon spontainiously and was knocked back easily. "Perhaps I shouldn't have revived this one after all, sure I powered him down a level and thought he could help us with how strong he is but he's definitely got control issues." Belialmon was in disbelief.

"Wait a second, is this not Arkadimon...don't tell me it's the same one that the girl fighter Celesta X killed back during the Paradixalmon incident?" one of the three new people was stunned to here this, but couldn't speak as Arkadimon was soon rendered unconcious.

"Indeed he is, but perhaps bringing him back was a mistake...I'm also wondering if I should have him go with you as he's bound to cause trouble and we need this to be a covert operation." said GranDracmon, Belialmon sighed.

"Let me go get the gear so we can get this over with..." he muttered and walked off towards the lab.


Walking back towards the new recruits he sighed as he watched two of them engaged in a heated discussion while the third sat idly by watching alongside Arkadimon who looked ready to kill everyone present. I hope master knows what he's doing by reviving that psycopath... he thought as he looked over the other three upon drawing closer, next to Arkadimon stood a digimon who looked like Apollomon, but his color scheme was all black with a few purple tints, his name was Caiusmon, a digimon Ken had tangled with before.

The two figures argueing were abit more unique, the first one's head was covered by a white helmet-armor with a dark purple orb embedded at the center, the body of the creature was purple with an upper body covered in white chest armor. The creature's face was purple with light red side cheek schemes along with black lips, according to what he had been told by his master the individual was known as Mutalior.

The other creature didn't seem to be all digital, he was tall, thin, and lanky gray-skinned, his tall height accommodated his skinny body, he had long, black hair hangs past his shoulders. The lankly individual also wore a modified black jacket with a pair of overblown hood akin to a Rhinoceros beetle's head. His black pants matched his jacket and fit his lower frame. The end of his pants close inside his boots and curve at the end, his name was Vipris.

I know the first two were ressurected as a result of tests with the darkness ipad, but how did the other two get revived I wonder...thought Belialmon.


Digital World/Core Area/XLR-08

"Master are you really ok with me using my time control powers to bring those two back to life from the one world's jail and the void for GranDracmon?" Chronomon DM asked ObeliskMegaGargomon.

"As long as they help make the kid suffer then I don't give a damn, besides those two seemed to be the most willing to come back for vengence anyway." the deity replied.


Uknown Location/Castle.

Caiusmon turned to Belialmon. "They've been going at this for ten minutes now, we gonna go do what need to do or you gonna shut them up leader?" he asked annoyed, Belialmon sweatdropped abit.

"Don't tell me what to do you fool..." Belialmon muttered before he too listened in on the two bickering.

"I ran an empire of my own and competed with my own son. I was most feared in the Digiverse, but Burizalor took all the credit for himself. I would've taken Earth and killed the Ascendant who destroyed Burizalor... but I won't rest until I snuff the life out of Taichi and his cohorts!" Mutalior, fuming over his defeat, exclaimed as his hands burned with black energy. "And now today I get my chance to exact my revenge by hurting his biggest pride and joy - taking his own sister." Vipris scoffed as disgust was evident in his tone.

"You think you had a rough? I served under Lord Gamera, who was bent on achieving universal domination. I was one of his loyal generals, but I was killed by a damn Sailor Senshi once I unveiled my ultimate form. The thought of serving someone other than Lord Gamera is an insult to my pride as a Neo-Rajita general!" He resisted the urge to want to tear someone's head off. "Damn that Sailor Saturn. I'll kill her and when I do...! I'll kill her and those Sailor bitches!" Belialmon simply coughed getting thier attention.

"Ok children, we've got a mission to think about here, bickering about the past isn't going to help us get it done!" he declared, Vipris turned annoyed.

"What exactly are we doing and why should I listen to..." he was cut off when Belialmon grabbed him by the throat and started choking him while letting him feel a small burning sensation from his hand.

"I can clearly see your abit on the rebellious side when it comes to taking orders, my master wouldn't have gone through the trouble of having you brought back from the dead if you weren't going to be of some use to us, but let me make this clear, I will not tolerate insubordination at all. You disobey me and I'll kill you dead even faster than the sailor who killed you did, and the pain you will feel will make it seem like an eternity of pain in that breif instance." he narrowed his eyes peircing through Vipris soul showing he meant it. "Are we clear on this?" Vipris finally nodded and Belialmon let him go, anyone else got some objections?" Caiusmon and Mutalior both shook thier heads, Arkadimon didn't seem to care. "Good now let's go over what were going to be doing."

"That is...?" Caiusmon asked.

"Kidnapping the strongest warrior from another world of course." Mutalior looked at him as if were insane.

"Your kidding right?" he asked.

"No I am not kidding." came the reply. "Let's go over the ground rules...Arkadimon please try to keep up and stop twitching..." Belialmon said to Arkadimon who simple growled in response.


Odaiba Park/DF-616

"Thanks for the help Kaze Girl!" a Police officer said as with the help of his partner he loaded a thug into a police car handcuffed and out of breath, he was conversing with a brown haired firl who was wearing a purple fairy costume outfit resembling that of the digimon Kazemon. "Ever since those crazy digimon attacked a while back some people have been trying to take advantage of the aftermath, good thing we've got people like you looking out for the city." the heroine nodded and smile.

"Thanks sir it was my pleasure." she said before heading off as the police took the thug away, making it to a secluded place in the center of the park she caught her breath as a cat digimon appeared. "I wonder when people are going to learn, the digimon were bad enough...but ever since the ordeal with Tyrantmon and Hypnos things have been out of control Gatomon." she said.

"Well you did say you wanted to help people Kari, but I agree that the crime rate's gone up lately..." she stopped when she sensed something making her tense, but then shrugged it off. "It's the others." Davis, Veemon, TK, Patamon, and finally Sora and Biyomon appeared.

"Kari you ok? You look exhausted." said Sora, TK sighed.

"How many thugs and bad guys did you put away today?" he asked.

"I don't know, between ten to fifteen, it's exhausting by myself." she said, Davis grinned.

"Hey me and Veemon would be willing to help right dude?" he asked his partner, but before Veemon could answer TK spoke.

"That's assuming Sonja would let you, she still wants you to train with her more often." Davis sighed.

"Right I forgot about that..." he muttered as Sora smiled.

"Still Kari your doing a great service to the city, by the way where did Tai and Agumon go after the Tyrantmon battle? I haven't heard from him since then..." Kari sighed.

"He said he wanted to do some more training on one of the other worldly planets for a few days, he'll be back soon." she replied as Gatomon quickly went on alert along with the others.

"Guys something's coming!" said Biyomon taking up a fighting stance, Patamon nodded as a portal opened and from it stepped Belialmon and his group.

"Whoa...check out that aura!" said Veemon shocked by Belialmon's presence, but what shocked the group more was who was with them.

"Mutalior!" Kari yelled in confusion.

"I thought you were dead!" Sora and TK said at the same time, Mutalior chuckled.

"Oh I was but now i'm back too...HEY!" Arkadimon shoved him out of the way and lunged at Kari.

"Kari look out!" Gatomon yelled glowing with a white light.

"Gatomon digivolve too Angewoman!" Angewoman took Gatomon's place and stopped the charging monster barely..."Another Arkadimon!" to thier suprise as well as the villians suprise Arakdimon spoke...his tone however shook them all to the core.

"YOU KILLED ME BEFORE, DAMN YOU TO HELL!" it said demonically, Kari almost fell off her feet.

"You can't be serious, this is the same Arkadimon from the Paradixalmon incident!" she said, Belialmon however quickly took out a remote like device and upon tapping some buttons on it, a portal appeared underneat Arkadimon and sucked him away.

"That could've gone better...seems that restraining him isn't easy after all." he muttered before looking at Kari. "Wait a second, I thought we were after a human, not a Kazemon." everyone else sweatdropped.

"It's a costume obviously..." Mutalior muttered, let's get this over with, tis a shame Tai and Yamato aren't present but taking down Tai's girlfriend and sister will be a nice form of revenge!"

"You honestly think you can take us Mutalior!" TK demanded, he and Kari both glowed along with thier partners, Mutalior's facial expression changed when he watched them fuse together as he had seen Tai do so long ago.

"This doesn't bode well." he muttered his confidence leaving him as they changed. Kari and Angewoman became a golden-haired, green-eyed girl wearing a full body white armor with a pink bodysuit underneath her armored garments. Her hands were fitted inside white gloves trimmed with pink straps and wore matching boots. The outfit was compacted to fit her smaller frame. Her once brown hair was shinier, spikier, and golden, which flowed out behind her back. TK and Patamon became a golden-haired warrior, roughly human-sized and wore fitting silver armor resembling Seraphimon's holy kind. Four golden wings jutted from his back. Unlike Seraphimon, he wore no helmet to conceal his face, revealing a serious and determined glare in his emerald eyes.

"I am Celesta X!" declared Kari in her new form.

"I'm WarAngemon!" TK declared, Mutalior was now sweating bullets as he knew that they were probably doomed, not suprisingly Vipris was thinking along the same lines, Caiusmon didn't care.

"Are you freaking kidding me!" Vipris demanded when he felt thier auras. Holy hell these powers...the Dai-Valkyrie's barely come close to them, even if I transformed I wouldn't stand a chance... Davis and Veemon looked ready to transform as well, but before they could Caiusmon who looked at them seemed to have a mental snap upon locking eye contact with Veemon, gritting his teeth he quickly kicked Veemon into Davis and sent them flying through a nearby tree hard knocking them out.

"Don't look at me damn it!" he declared while everyone sweatdropped.

"A little quick to the trigger there ace..." Belialmon said suprised at how Caiusmon reacted. The hell was that about? shrugging it off he took out two canisters and tossed them into the air at high speeds, the first canister erupted roughly one hundred feet in the air and formed a black energy dome around them all, as soon as the dome intensified the other one sent an emp blast throughout the city disrupting all forms of communication electronics.

"What is going on!" demanded Sora she formed a bow and arrows in her hands as Biyomon began glowing.

"Biyomon Warp Digivolve too...Phoenixmon!" Biyomon became the legendary Phoenixmon, however Belialmon wasn't impressed.

"Basically I hope you all can hold on for ten minutes, cause inside this impurity dome nothing can get in or out until that time is up, not only that but our energies will be sealed inside unable to escape or be detected by outside forces, and anyone on the outside who tries to get in...thier attacks will be absorbed into the barrier strengthening it." he grinned when he saw WarAngemon suddenly drop to one knee as if his body was in pain. "I see it's already taking effect." he said, but then frowned abit when he saw Vipris was also in pain. "What the heck...don't tell me you have digital properties I thought you were an alien?"

"I had digimon data implanted into my body to become stronger, most of the warriors in my race did." Caiusmon shrugged.

"Does it really matter, I knocked out one of their own so it's still a fair fight." Belialmon chuckled.

"Don't be to sure of that Caiusmon, I could take these three myself if I wanted too." he said, Sora grew annoyed with his arrogent attitude and fired off one of her arrows at him, Mutalior's eyes widened abit as he saw this, but the arrow evaporated before it could touch him.

"That's a crest weapon!" he said shocked. "They actually found them?"

"Crest weapon? That's a new one to me, even though it did nothing." said Belialmon as he formed a battle axe. "Either way this dome makes those who aren't straight up pure suffer for it by weakening them, sure i'm abit suprised it worked on the alien over there, but that's only cause he's got digital dna fixed in to his body, you ascendants are also impure, so this works well against your kind...well almost all of you." he said as he saw Celesta X wasn't effect.

"How..come Kari's...not effected?" WarAngemon declared still shuddering in pain.

"Because the dome's got a limit on what it can effect kid, it can't effect those who are too strong for it, she's as powerful as I am so it's a no brainer she wouldn't be effected, TK's eyes widened as his flaming aura intensified.

(Insert Song, Motorhead-The Game)

"I haven't introduced myself yet have I? My name is Belialmon, and Celesta X your ours!" he said charging at her with his axe causing her to move away from TK quickly, after a few moments TK clearly remembered the name.

"Wait a second, your the guy who serves GranDracmon but is as strong as Virus was!" Belialmon grinned.

"You would be correct child of hope, but let's cut the crap and get down to the fighting and gore, we've only got eight minutes left after talking too much YAH!" he yelled lunging at Celesta X again, but she moved away. "Is this all you've got, psyco mc crazy actually takes me head on compared to you! Don't just dodge, FIGHT ME!" he yelled shoving his axe into the ground sending out a shockwave that caught her and sent her flying hard into the domes wall which shocked her more.

"Who's he referring too!" she wondered as she managed to catch herself as he walked up.

"You better take this seriously child of light, or do I need to give you some incentive to get your butt in gear?" he said glancing back at WarAngemon who Mutalior began pounding on while enjoying it, although he was able to counter a few blows Mutalior found himself having the upper hand.

"This is great, I can finally have payback on you ascendant trash for my humiliation!" he said pounding on WarAngemon with repeated blows, Sora wanted to stop him, but Caiusmon got in her way, and grabbed her by the throat, Phoenixmon wanted to intervene but Caiusmon glared her down so hard she stopped.

"Your bird friend is going to fight me one on one, you interfere and shoot at me even once...I will tear off the arm you used to do so, and EAT IT!" for a brief moment, Belialmon, Mutalior and Vipris despite trying to shrug off the pain of the dome, looked in his direction as if he was insane, dropping Sora to the ground and allowing her to catch her breath, he looked up at Phoenixmon and quickly lept up at her before kneeing her in the jaw and pounding her in the face repeatedly.

What the hell is his deal...he acts like the digimon from the world I go to normally..he stopped thinking when Celesta X fired off a Terra Beam at him, but he easily deflected it by swinging his battle axe downward hard cutting it in half. "Can't allow myself to get distracted, bring it on girl! Show me why your the toughest!" he demanded.

(insert song ends)


Outside the Dome/Odaiba/DF-616

Outside the dome, many of the other digidestined of this world gathered together. "Izzy is there no way for us to get in?" asked an older teen named Joe.

"I...don't know, we've tried our crest weapons and my computers down due to whatever caused that power surge a while ago." looking up they saw Sonja blasting away at the barrier to no effect.

"It's no use none of my attacks are getting through." she said angrily, as a purple haired teen grew annoyed.

"Sonja's the strongest one here, if she can't penatrate it who can!" she demanded.

"Only Tai or Yamato could Yolei, someone needs to go and get them now!" said a young boy next to her with an Armadillomon.

"I agree with Cody, but why did this have to happen now when we were just getting our peace back, and who is in there!" wondered another girl with a Palmon.

"Who knows Mimi, hopefully one of those two can get here before it's too late." said Izzy.


Digital World/File Island/DF-616

"Father, do you not feel the fluxations coming from the human world? Something isn't right!" Keke demanded to her "father" Yamato as they trained on file island, currently Yamato had fused with his partner into Metalla X, but Keke couldn't focus properly. "I'm worried about Kari, she and TK were caught up in whatevers going down before thier powers suddenly vanished." Yamato shrugged.

"They can handle it, I need to become stronger than Tai as soon as I can, if they can't handle it then Kari didn't deserve her Amazing Grace powers!" he yelled out. "Back to training I must become stronger!" Keke sighed and continued battling against her father in his ascendant form.

If something does happen to them...Tai is going to be pissed...


Planet Iceron/Outter World/DF-616

The planet Iceron had seen better days since the invasion by Buraizalor long ago, currently the icy planet was where Tai and his partner Agumon, currently fused together into the ascended warrior Omega X trained to hone thier skills in the icy weather, watching from nearby X couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding as if something was calling out to him, but he didn't know what. I feel a sense of urgency, has something happened back home? Why have Kari and TK's energies vanished as well as Sora's? he wondered as a portal opened up and from it came Tike.

"X, there you are. We've got some serious trouble back home!" Omega X overheard him despite the blizzard like conditions and flew over to them.

"What's going on Tike?" Tike told him everything and upon hearing what had transpired he grew angry. "Where's Yamato during all of this!" he declared.

"Keke said he didn't want to be disturbed, and that Kari should be able to handle anything." Omega X grew angry as X sighed.

"Getting angry is not going to solve this, we must go now!" he declared. "Instant movement isn't going to help us since we can't tag thier energies, we'll have to go the roundabout way, I just hope we make it in time!" he said while Omega X grew angrier.

Yamato I will beat so freaking hard if Kari is hurt! thought Omega X as they flew into the portal Tike had come from.


(insert song, Crush 40, I Am...All of Me)

"Yo leader how much longer we got till the barrier drops, I can tell there's some forces outside wanting to get in asked Caiusmon as he blocked a Starlight Explosion from Phoenixmon with his own Black Hole move.

"I'd say about two minutes tops, we need to finish this quickly!" said Belialmon as he began spinning and charged at Kari with his aura intensified. "Psyco Crusher!" Kari barely managed to avoid being plowed into, but she quickly grew angry when she saw Mutalior beating on WarAngemon with a series of Death Beam strikes.

"ENOUGH!" she yelled out in anger as her aura exploded, all watching became amazed as her appearance began to change, Belialmon grinned.

"So you wanna play huh, alright then. SLIDE EVOLUTION!" he said changing into his larger beastial form complete with a large flaming sword. "Come on!" he said grinning, Caiusmon managed to apply a DDT move to Phoenixmon knocking her out, he then picked up Biyomon and threw her at Sora knocking her over before turning back to see what Celesta X was becoming.

Two white wings unfolded behind her back, flowing behind the sheen of light. Her eyes, still green, brimmed with tears but exuded a determined and vengeful gaze. The band that held her ponytail burned away, letting her blonde hair become longer and more rigid. The very tips of her bangs spiked up with one bang hanging down in front of her face. The increased power made the white light take on a jagged, fierce flame-like appearance, pulsing out at a high frequency. The white aura also became an electrical-like one as many sparks seemingly constantly surround her body. "She's...unlocked the...Amazing Grace power..." TK said slumping to one knee, although he was unable to sense energy levels, Mutalior couldn't help but be in awe of this.

This kind of power, she obviously must be stronger than her brother just by looking at it...still how on earth do these ascendants get this strong and why can't I have this power! he thought clenching his teeth as Celesta X, now in her Amazing Grace form, prepared to fire an even stronger Terra Beam, Caiusmon could feel the energy building up.

"Yo boss, you better be on gaurd she's not playing no more!" he called out, Belialmon didn't care as he formed a large ball of fire in response.

"This is why I love this shit, EXODUS OF IBLIS!" he yelled out firing off a giant fireball of energy at her, Celesta X narrowed her eyes at the attack.

"HOLY TERRA BEAM!" she yelled out unleashing her most powerful move, the beam hit the ball of fire and slowly pushed it back to Belialmon's suprise forcing him to catch and stop it, however the conflicting energies began colliding in such a way that Caiusmon started to form a black hole in response.

"What the hell are you doing!" Vipris demanded as the black hole tried to absorb the energy, but wasn't doing it so well.

"Trying to keep us alive, we're all gonna die at this rate!" Caiusmon yelled back as the black hole grew bigger and continued to absorb as much excess power as it could...before the two attacks exploded...not only did the dome immediantly fall apart and blast upward into the sky, but those outside it were knocked senseless by the ammount of contained energy that had been released, while most of it had been contained inside the aftershock was still enough to knock many within a five mile raidus unconcious, even those inside of buildings were not sparred the shockwaves, but they managed to stay concious as apposed to those currently outside, all of the digidestined had been knocked out along with Sonja as Omega X, X, and Tike arrived on the scene.

"What the hell is going on!" demanded Omega X as the smoke from the damage had not cleared, however he couldn't feel his sisters energy anymore, when the smoke cleared enough he saw Celesta X...in the hands of Belialmon who had fallen back to his human form, then growled when he saw Mutalior appear next to him. "Let go of my..." Omega X was cut off when the rest of the smoke was seemingly "sucked" away, into a black hole that had gotten bigger and still in Caiusmon's hands.

"Hey assholes, here's a parting gift!" yelled Caiusmon as he chunked the attack at them, noticing that Sora, TK, Davis and thier partners were on the verge of being absorbed Omega X and X both got infront of the attack and readied thier moves.

"Terra Beam!" Although not as powerful as the version Celesta X used, this version was still quite powerful as it slammed into the black hole attack sending it upwards.

"Tsunami Wave!" X added in his own move and the two blasted the black hole upward into the skies before it vanished from sight. "Good thing that attack only works if the targets are at the same level of power or weaker, anyone stronger can stop it and..." X stopped when he realised the villians were no longer there, they had escaped due to Caiusmon's distraction, Omega X dropped to his knees in disbelief as the realisation of his sister being taken from him set in.

"KARI!" he yelled out angrily as tears formed in his eyes.

(Song ends)


Uknown Location/Castle

"We've returned with the target my master." said Belialmon as he entered the thrown room with the three others behind him, in his arms rested an unconcious Celesta X which made GranDracmon grin.

"You pulled it off, this is perfect, take her to the labs to begin the brainwashing process, soon she will face that other brat to the death!" he said grinning, Belialmon mearly nodded and did as he was told as the other three sighed.

"We don't get anything for this? What a rip!" said Virpis.

"Dude, shut up already, I'm sick and tired of your complaing! I'll send you into a Black Hole if you keep it up!" said Caiusmon as they followed Belialmon out of the room.


Odaiba Park/DF-616/~one hour later

An hour had passed since the villians had gotten away with thier pray, but while everything had settled back to normal and many people continued on with thier lives now that they had thier power back, one person was still not happy at all.

Everyone who had gathered in the park watched as Tai punched a tree repeatedly in furious rage. "Tai calm down, that's not helping!" Sora said in a pleading way, but Tai didn't stop.

Why did this happen! WHY! a chuckle was heard as Yamato and Keke entered the park.

"So it's true, Kari got kiddnapped despite having those powers on her side...how pathetic." Tai quickly turned and tackled Yamato onto the ground and began punching him repeatedly in the face so hard that Yamato couldn't force him to stop.

"You asshole why weren't you here huh! You could've stopped them!" Mimi had to look away as Tai broke Yamato's nose with one punch, Davis and TK who had finally healed pulled him off of Yamato who kept grinning despite the fact his face looked like a mess. "Answer me you self centered bastard!" X shook his head.

"ENOUGH!" he yelled making them all stop. "We know who took her Tai, and we should be glad everyone else is still alive, I have seen first hand what Belialmon can do and so has Keke, he could've destroyed everyone if he really wanted too." this made TK flinch.

"Geez is he that strong?" X nodded.

"Yes he is, i've seen him battle Ken in the Accel Verse, Ken can barely beat him either!" hearing the name after such a long time finally struck a cord in Yamato making him frown as Keke and Mimi tried to help him clean his face. "We need to figure out why he came, why Mutalior and those others are helping him and why they took Kari away." Tai finally calmed down.

"Still...why did this happen?" X walked over to Tai and put his hands on his shoulders.

"I don't know, but I know GranDracmon won't kill her, it's not his style...he may turn her against us which is something we may have to be prepared for." he said, Yamato chuckled more.

"Killing her would make me stronger and pleased, I say let him do it." Everyone either glared or sighed at Yamato's usual behavior, except X who quickly realised something else.

What if...he sends her after not us...but Ken...no he wouldn't! he thought with abit of nervousness. We must get her back no matter what the cost, from now on we're going to focus on GranDracmon as he's gone too far now.


Unknown Location/Castle Lab

"Ok so how long does this take?" asked Caiusmon as he watched a weakened Celesta X on a table being seemingly tortured while a metal headband was being fastened to her head.

"Who knows, it better be worth the damn trouble." said Mutalior. "I still don't see why we can't just nuke her now after all the pain she's caused me." Belialmon interjected on this.

"You'll get your chance, after we dispatch another troublesome kid from another world, if we're lucky she'll take him down for us, perhaps they'll kill each other which would be even better." he said grinning, Vipris sighed.

"I'm still annoyed I didn't get to do anything yet thanks to that stupid barrier." Caiusmon palmed his head.

"To think you called me the weakest link when we first met, and yet if it wasn't for me those ascendants would've caught and ripped us to shreds before we got out of there." he then felt another twitch through his head as if remembering something.

"Are you ok?" asked Belialmon, Caiusmon said nothing. What is wrong with this guy?

Why is it everytime I think of Veemon I become jealous of the bonds a human and tamer or digidestined have...why does it feel like I had such a partnership once...WHY! he thought before the four were summoned to the thrown room as the operation was soon over and Celesta X went quiet.

"Father we've got trouble!" Nirak yelled as she rushed into his chamber, before him kneeled Belialmon who was recovered along side Dagonmon and Echidnamon, watching from the side of the room and also kneeling were Mutalior, Vipris, and Caiusmon, Arkadimon was not present due to the ShadowDatamon trying to work better on containing him from going on another rampage.

"What is it Nirak?" he asked concerned.

"Someone tipped them off about this battle, they know we're coming!" GranDracmon narrowed his eyes, but then sighed as he realised who it was.

"There was no avoid this I suppose, I figured he would do something to pay me back for the Dragon Saber incident, either way it makes no difference, our preparations are almost complete and even if they did find out there's no way they could've prepared in a day to take us down, not to mention thanks to Belialmon we have the ultimate weapon at our disposal now, come four my new servant!" Nirak moved back when steps were heard, entering the room was an angelic like winged warrior who was a fusion of Angewoman and a human, however upon her head rested a metallic bracelet that stripped her of her free will and made her GranDracmon's obediant slave. "That's right, Celesta X awaken!" opening her eyes, they showed a coldness as if her soul had stripped from her.

GranDracmon's following laugh tore throughout his castle and haunted all within to thier cores.


Back to the main story now, but you now see how Kari got taken and who the four subordinates were, funny enough for those observant, each one represents a world of me and Kanius works.

Caiusmon=Accel Stream (Did anyone pick up the hints that he may be who you think he might be? lol. )



and Arkadimon is a nod to our first crossover stroy Across Demensions, the Seige of GranDracmon it's sequel fic will be coming soon, and likely will be on Kanius page once again like before since he's the more famous one^^ but we both got some stuff to get through first but I can gaurantee it will be filled with action and good old fashion violence^_^

Much thanks to him for helping me on this update, now we head back to my main story for some carnage and gore, just the way I like it, expect much violence and chaos amongst other things cause a war is coming.

As for the next story in this SSS fic? Let's just say it's ninja time ^_^ peace out readers.