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This is the "linking point" between the two Accel Stream seasons, let's begin.

Unless you watch abridged series or hellsing ultimate your likely not going to get the first segment^^;

Digimon Accel Stream: Tenchu's Requiem.

Chapter 1: To The Battle Ground, New York City?!

Uknown Location/?

Kensuke...Ken opened his eyes slowly as the voice called again. "Wake up Kensuke." this time Ken's eyes awoke in full, standing in front of him was a zombified version of Ash Ketchum, which he was all too quick to slice in half with his sword after calling on it.

"Did I watch Final Fantasy mixed in Balamb 2 on Newgrounds too much again?" he wondered scratching his head while looking over the now dead zombie Ash before he heard another voice.

"I wouldn't say that, you have no idea what's going on right now do you?" turning around Ken saw he was now face to face with Seto Kaiba, but something didn't seem right as he was smiling. "You really need to get your butt in gear you know because I'm sure you don't want to know how many puppies are dying right now." Ken sighed and pointed behind him.

"Hey I think Yugi's using your Blue Eyes again." this caused Kaiba to turn and run off.

"Son of a bitch!" he yelled while running, this made Ken sweatdrop.

"Abridged version, thought so." he muttered before he heard more voices.

"Aw man, you made Kaiba run away before I could smite him with my Brooklyn Rage!" it was Joey, Ken grabbed his head as he began to realise something wasn't real.

"What the hell's going on here!?" he demanded before watching Joey get cleaved in half by a large man welding a large sword blood flying everywhere

"This man has been Naughty!" Ken's jaw dropped to the ground.

"Little quick to the trigger there Guts..." Ken muttered as he then turned around and saw one more figure appear, a black skinned person wearing arabian garb and a rather scary face.

"Hiiiii..." he said.


Ken's mind/XLR-08

"AHHHHHHH!" he yelled out as he woke up, but yet again he wasn't back in reality, this time he was clearly in his mind scape. "What just happened, I don't even..." a smack over the head calmed him down, as he held his head in pain he looked up and saw Slade standing over him.

"I thought I could lighten the mood abit, but that plan didn't work so well." he said before sitting down infront of him. "You do realise what you just did a few hours ago right?" Ken thought about it, and he remembered unleashing a terrifying dark power when Helena was killed.

"Yes...yes I do..." Slade sighed at this response.

"You have no idea, that you effectively killed and slaughtered almost two thousand people because of that, in this particular case I can't exactly blame you since it was an outside source that..." he stopped when Ken held up his hands.

"It was my body, therefore the blame is mine." Slade shook his head.

"Funny how given you hate the mentality of Sailor Uranus, but yet you look at things in the same mannor." he said as he motioned next to Ken, there was a backpack. "Most of the important stuff you'll be needing is in there, my friend Sarge and I took the liberties of handling your remaining personal effects as well as your apartment since you likely won't be going back there anymore given the circumstances." Ken still didn't feel alright. "Look, for what it's worth the majority of the curse that was placed on you is now gone, there are some traces that still linger about meaning whoever placed the curse on you wanted to have it be a one shot, but yet make it powerful..." Ken stood up.

"What am I supposed to do now, how do I know my digimon are going to trust me after this, let alone my teammates, I could tell despite being unconcious that Maki's decided to back off again." Slade sighed.

"You'll have to work that out with him, but for now i'd like to bestow a gift to you from Kiva." he said holding out an orb which Ken grabbed after a moments hesitation, upon doing so his clothes changed, but what they changed into made Slade sweatdrop, Ken was now garbed in white attire complete with a hood. "An Assassin's garb?" he noted as Ken also seemed to have the under wrist daggers as well as other throwing knives. "Gotta be the mental state, in any case these clothes have special properties, as long as you wear them you will not require to "bathe" yourself, unless you purposely get them too dirty, small things like walking through marshes won't do anything, but plowing into a pile of mud or sand and yeah your gonna have to wash em out, and as you can tell these clothes take on appearance of the current mindset of the person wearing them, I almost pity anyone who pisses you off now." he said as Ken sighed.

"What happens now?" Slade turned to leave.

"That is up to you to decide, but you need to get your butt back in gear, when you awaken you will have the backpack and clothes with you." he said before vanishing causing the mental plane to vanish as well.


Uknown Location/XLR-08

Ken awoke to find himself lying in a room that to him seemed like something from a temple, sure enough Mikato and Shiuzka entered the room through sliding doors. "Whoa..when and where did you get those clothes!?" Mikato wondered as Ken sat up, sure enough he was wearing the clothes he had gotten in his mind talk with Slade, he also noticed the backpack Slade had provided him was there as well.

"Don't ask right now...where is this place?" he asked attempting to stand up, but as he tried his body ached in pain causing the two to gently push him back down.

"I think you might need to take it easy, especially since the police are looking for you, heck they might not be the only ones." Mikato said. "While it's true they didn't get a good veiw of you, it's pretty much known now to most that "some kid" was responsible for what happened back there at the park, so thier not blaming the digimon...even so I had no idea GranDracmon would go this far." Shizuka nodded.

"When Ryo took Kari home he agreed not to tell Karin of what transpired if your concerned, we know it's best if she doesn't find out." she said, Ken sighed.

"The problem is she's going to eventually, how can I hide that from her when we talk mentally..." he muttered before looking at the backpack. "Could you bring that over here, I need to see what's in it." Mikato however was confused.

"Where did this come from anyway?" she wondered. "It wasn't here before." Ken shook his head.

"Let's just say someone who enjoys screwing with my head more than Granny did had something to do with it." gently taking the backpack, he opened it up and inside he found the duel disk he gotten from Nirak, though the thought made him cringe, his dueling cards both the ones in a case he used as well as a small box containing his spares, a spare set of clothes similar to what he was wearing, basic campaing essentials, his wallet which he checked to make sure everything was in order, and finally to his suprise and the ninja's shock two mid sized handguns one silver and the other ebony. "Dante's gonna pissed." Ken muttered as he then put everything back into the backpack, the ninja's seemed abit confused as to how he was taking the situation in stride rather than being riled up.

"Ken are you sure your ok?" Shizuka asked as Ken attempted to stand once more, this time succeeding.

"Do I look ok..." he muttered, remembering what Slade told him about the body count caused by his anger peaking, not to mention there was Helena as well on his mind. "What about Helena, what happened to her?" he asked the ninja's bowed thier heads.

"Well we went back and talked to our world's Karin, her body was recovered but there's a problem...apparently she could've been healed from the wound caused to her if we had gotten her out of there quickly, but something went wrong...her starseed left her body." Upon Mikato mentioning the starseed, Ken thought back to when GranDracmon mentioned he had one as well, it didn't sound good at all.

"I don't know who to blame more, GranDracmon, those bloody Evo-Lites, or myself..." he said clenching his hand tightly before letting go and sighing deeply. "I need to check on my digimon too, how do I get outside?" he asked, the Ninja's looked at each other and nodded before leading him out into thier temple's courtyard, it was large and spacy with various obsticles about from small mounds to bamboo thickets. "Now I see how you two trained so good." he muttered shocking them before holding up his Digivice B.A.X after Mikato handed it to him. "All of you come out!" sure enough all of his digimon were summoned and all them had concerned looks on thier faces. "Are all of you ok?" he asked, before Shoutmon spoke up.

"We're the ones who should be asking you that Ken." he said. "I mean geez we could feel the darkness exploding over us." Ken nodded before looking at Veemon, suprisingly Veemon looked much better than Ken expected him too.

"Ken look what happened isn't your fault..." Veemon started, but Ken cut him off.

"As far as i'm concerned it is, I couldn't control my temper and look at what happened...so many lives taken because of me..." tears started coming from his eyes. "My parents gone, Helena's apparently gone, so many people gone, i'm like a walking death sentance..." before he could continue, Titaniamon walked up to him, and slapped him across the face hard knocking him down...abit too hard as he crashed into the ground from the impact making everyone present sweatdrop.

"Thank you might've hit him abit hard there toots." CyberBeelzemon muttered before cringing when Titaniamon was suddenly before him with her sword at his throat. "Ok calm down I didn't mean it!" he said, this made her back off as Ken came too.

"What was that for?" he asked Titaniamon confused.

"Consider that your punishment, you can't keep acting like this forever. What happened wasn't your fault, GranDracmon's curse was responsible and there is no reason to blame yourself over it." Ken stood up slowly and nodded.

"Ok I get it, but still if anyone amongst you doesn't trust me, then your free to go." none of the digimon did this.

"I think we're all in agreement about sticking with you to the end buddy." said MirageGaogamon BM, KageShurimon and Utopia who had returned to normal nodded at this as well.

"Alright, just wanted to make sure everyone is ok about this, I just need some time to recover ok?" he said before thinking. In more ways than just physicality.

"We know that Ken, take it easy for a while." said Gumdramon as Ken called all of them back into his digivice, when this was finished a small clapping was heard, Mikato and Shizuka quickly turned and kneeled as an elder man approached them wearing archaic ninja clothing.

"It seems you've gotten a hold of yourself now, that's good young man." he said in a voice befitting someone of his stature, Mikato quickly pulled Ken down on his knees as they addressed him.

"We told you he knew what went on sensei." the old man however simply shrugged.

"Ever the serious one as always eh Mikato? You can call me Grandpa you know." Ken was perplexed at this.

"So thier your grandaughters and teacher eh?" the old man nodded.

"Yes, my name is Senkichi, i've been teaching them the art of our ninja ways since they were young." he said as motioned for them to stand. "But now that introductions are over i've got a favor to ask of you Ken." he said producing a note.

"What would that be?" he asked as Shizuka was handed the note and after reading it became suprised.

"No way, is this for real?" she wondered as Senkichi nodded.

"Yes, an old friend of mine in New York sent this letter to us confirming that our clan's ancestral sword has finally been found." Ken glanced at the note as well, and was suprised.

"Izayoi? Isn't that the name of the sword from the Tenchu games?" Senkichi sighed as Ken mentioned this.

"That is true, when I was traveling a while back I met a man who seemed intrested in making games about our clan, he seemed very intrested in our clan's stories too..." Mikato and Shizuka sighed as thier partners finally came out of the temple to them. "I see your digimon have awoken after resting." Senkichi said as the twins picked them up.

"I was wondering where they were." Ken muttered to himself.

"In any case, Ken will you go with my grandaughters on thier mission to make sure they can recover the sword?" Ken looked confused.

"How come the person who sent you the letter can't send it here?" Mikato sighed.

"Probably because from the way things sound, these contacts seem way too honerable to steal it from where it is." she said, Ken however sweatdropped.

"Yet this justifies you two stealing it?" he asked back, Senkichi coughed.

"It's not that simple, the blade has yet to be put on display at this museum in New York as it's undergoing a restoration procedure, it will take them time to fix and clean it, I hope for you all to recover it before then." Ken still looked confused.

"So you want me to go with them...but..." Shizuka sighed as Mikato spoke.

"Ken, this might sound bad, but you should come with us, it'll help things cool down around here and you can check on Helena's condition when we return." Ken shook his head.

"Fine...how are we going to get there, cause I know using a Jet's out of the question." he said.

"Why don't we go through the digital world?" Shizuka asked, Ken shook his head.

"I could open a gate sure, but how would I know where to open a gate to America, and with the dragons and soverigns busy restoring everything, I don't want to disturb them." he said, Mikato sighed as Senkichi smirked.

"Then take a boat, it is how one of the sons of my friend got here once for training with the Ancient One." Ken just shook his head.

"Let's just go do this before something else bad happens, cause I don't like this foreboding feeling." he said as the Ninja twins ran back inside thier temple to grab thier gear before coming back out.

"Be very careful you two, if you get into trouble seek out my friend, his name is Splinter, you can find him by going to an antique shop owned by a woman named April." the two nodded and headed off with Ken following. "Good luck to you all." the old man said as he watched them depart.


Uknown Location/?

"It would seem our long time nemesis' are on the move my lord." said a figure talking to a portal that vibrated with power.

Then you had best stop them, but at this rate the sword will not be enough, even though the Izayoi was combined with my Schisisto long ago, the dark powers have long sence faded, we may need an alternate way to release me from my confines. spoke a dark voice.

"What would you have me do my lord?" the voice snickered.

We would need someone exilirating a powerful flame from thier body to break my seal, and I happen to sense three presences in a demension tied closely to our own that have such forces, one of them would easily suffice. this made the figure smirk.

"So you want me to retrieve one of them my lord?" before he could leave the portal rumbled stopping him.

Yes...although I sense other high powers in that world as well, to attempt this feet you will need the help of others, I will use what powers I can to ressurect some of the forces the fool Tenrai used to help us, while you can recruit another one by releasing him from his confines. the portal created a vision of a cave with a lake in it, however there was a man...a very odd looking man as he looked as if he had two heads with one cut off seemingly strapped to a very demonic looking tree...


Uknown Location/?

"Would you explain this to me again cause I still don't get it, why can't we go back and get that punk?" Griel sighed at Kreig's outbursts.

"Kreig, GranDracmon placed a curse that even I wouldn't wish on someone on that child, if we hadn't escaped when we did, we would all be dead." a chuckling from nearby made him irratated. "Terumi, had you been there you too would've been in fright." this made the trolling tux clad warrior laugh more.

"I seriously doubt that." Griel sighed at this.

Why did I have him join our group anyway, still there's gotta be something we can do to get Ken to join our cause. Griel then remembered the girl that Kreig had "killed" and the subsequent action that had taken place. That's it, if we can locate that girl's starseed he'll have to join us. he then looked at Kreig seriously. "Go and summon Caster to me at once." Kreig sweatdropped.

"Why not just say. "Bring her to me, or tell her to come here." you scare me sometimes with how you talk." Kreig muttered as he walked off, Griel shrugged.

"So says the man who keeps wanting Sailor Jupiter dead for ending his winning wrestling streak." Griel muttered when Kreig was out of sight.



Why did I agree to this again? Ken thought as he, Mikato, Shizuka and thier digimon had stowed away on a boat heading for New York. "I'm starting to think maybe going through the digital world was the better choice after all." he said, however the ninja's shrugged.

"Well it's too late now, we'll get there soon." said Mikato as thier digimon rested. "We aught to do the same as them." Ken shook his head.

"Someone's gotta stay on gaurd in case someone finds us, this might be a cargo ship but thier bound to have some gaurds on board." Ken said as they had hid pretty well, but to him nothing was absolute.

"You worry too much, we'll be fine." said Shizuka reassuringly.

"Yes, you'll be fine, i'm not." Ken retorted as he layed against some boxes sighing before drifting off to sleep. "If I have another wacky dream like the one I had earlier i'm so going harakiri." he muttered passing out, the ninja twins looked at him worriedly before going to sleep as well, it was going to be a long trip.


Demon's Door Cave/YYDM-01

"So this is the place, such a funny name for a cave as it has no demons." the figure said as he soon found the person he was looking for strapped to the purple tree. "Time to get to work." he said taking out a scroll which unleashed a firey dragon from it that burned the tree and it's branches off the person, however what he did not notice was that a small seed on the back of the tree glowed for a moment when this happened...



A red haired individual who had been walking around town with his girlfriend suddenly felt a jolt go through his head when this occured. "Is something wrong Kurama?" the girl asked her boyfriend as he clenched his hands.

Someone released Toguro from the Sinning Tree...but how normal humans wouldn't dare go near the tree unless... he stopped and took out a cellphone. "Kuwabara, you might want to call Yusuke, I believe we have a problem." he said going into the details.


There you have it, first chapter of this new story, opening chapters tend to be short with me so please bear with that^^;

As you can see since i've made Tenchu references already from the games in my main story, I put in a concept as to how that came to be.

As for who the bad guys are, well i'm sure most of you can guess one of them, but the other is only well known if you've played Tenchu.

Also worth noting is that Ken is still shaken from his ordeals, if he could get into the digital purgatory I wouldn't want to be GranDracmon^^;

Until next time peace out readers and happy new year.