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Well here's the second chapter, what could the bad guys be planning?

For The YYDM-01 verse this is still after Dawn of Chaos as well as the Seige.

Tenchu's Requiem Chapter 2:

Capture the Twins of Fire, Digisoul Charge Lost!?

Ken's Mind/?

Ken looked around into the darkness. "I swear this better not be another of Slade's crazy dream schemes..." however he stopped when a he saw a figure in the darkness, but it wasn't moving. "Who goes there!?" he demanded, he got his answer as the figure vanished and he suddenly felt his chest being stabbed through in three area's causing him to cringe in pain. "What the..." slowly he looked down and saw that it was none other than Sailor Sedna who had run him through. "...This I don't even..." she backed away slowly her eyes full of anger and malice as well as demonic grin on her face that flat out scared him.

"I'm sorry brother, but this had to be done, you've gone too far." she said with voice that didn't sound like her own, and things only got worse when Ken saw a dark shadow hanging over her that started laughing while exuding a power that was on par if not barely higher than his own at max, before he could make sense of anything he felt his body being shaken. "Not to mention you've gotten in my way too many times, first I will take her from you, then I will kill you!" the entity spat out as the shaking got worse...


Boat/New York Port/XLR-08

"Ken wake up!?" Mikato demanded shaking him hard enough to where he finally did, and upon doing so he looked down at his chest in fear, the wounds were not there. "You look like you were having a nightmare.

You have no idea...he thought before looking out the window of the boat they had stowed on. "So I take it we've finally made it, took long enough." the ninja's weren't buying this.

"Ken what happened in your dreams?" asked Shizuka.

"Let's get off this boat first then we'll talk." he said as they grabbed thier partners and snuck off the boat easily enough, however it was then Ken realised something.

"By the way, you two did plan on finding a place to stay right?" the two ninja's shook thier heads.

"Not really, we only came here to get our clan's sword then go home, but you bring up a good point." Mikato said abit worriedly as Ken palmed his head.

"I should've known this would happen..." he muttered as he turned and glared at them. "Alright then where is the sword located, sooner we can move out and grab it the better." he said simply, not wanting to waste time.

"Now hold on, you told us you'd tell us about your dream, you were quivering quite bad!" Shizuka snapped back, suprising Ken as she was generally the more calm of the two, he decided to tell them about it, head hanging down when he finished.

"So you think someone's going to harm Sedna, and use her to attack you, you can't let a dream haunt you you know." Mikato said, Ken however wasn't sure.

Thing is that's not the first time i've had dreams like that, and they usually come back to bite me...what the heck am I supposed to do!? seeing how distressed Ken was becoming, the Ninja's decided to wave it off.

"Fine we'll worry about it later, according to our grandfather we need to meet up with this Master Splinter as he knows where the sword is, come on!" Said Shizuka, the group then made there way to thier location, New York's central park while ducking into alleyways to avoid detection under the cover of night.


Demon's Door Cave/Cavern Interior/YYDM-01

Kurama, Kuwabara, and Maya entered the cavern after walking for nearly an hour. "Geez this place is huge, i'm suprised that this Sensui person had meetings in here." said Maya, as Kurama and Kuwabara tried to forget thier encounters with the rouge spirit detective. "Why did we come down here again?" Kurama looked around and saw a mass of brances and purple bark near one side of the Cavern's Lake.

"Wait a second, wasn't that tree holding Toguro supposed to be here!?" Kuwarabara asked as they approached the torn apart wood, Kurama growled abit at this.

"The Sinning Tree isn't easy to break, even the toughest fire known can't burn it...whoever did this had to have used something akin to the fires of hell itself to break it." he said looking at how the broken peices of the tree had been burned severely.

"Great so now this means Toguro's free, that's just what we need." Kuwabara said punching his fists together, Maya was confused.

"You mean the brother of the one who helped us a while back?" Maya asked, Kurama nodded.

"Yes, he was the elder brother of that one, his powers allowed him to reconstruct and morph his body into weapons as well as move his organs about to prevent himself from dying." Kuwabara started.

"However back during the Sensui incident when we assumed he was dead, Sensui found him and allowed a human psychic named Gourmet to eat him, however Toguro took over his body and therefore has Gourmet's powers as well as the powers of a mind reader named Kurota who Gourmet ate." When Kurama said this, Maya gagged.

"Wait a second, ATE!? You mean as in..." she made a gesture of eating something causing the two males to nod. "Ok...that's gross, and I thought that the radjita were bad." she said as Kurama examed things abit more before he motioned to the caves exit.

"We best hurry, I've discovered a new smell that is unfamiliar, but it and Toguro definitely left this cave." he said as the three headed out to find Toguro.


Shibuya/Rei's Temple/YYDM-01

"What a calm night after all that chaos." Rei said as she sat on an outer porch with her two children, next to her was her sister Cammy.

"The twins sure enjoy it, especially Koori." she said poking the female twin on the cheek gentlely causing her to laugh. "Thier so cute, I wonder how they will be when they grow up."

"Well they won't be weaklings of that I can assure you." another voice said from the darkness, Rei sighed as Hiei approached them.

"Hiei please don't bring that back up, so what did Kurama want so urgently?" she asked hoping to change the subject.

"It seems someone has freed the elder of the Toguro brothers from a tree Kurama hooked him too long ago, normally the tree would kill someone but due to Elder Toguro's enhanced regenerative powers he wouldn't die..." before Hiei could say anything else, he went on alert as did Rei and Cammy as someone started laughing.

"Indeed, that tree took quite abit of effort to break down." the figure revealed himself, it was a tall man wearing a purple and black colored karate gi, he smirked at Hiei. "So you must be the welder of the dark dragon, this shall be quite amusing." he said in a dark voice as a dark aura made itself visable over the person for a moment before vanishing, Rei and Cammy immediantly stood up as the person spoke again. "I am Onikage, the servant to the great lord Mei-oh, i've come for your children phoenix carrier!" he said getting into a fighting stance.

Rei be careful, this man might not look it, but i'd say his power is equvilient to that of at least that of an A class demon pathed her inner spirit the Houou, Rei handed her children to Cammy, and motioned for them to leave, but Cammy didn't get far as a large drill like arm suddenly flew infront of her smashing the temple's outer wall near here.

"Ah, so we meet again Hiei, to think you of all people would have children with a human." Hiei knew the voice and growed.

"Show yourself Toguro!" he said ripping out his sword, as he did Onikage quickly produced a small black talisman and threw it through the air at Hiei, the demon attempted to stop it by cutting it, but it reformed despite being cut in half and stuck itself onto his body, when it did not only did Hiei's Jagan eye start to throb in pain, but he could feel his powers decreasing as well. "What the!?" he attempted to tear the talisman off, but try as he might it wouldn't come off.

"You can try all you want Hiei, but that won't take it off." came the sneering voice of the Elder Toguro who appeared, seemingly back in his own body now instead of Gourmet's. "Forgive us for being late, I had to make sure my powers were still intact, so I ate some people on the way here." Rei and Cammy became disgusted by this.

"Yusuke warned us about you, I can't believe you would do such a thing." Rei said taking out her henshin rod, before she could use the device Onikage ran forward with almost blinding speed and knocked it from her hands into the air, Elder Toguro quickly caught it.

"So this must be the device you sailor senshi use to transform, i'd give it back but helplessness is more fun!" said Elder Toguro demonically as Cammy's powers flared up. "Oh look, the little preistess wants to try her luck." handing the two baby twins back to her sister, Cammy formed a spirtual bow and prepared to fire arrows at Elder Toguro, but he quickly moved towards a certain tree which caused her to stop. "You can try to hit me if you want, but if you do you'll hit the tree belonging to your bird friends, you sure you want to desecrate it?" Cammy stopped in awe.

"It's like he read my mind." Hiei finally getting over the pain, despite the fact he felt extremely sluggish now spoke.

"One of the people the psychic devoured was someone who could read minds within thirty yards of himself." Rei growled at this.

That's not good, so even if I had transformed, his mind reading capabilites could possibly match my pyrokenesis, but I don't know for sure.

I don't know either, but something has to be done, Hiei can't defend himself now as that Tailisman has drained him down to a C-rank demon, he'll be killed if he fights now. The Houou pathed again, Hiei barely heard this with his Jagan seemingly sealed it was hard to hear the Houou's words, but taking it as an insult, he charged Onikage.

(Insert Song-Testament-Trail of Tears)

"Hiei don't!" Rei yelled out, Onikage simply welcomed Hiei in, with a very hard kick to the stomuch area that sent the demon flying back into another temple wall hard.

"Come now demon, we're just getting started." Onikage said picking up a fighting rythym, at this time Helena and Varuna both came out to see what was going on, both in thier senshi attire. "More geusts, how quaint." Onikage muttered.

"I'll handle these two, you handle Hiei." Toguro said as he moved towards the two senshi.

"What's going on out here, we were trying to sleep!" Tyra declared before preforming her attack. "Varuna Flash Cannon." she called out launching out the silver energy which tore right through Toguro, but he didn't care as his wounds regenerated easily. "What the hell!?" she demanded as Toguro extended his fingers at them intending to peirce them, but they were quick to dodge.

"Who is this guy!?" Quaoar demanded, Rei sighed.

"He's someone Yusuke had to deal with a few years ago, Kurama had hooked him to some kind of demon tree, but the other person fighting Hiei broke him..." she stopped when Onikage thrusted his hand "through" Hiei's lower torso, waved him around abit before tossing him into the air, leaping up after him he grabbed Hiei and piledrove him back into the ground hard. "HIEI!" she had never seen her demon boyfriend get so beat up. I've gotta get that Talisman off of him.

"You will do no such thing!" Toguro said as he sent a finger towards Rei intent on choking her, but Quaoar stopped it with her staff. "How annoying!" Toguro said as he focused back on Quaoar and Varuna, Hiei began to get up holding the area where Onikage had put his hand through him.

"Damn, i'll kill you for this!" he said focusing what powers he did have.

"Try all you want, you will not win." Onikage said smirking before Hiei vanished, Onikage suddenly recoiled as he felt several slashes from Hiei's sword run across his body, but to Hiei's suprise, he couldn't cut the demon up, granted there were numerous cuts and nicks, but nothing worse as Onikage laughed.

"Fool, i'm used to being cut by a sword, so unless you cut me harder you won't do anything, but I guess perhaps that is due to the fact you've been drained out of a lot of your power." Hiei growled before Onikage gave him a three combo triple kick to the head that sent him crashing into another wall. "Get up demon, i've only just begun!"

"Seems you stupid girls need a lesson in pain!" Toguro said as he sent out his fingers again, this time he was able to catch Varuna with them and forced her to the ground as the fingers stabbed through her skin holding her in place.

"Tyra!" Quaoar moved in to help her friend, but before she could she was caught by a stray finger which grabbed around her throat like a nose and began choking her, Onikage continued to pummel away on Hiei as Rei any Cammy began to feel helpless due to the situation as Elder Toguro still had Rei's Henshin rod, and Cammy was plained scared of how the two men were behaving.

"Let go of me now you pervert!" Tyra demanded, she tried to grab her battle axe, but it had been knocked too far from her to reach, she then began recoiling in pain as she could feel Toguro's fingers making their way up through her body and towards her heart.

"Stop...this..." Quaoar tried hard to get out of Toguro's grip, but it was too tight and she was losing air fast, however before either villian could do anything else, both stopped when they felt pressences coming.

"Seems we've got company coming, perhaps it's time we finish this off." Onikage said after kicking Hiei down into the dirt hard, he began to walk towards Rei and Cammy, with no alternative left Rei began to produce her own tailismans, but they wouldn't stop Onikage.

(Song ends)

"Hand me your children and we'll leave peacefully." he said.

"No, you won't take them!" she declared back standing before her sister and children, Onikage smiled.

"So be it." he said rearing back to kick her, only to be slammed in the back by an energy blast. "The hell!?" turning around he saw Yusuke was there, finger pointed in gun posistion.

"Next one's gonna blow you to peices pal!" Yusuke warned as Toguro suddenly felt cold ice covering his body forcing him to let go of Quaoar and drop Rei's henshin stick however his fingers were too deep inside Varuna to retract that when he tried too she got dragged along with him as he pulled his fingers out finally.

"What was that!?" he demanded shivering as the cold burned him, Sailor Sedna descended near them with a threatening gaze.

"If you two value your lives, then you'll withdraw now!" she demanded as other powers began to converge, Onikage simply smiled as he produced several black spheres and chunked them on the ground kicking up black smoke. "What the!?" there was too much smoke to see, but hearing was still viable.

"Hey what the!?" Cammy declared as she felt someone push her. "Oh no, Koori!" she called out as the smoke vanished, the only thing still there was a yellow portal that had somekind of archaic symbol inside it, Onikage, and Elder Toguro were gone, but so was Koori.

"Oh no, they took her!" Rei grabbed her rod and tried to get into the portal but Sedna stopped her.

"Hang on, we've gotta be careful this could be a trap. " she said as she launched her attack inside the portal, the symbol flashed as her attack was deflected, the portal then slowly closed. "This isn't good, they've sealed us off from wherever they went, Rei was on the verge of tears hearing this.

They had to have planned this well, but don't fret I know where they have gone. the houou pathed to everyone.

"Where!?" Hiei demanded, standing up the black talisman finally released itself from him, and he could feel his powers coming back, but the pain needed to heal.

They have gone to Ken's world, unfortunitly something in that world was activated when they escaped so we can not enter and retrieve Koori until Ken finds what is blocking us.

Hearing this, Sedna tried to get into mental contact with Ken, but something was wrong as Quaoar and Yusuke helped up Varuna. "I can't contact Ken!" she said concerned.

Neither can I, it seems that something is causing him problems and he will have to contact us for a connection to be established. Hiei didn't like where this was heading.

"So my daughter is in the world of that crazed brat and we can do nothing unless he happens to find her!" he growled, tempted to retort Hiei's words, Rei was overcome with emotions as she hugged Ryuuhei closely.

"Please Ken, please find her and protect her!" Rei sobbed while Cammy hugged her.

What could be causing Ken problems I wonder...NO don't tell me it's the...Sedna stopped while thinking. The curse from GranDracmon..


New York/Rooftops/XLR-08

As they emerged from a portal, Onikage spat hard while Elder Toguro landed, holding Koori in his arms, the baby was crying naturally due to being taken from her mother. "Please find a way to shut her up." Onikage said as he rubbed his back. "Damn those people were stronger than anticipated." Toguro nodded as he soon covered his ears by bending them.

"I warned you they were strong, as much as I hate him for killing me if they were able to beat my brother then they are strong." he replied. "So where do we head now!?"

"To my lord of course." however before he could move, he twitched as he felt five energies, two familiar, one vauge, and the other two were unknown to him. "Seems like they've come sooner than expected, let us deal with them first." with that Onikage lept off the roof they were on, Toguro rose an eyebrow before he too felt the energies and decided to follow, not caring how he was holding Koori.


New York/Streets/XLR-08

"I have no idea where i'm going..."Mikato muttered making the digimon and her companions sweatdrop and facefault as they reached another dead end alleyway, Ken stood up angrily.

"Tell me your lying or i'm gonna..." he stopped when he felt three jolts emerge from no where. "The fuck..." he looked back.

"What is it Ken?" asked Shizuka.

"I sense three unknown powers coming towards us, but the first two definitely seem hostile." he said taking up his digivice as sure enough, the two villians landed, Ken recognized Toguro instantly.

"Elder Toguro and..." when he saw the other figure, he almost did a double take, as did Mikato and Shizuka. "Onikage!?"

"No way, the scourge who assaulted our clan on Mei-oh's behalf!?" Mikato demanded, however the digimon noticed Koori in thier posestion.

"They've got a baby with them too!" said Liollmon.

"She's got green hair, and doesn't feel human." Ken looked at the child and felt another familiar vibe.

She feels like Hiei, but why...don't tell me...could that be one of miss Rei's children!? he thought as tension mounted.

"You know me and Hiei boy? Why is that?!" Elder Toguro demanded before probing Ken's mind, he smirked abit when he found his answer. "So we're a TV show in this universe how amus..."he was cut off when he got whacked from behind by something in the head, too focused on Ken he was unfocused on four figures who appeared behind the two, unfortunitly this action caused him to drop Koori and Ken was quick to catch her, upon entering his arms, she stopped crying.

Poor child. he muttered in thought before looking at the four figures better, he recognized one of them as Onikage and Elder Toguro turned with faces full of stupor.

"Rapheal, hey man or er...turtle dude it's been a while." Rapheal recognized him as well.

"Yeah, it has Ken wasn't it." he said before Onikage did something he never thought he would do, facepalm.

"Ninja TURTLES! You must be kidding me!" he declared.

"That's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles freak face." said another one who had a yellow bandana covering his eyes, the other two had purple and blue respectively, the purple one was the one who had bashed Elder Toguro in the head with a bo staff.

"This is rediculious!" Elder Toguro said as he had finally recovered from Sedna's attacks. "Tonight I dine on Turtle soup!" Ken immediantly punched him hard while he wasn't looking and sent him flying, but something didn't feel right as he looked at his hands.

"What the...where is it!?" he demanded shaking abit, Mikato and Shizuka walked up.

"Where's what?!" they both asked.

"My digisoul charge isn't forming!?" Ken said shaking in fear. Why can't I trigger it!? What's...don't tell me it's that curse again!?

"Curse or not boy, you just made the biggest mistake of your life!" Elder Toguro declared as he shot out his fingers at Ken who quickly lept back to avoid them.

"He can stretch his body, how!?" asked the purple garbed turtle.

"Ask later Don, right now we've got a butt kicking to deliver." said Rapheal.

"These two are dangerous just as Master Splinter warned us, so be careful!" the blue garbed turtle said, Mikato and Shizuka became amazed at this.

"Wait, you all know Master Splinter, we came here to find him!" said Shizuka, before anymore words could be spoken, Onikage had enough.

"That's it, no more words, we fight now!" he declared charging the turtles as Elder Toguro ran after Ken and his companions.

(Insert Song-Digimon Frontier ost-The Last Element)

"Damn it, MetalGreymon release!" Ken yelled out calling out the giant mech digimon. "Stop this guy!" Elder Toguro was stupified by what he was seeing.

"What is..." he never got to finish.

"Trident Arm!" the giant yelled, slamming him into the ground hard causing him to spit up blood, due to the damage he had sustained from Sedna's attacks he couldn't move properly.

"We better get in on this too, Liollmon!" Mikato started.

"Bearmon, digivolve!" Shizuka finished, their digivices went off and thier partners grew.

"Liollmon digivolve too Liamon!" the bigger lion declared.

"Bearmon digivolve too Grizzlymon!" the bear did the same, Onikage stopped his charge on the turtles and glanced back.

"What creatures are these!?" he demanded.

"Digimon!" the three digimon declared before unleashing a triple tackle like move on him sending him flying, but he got back up.

"It doesn't matter what gets in my way, I will fufill my mission!" he declared as he charged again, setting his sights on the ninjas.

From up above on a rooftop a lone warrior watched the proceedings. "Seems like the Wildcat's gonna get to have some fun tonight." he smirked as down below the battle started anew.

(Song ends)


The fight continues with Koori's life in the balance, but when reinforcements arrive on both sides, who will be the victor?

Other than introducing my friends oc Wildcat (who will be formally introduced next chapter when he gets in on the brawl) it would seem Ken isn't able to use his digi-soul charge at the moment due to mental issues, and as for who that was at the beginning, it's gonna be a long time before we find out, and of course ET's back with a vengence too.

till next time peace out.