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Well it's been a while (writers block and other issues.) but now it's time to continue.

Tenchu's Requiem Chapter 3:

Strategic Withdrawls and Mind Calls!?

New York Condemned Section/XLR-08

(Insert Song-Samurai Pizza Cats Ost-Black Fight)

Onikage growled as he charged forward. "Get out of my way!" he yelled attacking with rapid kicks, Leonardo, Michealangelo, and Rapheal were able to dodge his first wave of barrages, Donatello however wasn't as lucky as using a backspin kick Onikage sent him flying into a telephone pole nearby which split in two when he impacted against it, but that wasn't the only damage done.

"Don!" Rapheal called to his brother, Donatello was knocked out cold and if that wasn't enough to shock his brothers, the area where he had been kicked showed signs of being broken with small shell peices falling to the ground. "That's it, your mine wackbag!" Rapheal declared as he lept at Onikage in a frenzy like rage, Onikage couldn't help but smile as he dodged the turtles attacks.

"You are far too slow!" he said cockly dodging each blow without even counter attacking, until a throwing star wizzed by his head causing him to stop. "What the?!" Mikato had thrown the weapon at him which gave Rapheal enough time to shove both of his Sai into Onikage's flesh, however this only made the demon laugh. "Oh please, i'm used to being cut by steel, you'll have to do better than that!" he said as he grabbed Rapheal's arm's and proceeded to crush them making the turtle cringe in pain.

"Let him go now!" Leonardo declared running in, Onikage quickly preformed and overhead throw and sent Rapheal into Leonardo, the turtles crashed hard into the pavement.

(Song ends)

"Does he not feel pain at all!?" Shizuka wondered as the turtles got back up, Ken growled as Grizzlymon and Liamon prepared to charge in, but stopped when they saw someone leap off a nearby roof and land behind Onikage, he then tapped him on the shoulder.

"Scuse me." he said as Onikage turned around he got a hard right to the face which almost dislocated his head and sent him flying into a lightpost, which showed the figure who looked like a large humanoid cat dressed in a black suit with a yellow trim as Onikage righted his head and stood up.

"Ok who the hell are you!?" he demanded getting into a fighting stance as did the newcomer.

"Name's Wildcat, I got lost from my friends while on recon, saw this fighting and figured, why not jump in, looked like fun."

"Wildcat!?" Onikage spat blood out of his mouth. "You weird humans these days with your nicknames, and your costumes and your..." he got cut off again when Wildcat slammed him in the chest area with a high knee. Such strong...physical... Onikage tried to think before falling again.

"First off don't quote abridged stuff, that's my job, secondly this isn't a costume!" he yelled as Onikage got up again.

"He's a meta human!" Mikato and Shizuka screamed out, abit freaked, Ken palmed his head at thier outburst.

"Human...er...meta human, you have made a very big mistake this night!" Onikage growled before powering up with a battle aura and instantainiously kicking Wildcat across the street hard into a building wall, part of which shattered from the impact. "Seems he was just all talk, stupid sneak attacks." he said before Wildcat started to stand, coughing up abit of blood he started laughing. "What the fuc...how are you still alive!?" Onikage demanded.

"You kicked me." Wildcat replied back getting back into a fighting posisition as an angry vein appeared atop Onikage's head.

"Yeah well...that was a...really hard kick!" he yelled running at Wildcat again and before long the two were at again, all of the others watching couldn't believe thier eyes as Wildcat kept up with Onikage who couldn't figure out why his attacks couldn't keep this "human" down. Ken however noticed something and pointed at the outfit he was wearing and how it was designed to have an X symbol on it.

"I think he is a member of the X-men...AGH!" Ken growled as a "finger" ran through the top of his left shoulder, since he was still holding Koori he couldn't defend himself properly, he dropped to his knees.

"Don't tell me you forgot about me!" Elder Toguro demanded as he had finally regenerated his body and was now back to normal. Mikato and Shizuka nodded to each other as thier digivices glowed as did thier partners.

(Insert Song-Hellsing Ost-Strange Victory Act, Lotus Flower Theme)

"Liamon!" the Lion digimon lept into the air.

"Grizzlymon!" The bear did the same and they headed towards each other.

"DNA digivolve too...GrapLeomon!" the fused digimon landed and glared a hole through Toguro who was still dumbfounded.

"What in the hell!?" he wasn't the only one, the recovering turtles who were being helped by Michealangelo as he was the only one still concious, as well as Onikage stopped breifly to see this. Although Onikage payed for it when Wildcat sent him flying with another hard right jab to the face.

"You god damn..." he was punched again before he could block, blood came spewing from his nose. "Stop cutting me ..." he got slugged again, a couple of teeth went flying. "Damn you to hell..." Wildcat then tackled him to the ground and continued punching in his face with hard blows while sitting on top of him.

"You sure seemed to talk big about not being effected by weapons, but you can still feel pain the old fashion way huh!?" Wildcat demanded, Onikage's eyes glowed black as despite all the pain to his head he managed to lift up Wildcat, leap into the air and piledrive him into the concrete hard, needless to say though his face was disfigured.

"How's he still able to stand after all that!?" Michealangelo wondered, but Wildcat got up again.

"This is getting rediculious!" Toguro demanded as he formed his right hand into a spear and sent it towards Wildcat, however it didn't even get halfway before it was intercepted by GrapLeomon who unleashed his move.

"Extreme Turbulence!" using the wind, Toguro's body was shot up into the sky by the tornado gust like forces, but that wasn't all as MetalGreymon came down with his claw arm glowing.

"Trident Arm!" he yelled this time smashing the demon through the street pavement into a crater, but it didn't stop and continued to pummel the demon unrelentlessly.

"Ken call him off, don't you think he's done enough!?" Shizuka asked, however Ken shook his head while holding Koori away so that she couldn't see what was going on.

"This guy isn't going to die easily, we need to subdue him long enough to come up with a plan to completely oblierate him!" he said before a noise of "stomping" was heard, walking down the street from the side Wildcat had been battling Onikage, a large mass of people, mostly black attired ninja's came towards them, but they weren't alone.

(Song ends)

Along with the ninja's there were several newcomers as well, an old man wearing robes and holding a large cane, a giant man welding a large pole weapon, a man who was dressed like a scientist, although he seemed to be wearing rollerskates, and was carrying a large puppet like doll on his back, a girl wearing a simple kimono with black hair, and finally a modertately sized adult clad in a brown ninja suit with some kind of wooden plague hanging from his neck.

"You took your sweet time getting here..." Onikage muttered as he pushed Wildcat back towards the others.

"It looks like you took quite the beating, what happened to your pride Onikage!" the tall man demanded slamming his pole into the ground.

"I think we need to withdraw, there's too many of them now." Leonardo said as Rapheal helped Donatello up, at that moment a large truck pulled up behind MetalGreymon, managing to to turn around without hitting the digimon, attop the veichle, rocket launchers were primed and ready to be fired at the enemy.

The backdoor of the truck opened up and from it came a man wearing a hockey mask, welding a hockey stick. "Let's go guys!" the newcomer said as a red haired woman was seen driving the truck.

"Casey's right we've gotta go!" The Ninja twins sighed and motioned for thier partners to regress to thier rookie forms, and were the first ones to enter the truck, the turtles followed with Michealanglo being last, Ken got on board next with Koori and finally Wildcat after a moment of reluctance, however before Casey could get back in or Ken could withdraw MetalGreymon, Toguro rose up from the pit he had been pounded into yet again.

"Is that guy immortal or something!?" Rapheal demanded.

"No he's just really hard to kill, come on!" Ken tried to pull Casey on board with his left arm, however Toguro sent out his fingers and they wrapped around Casey pulling him away from Ken.

"I'm feeling hungry!" he said as he opened his mouth wide, before Casey could say anything he was engulfed into Toguro's mouth, Ken immediantly turned to protect Koori from the sight as the others had to hold down the urges to puke at what they were seeing, the red haired girl at the front of the truck grew mad upon seeing this, Ken suddenly felt a sharp piercing pain in his chest area, from his heart...

No...not again...not again! he paniced in his mind as his body shook slightly.

"Casey!" seeing as how the trucks front seats had a split between them, the woman quickly ran between them and tried to go out to stop what was taking place, however she was stopped by the turtles as Torguro finished his "lunch".

"April there's nothing we can now we've gotta go." Rapheal however didn't agree.

"I'll get Casey back if I have to gut this freak open!" he yelled leaping out of the truck, Ken sighed and handed Koori to Shizuka gently, he patted her head gently.

"I'll be back soon little one so don't cry." he said getting off the truck, the vibrations of his body getting worse. "Go on without us, we'll catch up!" he said holding his digivice B.A.X. firmly, the turtles nodded and closed the doors the truck which reved up and prepared to go, a dark aura started to form over Ken due to his anger towards Toguro for what he had just done, and the ninja's felt it.

"Oh no he's not..." they both muttered to themselves, and tempted to open the doors and look, they decided not to.

(Insert Song-Dragonforce-Through the Fires and Flames.)

"Thier escaping with the child of fire, don't let them..." Onikage was cut off when the missiles ontop of the truck were fired off at the "army" of ninja's causing bodies to fly from the impact while the elder man formed a barrier protecting him and his subordinates except for Onikage and Toguro who were too far ahead, the truck then took off as MetalGreymon let loose his own attack.

"Giga Destroyer!" Raining down lazers from above more ninja's went flying and this time Onikage and Toguro got caught in the blast as Ken's body continued to flare up.

"I will kill you all..." he said as a demonic grin formed on his face, Rapheal noticed Ken's demeanor had changed.

"Yo you ok there uh..." he backed away when Ken's aura flared higher and and two evil eyes appeared scaring all present.

"I sense nothing but pure malice and evil, what the hell is going on!?" Onikage demanded before Ken finally snapped, covered by a dark phoneix/dragon hybrid aura he lunged into Onikage and Toguro at the same time before slamming them back towards thier reinforcements, punching and kicking the shit out of them, and everyone else in sight at inhuman speeds.

"WITH MY INHUMAN RAMPAGE I SHALL UNLEASH A SONIC FIRESTORM!" The elder man among the villians amplified the barrier he had errected but it cracked under the pressure of the dark flames.

Where are these dark flames coming from, thier power...even Mei-oh couldn't... the barrier then shattered as Ken spoke again before unleashing a large burst of power.

"WITH THIS ULTRA BEATDOWN I SEND YOU TO THE VALLEY OF THE DAMNED, RAGH!" Rapheal was glad the area they had been fighting in was full of condemned buildings, by the time the explosion Ken caused died down, nearly all the buildings were gone, most of the ninja's were gone, and Toguro and Onikage who had suprisingly survived along with the rest of the "bigger" newcomers, were currently on fire with purple flames tearing at their bodies like rabid dogs, Rapheal ran past them and found Ken was sprawled on the ground unconcious.

(Song ends)

"What the shell is going on!?" Rapheal wondered as MetalGreymon landed near them. "Ok I get it we need to go." taking Ken onto the dragons back, MetalGreymon took off into the sky police sirens could be heard as the villians sans Onikage and Toguro began to recover.

"What the hell was that power just now, such dark power..." the elder man said looking around and seeing that all of thier minions were gone before sighing when the sirens grew louder. "Oh right, the "new" lawbringers...we must go!" he said slamming his staff into the ground taking them away as the cops arrived...


Turtles Lair/XLR-08/Ten Minutes Later.

"I don't know what's worse, the fact that Casey got eaten by that one weirdo, or the fact that we've got a psycho with us." Rapheal said as Michealangelo was applying turtle wax to Donatello's broken shell area, Mikato and Shizuka were looking after Ken who was still outcold, along with Koori, and Leonardo and Splinter were trying to console April, Wildcat had found a place to sit down and was simply looking about.

"I can't believe how strong that other guy was, I mean what power." Donatello said as he cringed. "Heck look what he did to my shell."

"Relax buddy, just apply some wax and it'll be good as new." Michealangelo said as Ken began to stir, when he say up he held his head in pain.

"Someone wanna tell me what's going on?" he wondered, looking around, no one had an answer except for Rapheal who walked up, grabbed Ken by the color of his attire and held him high.

"Your joking, you nuked two blocks worth of buildings after going insane and you don't remember it, that's not funny kid!" he said before Ken's Digivice glowed and from it came Titaniamon who applied her sword to Rapheal's throat.

"Put him down turtle or lose your head, as if you haven't lost it enough already." she said, Rapheal dropped Ken and prepaired to take up arms but Splinter stopped him.

"My son please! This was not his fault, I have spoken with his friends and they told me he was cursed!" Rapheal was confused as was most of the others in the room.

"A curse!?" Wildcat asked. "I'm no expert, but curses generally don't involve giving someone powers akin to stuff you'd see in Dragonball Z." he said, Mikato and Shizuka sighed at this claim.

If he only knew...Mikato thought as Ken started to realise what had happened.

"Don't tell me...it happened again..." he said slowly falling to the ground shaking before pounding his hands into the ground. GranDracmon I bet your loving this!

"At least this time it happened in a good way I guess, no innocents got killed so we should be thankful for that." Shizuka said, Ken nodded, even so he didn't like it.

"By the way, don't you think it's time you contacted Sedna." Mikato asked, handing Koori to Ken, who became nervous at the mention, now more nervous as he had lost control twice.

"I don't know if that's a good..." Mikato cut him off and slapped him across the face.

"Look quit blaming yourself and do it you stupid emo!" Ken sweatdropped and nodded.

"Alright then." he closed his eyes and focused for a moment. ...Sedna...sister.


Shibuya Streets/YYDM-01

It had been two days since the attack at Rei's temple, due to what had transpired and who was involved, Koenma had made the Neo Spirit Detectives gaurd Rei's temple, but some of the senshi had opted to help out around the temple since Rei was still in a state of shock from what had transpired, as she made her way to the temple Karin Osaka stopped when she felt a familiar feeling.

"Ken..." she closed her eyes as well.


Astral Plane

"Ken is that you." she asked as Ken appeared before her, shaking and scared. "Why are you shaking and scared." Ken was reluctant to face her.

"First of all, I had a dream...you were in it, and you struck me down..." Karin gasped at this.

"But I would never do that, we're as close as siblings..." Ken stopped her.

"Someone else made you do it, a dark bird of somekind but it wasn't a phoenix that much I could tell." he said calming her down before changing the subject. "Listen sis, me and the ninja's got in a fight with the Elder Toguro brother and a demon known as Onikage." Karin's eyes rose.

"Really, were they carrying a young baby with them?" she asked, Ken nodded.

"Yes, a green haired baby girl, we don't know her name but the fact we sensed portions of hiei's energy as well as Sailor Mars energy coming from her, we suspect she's from your world." Karin smiled.

"She is...her name is Koori and Rei will be relieved when she finds out her daughters out of trouble." Ken sighed deeply.

"Hiei on the other hand will use it as an excuse to take my head, but then again maybe he should after what's been happening..." he then realised he spoke quicker than he thought.

"What do you mean?" Karin asked before finaly realizing Ken's attire was much different from before. "Come to think of it, why the new clothes?" Ken hung his head.

"You want to know...alright then." he proceeded to tell her everything, how his curse from GranDracmon had been activated, his parents were dead, Helena's starseed was lost and about the Evo-lites, Karin couldn't help but shed tears when she heard that Ken's parents had been murdered, not only that but when she heard about the curse and how it tormented him she walked up and hugged him tightly, which he returned.

"Thanks sis, i'm amazed you can stand a monster like me." he said hugging her back.

"Ken your not a monster, it's Grandracmon's fault you were cursed, and these Evo-lites sound pretty nasty as well." Ken nodded as they slowly let go of each other.

"You have no idea, so why can't you come and retreive Koori, these demons really want her badly..." he said, Karin sighed.

"Some kind of seal has been placed around your world, we can't seem to break it no matter how hard we try." Ken was suprised to hear this and mentally probed the area for a moment before realising she was right.

"Wonder who put that up, well rest assured we'll take care of her until we can find out what's causing the source of the barrier, hopefully as quick as possible, because I know Hiei's gonna want to kill me." he said sighing, but Karin giggled.

"Rei wouldn't let him do that." Ken nodded.

"Sis for now don't tell anyone of anything we spoke of except for the fact Koori is in our world, if others found out about my curse going off they might change thier minds about me and I'd rather not have to kill in self defense..." he said trailing off.

"I understand, but wait, even the Evo-lites?" she asked as Ken nodded.

"Yes, because I don't know what thier motives are and we shouldn't stir up more trouble than what we've already got now, if they move against us then feel free to mention them, but please don't otherwise." Karin nodded as thier mental link began to fade. "Should've payed the stupid virizon bill it seems, guess that's all the time we've got for now, tell miss rei I will make sure Koori is returned unharmed ok?" Karin nodded.

"I will, and Ken don't blame yourself for what's happened, none of it is your fault." she said as the "mental talk" ended.


Turtles Lair/XLR-08

"So how did it go Ken?" Mikato asked.

"Other than the fact Hiei's gonna probably kill me, pretty well..." he said as he let Titaniamon hold her for a moment, the child enjoyed the amazons gentle embrace.

"That's right, Koori here is one of Miss Rei and Hiei's children, Athenamon actually went and saw them not long after child birth and told us of them." While most of the others in the room were confused, Wildcat jumped up at this revelation.

"Whoa whoa whoa, that young baby, is the daughter of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, and Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon?" Ken nodded. "What kind of twisted world is that?" Titaniamon glared at him, but Ken waved it off.

"Let it go, I had the same reaction when I found out..." he then became serious. "It also seems that someone's put a barrier up around our world, so Sedna can't come and get her." this made everyone suspicious.

"A barrier, alternate worlds...this all sounds." Donatello was cut off.

"Sounds cool Donny, but right now we've got more important things to worry about, like getting Casey back." Michealanglo said, Rapheal and Leonardo looked at each other for a moment.

"Mikey being serious for once?" Leonardo asked.

"It's the end of the world." Rapheal replied, Mikato and Shizuka couldn't help but laugh as Splinter walked up to them.

"I need to speak with the two of you regarding your clans sword, come we have much to discuss." the humanoid rat lead them to a private chamber as everyone else looked at April who had been quiet the whole time.

"We can get him back you know." Ken said to April. "If we can hit that freak hard enough in the gut section he should cough him up." April looked up.

"You know this will...work?" Ken nodded although he himself had to admit it was more theory than proof.

That worked in dragonball...and i'm guessing the Kai verse since they got Sonja back from Virus...it's gotta work. he thought before his digivice began beeping again, this time a small beam of light shot from it to a nearby computer, upon which a message was displayed which Donatello read.

"Come to the digital world, we need to talk Kensuke Rainer, my name is Gankoomon, trust me and come now." Ken sighed.

"Gankoomon?" he wondered as a voice spoke from inside his digivice.

"He's the latest of the royal knights, I wonder what he wants with us." said Shoutmon. Ken sighed.

"So now they finally have 12, one more and they'll have em all completed." tapping in buttons on his Digi-vice he opened a digital gate.

"A portal!?" Donatello wondered looking at it.

"Something like that." Ken replied. "Look out for my friends cause i'll be back." he said as he, and Titaniamon holding Koori prepared to enter the gate.

"Your taking her with you." Wildcat asked, Ken Shrugged.

"Why not, she'll be safer in the digital world with us than out here." Ken said.

"Heh you are one crazy babysitter, have fun with that dude." Ken glared at the turtle.

Your going to pay for that one dude... with that thought the three entered the gate and it closed.

"Take your time terminator." Mikey said earning him a whap from Rapheal, at this moment Wildcat motioned for everyone to come see something as something had appeared on the TV's, one it was an image of the sky becoming dark due to a lazer being emitted from a tall building. "What in the world?! Tengu Shredder much!"

"I'm guessing those other ninja's are still looking for us and the girl, and this is a call out." said Leonardo.

"Well she's gone to the digital world."Donatello spoke.

"Meaning we get to hold down the fort until they return." Wildcat said. "Until I find out where my recon team is, i've got your backs." The turtles nodded and prepared for battle once more.


Splitting up the Turtles, Wildcat, and the Ninja twins each face challenging foes, Ken arrives in a new section of the digital world where he meets Gankoomon, but what does this digimon want? More next time.

Darkstar I hope I portrayed Wildcat ok, if anyone got the references when Ken snapped as to what he was referring too then I salute you^^

Until next time peace out.